Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

Published 3 years ago by , Updated May 3rd, 2014 at 7:40 am,

Marvel Black Panther Movie Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

[Update: There are conflicting reports as to the status of Black Panther.  Scroll down for details.]

Comic book movie rumors are coming hard and fast in the summer 2012 season, and all of them are exciting. There has already been much speculation about plot points of both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 - what villains will be featured, how they will build towards Avengers 2, etc. – and now we have yet another Marvel movie rumor that is sure to titillate fans:

Word is, one of the yet-unannounced films that Marvel Studios has planned (likely for 2014) is the long-rumored Black Panther movie. Scroll down for details.

Our friends over at Latino Review are continuing to drop exclusives like they’re going out of style, and the latest comes from a handful of their “trusted sources” who all claim that Black Panther is on the way. Also rumored for a 2014 debut have been the long-in-development Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright, and a Doctor Strange movie. Until we hear official confirmation from Marvel (say… around Comic-Con 2012?), any one of those films (or another unexpected pick) could be fair game for announcement.

For those who don’t know, Black Panther (the alter-ego of T’Challa, prince of the fictional African nation of Wakanda), is a superhero with enhanced strength and agility, who uses his intellect, mysticism, and a variety of technological weapons developed from his country’s primary resource – the metal alloy known as “vibranium” – to fight evil. Basically, he’s like an African version of Batman. The character debuted in 1966 as the first mainstream black superhero, and has been a member of The Avengers since 1968. Many Marvel movie fans have been campaigning for Black Panther to join the Marvel Movie Universe (MMU); we even had him as one of our top picks for characters we want to see in Avengers 2.

This rumor comes as little surprise: A Black Panther project is something that Marvel (and other studios) have been trying to get off the ground for many years. Wesley Snipes was once attached to a Black Panther film Columbia Pictures was developing in the ’90s; more recently, writer Mark Bailey was hired to pen a Black Panther screenplay for Marvel Studios, while  Marvel Animation launched a cartoon version of the character – though that came and went so fast, few people likely know it exists. (You can check out the first episode HERE). In the first season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon – which is a direct echo of the MMU – Black Panther was also a late addition to the team, so clearly, launching the character into the mainstream has been on Marvel’s agenda for some time.

UPDATE: Coming Soon states that their sources inside of Marvel Studios are denying this rumor. Then again, the studio always denies rumors. Marvel denied it when Latino Review revealed the Avengers Thanos news – and we all know how that turned out.

Captain AMerica Black Panther Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

Black Panther vs. Captain America

Black Panther is a character that is beloved with good reason. Simply put: he’s pretty awesome (as African Batman would understandably be). The MMU could also stand to diversify a bit (as it stands, Black Widow is the Avengers entire diversity program, not counting Nick Fury), and the character has many ties to the established Avengers movie universe, as Wakanda gets a quick acknowledgment in Iron Man 2, and Captain America’s shield is constructed from Vibranium – which also happens to be an alien metal. See the picture coming together?

The only question left, is: Who could play the Black Panther at this point? (For the record, guys like Snipes, Djimon Hounsou, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are too old, and Idris Elba is already part of the Thor franchise. So set your nominations accordingly.)

We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not anything truly pans out in regards to this Black Panther movie.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. @Vega & Kees – Guys i think the Comicbook/Superhero film genre has been consistanly strong since ’2000. Since ’2000 we have had 26 CBM/SH films cross 100 million, 13 have topped 200 million, eight 300 miilion and four 400 million and 2 have topped 500 million domestic. And obviously “Iron Man 3″, “Man Of Steel”, “The Wolverine” & “Thor: TDW” will soon add to those totals. It’s definantly no longer of fad, over a decade of consistant hits have now proven that. I’ll say it will be good several years before we any real significant dropoffs if that. If we continnue to get high quality films like we’ve gotten for the most part over the last few years, CBMs will be around longer than many of us might think.

    • @Supes: I agree that CBM’s are doing well right now. There is one variable that you may be missing Supes. When you mention that 26 CBM’s have crossed the 100 million mark it can only be considered a strong movie if the movie does well over budget, i.e. if a movie does 100 million but the budget was 150 million then the producers and Hollywood wouldn’t call that strong. For example the Hulk had a budget of $150 million but Domestically it only did $134 million. Hollywood and the producers wouldn’t call that strong. If it wasn’t for the international money that it made it would have been a bust. Why do you think they are worried about Superman or even the proposed Justice League movie? They know they have a window and if they screw it up, then its becomes like Hulk a big risk to even try again. That is all I am saying.

      Point is, I want to see Black Panther get made now while CBM’s are doing good but to assume CBM’s are always gonna be raking in the dough just because of what happened last year with Avengers and TDKR seems premature since history shows us something different. No offense intended.

