Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 3rd, 2014 at 7:40 am,

Marvel Black Panther Movie Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

[Update: There are conflicting reports as to the status of Black Panther.  Scroll down for details.]

Comic book movie rumors are coming hard and fast in the summer 2012 season, and all of them are exciting. There has already been much speculation about plot points of both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 - what villains will be featured, how they will build towards Avengers 2, etc. – and now we have yet another Marvel movie rumor that is sure to titillate fans:

Word is, one of the yet-unannounced films that Marvel Studios has planned (likely for 2014) is the long-rumored Black Panther movie. Scroll down for details.

Our friends over at Latino Review are continuing to drop exclusives like they’re going out of style, and the latest comes from a handful of their “trusted sources” who all claim that Black Panther is on the way. Also rumored for a 2014 debut have been the long-in-development Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright, and a Doctor Strange movie. Until we hear official confirmation from Marvel (say… around Comic-Con 2012?), any one of those films (or another unexpected pick) could be fair game for announcement.

For those who don’t know, Black Panther (the alter-ego of T’Challa, prince of the fictional African nation of Wakanda), is a superhero with enhanced strength and agility, who uses his intellect, mysticism, and a variety of technological weapons developed from his country’s primary resource – the metal alloy known as “vibranium” – to fight evil. Basically, he’s like an African version of Batman. The character debuted in 1966 as the first mainstream black superhero, and has been a member of The Avengers since 1968. Many Marvel movie fans have been campaigning for Black Panther to join the Marvel Movie Universe (MMU); we even had him as one of our top picks for characters we want to see in Avengers 2.

This rumor comes as little surprise: A Black Panther project is something that Marvel (and other studios) have been trying to get off the ground for many years. Wesley Snipes was once attached to a Black Panther film Columbia Pictures was developing in the ’90s; more recently, writer Mark Bailey was hired to pen a Black Panther screenplay for Marvel Studios, while  Marvel Animation launched a cartoon version of the character – though that came and went so fast, few people likely know it exists. (You can check out the first episode HERE). In the first season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon – which is a direct echo of the MMU – Black Panther was also a late addition to the team, so clearly, launching the character into the mainstream has been on Marvel’s agenda for some time.

UPDATE: Coming Soon states that their sources inside of Marvel Studios are denying this rumor. Then again, the studio always denies rumors. Marvel denied it when Latino Review revealed the Avengers Thanos news – and we all know how that turned out.

Captain AMerica Black Panther Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

Black Panther vs. Captain America

Black Panther is a character that is beloved with good reason. Simply put: he’s pretty awesome (as African Batman would understandably be). The MMU could also stand to diversify a bit (as it stands, Black Widow is the Avengers entire diversity program, not counting Nick Fury), and the character has many ties to the established Avengers movie universe, as Wakanda gets a quick acknowledgment in Iron Man 2, and Captain America’s shield is constructed from Vibranium – which also happens to be an alien metal. See the picture coming together?

The only question left, is: Who could play the Black Panther at this point? (For the record, guys like Snipes, Djimon Hounsou, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are too old, and Idris Elba is already part of the Thor franchise. So set your nominations accordingly.)

We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not anything truly pans out in regards to this Black Panther movie.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. I think think Michael Jai White would best fit for this movie.

    • he is a B actor no thx

      dont care they could replace elba role
      i choose elba for BP

    • Michael jai white has the martial arts skills look and build for the role.

      • That he indeed has in abundance. I like White and he’s a decent, not a great actor. But his age is what kills it the most, the guy in in his mid 40′s now and you just have to be realistic that this is not the route Marvel Studios is going.

  2. I remember reading the comic back in the 60s.

    Idris Elba can play the Black Panther’s father, the chief of his tribe, in flashback, when most of the tribe were massacred by a gang of mercenaries.

    The Panther himself was drawn as slim, agile and intelligent, not a great bruiser like Batman. Spiderman would be a better parallel.

