Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Has A Writer!

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black panther movie writer Marvels Black Panther Movie Has A Writer!

One of Marvel’s key characters who continues to come up in conversations about future Marvel Studios projects is of course, Black Panther, the King of Wakanda known as T’Challa. Alongside Iron Fist, Black Panther is another Marvel license that has been in development hell for years, moving from studio to studio and having talent attached, but never going anywhere.

Another of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s incredible creations, Black Panther has served as a member of The Avengers and the Fantastic Four, representing the first black superhero in mainstream comics. As of today, he’s one official step closer to getting his well-deserved big screen debut.

Heat Vision has the scoop that Marvel Studios has hired Mark Bailey to pen the script for Black Panther. Bailey may be an unknown to you, as his credits only include writing/story-editing positions on a few documentaries, but this indicates to me that he must have some great idea to offer the studio to have landed the writing gig and we at least know he can bring a realistic take on the character in his story.

It was only a matter time before Marvel began moving forward on Black Panther. Comic Book legend Stan Lee and Marvel Pres Kevin Feige have repeatedly stated that this was a character they wished (and planned) to pursue, alongside the likes of Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Dr. Strange. And now that Marvel is about to introduce Captain America and Thor to the world, it’s that time to start moving forward on their second tier characters.

black panther captain america avengers movie Marvels Black Panther Movie Has A Writer!

Black Panther is a character I’d love to see show up in an after-the-credits cameo in The Avengers and as a future member of the team. Should Marvel pursue some sort of Civil War-esque story in the future, T’Challa is an integral character in the dynamic between Iron Man and Captain America. More importantly, the character and his backstory, let alone the beautiful setting of the fictional African nation of Wakanda, allows Marvel to create a very unique and special superhero film.

Could previously rumored and interested Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje or Djimon Hounsou still be contenders for the title role? Who would you cast as T’Challa?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012 and we’ll let you know what comes next.

Source: THR

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  1. YES YES YES!!!!!

    Triple A to portray T’challa!

  2. Djimon Hounsou for Black Panther

    • Hounsou is pretty old, but he’d make a great King T’Challa.

      • yh agreed

  3. Either one would be a great choice. Djimon Hounsou is a slightly better actor, but Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje has the size and build of the character.

  4. My vote is for Djimon Hounsou as T’Challa and Adewale Akinnoye-Agbaje as King T’Chaka. Bring in some very hot chicks for the Dora-Milaje and we’re all gravy!

  5. Djimon and Adewale are both in their 40s … maybe a bit old? But then maybe not, depends on what part of his life they focus on.

    • Idris Elba maybe? Of course he’s 38, so… but still 5 and 8 years younger than the other 2.

    • Djimon Hounsou would be close to his 50s when the Black Panther gets mades so people needs to rule him out for the role.

      • Maybe for T’Challa’s father then

        • well yes he can play the father

  6. Chiwetel Ejiofor (The Operative in Serenity) FTW!!!


    • MJW would be great, but would be too American (I can’t believe I actually wrote that) for Black Panther. Besides I like MJW for Luke Cage

  8. yes!!! GO T’CHALLA!!! I say cast Djimon Hounsou or cast an unknown.

  9. why everyone keep on saying Djimon Hounsou for Black Panther his going to be too old when the movie happen. he only can play Black Panther father not T’Challa.

    Chiwetel Ejiofor or Derek Luke for Black Panther.

  10. Script… this could be TV or Movie correct? Was it mentioned which?

  11. Ok nm I see Movie in the title… im tired leave me alone.. :D

  12. Guy who played Eggs in “True Blood” season 2 might work if they go young.

    • he to old man wtf bp is yong

  13. Rob Keyes i bet u the guy who made the website boycott Thor for the casting of Idris Elba will jump on the Black Panther movie also. did u hear his interview

    • Ya, that guy’s an idiot.