      • @Vega – That’s why i mentioned the amount of films that crossed 200,300 million and so on. Hitting 100 million is definantly not enough these days. For instance “Thor” & “Captain America” did 181 & 176 million domestic respectfully at the box office, for the first films in those respective film series i consider that pretty damn good. But now that “The Avengers” has put them on a whole new level, those numbers will not work for these sequels, the stakes are higher now. Even the low 300 million range won’t get it done for “Iron Man 3″, not anymore. The way i see it “Iron Man 3″ has to gross at least 370-380 million domestic and “Thor: TDW” & “Cap: TWS” have to gross a good 240-250 million domestic to show good growth. I don’t expect all films to suddenly take big jumps at the box office because of “The Avengers” & “TDKR”, because that won’t always be the case, but i do expect substanial jumps in “Iron Man 3″, “Thor 2″ & “Cap 2″ box office grosses since their so closely connected to the ‘Avengers’ of course.

        • @ Supes: You are good man, that’s exactly the way to look at the films and their budgets vs the expectations vs what really happens. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

          Then there are odd things that happen, like the shooting at the TDKR midnight movie. How many people who were gonna go didn’t go because of what happened. I have a friend who literally hasn’t been back to the theater since because she had a friend who died in the shooting.

          Or like 42, it was poised to do so well (and it has so far but has dropped from opening weekend by 34%) and then on Jackie Robinson day at the MLB parks across America but the Boston bombing took all the interest away from JR day (the movie opened just two days before the bombing) and it missed any extra PR it could have had because the networks were so attached to the bomb incident which is now gonna be synonymous with JR day. Can’t plan for these type of things. A movie is now no longer important to the casual fan when there now is a tragedy to react to.

          BTW every minority and non-minority needs to go see this film, support this film because it deserves your time and attention. Hopefully you all supported Red Tails and Lincoln. Rant over!

          • Back at you Vega, it’s always cool when people like you, Kees, myself and others on site can voice intelligent posts man. “42″ will be alright in the long run, you have to realize “Oblivion” open this past weekend as well and that took some buisness away from it as well, but “42″ is still on course to reach it’s projected 100 million domestic, and if does’nt by chance reach 100 million it will come awfully damn close, that i’ll assure you. The people behind the Aurora shootings and Boston Bombing are some f…. nut cases, plain and simple. I never would let no punks like that ever stop or deter me from going to the movies, those are cowards and i’ll never give them benifit of allowing myself to act like one, i just won’t man. As sad and tragic as the Aurora shooting was, me and my boys we’re right at the theater friday night to see TDKR. Did the shooting effect people from attending the movie, i think some but not to any devestating effect. People we’re waiting years to see that film, one nutcase going off was’nt going to deter those folks from seeing it, and so many tickets we’re already pre-sold, so even for those who decided not to attend many already purchased tickets.

  2. @Supe, Vega and co,

    There was a tragic death very close to me in my family Monday afternoon besides the sadness, it has placed a huge financial responsibility in my lap, so between that and having to leave for country for a few weeks to take care of that, I have not been able to keep up with BP talks and won’t for some time. Supe and Vega, keep up with the passion. You two are the most consistent.

    Take care.

    • Kees i’m sorry for your tragic lost bro, my heart and my condolences go out to you and your family. I did’nt lose a family member, but i lost a pretty good friend about a month ago myself, it’s still feels wierd that the brother ain’t around. We’ll miss you on this site bro, it won’t be quite the same without you while you’re gone. Have a safe trip, hang in there and keep ya’ head up. Oh and me, ‘Vega’ and company will definantly keep it poppin’ for you, peace.

    • @Kees: Wow, man my condolences to you and your family. If there is anything I can do let me know, for now my family and I will pray for you and your family. You contributions on this board will not be forgotten. I am sure Supes feels the same way.

      Peace be with you friend.

      Vega out!

  3. Michael j white

  4. I want Morris Chestnut to play the Black Panther in the movie and I want action figure toys for the movie.

  5. Marvel Studios could squash all this right now if they announced that Black Panther was going to be the newest member of the Avengers in the upcoming sequel. After four films in five years, it wouldn’t kill me one bit if Tony Stark sat this one out.

    • @xmasevebaby – It would really be nice if Marvel finally stood up at this year’s ‘Comic Con’ perhaps and announced a “Black Panther” film in the in the making and will be in ‘Phase 3′, that’s all i wanna hear. And then ‘BP’ in “Avengers” 2 or 3 would make my damn day. As far as ‘Stark’ sitting for “Avengers 2″ you can forget about that, not going to happen as it should’nt, that cat is too hot, too popular and loved by ‘General Audiences’ too much to be sitting out right now. Plus he’s Marvel’s number one cash cow, sitting him down would be like sitting ‘Michael jordan’ down in the NBA Finals, not gonna happen, haha.