    • Panther need to be atleast as Old as Ororo, since they are around the same age. Chiwetel Ejiofor is my number 2 man for this Role

  3. I was on another board where the discussion was about Idris Elba and what if any Marvel superhero could he play in the LEAD role.

    and that is when I read this posted by Ummm Yeah:

    “I would stay away from Luke Cage or Black Panther, they are both death trap movies. Luke Cage is to stereotypical to appeal to a large audience and the Black Panther just won’t resonate with a large audience.”

    Is he right? Where does he get this from? What say you Black Panther fans?


    • Vega what’s good my man, i haven’t heard from you in a minute, i hope everything is well with you bro. Whoever this Ummm Yeah dude is, you can tell he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about, damn ha-ha. How are they death trap movies, this fool won’t be saying that when they become box office smashes. Oh and he’s dead wrong.

    • Seriously? That guy has NO idea what he’s talking about. When this movie comes out I am rallying my troops of nerds to dress up and cosplay marvel characters the entire box office weekend. My friend already promised to cosplay T’challa with me as Ororo for opening weekend. I am set and ready to go for this!

  4. Supes and Angelique! Good to see y’all.

    I am right there with you Angelique, all of my crazy friends will be all going to the theatre and staying all night to watch it multiple times. We will marathon that movie.

    Supes I am good bro, still need to transfer all my pics to the page and that is still coming so I ain’t forgot ya.

    So about Mr. Ummm Yeah’s comments, is he not aware that movies stereotype people all the time. If the Luke Cage proposed project would be “to stereotypical” then why does Samuel Jackson play the same stereotype in most of the movies he is in. If Black Panther won’t resonate with a large audience, then how will a talking tree and raccoon in GOTG ‘resonate’ with a wide audience? Just thinking out loud.


    • @Vega & Angelique – I’m with you both here and i’ll be doing the same damn thing. Obviously whoever this Ummm(what kind of damn name is that anyway man, sounds like a piece of damn nasty ass candy or something, ha-ha)is, he sounds ignorant and don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, probably racist too for all we know. As long as Marvel follows the path we’re hoping they take Black Panther & Luke Cage should see the light of day on the big screen.

    • Omg, I’m just thinking of the Halloween parties I’ll be going to the year it comes out. There’s going to be like 50 black panther’s running around XD

      • @Angelique – Hello there, how have you been, it’s good to hear from you again. That would indeed be crazy, because if he is indeed featured in in “Avengers 2″, you can bet his costume would become a popular choice among many.

    • Lol… give the movie action, for male viewers, a small love hook for women and a dab of suspense it will be a hit.

  5. Romeo miller is supposed to play black panther

    • @Bakari – LMAO, I see we have a comedian in the house. You got jokes homie.

  6. I was thinking Alfonso ribeiro would be the obvious choice. Carlton banks was just a warm up for this role.

  7. Make him joining the avengers

  8. I know it was stated that Djimon Hounsou is too old, but that’s just not the case. I mean, come on, he’s playing Korath the Pursuer (full makeup, so no facial conflicts of character) in Guardian’s of the Galaxy.

    The fact is, he has the physique, he has the (in my eyes required) accent, and he’s an amazingly talented actor.

    He’s in his 40s, yes, but a little makeup and he’s 10 years younger by movie standards.

    Michael Jai White is a great, and underused, actor but he’d be more fitting of Blade as a lead role. Since they’re planning Blade’s reboot, that needs to be considered.

    If this were just a regular person from Africa, I’d say screw it just use an American actor; but it’s not. This is T’Challa. He’s the ruler of a sovereign nation of Africa. The character deserves to be played by someone with talent and an actual African accent. Having the RULER of a nation be played by a guy who will either be using a fake accent or worse (think Halle Berry and having her horrible Ororo is now American fiasco) not even have an accent is cruel to the character.

    Truthfully, there are probably some less known (think Chris Pratt level of less known) actors of actual African origin who could fill the role to the level of quality it deserves.

    Black Panther is either going to be a hit or a failure because of what the movie, and character, are. It sucks but it’s true. If they short change the movie in anyway (such as a subpar casting call for a bigger name) the result will end up being less, not more, interracial superhero movies; and that would be a travesty.

