Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

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Marvel Black Panther Movie Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

[Update: There are conflicting reports as to the status of Black Panther.  Scroll down for details.]

Comic book movie rumors are coming hard and fast in the summer 2012 season, and all of them are exciting. There has already been much speculation about plot points of both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 - what villains will be featured, how they will build towards Avengers 2, etc. – and now we have yet another Marvel movie rumor that is sure to titillate fans:

Word is, one of the yet-unannounced films that Marvel Studios has planned (likely for 2014) is the long-rumored Black Panther movie. Scroll down for details.

Our friends over at Latino Review are continuing to drop exclusives like they’re going out of style, and the latest comes from a handful of their “trusted sources” who all claim that Black Panther is on the way. Also rumored for a 2014 debut have been the long-in-development Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright, and a Doctor Strange movie. Until we hear official confirmation from Marvel (say… around Comic-Con 2012?), any one of those films (or another unexpected pick) could be fair game for announcement.

For those who don’t know, Black Panther (the alter-ego of T’Challa, prince of the fictional African nation of Wakanda), is a superhero with enhanced strength and agility, who uses his intellect, mysticism, and a variety of technological weapons developed from his country’s primary resource – the metal alloy known as “vibranium” – to fight evil. Basically, he’s like an African version of Batman. The character debuted in 1966 as the first mainstream black superhero, and has been a member of The Avengers since 1968. Many Marvel movie fans have been campaigning for Black Panther to join the Marvel Movie Universe (MMU); we even had him as one of our top picks for characters we want to see in Avengers 2.

This rumor comes as little surprise: A Black Panther project is something that Marvel (and other studios) have been trying to get off the ground for many years. Wesley Snipes was once attached to a Black Panther film Columbia Pictures was developing in the ’90s; more recently, writer Mark Bailey was hired to pen a Black Panther screenplay for Marvel Studios, while  Marvel Animation launched a cartoon version of the character – though that came and went so fast, few people likely know it exists. (You can check out the first episode HERE). In the first season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon – which is a direct echo of the MMU – Black Panther was also a late addition to the team, so clearly, launching the character into the mainstream has been on Marvel’s agenda for some time.

UPDATE: Coming Soon states that their sources inside of Marvel Studios are denying this rumor. Then again, the studio always denies rumors. Marvel denied it when Latino Review revealed the Avengers Thanos news – and we all know how that turned out.

Captain AMerica Black Panther Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

Black Panther vs. Captain America

Black Panther is a character that is beloved with good reason. Simply put: he’s pretty awesome (as African Batman would understandably be). The MMU could also stand to diversify a bit (as it stands, Black Widow is the Avengers entire diversity program, not counting Nick Fury), and the character has many ties to the established Avengers movie universe, as Wakanda gets a quick acknowledgment in Iron Man 2, and Captain America’s shield is constructed from Vibranium – which also happens to be an alien metal. See the picture coming together?

The only question left, is: Who could play the Black Panther at this point? (For the record, guys like Snipes, Djimon Hounsou, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are too old, and Idris Elba is already part of the Thor franchise. So set your nominations accordingly.)

We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not anything truly pans out in regards to this Black Panther movie.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Micheal jai white

  2. Dayo Okeniyi. He’s only 5’9″ but he could pull it off. Or Nate Parker. :)

  3. I would really love to play the roll of black panther. I am in good shape, I am black and I am in from Africa and still in Africa. Just give a Marvel fan a chance. I deeply feel that I could do really well as the black panther.

  4. Has anyone checked out that new up and coming actor rex baker
    Check him out he’d be ideal for the role , imdb , Facebook and Twitter
    Known as Rextheflexbaker .

  5. wat if they had tyres from fast and furious play black panther thats a perfect fit and have snipes play black panthers dad in the beging thn kill him off

  6. Michael Jai White

  7. Marvel/Disney has been dragging their feet on this for years. Luke Cage movie is never going to happen (Netflix) and I’ll be surprised if the Black Panther movie will get made,he’ll end up in a future Avengers movie before then. Marvel/Disney won’t take a risk with the Cage or Panther movie because any movie like that will be considered a “black” movie. It’s already been proven that most (not all) whites won’t support a movie that features blacks in the lead hero role. George Lucas had to finance “Red Tails” because no major studio would because they considered “Red Tails” to be a “black” movie. You can see the reaction with a female now wielding “the power of Thor”
    (not replacing Thor as he’s just not worthy of the power anymore) and of Sam Wilson being the new Captain America in the comics (although they’re not killing off Steve Rogers)…..Ummm Yeah is right,he just didn’t want to state the reason why without sounding bigoted…Same reason that DC movies will never have a John Stewart GL,fanboys aren’t happy with Jason Momoa playing Aquaman either. Same reason that you saw a white actor play a Persian in the Prince of Persia movie and white actors play Egyptians as well…