      • That was my problem with both of the last two Iron Man films; everybody’s got a damn suit of armor. It took away from the uniqueness of Tony being Iron Man in the first place.

        I know that Marvel Studios won’t do an Avengers movie without Iron Man, but a sequel with the same moving parts is going to feel stale and rote come the Summer of 2015.

        We’re probably in agreement that Black Panther would be a much needed change to the franchise. His presence alone would sell a ton of movie merchandise for Disney, and it would help to satiate our demands for a film series of his own.

  6. @xmasevebaby – Yes adding ‘Black Panther’ to the ‘Avengers’ line up would be super sweet and a big plus, i could’nt agree with you more. ‘Whedon’ has a far deeper imagination than ‘Black’ does, so i would’nt worry about ‘Iron Man’ in “Avengers 2″, he’ll have something up his sleeve for him i’m sure. But i’ve been saying bring on ‘Black Panther’ for the longest, it’s now his time to shine.

    • Latino Review is breaking news that Black Panther starts filming next year.

      • I saw that, and that Chadwick Boseman is in the runnings. Honestly what would be s wrong with casting an actual African for the role?

        • @Angelique – I’ll have to disagree with you a little there. I don’t think it would be neccessarly wrong, so long as the man in the role can act, has the look and screen presence to pull it off which i think ‘Chadwick Boseman’ has. I just hope for a change the rumors of a “Black Panther” film being made is finally true, i’m tired of fake ass rumors on him and we need this one to be true, lol.

  7. I think Bosewick can act Don’t get me wrong, but I’m really getting tired of Marvel casting actors for one reason and yet still neglecting another. I like Halle Berry and she’s beautiful but she did not carry the role as Storm. Anna Paquinn as rogue, they lost me some where. Don Cheadle as Rhodes…don’t even get me started lol…. Having the acting abilities is the main component but it’s still one of many. For T;challa they’re going to have to nail it on the head in all departments. If they’re going to have Chris Hemmsworth, Chris Evans, and Downey Jr who look like they walked off the comic book pages and onto the screen and who all owned their roles, I’m going to be highly upset if they just cast any actor on sole purpose of acting ability and disregarding the look and presence of the actor. Bosewick is great and he’s a good-looking guy, but he has one of those eternally youthful faces. He would be great in an Origin movie but I don’t see him as a well established T’challa. Frankly I like this fancasting here as well (Most of it):

    For me Chiwetel Ejiofor is my number #2 (Y’all know Hounsou is my # 1).

    • Angelique – I get what you saying, some of the casting choices Marvel has made over the last decade or have not always been great. At the time Marvel first cast ‘Halle Berry’ as ‘Storm’ it’s obvious ‘Angela Bassett’ or ‘Vivica Fox’ would have fitted the role much better. But they’ve still hit more than they’ve missed with their overall choices and since they’ve started Marvel Studios in 2008 they have been even better with their casting choices. I think Marvel is going for a more younger version of ‘T’Calla’ which would fit ‘Boseman’ better to me. Now ‘Boseman’ is indeed one of my choice for the role, but he’s not the only one, i’ve stated that a quite a few times in the past. ‘Chiwetel Ejiofor’ is another choice as well as ‘Gbenga Akinnabe’, ‘David Oyelowo’ & ‘Aldis Hodge’, any of those four cats along with ‘Boseman’ will do. If this rumor is indeed true and marvel decides to go with ‘Boseman’, i don’t think you’ll be disapointed by the end result ‘Angelique’. ‘Djimon Hounsou’ for ‘T’Chaka’ all the baby, haha. Like i was saying, let’s just hope this ‘Black Panther’ rumor is finanlly one that sticks and turns out to be true, i’m not going to get excited over this until it’s becomes an actual confirmed truth.

      • I don’t know I’m very picky when It come to my comic book movie actors. I could tolerate Cheadle in Ironman this time around but still he was the wrong casting choice in the first place. I’d be more happy if they cast Hounsou for the Role as T’challa but as long as he’s some form of the Black panther I think I will manage a smile…maybe, lol. Either way there are more choices out there than ever before. They’d have to be doing it on purpose if the made the wrong one. They can hit the nail on the head with this one, they don’t have to settle.

        • Angelique ‘Hounsou’ is an excellent actor and i would love to see him in a “Black Panther” film, but not as ‘T’Challa’, he’s just too old for that role, but certainly not too old for the role of ‘T’Chaka’, which i would love to see. The reason i say that is because i know Marvel is going for a fairly young ‘T’Challa, but we’ll see how everything plays out. I’ll be pissed if this is another rumor about “BP”that turns out to not be true.

