Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

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Marvel Black Panther Movie Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

[Update: There are conflicting reports as to the status of Black Panther.  Scroll down for details.]

Comic book movie rumors are coming hard and fast in the summer 2012 season, and all of them are exciting. There has already been much speculation about plot points of both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 - what villains will be featured, how they will build towards Avengers 2, etc. – and now we have yet another Marvel movie rumor that is sure to titillate fans:

Word is, one of the yet-unannounced films that Marvel Studios has planned (likely for 2014) is the long-rumored Black Panther movie. Scroll down for details.

Our friends over at Latino Review are continuing to drop exclusives like they’re going out of style, and the latest comes from a handful of their “trusted sources” who all claim that Black Panther is on the way. Also rumored for a 2014 debut have been the long-in-development Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright, and a Doctor Strange movie. Until we hear official confirmation from Marvel (say… around Comic-Con 2012?), any one of those films (or another unexpected pick) could be fair game for announcement.

For those who don’t know, Black Panther (the alter-ego of T’Challa, prince of the fictional African nation of Wakanda), is a superhero with enhanced strength and agility, who uses his intellect, mysticism, and a variety of technological weapons developed from his country’s primary resource – the metal alloy known as “vibranium” – to fight evil. Basically, he’s like an African version of Batman. The character debuted in 1966 as the first mainstream black superhero, and has been a member of The Avengers since 1968. Many Marvel movie fans have been campaigning for Black Panther to join the Marvel Movie Universe (MMU); we even had him as one of our top picks for characters we want to see in Avengers 2.

This rumor comes as little surprise: A Black Panther project is something that Marvel (and other studios) have been trying to get off the ground for many years. Wesley Snipes was once attached to a Black Panther film Columbia Pictures was developing in the ’90s; more recently, writer Mark Bailey was hired to pen a Black Panther screenplay for Marvel Studios, while  Marvel Animation launched a cartoon version of the character – though that came and went so fast, few people likely know it exists. (You can check out the first episode HERE). In the first season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon – which is a direct echo of the MMU – Black Panther was also a late addition to the team, so clearly, launching the character into the mainstream has been on Marvel’s agenda for some time.

UPDATE: Coming Soon states that their sources inside of Marvel Studios are denying this rumor. Then again, the studio always denies rumors. Marvel denied it when Latino Review revealed the Avengers Thanos news – and we all know how that turned out.

Captain AMerica Black Panther Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

Black Panther vs. Captain America

Black Panther is a character that is beloved with good reason. Simply put: he’s pretty awesome (as African Batman would understandably be). The MMU could also stand to diversify a bit (as it stands, Black Widow is the Avengers entire diversity program, not counting Nick Fury), and the character has many ties to the established Avengers movie universe, as Wakanda gets a quick acknowledgment in Iron Man 2, and Captain America’s shield is constructed from Vibranium – which also happens to be an alien metal. See the picture coming together?

The only question left, is: Who could play the Black Panther at this point? (For the record, guys like Snipes, Djimon Hounsou, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are too old, and Idris Elba is already part of the Thor franchise. So set your nominations accordingly.)

We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not anything truly pans out in regards to this Black Panther movie.

Source: Latino Review

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    • Sorry to steel your glory but check your date the batwing vol 1 started then check and see when black panther started.

      • *steal

      • Oh, I know Black Panther has been around way longer than Batwing. Obviously.

  1. Is Chiwetel Ejiofor really too old to play him? He looked really young in “American Gangster”. Idris Elba looks about the same age if not older than him. I don’t know anything about Black Panther. What age actor would be best suited?

    • I’m thinking 25-30 if you want try to start a franchise

    • He’s 35, not TOO old I would think. But then again, it depends what Marvel’s plans are. If they want a BP movie to lead into Avengers 2, it shouldn’t be a problem. If they want this to be a stand alone trilogy over the next 10 years, I can see the problem. I think Chiwetel Ejiofor is a very underrated actor that would be an excellent choice.

  2. This should be interesting…

  3. Djimon Hounsou should just be handed the part. But because of his age i have a feeling it’d go to Idris Elba. But im ok with that too.

  4. Djimon Hounsou is not to old to be Black Panther. Hounsou as Panther all the way.

    • Also all who say Elba, he cant be two characters in the Marvel Universe so please dont make a fool of your self.

