Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Has A Writer!

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black panther movie writer Marvels Black Panther Movie Has A Writer!

One of Marvel’s key characters who continues to come up in conversations about future Marvel Studios projects is of course, Black Panther, the King of Wakanda known as T’Challa. Alongside Iron Fist, Black Panther is another Marvel license that has been in development hell for years, moving from studio to studio and having talent attached, but never going anywhere.

Another of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s incredible creations, Black Panther has served as a member of The Avengers and the Fantastic Four, representing the first black superhero in mainstream comics. As of today, he’s one official step closer to getting his well-deserved big screen debut.

Heat Vision has the scoop that Marvel Studios has hired Mark Bailey to pen the script for Black Panther. Bailey may be an unknown to you, as his credits only include writing/story-editing positions on a few documentaries, but this indicates to me that he must have some great idea to offer the studio to have landed the writing gig and we at least know he can bring a realistic take on the character in his story.

It was only a matter time before Marvel began moving forward on Black Panther. Comic Book legend Stan Lee and Marvel Pres Kevin Feige have repeatedly stated that this was a character they wished (and planned) to pursue, alongside the likes of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Dr. Strange. And now that Marvel is about to introduce Captain America and Thor to the world, it’s that time to start moving forward on their second tier characters.

black panther captain america avengers movie Marvels Black Panther Movie Has A Writer!

Black Panther is a character I’d love to see show up in an after-the-credits cameo in The Avengers and as a future member of the team. Should Marvel pursue some sort of Civil War-esque story in the future, T’Challa is an integral character in the dynamic between Iron Man and Captain America. More importantly, the character and his backstory, let alone the beautiful setting of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, allows Marvel to create a very unique and special superhero film.

Could previously rumored and interested Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje or Djimon Hounsou still be contenders for the title role? Who would you cast as T’Challa?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012 and we’ll let you know what comes next.

Source: THR

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  1. sorry if this has already been thought of, but what about djimon hounsou?

    • I like that swuggestion actually he has the right build and a good accent for the role great suggestion! Dijmon Hounsou make an amazing T’chala! I hope they take ur suggestion dude!

    • he tp old he can play his dad now

  2. I’m not quite sure casting an unknown for a relatively obscure character would made good business sense. For popular characters like Supes and Spidey, yes- their names can sell movies-but Panther? I think Djimon and Tyrese would be fine if we want to go the bald route. No problem, however, if we want to stick to the original look in the comics, I’d go for Anthony Mackie (is he balding?)-though he’s abit younger than the others. His arrogant role as Papa Doc in 8th Mile gave me that idea years ago. As for Elba, I think he’s too tall/big for the nimble T’challa (he’s more of a Luke Cage) and Peter Mensah (though he has a vicious African look) is a bit too old. I also will not subscribe to a techy Wakanda. That’s a trifle too unrealistic for me. Not a slight to Africa (being an African myself) but I’d prefer a more credible tale of culture, tradition, coups, political instability, and sorcery. Being a wealthy Wakandan ruler that would go well with the plot. We have a lot of technology movies already. I think a dark ‘Coming to America’ meets ‘Live and Let die’ concept would be in order. This was best depicted in an old Daredevil comic years ago were DD confronted an angry Tchalla Tchaka who left Wakanda for NYC to fatally punish a prodigal in-law who had desecrated the laws of the land. Black Panther needs to be unique-far from the tech-driven Batman (whom he shares a likeness)or a Daredevil. His essence is in culture, the jungle, witchcraft,wealth and a different concept of justice.

    • “Coming to America” really thats a comedy, i would say “Blood Diamond”. saying a tech Wakanda is unrealisitic well all of the Marvel Studio movies are too unrealisitic so a tech Wakanda fits the role just fine. in the Black Panther comics deal not just the tech but also culture, the jungle, witchcraft,wealth and a different concept of justice also.

  3. Some black dude.

    • That was funny. NOT.

  4. Bruh, Mensah is early 30′s and has the build and look (hard), plus he’s already a martial artist.
    Why change Wakanda from what it is and always has been?

    • @Nate, thanks for the info about Mensah. I didn’t know that. Looks much older. Don’t know whether that frighteningly hard look of his is what we really need but the jury’s out on him. i could get used to him. As for Wakanda, being a die-hard Thor fan I recall the applause that met Kenneth Branagh’s approach to the mythological character. A bit more science to the fantasy to make it more credible. Thor’s from another world and not from some spiritual, celestial existence worshipped years ago by the Vikings. More credible,you’d say. So in the spirit of credibility, I suggest a more African reality (in my opinion) and not a super technologically advanced African community unknown in the third world continent. There are a lot of unique stories that can be woven round the Panther, why tow the line of science fiction? I’m interested in seeing a Panther movie different from any other superhero movie I’ve seen before.
      One of action, amulets, wealth, greed, black magic…the works.