          • If you don’t mind me asking, when did Marvel say they were going for a young T’challa? If they’re doing an origin film or a flash back to Panther’s youth, then I could see that. If they are trying to add him to the Avengers I don’t see how a young barely 20 year old T’challa would work. Especially since T’chaka knew Captain America during the Nazi Regime. T’chaka was fully grown could not have been less than 25-30 years old when he met Steve Rogers. Now if T’chaka is no less than 25-30 years old in the 1940′s he would have had to have T’chaka before the 1980′s, because T’chaka died probably before his 60′s. If T’challa is going to represented in the modern day and hopefully possibly be introduced into the Avengers, a 20 year T’challa would not work because it would mess up the time line. Now Marvel is known for deviating from comic book accuracy, but If T’challa has anything to do with Steve Rogers in the Present day after being unfrozen, they’re going to have to make the age accurate. If not they’ll have to change some story backgrounds.

            • I don’t think Marvel is going early 20′s, most likely 25-30 if i we’re to guess. Yes i’m making an assumption and i could be wrong, guess i’m going with a gut feeling more than anything. To me 25-30 seems like the most logical choice, young but not too young, and at the same time not too old. But as you’ve mentioned, they have some interesting roads they can go down. Agelique i don’t even want to talk about it too much, i feel like i might jinx it and we’ll still be left asking where the hell is ‘Black Panther’, haha. But if Marvel is truly ready to do “BP” like i hope they are, they can really break new ground by introducing this fantastic character. Adding ‘Black Panther’ to the big screen, as well as ‘Luke Cage’ hopefully down the line is the only thing keeping Marvel from being flawless in my opinion.

            • @Angelique: Wow! You have a serious crush on Djimon. I think you would be correct in wanting Djimon as BP if this was 10 to 12 years ago but TODAY this is a no go. Why? You don’t build franchises around 50 year old actors! Especially for roles that are extremely physical. RDJ is the exception NOT the rule.

              You have to think Sequel and possibly a trilogy. That will take about 8 to 10 years to complete. If you want a solo stand alone BP film then MAYBE and that is a strong MAYBE Djimon would work but I personally don’t want just one film. This character is rich enough in story and in likability to have more than one film.

              Regarding Marvel Movies vs Marvel ComicS, We already have an age discrepancy thing with Steve Rogers and Nick Fury, and nobody seems to be worried about it at Marvel or in the audience. I wouldn’t worry about the ‘age’ timeline in the comics as it compares to the cinematic universe. Most people seeing a BP film wouldn’t know the difference or really care if the script is solid.

              In defense of Mr. Bosewick, he is up and coming just like Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, you may not want to count out the talent of Bosewick as he could be the next Denzel and this role could skyrocket him like the role of Malcolm X did for Denzel. I also like Hodge, Oyelowo, and Eljifor. If you have seen the movie 42 then you know why Chadwick belongs in the conversation when talking about BP. It is hard enough as it is for minority actors to get big films so why keep running back to the same three black action film stars? There is a girth of black talent out there just waiting for the same shot that Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth got. And I don’t believe none of them will let us down! They know how hard it is to get a franchise. I say get younger before you go older and then bring the older in like Eddie Murphy did in Coming to America by casting James Earl Jones as his father.

              • Vega what’s happening my man, good to hear from you bro. You know we see a lot this the same way man, and i’f Marvel decides they want to go with ‘Chadwick Boseman’ it would be a very wise move in my opinion. And yes you can’t start a franchise like this with a 50 year old as the lead hero, that’s not going to happen anyway. If this we’re 10-15 years ago years ago ‘Djimon’ would be the slam dunk choice like you said, however if Marvel is smart they’ll choose him for the role of ‘T’Chaka.

                • @Super70: What up Supes? I see you are holding it down in here. I am with you man, I hope they drop this rumor stuff and put something in ink saying we got a movie for BP.

                  • Vega i’m just doing the same thing you always do my friend, trying to keep it fun, fresh and poppin’, lol. Obviously we’ve been talking religiously about this topic on this site since last year, damn how time flies, haha. Now let’s hope we all can start talking about an official confirmation on BLACK PANTHER soon so we can really truly start having some fun here. I’m thinking maybe we get official word on this by Marvel during ‘Comic Con’ in June if not sooner, we can all hope right, haha.

                    • @Super70: That would be nice if they said something about BP at the San Diego Comic Con this year. Our Comic Con is next week here in Dallas. Its alright but one day I want to make the trip to San Diego. Then perhaps hit NY an Chicago.

                      MAKE THE MOVIE MARVEL!