      • chris evans was the torch in fantastic four, and captain america. your point?

        • Fantastic Four was under Fox, Captain America under Marvel/Disney. Thats my point. He cant be two characters in the same film universe.

          • @Epsilon Fantastic four is getting a reboot anyway so that will fix the human torch/Cap problem

            • Its not a problem tho because it is two different film universes. Fox’s F4 is never going to meet up with Marvel/Disney’s Captain America.

              But Marvel/Disney’s Black Panther could possibly meet up with Marvel/Disney’s Heimdell and that wont work with Elba playing both characters.

        • The Fantastic Four movies are under Fox and Captain America/ Avengers is under Disney.

          If there is to be another Fanastic Four movie it will be a reboot and sport a different cast. Chris Evans will not be returning as the Human Torch.

          On the other hand Chris Evans has a multi-film deal with Marvel as Captain America and he will play the Cap’s role for a while.

          Elba is in Thor and will be returning in Thor 2 as well. How can he play the Black Panther in the same cinematic universe?

          Just think about it.

          • Thank you Idli Beer, for helping me prove my point.

            • My bad! I was addressing that Nick guy.

              • Its ok, I was thanking you after having these guys comment on here.

      • Um, I think Chris Evans would like a word with you. He’s Human Torch AND Captain America.

        • Hey news flash, even though he is ITS IN TWO DIFFERENT FILM UNIVERSES. Thats alright for him to be two characters because its two separate universes. But since this is in the Marvel/Disney film universe, none of the actors who have a part can be another character in the same universe.

          • People are more likely to notice Johny Storm looks like Captain American than they are to notice Hiemdal looking like Black Panther. I don’t see a problem. He wouldn’t be my first choice only because he’s a bit older.

            • Nothing to say BP can’t be older as long as the actor can sell it.

              • But the thing is, Evan’s Torch and Cap will never meet because they are in separate movie universes. If Elba was to be Black Panther there is a possibility that he will meet up with Elba’s Heimdell. Thats like casting Robert Downing Jr as Doctor Strange to go along with Iron Man. It wont work.

                • I’m more distraught that we’ll never see a Punisher versus Falstaff movie.

                  Most people don’t know all these different companies much less what studios own what rights. Heimdall looks different enough IF (that’s a big “if”) he ever meets up with BP. Audiences won’t revolt if he’s recast also. It’s a non-issue for me, and I doubt it would be for most people.

                  If you don’t want the actor because he’s too old, that’s legitimate opinion.

                  • Well its not just because he is Heimdell with me, even tho that is a major part of it. Its casting a guy who isnt right, like how most people dont like James Bond being casted with an American guy or something, Black Panther should have an African actor to play him not just a black guy. It just wouldnt be right in my opinion.

                    I dont think the age thing matters because Robert Downing Jr is in his 40s, so Hounsou would be alright. Just dont cast somebody thats already playing a part in the universe and dont cast someone just because they are white or black or asian or whatever. Cast a person who can actually fit the role.

                    • Indris is English. Obviously he’s of African descent.
                      But he’s really not my choice even though I think he’s a good actor. I’m just “debunking” the Heimdall reasoning.

                      I would pick Chiwetel Ejiofor. To me, he looks like T’Challa (from the earlier comics at least), he’s a good actor, and he’s young enough for at least a few movies or more. Plus, he’s worked with Joss Whedon.

    • Hansou not too old if it’s going to be a stand alone film, but I think he’s too old if your going to try to blend him into the Avengers.

      • I disagree.

        • And with all due respect, I disagree with you.
          In the comics, T’Challa (the young prince of Wakanda) was in his early twenties when his father was killed and he had to take over the throne.
          Djimon Hounsou is a great actor and he would have been perfect, but he IS a little too old to play the T’Challa IMO.

          I think he’d be perfect as T’Chaka (the original Black Panther and father of T’Challa) though.

          • If Hounsou cant be T’Challa then T’Chaka would be great too. He has to have a role on here.

  5. OH MY GOSH! STOKED BEYOND ALL REASON! I honestly don’t think that Either of the last two (Adewale or Chiwetel) are too old. Maybe we could see a passing of the mantle sort of thing, with Hounsou as the father and a younger actor playing the son and future King of Wakanda? Not sure who else could play him though. I think Tchalla should be played as wise. so an older actor might not be completely out of the question.

