Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

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Death of Wolverine Cover Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

For those of you just in from distant lands, here’s a brief overview of Marvel’s seminal X-Men character Wolverine. Also known as Logan, also known as James Howlett, Wolverine was first introduced in the November of 1974, in issue #180 of The Incredible Hulk. Logan is a mutant who possesses animal-like senses and reflexes, extraordinary regenerative capabilities, a set of claws and skeleton laced with the indestructible metal adamantium, and a nasty temper.

Wolverine was immortal, or close to it thanks to his regeneration and slow aging. He has escaped certain death countless times, and not even writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven’s disturbing, future-set Old Man Logan could finish him off. Today, however, Marvel has announced that the Ol’ Canuknuckle Head’s final card will be punched this September.

EW reports that Wolverine will be killed off in an upcoming 4-part Marvel limited series, appropriately title Death of Wolverine. Issue #1 will premiere September 3rd, 2014. The series will be written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven. The “3 Months to Live” arc of this June’s Wolverine solo series will culminate in the character’s demise on September 24th. According to Marvel executive editor Michael Marts:

“For a long time, no matter who Wolverine was battling, he’s been the eternal victor. He almost always comes out on top. Now he finally comes up against an adversary that he cannot win against, he cannot fight. What does that mean for this character who’s been around for hundred years?”

Check out the cover art for the first issue of Death of Wolverine, along with an official piece of art, courtesy of EW:

Death of Wolverine McNiven cover Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

Death of Wolverine art EW Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

According to Soule, who has worked on Marvel’s new Inhumans line and Thunderbolts, the final act of Wolverine’s saga “is meant, in part, as a retrospective for both the character and the audience.” Soules went on to say:

“He’s reflecting on his own life as he’s reflecting on his own death. We wanted to have the reader do that at the same time. In each issue, we’re focusing on a different aspect, or a different quintessential Wolverine.”

So what does this mean for the movie version of Wolverine, who has been portrayed by Hugh Jackman since 2000′s X-Men? Well, in a development which echoes last year’s second solo cinematic outing for the character, director James Mangold’s The Wolverine, the comic book version of Logan will lose his healing powers in this summer’s “3 Months to Live” arc.

Coupled with Hugh Jackman’s recent remarks about the “inevitable” recasting of his signature character – along with Jackman’s remarks about who could play the character next in this Yahoo! Screen Q&A video alongside X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender – this news appears to something both Marvel and Fox have been building towards for some time. The comics unsurprisingly touch on or tease what’s happening in the films, hence properties like Guardians of the Galaxy getting pushed to the forefront when the film began development. It’s all in the marketing.

Wolverine skeleton Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

How permanent will the Death of Wolverine prove to be? Could this be a Death of Superman-esque attempt to not only revamp the character but make him relevant to the comic book audience in a new way? As impermanent as comic book deaths has proven to be in the past, Marts asserts that Marvel’s creative team has made this decision “from a standpoint of finality, of closure.” He elaborated about the ripple effect this will have, saying:

“You’re gonna be entering into a world without Wolverine. That affects not only his teammates, but also the Marvel Universe at large. We’ve got a lot of things in the works already.”

Stay tuned for the inevitable developments on how this will affect the film series.

The death of Wolverine, Screen Ranters! What do you think this portends? Sound off in the comments!


Marvel will release Death of Wolverine #1 on September 3rd, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. “from a standpoint of finality, of closure.” is business speak for “$$$$$$CASH$$$$$LOTSOFCASH$$$$$$$$$EVENMORECASH$$$$$$$$$$ – He’s Alive Again!”

  2. They already killed Wolverine in Ultimatum, along with half of their characters, before they said “f*** it, let’s reboot again”. Magneto ripped him apart from the inside.

    • Ultimatum was stupid, it was just marvel’s take on a horror/slasher genre, the amount of people who died, and the way they died were not just gory but also very dumb. I mean c’mon look up ultimatum and look at how Dr. Strange, Wasp and the blob dies. Tell me that’s not death porn.

  3. I’ll say the same I did with superman and the saw movie series…… I’ll believe it when I see it. Time will tell.

  4. Ticks me right off if true but finally releases me from hoping to return to the world of following comics

  5. All ploy and marketing to get more attention to the character so the movies could fair in comparison to Avengers; that is when they once again reboot it to have Wolverine leading the cast of characters.

  6. I call b*******.

  7. Honestly does anyone care when comic companies kill off a mayor character? I mean we all know they are going to resurrected somehow later the following year.

    • Of course no one cares: I can’t think of a single comic book mayor by name. They must not have been very memorable.

      • xD

        Joke aside, there’s our favorite brushtop, JJJ.