      • Anytime Cluade.
        I will admit that I was always on the Michael Jai White thing as well. But, i’d pick him or Terry Crews for Luke Cage. It wasn’t until I was watching Spartacus “Blood and Sand” and I was sold that he’s embody the primal and smart Panther like nothing else.
        Hansu would be the next best choice, but I’m not hip to his actual fighting prowess.
        Anyway, whatever they do, I hope to go “Matrix” and make the actors train in a Martial Art form.
        A more cultural yet less techy Wakanda was done in one of the Avengers cartoons and it was horrible! They had them running around with spears and loin cloths. They can blend both just like the last Comic has.

  5. @mace. Yes, you feel me on that: Blood Diamonds,Last King of Scotland, the works! By ‘Coming to America’, I was referring not to the humour (tho a bit would be nice)but to T’challa’s grand arrival to the US and the concept of Wakandan subjects in America and their reverence of him. Apparently, this was also well depicted in that DD comic I mentioned earlier.

    My idea of a BP movie: there’s a bloody coup in peaceful Wakanda. King Tchaka is killed. Tchalla escapes, becomes a refugee in the States with a few loyal subjects. The sacred Black Panther garb is stolen. US is concerned that vibranium-rich Wakanda is now in the hands of a ruthless dictator. Afraid that such powerful resources could fall into the hands of North korea/mid-east, they plan a covert operation using SHIELD to assist the Wakandan people. But this can’t be done without the help of the crown prince, T’challa, who would be instated for stability. Nick Fury finds the supercilious Tchalla who refuses to return without the sacred garb of his people which guarantees his lineage victory in battle whenever it is donned. Tchalla goes in search of the garb, his adversary- the dictator- learns that he is alive and in the US and sends his cohorts after him-buys the allegiance of even loyal Wakandan subjects. Even uses black magic-or voodoo-on Tchalla. Twists..turns..Tchalla finds and dons the sacred garb of his ancestors for the first time. SHIELD offers their assistance and technology to help oust the dictator and develop the vibranium…a tech wakanda future(?)Left in question at end of movie.

    Something in that line of thought would do it for me. Very sketchy concept. But yes, mace, I’d like something with ‘Blood Diamonds’ seriousness.

    • seems like a good idea. well Tchalla needs a love interest and that should be Monica Lynne. if u know in the comic Monica Lynne was Black Panther love interest personally i did not like Storm and Black Panther relationship cause i felt it was forced cause they are both African characters. anyway Marvel Studio cant use Storm cause FOX Studio got the rights to that character. if they used Monica Lynne they can change her history abit in the comics and make her a SHIELD agent who helps out Black Panther.

      the dictator i feel should be Man-Ape (M’Baku) just change the character and make him like the evil character in Blood Diamond or Last King of Scotland. also Ulysses Klaw makes deals with M’Baku offering him weapons for his soldiers but he want something in returns and thats the location of Wakanda cause he knows they got vibranium.

      • The Storm, BP relationship makes sense just because they have the whole past as kids….in one of the marvelverse timelines at least. LOL.
        Man-Ape makes sense as the one of the bad guys, but an all African storyline isn’t likely to interest the general viewer.
        If you bring in Klaw, then the interest gains a bit, but becomes cliche`.
        Michael Clark Duncan is the only cat I know who’s large enough to play Man-Ape.
        Maybe, just maybe they can create a new villain? No one has much fanboy vested interest in Klaw or Man-Ape that they’d cry if neither was brought in. My opinion only on that.
        A rogue Shield agents, AIM or Hydra trying to get their hands on Vibranium… Matter of fact, they don’t even need any set villain. They can use any number or combo of 2nd/3rd/4th tier super powered baddies.

        • but Marvel cant use Storm cause she the property of FOX Studio. so no Storm in Black Panther movie so they have to use Monica Lynne. the person i was think to play Man-Ape is actor David Harewood he played the warlord in Blood Diamond. Michael Clark Duncan should notplay Man-Ape cause the guy cant pull of a African accent his accent is always the same. Ulysses Klaw has to be in the movie cause he murder T’Chaka thats one of the most important storyline.

  6. Mace,
    Here’s the loophole. They own the character of “Storm” but they can use Ororo Monroe sans actual costume. Maybe.
    I’m pretty sure MCD can be taught a dialect. Hell, if Jill Scott can be taught a Ugandan dialect, he can. Besides, I can’t think of anyone large enough to play Man-Ape.. anyone black at least. So, who else is left?