    If not Djimon Hounsou, Black Panther deserves someone of the same caliber who can give a believable (read as natural) African heritage. The people of Wakanda deserve a ruler who can attest to actually being from their country (or a real world version in any case). After all, the Black Panther is a blessed servant of Bast and protector of his country; the least we as fan-goers could ask for would be a person to portray someone who even believes in Bast.

    • @Jordan: With all due respect I have to completely disagree with you on a few points. So for clarification purposes only I move forward.

      1)When some are saying he is too old, this idea is not because we don’t think he is physically capable of being BP BUT rather in terms of story lines and hopefully sequels. Marvel apparently likes doing origin stories and a 49 year old actor would not make sense in this way of looking at BP. Also by the time filming would begin he would be 50 or 51. Besides, he is in GoTG and we have enough black talent out there that everyone should get a crack at with the few roles that are out there for black actors to begin with.

      2)While I also agree that it would be nice to have a native African play the role, it is not a deal breaker. Henry Cavil is British but he played Superman (the first hero was American) who is a farm boy raised in Kansas. There are many more examples but I don’t want to bog down the point.

      3)Your point about the movie being done right is really a non-point. That is true of any movie these days. Both Blade and Spawn were successful so I don’t see any point in worrying about this point. Keep in mind we all want the best Black Panther movie possible.

      I can pretty much get on board with the rest of what your saying. One thing you may want to think about are sequels. You don’t start a trilogy built around a 50 year old actor. I don’t want to see just one BP movie, I want to see at least three story arcs on him. First the Rise of the Black Panther, The Defeat of the Black Panther, and finally the Revenge of the Black Panther.

      BTW to all you Djimon fans, if Djimon were to play the role of T’Chaka, what is wrong with that? T’Chaka was a Black Panther too. You could argue he was one of the best BP’s because he had the foresight to send T’Challa abroad for his education which no other Panther had done. Just think about it. T’Chaka was just as boss as T’Challa or Shuri is now. Its all good.

      • I agree with you and Jordan. A nativefrom Africa would be great. Djimon would be good and the father especially since he was apart of the animation. Some said Romeo Miller playing the post, not. I’ve been waiting for the Black Panther movie for some years. It had taken long enough.

        • @Jade – If those people who mention Romeo Miller for the role of Black Panther was behind the decision making for this film, this film would be one of the biggest jokes, flops and failures in comic book movie history, come on now people really, think damn, lol. I would have loved to see Djimon in a Black Panther film, definitely as T’Chaka, but his role as ‘Korath’ in “Guardians Of The Galaxy” kills that, so it’s time to just turn off that road and drive elsewhere.

  9. ^This…Jordan you brought tears to my eyes with your post… Thank you. Djimon Hounsou for Panther of Wakanda!!!

  10. how old would Tchalla be in the first movie? I think he would be in his early twenties, kinda like spidermans age.

  11. If BP is an established king he would be in his Mid to late 30′s probably. If he’s in his early 20′s it would seem like an origin film. I imagine they’ll have flashbacks to his earlier years though

  12. Sounds like there are some more rumblings about our beloved BP. I think this guy has it right about the Black Panther.

    What do you guys think?


  13. I think It would have to come down to screen play and who T’Challa is I think any big name African American actor can play him but the main one I would REALLY like to see is djimon he is the PERFECT person to play T’Challa but any body else i would choose a young actor: like Micheal b Jordan, or One of the guys who acted in Stomp the yard I always forget their names but they could do the role, or tyrese Gibson those are just my suggestions if you want to give familiarity and still have an actor everybody knows that can make money and still play the role well.

    • For a young-looking African American actor with a respectable track record, I would nominate Seth Gilliam. He played Ellis Carver in The Wire, Pvt Sugar Watkins in Starship Troopers, and in other films & TV. We know he can act strong & silent.

      • Whoa Seth Gilliam is 44, wow! I had no idea

        • Yeah, but I’m sure he can pull off acting a role in the 20s.

          • I mean if it’s an origin film I think they will start with someone who is in their 20′s or someone who’s in their early 30′s to ply a 20 year old. But if they are going to write for an established BP I don’t think he’ll be in his early 20′s, closer to mid 30′s.