  8. Wolvie scratches his jewelianos, and chops ‘em right off, killing himself in the process. I tried to tell him to stop scratching, that those bugs have gotta eat too, but did he listen? NNNoooooo!

    Oh well, WHERE’S CYCLOPS!!??

  9. Sounds awesome…buuuuuuttt…. We all know he will return just like Superman, Batman, and Captain America, among others

  10. i think his “death” will be like they kill him and he revives and then kills him again then he heals rinse and repeat

  11. Who really gives a Rats @ss anymore. The medium has gone to Hell over the last decade anyway between Marvel and DC gutting their core characters and “rebooting” everything. The titles just aren’t worth the exorbitant cost their covers command, but at least Marvel’s doing a better job than DC of translating their characters to the big screen (with the main exception being Marvel’s pending reboot of an already bastardized Fantastic 4- and they haven’t even started filming this steaming greasy pile of cinematic crap yet).
    DC is sucking @ss on all fronts. From Batman (which started out with such promise), to Green Lantern, and Man Of Steel. Now the “new” Batman is Ben Affleck. Man, talk about going from bad to $hit in Zero point five seconds.

    • I used to think the same way that comics had gone to the crapper since the Age of Apocalypse storyline, and that even those paled in comparison to the Kirby/Lee, Byrne/Claremont or Adams/ O’Neil. The late 80′s really started to take a dive when I first read those books, Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns exempt(even a kid saw the good in those at the first read, and more in the years to come), everyone knows what those are. From crap titles like the Death of Superman and Mcfarlene’s Spidey. Then in the 90′s there was Jim Lee, and the start of the bulging biceps. But then during the last two years I started going back and started ordering newer DC titles. I’d loved the whacky and expansive DC pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths and thought that that Universe had taken a dive for the worse after that, also with some notable exceptions. I reread Macfarlene’s Spider-man and asked myself: “How could I have thought this was bad?”. I realized that (I am just 20 years old) I’d hated those modern comics because the first I’d read were Marvel Sagas and then quickly went and bought Essentials which had collected those old Stories, and I did the same with DC, so I’d grown up reading the older stories and couldn’t accept much else as a kid, and also as a kid you miss a lot of the subtlety in the likes of Mcfarlene and Grant Morrison. So lately I’ve noticed that if you let go of what you used to be and embrace the new like you did the old you’ll find plenty to love in the New 52 or newer Marvel Comics, last year’s Infinity crossover for example was quite good in my opinion, beating the Infinity Crusade by Starlin.

      • Yeah, I hated the way characters were drown in the 90s.
        We already know what Marvel looks like without Wolverine (Ultimate universe, X men for ever)

    • I agree with you 100%! DC are doing terribly, I hated Man of Steel, and Superman is one of my all time fav characters too, but Man of Steel was a complete fail for me.

    • Just in case, Marvel isn’t responsible for the Fantastic 4. Fox is. Just like X-Men and Spider-Man are out of Marvel’s hands.

  12. I think it’s a great idea. He has been the icon of the comic series for ages and is a very inspiring character. One of my favorites. If they killed him off, they could bring him back later except with no more adimantium skeleton. He would not be indestructible for once. He could die easily, but he still has really cool metal claws. It could wind up very good!

  13. I bet 60% of the commenters here don’t read comics, and are just bashing on this because everyone else is.

    Anyways, I think the idea of killing off Wolverine would be somewhat okay. I’m more interested to see how it changes the dynamic of the X-Men (sheesh, first Professor X dies, then Cyclops and his team leave, then Shadowcat, THEN Wolverine? Sad X-Men is sad) and the rest of the Marvel universe.

    • This happened after Marvel started to make their own movies. Sh*tting on characters they sold + pushing everyone to Avengers + making more shared universe(and it still doesn’t make any sense), basicly they started cold war that would make them look good infront of the people.
      Also getting rid off such large and rich universe as the X-men allowed them to make shared universe easier. Even though they didn’t reboot everything and had absolutely stupid explanation of how they co-existed with the rest of the Marvel universe. So now they don’t have global problem but a few characters that is always easier to write.
      Personally i think should just stay out of cross between Marvel and X-men. Its possible to push Spiderman anywhere but not X-men. And ofcourse Marvel simply had to do a real reboot to everything they have, those stories doesn’t make absolutely no sense at the moment and are too chaotic with timeline.

  14. When was the last Marvel continuity re-boot?

    • The Marvel mainstream Universe has never been fully rebooted, at least as far as I can remember, there have been alternate side universes like the Ultimate universe but for example the Heroes Reborn story was an alternate universe that existed within the 616-universe. Marvel has mostly just stuck to retconning certain characters instead of doing a complete makeover. Brand new day could be seen as being a reboot of Spider-Man I guess though.