  6. I guarantee that he will make a cameo in Captain America 2, either at the end or part of the storyline about the shield or even watever villain cap is dealing with. I just hope to God that they get rid of his suit from the Avengers & chris evans portrays him better cuz i felt he was the weakest link in the avengers & i am a huge huge cap fan!

    A few other sites are saying Aldis Hodge would be good casting, marvel aren’t afraid to cast unknowns & launching them into stars – chris hemsworth!

  7. Aldis Hodge is a good one..I still think Anthony Mackie would be best choice, but dang Hodge has the look too


    • Not for Panther, for Luke Cage.

      • Definitely!

    • Spawn?

    • See I think he should be the Black green lantern. He fits the character so well.

    • Not for a YOUNG T’Calla Black Panther.

      Why do people not understand that this role has to go to a young black actor? White is in his mid 40′s which makes no sense.


    • Thank you! Michael Jai White all the way!!!

      • yes! He would be perfect for the role! :D

    • no, just no.

    • I like MJW but not for Panther. BP should be sleek, like a cat, more like what Taimak (Last Dragon) used to look like. MJW is the perfect Luke Cage.

  10. FINALLY!! Hopefully, Marvel Studios will give Nate Parker the opportunity to portray T’Challa, because he will absolutely own this role. Also, they should surround this up-and-coming young actor with A-list talent like DENZEL WASHINGTON as T’Chaka, WESLEY SNIPES as Uncle T’Shan, and VIOLA DAVIS as Queen Mother.

    With the success of The Avengers, Marvel wouldn’t have any problem assembling a supporting cast of Oscar nominated actors like Jennifer Hudson, Laurence Fishburne, and Forest Whitaker in various roles and/or cameos.

    All I ask is that Marvel gets this one right.

    • it would be great to have all those amazing actors in a Marvel movie! I hope they do something like this, just like you said, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to assemble a cast like that! :D

  11. Never looked at him as the African Batman, great comparison.

  12. Considering Dr. Banner was found hiding in Kolkat, India I’m sure they can work that into some sort of tie in.

    • How?

  13. YES! YES! YES!!! I so want this to happen!! He would make a kick-a** movie and a great addition to the Avengers!! Marvel make this happen please!! :-)

  14. What about will smith? Sure he’s expensive but with all of the money the avengers made in sure marvel could pull it off. He would be an audience pull and only benefit profits for his face value. Plus he’s a great actor

    • NO. JUst no.

      • Why not?

        • No, he isn’t right for the role at all.

          • I don’t disagree, but is it for any other reason than he is too old? He is obviously a good actor.

            • too skinny and does he really do ensemble pieces? Because you know he’d have to join an Avengers movie.

              • I think any actor would be willing to do an ensemble piece if it were the avengers. Its something that now seems like to be the thing you want to be apart of. Everyone knows that the sequel will crush the first ones record of opening weekend

                • Because as far as I know, and The Avenger should be able to help out with this, I don’t think “hip-hop” would be the dialect of choice for an African prince.

        • He doesn’t look like T’Challa, I doubt he’d be able to pull off the accent and his overall personality (which is seen in most of his films) doesn’t fit that of T’Challa’s either IMO

          • You beat me to it. I should have read down ONE more post before I posted this
            “Because as far as I know, and The Avenger should be able to help out with this, I don’t think “hip-hop” would be the dialect of choice for an African prince.”

  15. My vote is for Dayo Okeniyi for Black Panther, simply because I can totally picture it in my head, but the question is: can he act??

  16. I hope they get this right. Such a great backstory. I think Chiwetal Ejifore, Laz Alonzo, Omari Hardwick ,Gaius Charles, Nate Parker &, Boris Kodjo should be considered. Or at least cast in supporting roles.

  17. I never understood the Batman comparisons.

    Is Batman a King of the most technological advanced country in the MU? Is Batman super human? Is Batman attached to Gods and other mysticism?


    BP is my favorite hero of them all… this is exciting as heck!