    • Well not any big african american actor, you gotta be careful there. You see what they did to Rhodes in Ironman 2 and 3, yeah lol. But they need to hit the nail on the head with the actor. He needs a great acting ability, poise, screen presence and sex appeal.You need to feel that regal air when they appear. Djimon is my number 1 as well but Chiwetel Ejiofor is a close second.

  14. I think that, perhaps, Marvel should consider Denzel Washington for the role. Old? Yes. But he has the build for T’Challa. And let’s not forget about the formative character for the Panther, his father, T’Chaka. Personal opinion? Morgan Freeman.

    • Yeah he’ll be 60 soon, and I’m not sure about the physical ability. Frankly I’d rather see Djimon as T’chaka before Denzel.

    • @ThatoneGuy – Obviously Denzel & Freeman are both great actors, but they are way to old for those roles, you can’t have no lead superhero be 60, that’s just not possible. Now I would love to see those iconic actors in other roles in the film, perhaps royal council members or something.

  15. Idris Elba would be my choice. So what he is attached to the Thor movies. Ryan Renolds was a Character in Blade( a marvel character) and as Deadpool in Wolverine. The point is that it wouldnt be the first time it was done. I want to see Black Panther done right.

    • Honestly, as much as i’m rooting for Djimon, Idris is catching my eye the more I see him. He’s got that regal air, poise, grace and commanding presence. He can act beyond a shadow of a doubt and he is oh so sexy. Annnnnd he’s African!

      • @Angelique – Both are great actors but they now both have roles in other Marvel films, so that’s not going to happen. I don’t know who but it will be someone else in the role of T’Chaka, whoever it turns out to be i just hope Marvel chooses wisely.

        • It can happen orlando. Captain American’s alter ego is Johnny Storm, so it most def can happen

          • Lol i’m sorry about the wrong name, my mistake. Angelique it can’t happen because both actors are in films from Marvel Studios, Johnny Storm was from Fox, a totally different studio and a different movie universe altogether.

            • Hey Supes! Good to see you bro. I ain’t forgot you.

              Angelique: I admire your passion for Djimon and I agree if it came down to Denzel or Djimon, no doubt the man for the job is Djimon.

              To all: Regarding Idris Elba playing BP, Idris is Heimdall in Thor and that is a little to close to comfort as BP could very easily wind up in an Avengers movie. More importantly, there not many parts at all for black actors in these Superhero flicks so why cannibalize the few roles there are with the same flipping actor. I believe if you gave some of these young bucks a shot they won’t disappoint knowing how profitable these movies have been for their white counterparts. Just think about it for a moment. That’s all I m asking.

              Make the Movie Marvel!

              • Vega what’s good my man, always a pleasure to hear from you bro. I could not have said that any better, it would be a conflict of interest putiing an actor in two different roles in Marvel studio films. And like you said black roles are already at a mininum and using the same BLACK actor for a different role does not help expand the field with black talent. If you start giving different roles to the same actor that will leave other talented brothers and sisters out of the mix, and it’s a lot of talent out there. Hey we have Sam L as ‘Nick Fury’, Cheadle as ‘War Machine’, Elba as ‘Heimdall’, Mackie as ‘Falcon’ and Hounsou in GOTG, let’s continue to spread the wealth and introduce the general audience to more talent that awaits our viewing pleasure out there.

                • Its all good Supes! Summer is going by fast. I am still working on my page which should include some video as well. I want to really talk about Hollywood movies, scripts, and of course superhero based movies.

                  Oh yeah, another good point about not using the same three black actors to play every role that pops up for a minority actor is this one, familiarity. Once you see Samuel Jackson play a character in every genre you will naturally become complacent with him because he is too familiar. Sometimes that is good but most of the time when you are trying to break new ground, you need new blood, something no one has imagined before.

                  Anyway, glad to see you hanging tough and rolling with it. Did you go see Wolverine? I am not sure I will yet.

                  • Vega summer is going by fast man, i’m just taking it day by day baby, lol. Me an you both agree that spreading the wealth amongst black talent is the best solution. I have not seen The Wolverine yet, i’m planning on seeing within the next week.

