Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

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Death of Wolverine Cover Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

For those of you just in from distant lands, here’s a brief overview of Marvel’s seminal X-Men character Wolverine. Also known as Logan, also known as James Howlett, Wolverine was first introduced in the November of 1974, in issue #180 of The Incredible Hulk. Logan is a mutant who possesses animal-like senses and reflexes, extraordinary regenerative capabilities, a set of claws and skeleton laced with the indestructible metal adamantium, and a nasty temper.

Wolverine was immortal, or close to it thanks to his regeneration and slow aging. He has escaped certain death countless times, and not even writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven’s disturbing, future-set Old Man Logan could finish him off. Today, however, Marvel has announced that the Ol’ Canuknuckle Head’s final card will be punched this September.

EW reports that Wolverine will be killed off in an upcoming 4-part Marvel limited series, appropriately title Death of Wolverine. Issue #1 will premiere September 3rd, 2014. The series will be written by Charles Soule and drawn by Steve McNiven. The “3 Months to Live” arc of this June’s Wolverine solo series will culminate in the character’s demise on September 24th. According to Marvel executive editor Michael Marts:

“For a long time, no matter who Wolverine was battling, he’s been the eternal victor. He almost always comes out on top. Now he finally comes up against an adversary that he cannot win against, he cannot fight. What does that mean for this character who’s been around for hundred years?”

Check out the cover art for the first issue of Death of Wolverine, along with an official piece of art, courtesy of EW:

Death of Wolverine McNiven cover Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

Death of Wolverine art EW Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

According to Soule, who has worked on Marvel’s new Inhumans line and Thunderbolts, the final act of Wolverine’s saga “is meant, in part, as a retrospective for both the character and the audience.” Soules went on to say:

“He’s reflecting on his own life as he’s reflecting on his own death. We wanted to have the reader do that at the same time. In each issue, we’re focusing on a different aspect, or a different quintessential Wolverine.”

So what does this mean for the movie version of Wolverine, who has been portrayed by Hugh Jackman since 2000′s X-Men? Well, in a development which echoes last year’s second solo cinematic outing for the character, director James Mangold’s The Wolverine, the comic book version of Logan will lose his healing powers in this summer’s “3 Months to Live” arc.

Coupled with Hugh Jackman’s recent remarks about the “inevitable” recasting of his signature character – along with Jackman’s remarks about who could play the character next in this Yahoo! Screen Q&A video alongside X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender – this news appears to something both Marvel and Fox have been building towards for some time. The comics unsurprisingly touch on or tease what’s happening in the films, hence properties like Guardians of the Galaxy getting pushed to the forefront when the film began development. It’s all in the marketing.

Wolverine skeleton Marvel is Killing Off Wolverine in Comics

How permanent will the Death of Wolverine prove to be? Could this be a Death of Superman-esque attempt to not only revamp the character but make him relevant to the comic book audience in a new way? As impermanent as comic book deaths has proven to be in the past, Marts asserts that Marvel’s creative team has made this decision “from a standpoint of finality, of closure.” He elaborated about the ripple effect this will have, saying:

“You’re gonna be entering into a world without Wolverine. That affects not only his teammates, but also the Marvel Universe at large. We’ve got a lot of things in the works already.”

Stay tuned for the inevitable developments on how this will affect the film series.

The death of Wolverine, Screen Ranters! What do you think this portends? Sound off in the comments!


Marvel will release Death of Wolverine #1 on September 3rd, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. I am soooo glad I stopped reading Marvel. Somebody at Marvel has lost their damn minds. Killing off all the top name Heroes of that world, now Wolverine. It’s like shooting yourself in the foot. Not to mention changing Ms. Marvel’s ethnicity and making Thor a woman…Marvel has lost their damn minds and they will continue to lose fans. It’s okay, Marvel fans, come on over and read Justice League and Superman and Batman and even, yes, Supergirl. DC has been writing some awesome stories lately.