    • Wayne is basically the king of Gotham. Africa favors mysticism, America favors technology. Analogically they’re accurate. They use their resources to become a symbol of one of the most feared animals of their area – be it a city or a kingdom – and fight evil. Resources being technology, wealth, or mysticism/psychological warfare. With Batman and Black Panther, all of those start to blend together, creating the “superhero” that they are.

  18. It should be portrayed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

    • No.

      • I think a more forceful negative is needed here. HELL NO!! :-D

    • I like the Rock as an entertainer, but he’s all wrong for this role. He’s an easy, lazy choice (like Will Smith), but I wouldn’t want to see either of them as BP.

      They can always go for an unknown, but knowing Hollywood, I doubt they’d do that, particularly with a black character.

      If they’re looking for a younger actor, but still known, they should at least bring in Columbus Short for auditions. He turns 30 this year.

    • Please no…

    • The ROck should be saved for Black Adam in DC universe … if it EVER happens.

  19. I dont think age is really a problem. Case in point, Roert Downey Jr. is playing Tony Stark(mid 40′s), who is supposed to be in his mid 20′s- early 30′s. I forgot Idris Elba is part of Thor, but maybe they can find a way to get around that(cg fx maybe, idk)? Either way, my vote’s either for him or Hounsou.

    • Actually, age does play a part: a huge part.
      Tony Stark (who is in his 40s in the MCU BTW) doesn’t have to be physically fit. His armor and his mind is what gives him his power, not his physical tributes – the suit does all the “heavy lifting”.
      The Black Panther on the other hand, doesn’t have a suit of armor so he has to rely on his strategic skills, his mind, but most importantly and almost exclusively, on his physical traits (being strong, agile, fast, ninja like, etc).

      Plus, if Marvel Studios is going to follow the source material (as they have strived to do so far), then the Black Panther should be young. In his origin story (where he avenges his father’s death) he was in his twenties.

      • He’s got to look okay in tights, but other than that I don’t see a problem with him being older. Can’t he retire and a new Black Panther can come along? Or better yet, it’ll give Joss Whedon someone to kill. Just my thoughts. I’m not a BP purist by any means, or even a comic book purist. I want the movies to be good is all.

        • Well, what you’re suggesting is pretty much what a great BP movie could/should be like:
          Hounsou could play the role of Black Panther (T’Chaka) for first act of the film, but then when Man-Ape or Klaw kills him and takes over Wakanda, it’s up T’Challa (played by a young, more unknown actor) to avenge his father’s death and take back his kingdom in the second and third act…

          Easy-peasy: us fans get to see Hounsou as the Black Panther, but still have the continuity intact!

          • I’m not that up on the character. I know T’Challa, and I understand that the BP role is passed along. But, BP really ain’t Batman in that I doubt audiences would accept just anyone being Batman other than Bruce Wayne. You, me and comic readers would want T’Challa, but audiences would just want a likable actor in the role (plus setting up that he could die would be good). So, that could work.

            I still don’t think they need a movie for BP though. Dr. Strange and GotG would need solo movies the most. Ant-Man too (but I think he could be introduced in an Avengers movie, or even a BP movie as we’ve discussed [I think]).

  20. I would to see that one guy from TrueBlood Mehcad Brooks play the Black Panther. His young and fit for the part, but hey I’m just saying

    • The only who could play him is michael jai White he can act and fight well . See blood and bone and with black dynamite with latter film he has the swagger and the knowledge of blaxploitation films.

    • Oh em gee, I forgot about him. This movie is going to have to have every black guy in Hollywood trying to get at least a cameo.

    • I forgot about him, but I know that he may be a little too tall for the agility aspect of it.

  21. sharlto copley would be perfect to play him.

    And noone can say hes african sharlto is white!!! ummm no he is african so he can play him.

    • I will counter you with why not make Superman african-american. Same rhetoric obviously Black Panther is black african not white african. Sharlto Copley is a great actor but the part will go to an african-american actor. Chiwetal Ejifore is best suited for the part. Black Panter is like a wise Morgan Freemon and Batman. It will take a great actor to pull it off.

    • [facepalm]

    • clown baby

      Well … at least your name fits.