  16. been away for a while and i just read that it has been confirmed .black panther and dr strange for 2016…here are my names for t chaka.peter mensha,Chiwetel ,Djimon Hounsou. actors who could plays the ‘T’Challa…John Boyega, Michael Ealy or Nate Parker.

    • Awesome, pray they keep to their word. But I’m having a Hard time seeing Chiwetel as T’chaka, the man is only 36

      • Agree with Angelique, Chiwetel is to young to play T’chaka. I know, I know, they could age him via ‘movie magic’ however why do that when there has got to be a more natural role for him to play.

        • Vega I would love to see Chiwetel in a role in Black Panther, perhaps as T’Challa’s older brother, that would be cool to see man. The brother is a talented actor and definitely deserves a role in this film.

          • @Supes: I think you are right on. He could play the jealous half brother of T’Challa. Imagine Chiwetel fighting either Hodge/Boseman/Oyellowo during the panther trials to see who really should be the next panther after Uncle T’Sean (sp) grows to old.

            • Indeed Vega, Chiwetel would own in that role bro. Hell he’s still a possible choice for the role of T’Challa, but because he would be around 40 by the time this film couls potentially release in 2016 he’ll probably be a few years too odl for the role. But the role of his half brother, yes indeed. And like you Boseman, Oyellowo & Hodge alone with Gbenga Akinnagbe are still top choices for the role of Black Panther to me, but if anyone else knows another brother I haven’t thought about who would also be good for the role, be my guess to put him on blast, lol.

      • Hi Angelique, how are you today. I agree with you on Chiwetel playing T’Chaka, that brother is way too young for that role. Though not my top choice he’s still one of my top 5 choices for the role of T’Challa, even though by the time the film would most likely hit screens in possibly 2016 he would be 39 virtually taking him out the mix for the role most likely.

    • @chrisd – Marvel hasn’t made any official confirmation on release dates for those films yet, though I wish they would and just get it over with. Stan Lee has said a few times over the last few months that Black Panther & Dr. Strange we’re the next unannounced films on Marvel’s slate, but until I finally hear Marvel make an official confirmation I just can’t get excited. I’ve been disappointed too much over the last few years when it comes to Black Panther movie news.

      • @Super70. when i posted my last comment here i had just read where stan spilled the beans. they didnt say a specific date but marvel had already announced during com con 3 films for 2016 and 2017.2 for 2016 and 1 2017.and he did mention the black panther and dr.strange but there was no word on what thee other film would be.

        • @chrisd – Even though it does sound like there’s a good chance that BLACK PANTHER will be one of those unannounced films in 2016 or 2017, i’m still a little skeptical until Marvel officially announces it, especially being that he’s a Black leading superhero. I really hope that Stan ‘The Man’ Lee did indeed spill the beans, I know he’s been wanting to see a BP film for many years and why not, after all Black Panther is one his and the late great Jack Kirby’s many great creations at Marvel. But this one is a little extra special being that he’s the first ever black superhero created. It’s funny how DC has been around 20 years longer than Marvel, yet Marvel still created the first black superhero and a great one at it.

  17. @Vegabomber where did u guys get hodge from???not a good actor at all for this role,thee other 2 guys(oyelowo/boseman) i had not looked at them until now and they would be prefect for the role as BP.but hodge isnt a serious enough actor and did doesnt have the build. too tall and thin and of course we know what movie magic can do but not him, maybe he would be like the best friend of t challa(bp).
    @super70 i see Gbenga Akinnagbe as bp brothers, he has the evil wanna be leader look, so for me he would be a prefect brother…

    • @chrisd – Well I would be good with Gbenga Akinnagbe in that role as well, he’s a pretty talented actor. You do raise a good point about Aldis Hodge’s acting ability, he’s not as good an actor as the other ones you mentioned, but I still think he’s a candidate, just not the top choice. Because he’s skilled in martial arts and is athletic plays a lot into him being mentioned, but yes I do want a guy in the role of T’Challa who can act and has a strong screen presence.

    • @chrisd: I like Boseman 1st and Oyellowo 2nd. I included Hodge because he is very capable of the accent and he has the charisma and obviously the look, i.e darkskin, facial features. Put Hodge around an all-star cast and I believe he would fare no worse than Chris Hemsworth did in Thor.