    • actually what is the point they use Ororo Monroe actual costume if they cant use the character. plus FOX own the rights to everything thats linked to the X-Men universe including costume. MCD should not play Man-Ape i know he match sort of the size of the character but i cant seehim pull of the accent at all.

      • Like I said, “training” aka a Voice coach. Anyway, who do you have to play Man-Ape then?
        They can use Ororo just to stick it to “The Man.” It doesn’t have to be some long drawn out appearance. A cameo. hell, they could even show a sister with white hair flying from a window and him shouting something like “be careful baby!” LOL

        • actor David Harewood if u seen Blood Diamond u know who im talking about.

          i still say Monica Lynne for Black Panther love interest cause she was his first love interest and he was engage to her too.

  7. Yah, I know who she is. I’ve been a BP fan for decades. Let me look up Harewood. Hmm.. he doesn’t look large enough from the pictures on google. But hey..

    • yeah his not big but Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2 is not old enough to play Justin Hammer lol. remember the character of Justin Hammer in the comics is a old man :P. my other major issue is i dont want Black Panther to fall in a low budget movie cause it should have the same type of budget as Thor and Cap.

  8. The video game, Ultimate Alliance 2 depicts Wakanda really well in the last act of the game. As for the actor, don’t think Peter Mensah is right, only been acting for seven years and he doesn’t look like a typical hero and he looks much older than his age. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is too old for a recurring role in multiple movies. Always like Djimon Hounsou but he’s not right either for the age reason like Agbaje. Anthony Mackie, WOW. I could actually see this guy bulking up and training in the martial arts to become the BP. He’s got the chops too, a graduate of The Juliard School, so he could probably pull off the accent.

  9. @ Igdomanious

    Great call on Anthony Mackie, a fantastic actor. I can already visualize him as The Black Panther. Really hope he gets considered for the role. :-)

  10. If Will Smith get’s this part I will boycott the company. Will Smith as BP… Let’s cast Pia Zadora as the next Jean Grey then.

    I would like to see how this project develops.

  11. Folks,

    We have it all wrong. A young, up-and-coming black Brit will win the role as T’Challa. The level of talent is superior to ours. Check out the beauty and sophistication of Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Absolutely stunning!!!

    • That’s all and good, but the only thing is that shes a SHE and BP is a HE.

  12. I think Michael Jai White Would be a perfect cast for the Black Panther. Hes black, he’s a good actor, and he’s an awsome martial artist!

  13. @Karas: You may want to consider Wesley Snipes.He’s good in action you know?

    • I believe Snipes said he wanted to do Black Panther before he was cast as Blade.

    • hw to pld man they r to old to plat him he like in his 20s

  14. I think i would be able to take on the role as T’Challa/ Black Panther because i have the acting skills, i am black man , i’m 6ft. weighing in at 230lbs.(solid slender muscle)and i have years of martial arts skills to pull it off. It’s just that i could never get a break to show off the talent and skills . It’s a very competitive world out there in entertainment. And besides,i agree with Happyman on the comment about getting a well known actor to play T’Chaka (T’Challa’s father the king of Wakanda)and an unknown as T’Challa. I have been reading and studying the Black panther since i was a little kid. There weren’t many comic books out on the Black panther(a solo role) in the 70′s except the cameo appearances black panther made in other marvel comics. Him(The Black Panther) and other black comic book heroes which was very few back when i was growing up(the early 70′s)just nipped the surface of the “Black exploitation Revolution”. The only recognized black comic book characters in at that time were, The Black Panther, Luke Cage(Power man),The Black Falcon(Whom became a member of the Avengers back in the mid 70′s)Blade (whom first appeared in the Dracula comic books back in the early 70′s)War machine(iron man)and Catwoman (yes in the original Batman comics she was a black woman but due to the racial barriers back in the late 60′s she was edited and replaced with a white woman so the interacial relationship that Batman and catwoman had wouldn’t be exploited at that time).Those Blacks that did read comic books growing up in the hood at the time i did, looked up to those characters i have mentioned above.Another comic book duo that came out back in the mid to late 70′s/early 80′s, was the duo “Cloak and Dagger” whom to me were the first interracial superhero team that came out in the marvel comics universe to actually break the border of interracial hypocracy.The duo consist of a black man(cloak)with the power of his cloak, can teleport anywhere and use his cloak as a defense mechanism as well as a weapon, and a White woman (Dagger)who has the power of some sort of kinetic energy bolts she gives off to launch at you like daggers(this should be an ideal for a movie as well). Overall, if i had the chance to play the role of the Black Panther, i would be honored.Stan Lee has been my inspiration in drawing and writing since i was young. I have a whole bunch of stories and comic book characters i have created from my teens on. I never could get a break. Maybe someday my skills and talents will be recognized.