  22. Aaaaaahhhh….. yes, great news but african batman? That’s a little thin. Both men have vast fortunes at their disposal but two very different psyches. One, a tortured vigilante bent on revenge, the other a king with an entire nation on his shoulders. He has a dark suit, yeah that’s similiar, but even his combat style is different from bats. anyway, great news. FINALLY A BLACK PANTHER MOVIE!

    • Thank you. It’s like Daredevil is like Batman. Iron Man is like Batman with a suit. Sorry, I hope you’ve got more than that.

  23. I was always a fan of Djmon Honsou being BP but at this point he would be too old for a very physically demanding role that may take him into a possible franchise that could go into another 10 years of performances. He’d be an awesome T’Chaka(T’Challa’s father) and would bring great drama to that role. Robert Downey Jr. is able to get away with being Iron Man because of stunt men in the suit and CGI. Stuntmen will also be HIGHLY involved with Black Panther because he’s a more physically demanding character in terms of “Parkour, Martial Arts, and Acrobatic” skills but there will have to be some point were the actual actor will have to do “some” stunts in order to make the scenes more realistic and non-cheesy.

    Many people on here are mentioning actors like Will Smith, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson(Black & Samoan) Laz Alonzo(Cuban), or Michale Jai White. These actors are all wrong for many reasons. Firstly the actor be in his 20-early 30′s,should have RECENT African background or actually be from Africa in order for the accent to translate well and the fact that there are ACTUAL “African” NOT AFRICAN AMERICAN actors out there that deserve a shot that would bring some authenticity to character. Many of the actors chosen don’t have the right look, build or actually can’t really “act” well enough, especially for an emotionally driven character such as Black Panther and for the drama that needs to be in this movie.

    • How many African actors that fit your ideal build can you list?

      • Uhp, John Boyega and the black kid from the Hunger Games. Both young enough and recently African. BOOM. John Boyega might be too young, but the kid from Hunger Games isn’t.

        • I was saying Boyega myself and I haven’t seen Hunger Games yet so I can’t say much of anything on that guy

    • Couldn’t agree more Blastaar, however, if they can find an African American actor who can pull of the accent and looks the part, then I wouldn’t mind them casting an African American actor.

    • I think Edi Mue Gathegi would make a great BP. He’s an unknown but he’s had great stage experience and was born in 1979. I really think Marvel needs to get an actual African (a negro with the accent) to play the role. I know this actor was born in America but I think he does have a natural Kenyan accent.

      • CORRECTION: He was born in Kenya but was raised in America.

  24. Nicholas Cage.

    • lol!

  25. A little surprised, I thought it would be Ant-Man. As for who can play the role, I can see Anthony Mackie taking it on. He’s young enough.

  26. Michael Jai White all the way. The man has seven black belts… wow…

  27. Even tho from a comic book fan standpoint this is very exciting news. From a financial standpoint there is a good chance it will be a bust, like ant-man and doctor strange. They called thor and cap unkownish superheroes these guys are on a whole nother level. That being said idc i just wanna see a good movie. Im still more excited for ant-man cause i think edgar wright is a hell of a good writer/director. Depending on who they get for director and lead character my excitement could rise.

    • I see your point but Marvel as done it before. Iron Man wasnt that known before Robert Downey Jr took him to mainstream fame. If Marvel get the right actors, director and writers to this project then I cant imagine that it’ll bust. Maybe hire one or two high ranked actor attached to the project then we’ll see high boxoffice numbers.

      • I doubt Marvel will let it be a bust but @Trey is right. BP is unknown to the general audience. Iron Man was never a huge character but people actually heard the name before. People may not have known his stories but they could have told you a basic concept. Hell, ACDC’s song even mentions him.

        I have faith in Marvel though. They are taking characters that people said were never movie worthly and turning them into great franchises.

        • Im just saying if BP is going to be popular or ant-man for that matter it needs great word of mouth. Look at edgar wrights movies… all fantastic movies but very low grossing. many people wouldnt be able to tell you who edgar wright is even tho he did (shaun of the dead, hot fuzz and scott pilgrim vs the world) quality work doesnt always make the bucks. Idk if it will be a bust but it can’t see it grossing more than any marvel movie we have seen thus far.

          • OH em gee, I’ve seen all of those movies and loved them. I am entirely on board for whatever movie Edgar Wright is attached to. Thank you internet guy.

            • haha your welcome

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