      I agree that Ghbenga looks more like a villain or someone who has lived a hard life. Don’t know that I buy Ghbenga as a young privileged prince.


  18. Henry Simmons.

    • @stark henry simmon is a nice actor, nice build but not a good fit for bp…

  19. Whoever they get is going to need to have the sex appeal in addition to the acting. I’m serious. Have I said this before? Maybe. But if you’re going to have all of these other fine a$$ male actors dripping sex then Black Panther is going to have to be just as fine. If Hounsou and Elba can’t fulfill the Role, alrighty that sux, but they are going to have to find the equivalent. NO SETTLING! All the men got to drool over the X-men ladies, and for the longest time Wolverine was the only widely recognized character that got the ladies swooning. But then came the Avengers and oh-wee, Thank you Marvel! lol. I’m sorry if this doesn’t sound important to some, but sex appeal is VERY important in attracting audiences. I know there’s has been alot of actors mentioned and yes they are good actors but some lack the sex appeal. I’m speaking as a female yes, and they will loose out on large demographic of females who arent comic book fans and geeks. And alot of us female aren’t. So you get the right actor with the right sex appeal and *bam* you just pulled in the other female demographic. Yes it’s going to be very important. Alot of my female friends didn’t go see the Marvel movie because they were fan but because they wanted to Chris Hemsworth with his shirt off or Hugh Jackman running naked across the field. lol Tis the truth! They’re going to have to hit the nail on this one or they are going to miss out

    • @Angelique this isnt a porn movie…each one of those actors we have mentioned are not only good actors but they all have some attraction to women..these guys arent Dave Chappelle.they have the looks as well and thr chops.. and the 2 guys u mentioned cant do it because elba is already apart of marvel, in both thors and hounsou is a bit too old to play bp,its the reason we mention him as playing the father…

      • @chrisd – LMAO at that opening comment of yours. Yes, you certainly can’t use Elba or Hounsou in a Black Panther film when they are already part of the Marvel Studios movie universe, that’s what me and Vega was explain to Angelique. I was explaining to her that even though Chris Evans played Johhny Storm previously to playing Cap, the Fantastic Four is not part of the Marvel Studios movie universe, so it’s a whole different situation.

      • I know which actors are in which films as well Hounsou’s age. No need to explain, I’m not daft. Also I don’t recall saying the actors should be having simulated sex on screen. I can see how you would think I’m making a shallow comment but I’m not . What I said is that the sex appeal should equate to what has been shown in previous films with other actors. But as I said is previous post it can throw everything off to sacrifice one trait for the other. Halle beyond beautiful, but didn’t fit the bill as Storm. Don Cheadle, amazing actor, but not the first person that comes to my mind for War machine. If they hit the nail on the head then everything will be balanced

        • @angelique don cheadle is an amazing actor but it wasnt his sex appeal that got him that to be the replacement for terranace howard who is an amzing actor as well with sex appeal. infact to me his acting in both films sucked!!!! and u may think halle didnt fit the bil as storm but considering they wanted a black storm at the time of the first x men film there wasnt too many other blk female actresses who could play the part with a name and the role didnt even have sex appeal to it, she was just beautiful…

          • Don Cheadle should not have been Rhodes. Not just for the overall look but he didn’t cut it for me as Rhodes in the persona and either. I’m not sure what you mean the wanted a black storm? Of course they were going to cast a black actress as Storm. It’s a myth to say that there weren’t any black actresses around to fit that role, there were plenty. Media just don’t push the black female agenda, it’s like there can only be one black female hollywood trailblazer at at time. First it was Halle now it’s Zoe. Black women have always get the short end of the stick in hollywood.

            • @angelique what we have now in black actresses wasnt so in 2000. i can name soooo many black actresses, nia long,regina king,Gabrielle Union,Sanaa Lathan,Tamala Jones,Nicole Ari Parker, i could go on and on.unless they went with an unknown black actress sanaa is the closes but back then she was just establishing herself as an actress…of course now would be different because there are so many who could play serious roles..if u took the beyonce from dreamgirls or Cadillac records and put that beyonce in she may even play the part well…

              • @chrisd – You’ve also got Taraji P Henson, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Good, Lisa Raye, Monica Calhoun, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Monique, Queen Latifah, Kimberly Elise, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Terry J Vaughn, etc, it’s definitely a much bigger pool of talented sisters out there acting than there was back in 2000. I do think back in 2000 Angela Bassett & Vivica Fox would have been great fits for the role of ‘Storm’ as well.