      • Yeah he is a idiot. anyway since this is big news about a Black Panther movie i guess Marvel Studio cant use Storm in the movie since FOX got the rights to that character. so i guess they going to use Monica Lynne as his love interest

  14. Hounsou and Adewale are too old for T’Challa. I can almost bet they’re going younger. How about Nick Jones? Look him up,he’s in the Green Lantern. Or what about Anthony Mackie from the Hurt Locker. He’s got some serious acting chops.

  15. will smith! hehe

  16. This is good news, now give me news about Nova, Black Knight, and Iron Fist/Luke Cage

  17. Interesting, I wonder who will write the reboot in 2 years…

    • LMAO! :)

      • Please………Tim Burton of course!

        • Haha. True!

  18. I’ve always been an advocate for Djimon Honsou as Black Panther but comparing him to Chewitel Ejiofor, I can see that Chewitel has more eloquence and a majestic feel necessary to bring forth the essence of T’challa’s personality. Chewitel Ejiofor for Black Panther.

  19. This is great news! I agree with those who say Djimon for T’chaka and an unknown( younger ) for T’challa. The first movie should be a serious origin flick, showing the past generations of kings assuming the role of BP, then bring it to the present with the current BP , showing modern tech. for the suit and weapons. Then deal with a local conflict, and end with a brief Avengers tie in. Awesome!! Even if they dont go with my outline,( imagine that ) this should be a great movie. Hope it doesn’t take too long. :)

    • I really like your idea…make young t’challa an unknown. guys like tyrese and anthony mackie command too much money in movies. Keep the budget cheap so we can focus on better CGI/locations and a great supporting cast.

  20. Maybe they should cast a young unknown…I cant really think of anyone (outside of the actors already mentioned) who fit the part besides maybe derek luke(but hes like 35). My problem is if its successful were gonna wanna see more movies. SO why not cast an unknown for the part and then it would be easy(and cheap) to stick him into an Avengers tie in movie(which we all want).

  21. I’d say.. Michael jai white or Idris Elba.. would be awesome :D

    • yes but those guys are both late 30s early 40s…established actors and neither one come cheap lol. Plus I feel like if you have a young avengers team you should have a young BP also. Good choices for older T’challa tho.

    • Definately White he’s got the built and the skills to bring the charecter to life, elba is cool, but he’s in his mid to late fourties, pluss he’s already in Thor.

      • and Vincent cassel or Daniel Craig as ulysses Klaw :)

      • Elba is only 38.

        • My bad looks older

      • Yeah that would be awesome. That way he could screw up Black Panther like he did Spawn. That would be really cool.

        • So you think White was the one to screw up Spawn?? Not the Director or the Writers who wrote a crappy version of the orginal story. Then they made it a PG-13 version which again bastardized the original comic. Yeah it must of been Whites fault for all of that.

        • that had nothing to do with him, the writers, director and Todd him self are to blame for that.

        • Lets be realistic for its time Spawn was one of the best superhero movies…and to me it still beats alot of these superhero movies today. 1. it was dark…i remember it being R rated.
          2. For the 90′s the special effects were awesome.
          3. The storyline traveled the same route as the comic with slight variations (chapel was a woman)But john leguizamo as the clown was a briliant choice and Violater was awesome in his own right.
          4. It was successful at the movies and i think it helped to open the doorway for more comicbook movies to be made.

  22. Once BP joins the avengers, either as an active or reserve member, he could get some serious Stark tech for his Panther suit.

    • He doesn’t need start tech. Wakanda is already ahead if not equal to what Stark puts out. Plus, T’Challa is just as smart.

      • Okay, THAT was weird timing.

        • LOL it was wasn’t it!

    • T’Challa is a brilliant man in his own right and doesn’t really NEED Stark’s tech help. Remember that Wakanda is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the Marvel Universe.