  8. With the recent news that Howard Stark is making an appearance in The Winter Soldier, combined with the recent Black Panther rumblings, I’m hoping that maybe Chadwick Boseman does a cameo as T’Challa’s grandfather in some sort of WWII flashback that features the classic first fight between Cap and BP.

    To me, it makes more sense to have the actor that played Jackie Robinson remain in that decade as the 1940′s era Black Panther.

    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Marvel reaches out to Denzel to portray T’Chaka and Nate Parker to own it as T’Challa.

    • @xmasevebaby – I’m good with ‘Chadwick Boseman’ if Marvel decides to go with him as ‘T’Challa’, that cat has always been one of my top choices to play BLACK PANTHER anyway. And with a great performance in the movie “42″, this is that dude’s true breakout and maybe Marvel senses that and wants him for the role.

    • @xmasevebaby: That’s an interesting take on BP and how to utilize Boseman.

      I have to say that it is flawed in the sense that you wouldn’t use a heavy hitter like Boseman to play such a tiny role where he is killed off. That would be a waste of up and coming talent that could serve your story line better if he was kept alive and in a different role. From a writers point of view of course.

      Also, I like Denzel as much as the next guy for what he represents to film making however Denzel doesn’t have the following that people think he has, people love him true, but while his movies are good few of them are blockbusters. Look it up. He’s great and I own alot of his movies, I am not so sure he would put as many butts in seats as one could imagine.

      In my opinion, it should be Djimon as T’Chaka and either Boseman, Hodge, Oyelowo, or Eljifor as T’Challa. It all depends on how those four guys screen test for T’Challa and the money and so on. One thing is foundational, Djimon as T’Chaka and you cast down from there IMHO.

    • @xmasevebaby – I have to agree with ‘Vega’ here my friend, using ‘Chadwick Boseman’ only in flashbacks in the “Cap” sequel would be wasing his talents. If Marvel is truly planning on using ‘Chadwick Boseman’ i expect them to cast him as T’Challa.

  9. Viewing someone with a high regard does not mean a “crush”. There are people here rooting for Michael Jai White just as much as I am rooting for Hounsou, do they too have a “crush”? I admire Hounsou for his talent and skill and I am very inspired by him. I am a thespian and he to me is one of the greats. I have always viewed him as the panther for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been a Marvel fan for a very long time. Everyone here is stating their opinion I’m just stating mine. My number one choice for Black Panther is Djimon Hounsou, always has been and always will be whether or not he is cast. Also I am no stranger to the difficulty of landing roles as a minority. I studied theatre for 6 years and I’ve seen and personally experienced that difficulty. That being said, I am not against anyone else playing T’challa however it’s still shame that such an opportunity has been possibly missed by this great actor. I would be as if they missed the opportunity to have Patrick Stewart as Professor Xavier or Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Yes there would have been another actor for these roles but it would not have been one of “these” actors. I’m not saying that another actor would not perform fantastically, but Hounsou would have owned this role without a shadow of a doubt. If Djimon is not T’challa, alright, it’s unfortunate but it’s alright. But Marvel cannot simply give this role away based on one thing. Like I said having acting abilities is one of the main components in fulfilling a role, but it’s one of many, and Marvel needs to hit every component on the head with Black Panther. I would hate to see Marvel give away this part based one reason and not all of them. Now as for the aging timeline I believe that this will be a bit more for important for Panther than it is to Nick Fury. If they do show a Connection between Steve Rogers and T’chaka (Other than Roger’s Vibranium shield) then the timeline will have to be correct. Because how could a young 20 year old T’challa exist in the present day with the Avengers with father who was an adult in the 1940′s and died probably before he was 50? To me T’challa would have to be atleast in his early 30′s for the timeline to make sense. Otherwise they will have to omit alot of key factors, which Marvel is no stranger to doing.

    • @Angelique: Keep calm. The ‘crush’ thing was a joke. Lighten up a little, it’s not personal. And yes I would say that MJW fans have a ‘crush’on him to be fair. When you argue that ONLY one person is perfect for that role then yes, that is evidence of some sort of ‘crush’ on an actor. Relax.

      Its obvious that you love Djimon for this role, we get it. We know that you are ‘just stating your opinion’, so are we. That’s what we are here for. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it can’t be challenged especially if it breaks from conventional thought on the topic at hand.

      To your opinion that Marvel would be ‘giving this role away because of one thing’ is inaccurate. Boseman possesses at least three things, skill, presence, and age. Again, the man played JACKIE FREAKING ROBINSON! You talk about a role that could have ruined his career if he performed badly at it BUT he nailed it! Jackie Robinson is a much larger ICON in life than BP and he owned that role! Go see the movie and you will see what we see. It is your opinion that he looks baby-faced, and that is fine for you to think that, I just don’t think its a common opinion or damaging enough to keep him out of the role of T’Challa.