              • Nia Long has Been acting Since 1990: Boyz in the Hood, Soul Food, Friday and Will Smith’s Fiance in Fresh Prince Regina King Had been Acting Since 1991. Her Best known films before 2000 were: Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice,Higher Learning,Friday, Jerry Maguire,How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Enemy of the State, Mighty Joe Young. Queen Latifah was Succcess on tv and Film years before 2000. But in addition to those actresses who were successful before 2000 was: Vanessa Williams, Jasmine Guy, Tisha Campell, Robin Givins, Jada Pinkett, Lisa Monet, Rae Dawn Chong, Phylicia Rashad, Lynn Whitfield, Theresa Randle, Lela Rochon,Kim Fields, Stacey Dash, Rose Jackson, Brandy, Stacey Dash, and my girl Debbi Morgan. Waiting to Exhale and Eve’s Bayou were 2 movie with a plethra of 90′s A list Black actresses.

                • @Angelique & chrisd – First off let me start off by saying i’m impressed by you both, you both have named a lot of talented sisters that have been in the game for quite some time. Angelique you really went there with that great list of actresses, you’ve also got Vanessa Williams, Vanessa Bell Colloway, Jackee, Paula Kelly, Diane Carroll, Cicely Tyson, Maragret Avery, Whoopie Goldberg, Loretta Divine, Denise Nicholas, Tyra Ferrell, Rosie Perez, N’bushe Wright, Sheri Headley, Malinda Williams, Tonya Perkins, Khandi Alexander, Cynda Williams and so on, we can all go on with so many names i’m sure. What that tells us is there have been a number of talented black actresses over the years and decades when you think about it. I like to consider myself to at least be a little knowledgeable of the many brothers and sisters who have graced the screen through so many decades. I don’t want to forget about the late Vonetta McGee & Tamara Dobson who graced the screen a lot from the 60′s well into the 80′s.

                • And Regina King actually goes back even further than ’91, I remember her in the TV series 227 when she played Marla Gibbs daughter.

              • X men may have came out in 2000 but they cast the actors years before that

          • As far as Halle, yeah it isn’t fair for me to say that the part didn’t flow right because of her. I think the part written for her also contributed to a awkward flow of Storm. I remember Halle saying at Comic Con how she loved Storm because she was a Mother figure and a leader but Hates Storm because she gets no love. She actually asked if Storm was asexual. The way they wrote storm was asexual, when quite the contrary, Storm is one of most Highly desired Marvel Characters. She’s had romances With Remy Lebeau, Wolverine, Thor, Loki and of course our Main man BP. The really did strip her of that trait in these films to make her just a Mother figure without thoughts of desire.

  20. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I should of been cast as Storm. When I cosplay her this year I will post pictures. :)

    • Lol Love it^ Would love to see the pics!

    • Shelia please do, I need something to make my eyes pop out of my head, and maybe you can accomplish that, lol.

  21. @super70 and angelique u guys have names a whole bunch more actresses a lot of them i should have named as well but remember i did say i could go on and on.. but to forget names angela bassett and vivica fox is a crime.even pan grier…….

    • I was just naming some established Black actresses that were around before 2000 because Halle wasn’t the only black actress around in 2000. There were plenty

  22. I want black panther movie action figure toys.

  23. ….Lee Thompson died y’all….:( I can’t believe this….I’m really sad–former-disney-channel-star-lee-thompson-young-found-dead-182359895.html

  24. I WOKE UP IN A NEW BLACK PANTHER MOVIE!!!! (808 kick drum)(some synth sounds)

  25. michael jai white would be the best option by far! Nuff said.

    • As far as fighting skills and physicality goes yes, but the acting and screen presence required for the role is a different story. And than there’s the little issue of age, which is obviously not disputable.