    • You need to read the marvel Now stuff, ok Xmen is rubbish as is the current Fantastic Four run, but a Rocket Racoon and Guardians of the galaxy are amazing, Captain Marvel is fantastic, the cross overs between Carol and the Guardians is brilliant.

      Ms Marvel is really original and possibly the best thing Marvel are making at the moment, Kamala Khan is really interesting, She Hulk is really good and nicely fills in the Marvel universe showing what happens behind the scenes with Dro Doom and next week Old Captain America.

      Hulks story is better then anything DC is doing, the whole Banner Builds, brain damage and now smart hulk stories are so good.

      I like DC but there is no way they are better then current Marvel stories, your just not giving them a chance.

      Well I find the current comics most excellent, maybe not the xmen but other Marvel comics are fab.

      • i have to disagree with you there, the green lantern storyline has been the best comic series ive read in years, as far as im concerned marvel has nothing that can match up to green lantern

        • Not only that, anything of DC vertigo lines is better then anything i read in marvel recently.
          Even considering the mainstream issues for fair comparison, Justice league dark, is easly just great. imo.

  2. Ok first has any Xman ever stayed Dead? Second if they are dead will you bet your house that they stay dead?
    third Wolverine Died HOW MANY TIMES!Talk about REDUNDANT!

    Wow it be like DC Announcing Superman going to Learn to FLY!

    Are they that Greedy and Stupid??

    Want do something New with the Character fine turn him into a Terminator. He got Alien and Sentinel Teck in him there Just Certain they got out (MAYBE)

    New Powers…Ability to develop Counters to any power! Wolverine Sentinel!
    With him Fighting his PRIME DIRECTIVE!

    Make him a Deathlok .Lots of things they could do…
    But Death??
    Its Like..
    Oh WOW Marvels decided to give Captain America a SHIELD!!

    • Wolverine has been to the brink of death countless times, yes. Every single time his healing factor saved him. He no longer has that saving grace. This will indeed be the first time he ever died. Check for yourself if you don’t believe me.

      • Dude not even the 17th time he lost his healing Factor.. And he Has Died as in Became a Ghost, He died once and fought death to come back to life.
        Crystal of Ultimate Brought him back from a Blood cell..
        When Lost his Adamantium he lost his healing factor as it had gotten tied to it..
        Bloody H#LL I LOST COUNT! And Yes he has both lost his Healing Factor and Life…

        Sorry kid not even Close..
        Sorry really am not trying to be rude but Wolverines kind of like Death’s Bimbo..
        Check for yourself if you don’t believe me.

        • In the 616 universe, he has had his healing factor increased and decreased, but it’s never been gone. Similarly, he’s been to the brink of death, bit it always lasted an issue. Here, he will cease to be in the 616 universe. That has never happened to him before.

          • When he first Lost his Adamantium. It was Gone, And the there were times he was around leach..
            No I really lost count.
            I not certain what books you read but He lost it a few DOZEN times..
            Not counting the times it was over Loaded and shut down like when he was crucified..

            Not that it matters. He Managed a few Resurrections without the healing factor..

            This is a Stupid Redundant Plot.

            • Only a Naive child would think he stays dead.

              He literally got Redundant crap in his past to revive him.

            • There’s not much funnier than someone who is dead wrong but refuses to admit as much.

              • Ok first its not funny just mean your troll. second I will not be bothering Answering again thought you just did not know. Nope your just a Troll.

              • dude wolverine died in the spider man/ wolverine limited series where they went time traveling. He shot a pheonix gun that turned him into as peter described it as apile of beef stew.

              • I know of one thing thats funnier… someone who says “There’s not much funnier than someone who is dead wrong but refuses to admit as much” when they are in fact the one who is wrong.

                The story has been done and done over and over again. Need a couple of references:

                Wolverine (1988 series) #173-176 – Wolverine gets zapped by a giant gun that removes his healing factor. His oldest foes come to kill him and succeed at that. Too bad although already dead he gets recapped and his healing factor returns and he comes back to life.