      Finally, regarding the age timeline. No one knows exactly how old T’Chaka was when he died. And it doesn’t really matter as it more than likely will be shown in a flash back. Truth is, the general public and comic book fans who don’t read BP will not be worried about T’Challa’s age. They only care for a good plot with lots of action and some humor. That’s it. Avengers had a lot of inconsistencies in it but that didn’t cause the movie to break down. People went to see it because of its stars. And I would add that right now, Chadwick is a guy (after 42) who is a rising star, unfortunately for Djimon he is on the backside of his career. Besides in his best movies he was always the supporting character ie Blood Diamond, Amistad etc. These are the facts. Djimon is T’Chaka, not T’Challa.

      And BTW T’Chaka was a Black Panther too so what’s wrong with that!? He is the one who beat down Cap. And the flashback can show that. Why wouldn’t Djimon look badass beating down Cap!?

  10. Michael Kai white with African accent

  11. Vega hopefully that’s excatly what Marvel will do, make us all some happy campers man. You gotta let me know how your Comic Con goes in Dallas, you’re lucky bro. Man i’m pissed that they moved Wondercon from SF to Anahiem, those chumps just absolutely screwed us folks in NoCal. We need Wondercom back up here where it started and wehre it belong. “IM3″ is killing it at the box office and Marvel is certainly at the top of their game right now, add BLACK PANTHER to the mix and i’ll be completely satisfied, though i would also love to see LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST & NAMOR hit the big screen as well. Man on the box office weekly report on this site their talking about “IM3′s” numbers, but some guy said he thinks MOS will make more money and make as much as THE AVENGERS, which made me bust out laughing. I think dude’s been poppin’ too many pills with his alchohol or something, haha.

  12. This would be a good cast.

    Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther
    Djimon Hounsou as T’Chaka
    Supporting cast consisting of Westly Snipes, Denzel Washington, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz as Klaw.

    • @Bob – I could not agree with you more, with a cast like that Marvel would absolutely on it. That would be an absolutely flawless cast, no doubt about that.

  13. Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther
    Djimon Hounsou as T’Chaka
    Supporting cast consisting of Westly Snipes, Denzel Washington, Kerry Washington, and Christoph Waltz as Klaw.

  14. Snipes should play T’Chaka, the aging Black Panther. Idris Elba (still), Michael Jai White or Mykel Shannon Jenkins should be considered.

    • @Blackleopard: I think those choices are once again too old for the YOUNG Wakandan Prince.

      So you are saying you want 50 yr old Wesley to play dad (T’Chaka) to 40 yr old Idris Elba (who is already Heimdall) or 45 yr old Micheal Jai White or 43 yr old Mykel Shannon Jenkins.
      If Wesley plays T’Chaka then his son (T’Challa) would need to be dark skinned as well. That would be Chadwick Boseman or David Oyelowo or Aldis Hodge.

      For my money Djimon Hounsou would best be the best T’Chaka. For T’Challa I would go with Boseman, Oyelowo, Hodge.

      • @Vegabomber – Spoken with words of wisdom as usual my man. The 3 dudes you mentioned along with ‘Gbenga Akinnagbe’ & ‘Chiwetel Ejiofor’ are the best choices for ‘T’Challa period man. And yes absolutely no actor alive might be a better choice for the role of ‘T’Chaka than ‘Djimon Hounsou’, a role he is destined to have in my opinion.

        • Supes!!! What up main?! You know who T’Chaka is and you know which guys can play BP.

          The Dallas Comic Con was awesome, I will have to post some pics on facebook or something.

  15. We both do my friend. I’m glad you enjoyed the Dallas Comic Con, i can’t wait to see the pics on Facebook. Let me know when you post pics Vega, i’ll have to shoot a Facebook friend request out to you bro.

    • @Supes: Will do my friend. Will do.

  16. I want Black Panther to have his own movie and action figure toys for the movie in 2014.

  17. Michael Jai White ( spawn) would be the perfect Black Panther

  18. Michael Jai White, the actor who played Spawn) would be the perfect Black Panther

  19. Michael Jai White, the actor who played Spawn, would be the perfect Black Panther

    • Michael Jai White is cool and all, but for this role there’s just better actors out there in my honest opinion, besides he’s well into his 40′s now and too old for the role of ‘T’Challa.

  20. I nominate myself for the role of T’Chala. I have been wanting his story to be told for a long time and it seems like it has finally come to pass. Check out my website and let me know if you think I would fit the role. I WILL BE THE BLACK PANTHER..