  26. My Man is still campaigning. Rooting for you Djimon!!

    • Hey Angelique, how are you today. Always good to hear from you as well, rather I agree with you or disagree with you, you always have some interesting points to make and I respect that. Normally I would absolutely love Djimon in this role, if only this dude was about 10 years younger, damn lol. I’m still calling for him to play T’Chaka though, I want to see that happen.

      • Hey Supe. Yeah that’s alright, everyone can have their opinion. I’m just happy Djimon is still campaigning for this role even after the fact he’s in Guardians. I was really also starting to look to Lee Thompson Young for this role too. He had martial art training. One of the few disney stars that didn’t go crazy after leaving Disney and he was wonderful on Rizzoli and Isles. broken my heart to pieces when I found how he died. 29 years old….smh…still gets to me

  27. @Angelique – Yeah that was sad what happen to Lee Thompson, that hit close to home with me because I lost a friend who committed suicide back in March and i’m still trying to get a grasp on his passing. Like my friend I wish this guy would have talked to somebody first, try to seek some help before doing this, damn. What I do know about Djimon is he is a great actor and he keeps himself in supreme condition, so even though he’s most likely too old for what Marvel is seeking for the role of Black Panther, he definitely could pull it off convincingly, that i’m sure of.

  28. You know the thing I can’t understand is if they (Marvel) brought Djimon in to play T’Chaka, what would be wrong with that? After all it was T’Chaka who kicked Captain Americas butt so why wouldn’t that be great? In fact I think it would make T’Challa’s role that much more interesting because he would be following after a great BP.

    Think when Steve Young had to replace Joe Montana or Danny White had to replace Roger Staubach. That is some juicy drama waiting to happen. I can see that as an extra plot device to show the acute pressure on the young T’challa taking the mantle after a very much beloved Black Panther in his fater T’Chaka.

    I don’t know just my two cents.

    • There’s nothing really wrong with Djimon being cast as T’chaka. I think it would be the biggest fail not to include him in this movie somehow. If they cast Djimon as T’chaka, great, I’d be happy to see him included. But i’d rather just see him as T’challa, so that’s what I’m rooting for. It’s up to Marvel who they choose but I know who I want lol

      • @Vegabomber & Angelique- What’s up my Screenrant homies, the only people I know who are as opinionated on this topic as I am, of course I think I still have a bigger mouth than you two, lol. Anyway what’s happening, always good to see this site sprinkled with some words of wisdom from you two. If Marvel chose Djimon I would be good with that, nobody would bring more wisdom, heritage and an authentic feel to the role than that brother would. I know I’ve disagreed with some folks in the past about Michael Jai White, but I can think of no other actor who could bring the physicality, skill set and all out badass to the role that brother would. Rather it’s Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chadwick Boseman, Djimon Honsou, Gbenga Akinnagbe, Idris Elba, Michael Jai White, David Oyelowo or Aldis Hodge, I think all these brothers bring some advantages to the role and could all get the job done. Marvel just sign one of these brothers and bring the damn Black Panther to the big screen for us, we’re all waiting, lol.

        • Supes What up man! Hello Ms Angelique, nothing but love for my fellow BP fans. At the end of the day I guess I am just like you Supes, just make the movie already Marvel. Ms Angelique, I love your passion for Djimon and I agree he would do well in either role.

          Right about now, I feel like I am Nick Fury and Marvel is the Avengers. I feel like Marvel just needs a push. Who’s death do we have to fake in order to get them to make this damn movie already. Just sayin!

          • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! LMBO Vega!!!

  29. Perfect for this role === unbelievable fighting skills (trained in Korea)====YOUNG TWIN BROTHER’S MARTIAL ARTIST (Mixed with black and Filipino) ==== MUST SEE===== MUST SEE=====SEE FOR YOURSELF===Go to

    • @Calvin: No doubt these guys have the martial arts moves down, the question is can they act. I could see them in the movie as Wakandans but not so much T’Challa. We mustn’t forget that T’Challa is a prince and also one of the 10 smartest men in the Marvel universe. The acting is absolutely crucial here.

      They are fun to watch that is for sure.

      • If the were girls they could be T’challa’s body guards