      • Thanks for the update guys, I did not know that.
        Back when I was reading Avengers all the time, BP always had just a plain black suit. In light of this new information, it would be cool to see Wakanda tech “show up” Stark tech.. lol

  23. Hiring a Doc writer/editor is a good move. With all the tension and chaos rampant on the African continent, the time has never been more right for The Black Panther! I’ve collected T’challa’s adventures since the 70′s and it’s one of only four titles that I religiously waited to purchase. Unfortunately, the panthers exploits have been rather inconsistant over the years. The first appearances in Fantastic 4 and Avengers made those teams seem cooler, then the Kirby drawn Black Panther mag with the epic battles against Kiber, jakarra and KLAW Master of sound. I even loved all those JUNGLE ACTION feathering Black Panther comics. They were great, especially when T’challa fought the giant white ape! (metaphor anyone?) then that first four issue miniseries, he fought the supremicists and… get this, HIS OWN GOD! Yeah MARVEL got a winner on its hands here all right.

    I think an unknown would do the story justice but its probably the best action, EVER for an african or african american actor. Let’s face it, whenever the avengers cross paths with panther, the storyline went up a notch. At some point Will Smith’s name will arise, and although he is a fine action star in his own right, T’Challa had the weight of the world on his shoulders and was often very serious. I’m not sure the fresh prince would be a good fit.

    • Whoa! I would have never ever put Will’s name in the hat for this part!
      I do think that if it had, then the movie would have been made a while ago due to his star and money power.

  24. My 2 Cents here but…
    a young panther just won’t work. He has to be older to pull off the majesty and experience. There’s one actor who fits the bill perfectly.
    Peter Mensah! Google him if you don’t know the name or better yet, watch a few episodes of “Spartacus, Blood and Sand.”
    Chewitel Ejiofor is another great choice, but he’s too small.
    Michael Jai White is perfect except he’s too American and you can’t separate Wakanda from the Panther.
    Tyreese just doesn’t have the martial arts skills and his ego is too huge.
    Demore Barnes (The Unit) may fit the bill if they needed a younger looking Panther.

    Lets get this puppy moving Marvel!

  25. I love Marvel. This is why they will make more money than WB ever will on any of those DC characters. I said this before, other than the Big Five from DC: Supes, Bats, Flash, GL, and WW, there are not any other heroes that a lot of people know about. You guys can list all you want, but other than fanboys, no one has a clue about the others. An average person can name more than 5 Marvel heroes easily. So yeah, I want to see this made already!

    • Ummm, Mordee…

      Marvel movies will do better because YOU love them? Reeeeally!? Well, Hello, Mr. Lord Superior of the Marvel Movieverse…Thanks for clarifying; I wasn’t certain which authority to consider above all others.

      To put it more succinctly: Pffft.

      Oh, and DC (just so you know) has Batman and Robin and Superman, of course, and a fake Aquaman pilot was featured in the show “Entourage”, and the first “Green Lantern” trailer is out for 2011′s release, and “Flash” was released as a (granted, commercially unsuccessful, for its time) cult favorite t.v. show. Wonder Woman is SO beloved (at least, nostalgically) as a t.v. show that Lynda Carter referenced her in the movie “Sky High”! That’s SEVEN DC heroes right there. Oh, and now to put it over the top: “Smallville” has lasted ten years (maybe not always GOOD, but always PRESENT in the public’s consciousness) and has introduced MANY DC heroes in its episodes.

      You’ll notice I only pointed out your MAJOR fallacy regarding DC; I did not try to shoot down Marvel, because I want them BOTH to succeed so that the FANS win in the end.

      Grow up.

      • @Archaeon.. dude, I’m cool with that! Everybody lives, everybody wins. Wouldn’t mind if the Marvel and DC heroes even had screen time in the same months! Then, the competitors can eat their own words. But I still doubt anyone would lose.

        As for Black Panther, I can only say ’bout time! I resent that people think he’s a second tier character. In my books, if you have had your own series, you are primary, baby!

  26. Great news! I think the Panther King should be played by Michael Jai White.