                X-Men (1991 series) #99 – The X-Men get zapped again by a giant mutant power stealing device and turned human. Too bad for wolvie his body needs a healing factor to constantly fight off Adamantium poisoning. Thats right, wolverine dying due to losing his powers!

                Been reading X-men/ Wolverine since 1980, so have a handful more examples of Wolverine losing his healing factor in 616 universe if you want to debate some more Eric, but then gain I’ve already won this one me thinks.

  3. Yah I don’t really think there going to kill him off for good, maybe he dies now but he probably going to revive him somehow, there is no way Wolverine can die and stay dead for good especially with his healing factor or his top favorite fans, I say Wolverine lives

  4. I have only started re-reading the comics again I used to have a large collection but ive no idea where they are, but the new stuff there coming out with Thor as a woman (NO WAY) they can’t Thor is like Wolverine one of the most Masculine Heroes there is he is Odin’s son not daughter, it just is not right and should never happen Thor is very near the top of my favourites and I would hate that to change because of whoever is doing the Marvel stuff now the things I am hearing aren’t good and now Death of Wolverine, Wolverine is the reason I got into the comics and things and this could put a lot of people off Marvel, they seriously need to think what there playing about with, I always hear him as a favourite no matter who I talk to about this stuff and even just the idea of him being killed off is making me rethink my buying and go on to something else.

  5. What the bleeding hell is Marvel thinking?! Wolverine is one of their best characters! I am certainly not letting this go without a fight! I’ll start a petition! I’ll picket fence parade if I bloody well have to! Do not go gently, Wolverine!

  6. Marvel without wolverine ? i don’t think so … he was the best character ever .
    he must come back from death ASAP .

  7. I guarantee Marvel will bring him back if FOX loses the film rights to X-Men.

  8. I guess they they will bring wolvie back
    I think they have a sample of wolverine which they will use to clone wolverine and slowly he regains his original conciousness and become the wolverine we all know and love

  9. Announcing the Death of Wolverine is just sad! He is and has been a pivotal character in the Marvel Universe for the past 40 years. Admittedly he has been killed off @ 40 different times, but to totally eliminate him from the Marvel Universe??? I am not a fan at all!
    After saying that I do have to admit that the art in the Wolverine comic books has been seriously lacking for quite some time and reading the comics is not the same as it used to be. So maybe they are basing this off of those and hoping to revamp the character and ultimately to increase sales . . .
    This supposed actual death of Wolverine goes right in line with the other ‘very stupid’ decisions that have been made in the Marvel Universe, specifically changing Thor into a woman and the Captain America changing of the guard to become a black guy. No offense but these decisions don’t seem to be thought out, except maybe to bring in new readers while alienating the existing readers. Thor is based off mythology and in none of the variations is the character a female, what kind of logic is this. The Captain America change can be somewhat believable but I don’t think even that will go over well, it isn’t for me that’s for sure.

    Wolverine has wandered from his origins in many ways but to kill him off entirely is a mistake!

  10. Its just time for a reboot. That’s how Marvel’s looking at it. He’s not going to stay dead. He’s too popular. It would be business suicide to kill him off permanently. It will be like what DC did with Superman or Batman, where there’s a big to do with his return, etc. Frankly I look forward to his return. The no healing factor thing and the whole arc with Offer, etc. wasn’t my cup of tea. I like my Wolverine visceral. I have loved what they’ve been doing in Wolverine MAX. I’m going to miss reading his titles for however long he’s gone (my guess is it will be less than a year), but there’s a dearth of stories in my collection I can always go back and re-read. I just hope when he comes back he’s back to the good old Wolverine from the Claremont & Miller days. If they sprinkle in a bit of Barry Windsor Smith I’d be okay with that too (retro enormous Weapon X hair, it could catch on). I’m hoping for more human drama and less space adventures. I just don;t see Wolverine suited to that kind of storyline. There’s plenty of Fantastic Four and other titles for the people who like that. He’s best when he’s killing hoards of Hand ninjas and puffing a stogie. Speaking of which, I hear one calling my name now and I think I’ll pour some VO to go with it in a tribute to my favorite Canadian. Wolverine est morte, vive le Wolverine!