  21. They should cast Michael jai white for black panther. Hes an ass kicker for sure

  22. They should cast Michael jai white for black panther. Hes an a*s kicker for sure

  23. I think Micheal j. White would be great with his martial arts back ground or the Guy from Friday night lights who was boobies miles or the young man who Ernie Davis in the Express. Or maybe you can find somebody unknown so you can be reason for making him big I just would like to see a black panther movie so my son could see there are black super heros too.

  24. I think Micheal j. White would be great with his martial arts back ground or the Guy from Friday night lights who was boobies miles or the young man who Ernie Davis in the Express or maybe you can find somebody unknown so you can be reason for making him big I just would like to see a black panther movie so my son could see there are black super heros too.

    • To all Micheal J White fans:

      You do realize the role of BP is not just fighting. MJW may be a skilled fighter but can he play a scholarly physicist and regal heir to a throne? MJW is NOT a great actor. In my opinion he doesn’t not possess this kind of acting range. He is also too old for this role as been said numerous times on this site by even casual observers.

      Derek Luke from Friday Night Lights was already in Captain America as Gabe of the Howling Commandos.

      AGAIN, the actors that represent a gold mine of talent and have skyrocketing careers are the following:

      Chad Boswick (42) If you haven’t seen this movie then you are hurting yourself
      David Oyelowo (Red Tails,Lincoln,Jack Reacher, Planet of the Apes)
      Aldis Hodge (TV’s Leverage)
      Chitwetel Ejiofor (firefly, Redbelt)

      Look it up and see if you don’t find these gentlemen impressive.

  25. I’ve been lurking on this board for over a year now but I’ve never really posted anything before but I think I’m going to say something now. I’m so excited for this Movie as is everyone else. Everyone here has a right to voice their opinion for this role. However I’ve noticed something in the time that I’ve been here that some users have a tendency to shoot others down if their opinion doesn’t coincide with their own. I like Michael Jai myself, Always been a fan, do I see him as the panther? Not really but I’m not going to tell someone to stop having an opinion and accept mine as their own. We’re all fans here we’re all have been rooting for this film for years and I hope whoever they choose possesses the acting ability and physical skill to carry this role. None of us work for Marvel so I see no reason to shoot down others as if as to say “No you’re wrong, this is what’s right, so accept it”. Statements like that are better directed at Marvel not at other fans. Vegabomber I am not pointing you out specifically it’s something I’ve seen for a while on this board. I do feel that last post was bit abrasive to the Michael Jai fans who only wish to see their favorite actor in a role we’re all waiting for. I’m probably not going to post back here again but I really felt the need to say that. For all we know None of our favorite actors will get chosen, or worse they put this on the self for another 10 years and everyone ages out of the role and the fans are all close or in our 40′s :/

    • @David Quinn and the possibly offended:

      David, yes you,(no passive aggressiveness here) I agree with you that we all have a right to an opinion. I agree with you that we are all excited about this movie. Where we depart is here, I have a right to have an opinion about your opinion. You have an opinion about my opinion and that should be okay. Its called dialogue, debate, discourse whatever and that should be fine.

      I think, with all due respect, that you are reading something into my post. In fact you called it ‘abrasive’. It was straight-forward to be sure but ‘abrasive’??? Are we sensitive today? You choose to feel how you feel, that has nothing to do with me.

      First, because I have explained why a particular choice MAY not make alot of sense given the current way Marvel is doing things doesn’t mean I want people to stop having an opinion or that they have to agree with my opinion. That is a gross knee jerk reaction. There are good opinions and there are bad ones just like cops, salesmen, cars, banks, etc.

      Second, you assume that I don’t like Micheal Jai White, I like him but NOT for this role and I have stated the obvious reasons.

      Third, I did not tell anyone to just ‘accept’ my opinion, I believe I told people to look it up, basically do their own research on other possible candidates than Michael Jai White. Perhaps he is not the end all be all when it comes to portraying the BP. That is all I am saying.

      Four, The actors I mentioned are not based on just my likes, its a combination of likes of several other usual posters. I first liked David O but a case could be made for all the other guys I listed.

      Fifth, I agree none of us work for Marvel HOWEVER we can see certain patterns when it comes to how they cast and going younger and unknown seems to be there MO. RDJ is the lone exception but you can’t compare RDJ to MJW in terms of acting ability or popularity.

      That’s it. No fuss no Muss. Its really not personal!

    • @Davie Quinn – Welcome to Screenrant bro. Come back and comment as many times as you like man, all comments are welcomed here. We all give our damn opinions here as you can see lol, but it’s all in fun. And let’s hope you’re not right about Marvel putting BP on the shelf for another 10 years, it would be a real shame and a huge mistake for Marvel to allow a great character like this to continue to be put on the backburner.