    • @DerekF Good self-promo but after all of that, you provided no links to your site. How is anyone going to find you? Stan Lee makes sure people see his face and site every time he appears.

  15. Anthony Mackie or Michale jai white for Black Panther!!!!Mackie is a phenomenal actor!

    • Nikki,

      Mack would have to seriously bulk up and train. Someon who’s already a martial artist is the best way to go, otherwise you’d just have someone doing Brian Singer like triple back flips on a wire. All the while trying to make us buy that it looks cool.

      Michael Jai White is probably the best person to assume this role since Snipes is too long in the tooth (even though i’m pushing for Peter M).

  16. I saw a reel of a young actor (Emmanuel Kabongo). Since the black panther is African, after looking at this young mans reel, the accent was solid, plus his acting chops are solid. If you notice, a lot of today’s super heroes are young actors, why not start this Black Panther legacy with a fresh face. Here’s the link. What do y’all think?

    • I do agree the need for having a well-known lead is unnecessary so long as you have a well-known supporting cast, and much of the action can be CGI. I still haven’t found an ideal actor for the part. The production company should be casting a wider net, as they did for Thor.

  17. Idris” Elba is by far the best actor for this job .. for goodness sake he looks just like the panther from the cartoon

  18. I’m a 17 year old highschool student from richmond california, i grew up watching,& reading marvel comics my whole life.if what I’m reading is true,& there is a black panther movie in the works.I’m interested in playing the role of T’Challa

  19. I’m a seventeen year old highschool student from richmond california, i grew up watching,& reading marvel comics my whole life.if what I’m reading is true,& there is a black panther movie in the works.I’m interested in playing the role of T’Challa

  20. djimon “digital monsters” hounsou could maybe play bps father but maybe leonard roberts could play bp.

  21. Chiwetel Ejiofor I think would be a good Black Panther for my opinion! I really cant wait!!! finally my hero would come to life!!!

    • and since everyone is promoting themselves i would like to be T’challa as a Child or teen,Im physically fit, sound judgment, mental agility, communicating skills and i come from Ghana more my email is

  22. micheal jai white is perfect for the part.

  23. Idris Elba is the logical choice

  24. my Choices that I have chosen which are still fresh in my mind for The Black Panther are The Rock Dwayne Johnson and Micheal Jay White as I can’t just pick one, Laurence fishbure from The Matrix as The Black Panther’s father T’Chaka, and have Terrence Howard for The White Wolf, Jada Pickett White as Orunro Munro\Storm, Halle Berry as N’Yami,Gary Sinise as Klaw,TONY STARK aka IRON-MAN ROBERT DOWNY JR, taye Diggs as W’KABI, Danny Glover as N’GASSI, and Jamie Fox as S’YAN, Marlon Wayans [Younger Version] as YOUNG S’YAN. and those are Cast Choice opinions. feel free to look through! and plus two Bonuses which are Vin Dievsel and Micheal Clarke Duncan as Man-Ape and Gorilla Grodd. enjoy!

    • Um.. isn’t Grodd DC???

    • The Rock is a very bad decision to play BP he is not that good of an actor

  25. Honestly I Did not if Gorilla Grodd was DC or not, but thanks for telling me as I did not know that until now, I now know that that I may need to check up on that, however Terrence Howard would be excellent as The Black Panther as he fits the role based on his one time Character of James Rhodey Rhodes\War Machine in Iron man and his character of Lester on Big Momma both sides of him as a character since he ranks number 1 compared to the Two other choices that I previously mentioned including the other mentions that I previously mentioned, thanks for the info\memo.

  26. For known actors, I think Idris Elba has the look. The other actors mentioned just don’t look African to me. I wonder though if Idris can sound African.. Personally, I’d still go with the unknown if he has the chops and the look. There’s no reason why we can’t do another Chris Helmsworth thing.

  27. I’m just glad they are making The black Panther movie cause i been very disappointed that they did not make 1 to include him into the avengers film he is one of my favorite characters in marvel due to his just so original background and story as well as he has no super powers just is tough, strong willed, fast and agile! also someone mentioned tyrese gibson as suggestion but he’s already been named as LUKE CAGE in 2014 and u need an actor with an accent for T’Chala so a unkknown yet someone who knows the black panther’s comics well enough may be a good choice

  28. Michael Jai White

  29. I would like to see Will Smith as the Black Panther