  11. Don’t worry, folks… he’ll get better.

  12. wow.. Marvel really is as bad as DC Comics has been lately.. stupidity is contagious.. “let’s kill off one of the most popular marvel character next to spider-man.. sounds good to me”.. though this is marvel, who treats death like a paper cut.. He’ll probably be resurrected in a few months after everyone complains

  13. As in movies, there’s even more so in comics (even repeated entire Marvel/comic line/history reboot), major characters get reboots – some with a “death”, some without. Like “Death of Superman”, he will die….then comeback. But maybe without his super-healing powers, or without his adamantium (like before).

    • Just as an aside; how does Marvel explain Old Man Logan if Logan dies this year?
      Some consistency would be nice, but that’s never been Marvel’s strong point.

      • Old Man Logan is not from Earth-616, it’s set in a different continuity – an alternate reality.

  14. Someone need to start 2 petiotions,one for get Michael Marts fires, and one to bring wolvie back…
    c’mon he finally got some personal growth and they kill him off?That’s just plain stupid!

  15. He may not have as many titles as spiderman, but wolverine is one of Marvel’s most popular characters. Hype machine wants us to believe he will be dead forever, but no way this is permanent. Is it a reflection on us the consumers that killing characters seems to be the only story-lines that the companies can always return to for buzz and cash?

  16. Marvel is destroying its own universe its ashame what has been done to comics these past ten years these companies completely changing characters changing the sex , race , sexual preference and killing off every hero im done with comics Dc and Marvel im trully sick of it Respect the creators leave them alone

  17. Wolverine came out the year I was born. And he’s an Icon. Why not kill Batman or Superman or Ironman or any othertop ranked superhero? Cuz they’re awesome that’s why! Hiw about just not making wolverine movies for a while? What’s the logic of ” wolverines been in a lot of bad scrapes and always cameout on top” . Well duh, hes a damn superhero. You can say the same thing about Bruce Willis in Die Hard or every other superhero who didn’t suck. I suspect they may removing the character to put Guardians of the Galaxy in the spot light. Which is understandable, cuz a smartass raccon is way better than 100yo regenerative metal bodied Icon. Not. ‘Nuff said

  18. Read this article from Vox and you will see that it pretty much agrees with everything I wrote previously about why Marvel is killing off Wolverine and slowing down or deleting X-Men and Fantastic Four titles and concentrating on promoting their new baby…the Inhumans/Nuhumans.

  19. I see it as out with the old; in with the new. The bad news is us old timers have money and the kidlets do not. I am done with Marvel and have been an exclusive fan (hate Depression Comics = DC)for 40+ years, but no more. Comic cons, heroclix, various accessories and decorative items, t shirts – I am excited about all the money I will save…

  20. Killing off Wolverine??? Dumbest move EVER!!! Enough Said.

  21. Seriously?? Wht not kill off the Hulk or Captain America? Or Iron Man?? I mean, come on. Have the writers (and I use the term loosely) lost their minds? Why, oh, why would you kill off one of the absolute popular characters in the entire catalog?
    This is going to be a hoot. I remember all the incidents where Logan should have died and he STILL pulled through.
    Good luck with the loss of a load of readers.

    • I hope that was sarcasm. I’m not 100% sure about the Hulk, but you do realize Iron Man and Cap have both “died” before, right?

  22. We are also do not want to see afterlife version of wolverine.

  23. WHAT THE IN THE HELL is wrong with MARVEL!!!!!!

  24. I give it 12 months, tops.

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