    • If they put it on the back burner I will go on an actual rampage, probably see me o the 6′o clock news somewhere lol. But Davie, it aint nothing but a chicken wing. For me personally gonna root for Djimon Housnsou even after the film is done lol. Man I just want to see a damn screen test with this man as T’challa. Give a sister something! If they go with Chitwetel Ejiofor, I think I will be happ-…”satisfied” with him taking the lead. But they need to frickin’ screen test with Hounsou, come on! Reminds me a funny story recently. Haha my friend looked at me like I was insane the other day (side note, don’t discuss nerdy thing with other females who aren’t nerds, I learned my lesson) I don’t even know how we got on the subject but the next thing I know I’m pointing at a picture of Hounsou trying to explain what vibranium is, and then found myself shouting “Give us, us Free” in frustration. XD Yeah I’m going to have to stick with my male hallmates at my old dorm if i want to vent in person about this movie. Either way, MARVEL GWAN MAKE THE DANG film!!!

  26. Hey guys, we all have had our opinions on who we think should get the role of T’Challa, lord knows I’ve stated mine, haha. The guessing games, the anticipation and the choices are all part of the fun. I too like ‘Michael J. White’, just not in the role of ‘Black Panther’ necessarily, but I won’t knock others because that’s who they would like to see. If Marvel is going fairly young with the role of BLACK PANTHER like I’ve been hearing, than obviously bringing up ‘Michael J. White’ than becomes a dead issue. But it’s always fun to guess and debate over it, we’ll see how it turns out. With ‘Joss Whedon’ officially making Scarlet Witch’ & ‘Quicksilver’s’ additions official, I just hope he doesn’t leave BP out of “Avengers 2″, than I would be really pissed with dude and start to think Marvel really is on some racist s***. ‘Vega’ my man what’s happening, I see you’re holding down the fort with logic as usual.

    • Super70! My man! My brotha! Glad to see you setting the record straight as you usually do. It amazing how easy it is for some people to get so butt-hurt. I got bigger things to worry about than if somebody firmly disagrees with me.

      You getting ready for MOS? I am geeked! I am pretty sure it will be much better than IM3. I believe IM3 is going to make more money BUT MOS will be the better story and movie. I am planning on seeing it at least 5 times if it is worthy.

      I will be posting my Comic Con pics soon and I will send you a link to my fb page.

      • Vega that’s how we do it bro. I’m excited as hell to see MOS and i agree with you that it will probably be a better film than “IM3″, but won’t make as much money. “IM3″ is just smoking at the box office, i don’t think no film this year is going to make that much money, it’s riding that “Avengers” wave and that’s just too much money for any film to keep up with this year. I thought “IM3″ was pretty good, but it wasn’t great like “The Avengers” was last year, ‘Shane Black’ absolutely screwed us on the ‘Mandarin’, who should have been a badass on the big screen.

      • Oh and thanks for the link to your FB page Vega, i’ll be waiting for it. Much appreciated my friend.

  27. all i have to say is if chris evans can go from playing johnny storm to playing captain american than idris elba can go from playing heimdall to playing t’chala

    • @ Mix: I see what you are saying however this situation would be different. If Black Panther ends up being in Avengers 2 or 3 and the Avengers have to go to Asgard to help Thor then you would have a problem. Moreover, their are plenty of capable black actors out their hitting their stride in Hollywood that we don’t necessarily have to be incestuous about it with actors already in the Marvel universe.


  28. Joss Whedon complained about not enough female superhero characters in movies, still alot more than Black but he didn’t mention that

    • @Darren – Yeah, I’ve never heard him mention ‘Black Panther’ yet, and the stupid people who interview him never seem to bring him up to ‘Whedon’, can we please get some interviewers who have some knowledge of what’s going on with comic characters please. I sure hope ‘Screenrant’ has an upcoming interview with ‘Whedon’, because i’m sure this site would be smart enough to bring up ‘Black Panther’ and his possible involvement in these Marvel films.

  29. How about David Oyelowo? And Hollywood please do me a favor don’t cast someone who is NOT African the one thing I can’t do is sit and listen to a wannabe fake African accent for 2 hours….can you say coming to america

    • *applause* Thank you. Even if they don’t have a natural accent I do feel they need to look at African actors for this role. Having the right look is very important to the role. Can you imagine if they would have made this film with Djimon Hounsou 5 years ago? Good Lawd! (Shine bright like a Djimon!) I’m still not ruling my man out. However Chitwetel Ejiofor is my next best choice for the role if not him.

      • @ Lisa and Angelique: I agree, the film would be better served if we could get a native African to play the part, if not, I wouldn’t mind Chadwick Boseman,or Aldis Hodge who would have to learn the ‘native’ accent which is all part of acting.