  15. At first I thought this was a marketing stunt but the more I think about how Marvel is setting the standard lately this may be it for Logan. I hope not but something tells me otherwise.

  16. If this aligned with Jackman doing a similar movie and Fox relinquishing the character back to Marvel I would happy beyond containment. Without Wolvie I could see them giving up all the X-Men. We can only pray.

  17. Do people really care about the comic stories anymore. I mean, I know there is a core fan base that is faithful to buying every issue but in a world where technology is becoming more popular, comic books are becoming kind of obsolete and this is obviously a ploy to get people to buy.

    At any rate, I would love for Wolverine to die. The unrealistic way the writers keep him alive is just getting old, ridiculous and laughable. I know he ages slower than most, but I mean come on, how long can you milk this cow before it runs dry. I just think Wolverine is over hyped and over used. I think Marvel is realizing that too. Let’s just retire his character and shed light on other characters, which is why Storm is getting her own, stand alone comic series. Marvel is just going to see if they can hype up other characters, and if not, they’ll bring him back in a few years.

    I know these characters have been around for decades, but at what point do you say “let’s move on for a while and create something new.” How many times are you going to allow different writers and artists to reinvent the same characters over and over. You have to run out of story. Let’s make something new please. Come on Marvel, start a new graphic novel series.

  18. After he dies they will run 9 month series where several characters pretending to be Logan will arise.

    A half mutant/half cyborg wolverine claiming to have come back from the future after being rebuilt by aliens, a hipster with no real powers but incredible agility claiming to be Wolverine and a chimney sweep who does not claim to be wolverine but goes around poking criminals with a fire poke in wolverines honour.

    Finally the real wolverine will return to put an end to what we discover were actually EVIL impostors.

    Meanwhile some geek buys the comics expecting them to be worth a lot of money someday.

    Fast forward 20something years and after getting together with a group of friends and watching The 40 Year Old Virgin the comics along with a host of other collectables suddenly appear on ebay as geek boy tries to distance himself from anything that may subliminally alert the world to his virginity.

  19. Maybe my original mini-series copies will go up in value and I can sell them before they pull a lame resurrection.

  20. Charles Soule is an lawyer, also writes She-Hulk and for DC Comics ‘Swamp Thing, Superman/Wonder Woman.’. I buy all of his stuff he writes, AMAZING writer! I love ‘Old Man Logan’ years ago, so anything drawn by Steve McNiven will blow our minds! Wolvie will be back, just like Captain America; no one stays DEAD!

  21. I called this was going happen back when they “killed” Spider-man. I’m surprised though, that they’re doing this almost immediately now after Spider-man’s “death” storyline has finished. I figured they’d at least wait a little while before killing off another one of their flagship characters. I imagine he’ll be brought back around the time X-Men: Apocalypse or Wolverine 3 hit theaters. Then I bet Marvel will probably kill Iron Man or something.

  22. I don’t think the article said he would be dead in every Marvel comic he appears in. For all we know, this could just be a stand alone story. How many stand alone stories have comic companies published where the main character dies, gets replaced, etc etc? Didn’t all of the X-MEN die one time in a future timeline? I mean, they’re killing ARCHIE in LIFE WITH ARCHIE, but he will continue to live in all his other comics. Sure, I know LIFE WITH ARCHIE is supposed to be an imaginary story, but then, what comic isn’t imaginary to begin with?

  23. lets not forget the comic fans lined up to buy 5-6 copies of this including acid free board and plastic never to open and wont be worth Sh*t Comic companies know hoe to feed off nerds!

  24. You know, I know it’s easy to say the market is oversaturated with Wolverine but he is honestly one of the best characters created in modern times. Hell I actually read comics and I have to say he is in to many god damn things (I hope they keep Savage Wolverine going anthologies are great) so I’m just imagining how that will affect the MU as a whole not having Wolvie in the fold anymore. I think it could lead to a lot of interesting stories maybe even make the X-Books worth reading again. I also agree that most of the people on this board haven’t read a comic since 1990 and shouldn’t judge something they know very little of.

  25. 2 years and he’ll be back.

  26. The ONLY character in all of Marvel Comics that is truly dead is Uncle Ben. EVERYONE else can and will be brought back at some point, just look at Bucky. This is just a marketing gimmick.

    • There is still time for them to bring Uncle Ben back to life, they pulled Peter’s parents out of the grave at some point…….

      • Ben will never be back. His death is the very reason why Peter does what he does in the first place. Bring Ben back and it basically negates Spider-Man’s motivation.