    • @bgp – I’ve been saying the same thing for years about Marvel, yes they have done a lot of great things that’s excited the hell out of me since 2008, but they are still lacking big time in terms of diversity. And yes studios are not yet ready to get behind films with predominantly black casts, eventhough over the last few years films with black leads or ensemble casts have done as well as ever, meaning it’s time for Hollywood to WTF up, dig what I’m saying. Another thing is a BLACK PANTHER film with the story and background he has could be incredible, and the fact that he’s an AVENGER would be a big boost to the film. I guarantee it would be a big hit at the box office, the MCU brand is incredibly strong now and is not to be doubted by anyone. Need proof, just watch how well GOTG performs in a few weeks. I think Marvel is doing a great injustice to themselves by not announcing a BLACK PANTHER film as well as a MS. MARVEL film, they would break so many new grounds with those films and gain a whole new fan base and audience by doing that, that’s how you really expand by displaying diversity. Personally I’m sick and tired of watching each SDCC go by every July and not one word or mention of a BLACK PANTHER film by Marvel and Kevin Feige, they need to wake up and get their s…t together. I want to FINALLY hear some confirmations on BLACK PANTHER at the SDCC next week period.

  8. @Super70…..They’re doing it in the Ultimate Universe to some credit…But America wants their heroes white and mostly male,it is what it is..They cried when the Marvel/Disney Fury was black,never mind that Nick Fury and the whole Marvel/Disney universe is based on the Ultimates Universe and that Fury is based of Samuel L. Jackson…They cried about the Ultimate universe killed Peter Parker and the new Spiderman is a black Hispanic teenager Miles Morales,never mind that the Ultimate Spiderman series is selling well..They whined when the series The Truth came out and that actually Isaiah Bradley wore the costume at the same time Steve Rogers did,as well as now Samuel Wilson now picking up the mantle of the Captain for a while when they never complained when Bucky Barnes,William Burnside,and John Walker took up the mantle.Kevin Grevioux’s series “Adam:Legend of the Blue Marvel” (now you have trolls calling that character “Super Cosby or Super Obama”) is about how America wasn’t ready to accept a black man with that much power (kind of an allegory of how the POTUS is the leader of the Western World and supposed to be the most powerful politician in the world and now for the past seven half Obama has filled that role and the negativity coming from fears of a black man having that much power…I’m kind of have mixed feelings about Micheal B Jordan being the Torch in the reboot of the FF,but I guess fair is fair when they had Jessica Alba and Chris Evans being biological siblings when she’s Hispanic and they didn’t look close as siblings and no fanboy even put up a peep in opposition to that…..They always say that a black comic character should be “further development” which means that once that character does get his own comic that it doesn’t sell…Now they cried about a Muslim Ms. Marvel,they cried about Capt Marvel being Carol Danvers at first also..Now they’re crying about Thor no longer being worthy of wielding Mjolnir and female Asgardian (which Asgardians are an alien race in the comics) having the power of Thor by being worthy of wielding Mjolnir in a STORY ARC and there is still the original Thor existing……I keep seeing the mostly people of color Mighty Avengers stuff like the Ghetto Avengers or worse…No Cage movies as he’s being reduced to being on Netflix,and I’ll be surprised to seeing a Panther movie being made as well.

    • I can’t agree with you about America wanting all their heroes to be white male, how could you say that man when this country is made up of so many vast diversity of races, I refuse to believe such blasphemy in 2014 bro. I get what you’re trying to say and agree with some of it, but I think some of your points are stuck too much in the past my friend. You say people cried about Nick Fury being changed from black to white in the comics, yet Marvel went with the black version using Sam L. Jackson who the black version was based off of, and how many people do you really see crying about Sam L. Jackson playing Nick Fury today, none to the best of my knowledge. To be honest with you I’m not big on ‘Jonny Strom’ being changed from white to black at all, even though I’m a fan of Michael B. Jordan’s acting and I’m sure he’ll do a good job. I just still think you’re missing this point, it’s inevitable that we’re going to see BLACK PANTHER on the big screen, you might as well get used to that, the only question is when. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did not create this groundbreaking character back in 1966 for us to keep seeing him not have his day and spotlight on the big screen, it’s going to happen, Marvel is just slow as hell on it.

      • @Super70……I surely do hope that I’m wrong….But I see how the Luke Cage “movie” ended up not being made for the big screen and he’s going to end up on Netflix (yes I’ll still will see the series because I’m a Cage fan)…..And yes I did “smh” at the casting of Johnny Storm in the new FF flick,but then again the Storms didn’t look like biological siblings in the last two FF movies either LOL!!! As far as Fury goes,the Marvel cinematic universe is based on the Ultimate universe and as that universe was out in the print world before the movies came out that was pretty much a foregone conclusion…Andrew Garfield has said that the next Spiderman on the big screen should be the Miles Morales version and already they’re doing the whining and crying that Peter Parker is the only webslinger that counts.

        I’m just getting frustrated at the lack of development of the characters and the story lines as far as this is concerned….They’re dragging their feet…Bringing out an Ant-Man flick??? And he’s not even considered on the level as the Panther..

        In the meantime I’m going to see the JB movie this weekend..LMAO!!!

  9. Marrese Crump is Black Panther

  10. They already confirmed that it will be Chad Boseman

  11. Chadwick Boseman hasn’t been confirmed to play the role yet,it’s rumored but not confirmed…..Morris Chestnut was quoted as “reading and being caught up on all the Black Panther history” for the role not too long ago….Hmmmmm,Marrese Crump doesn’t look bad at all…..I’d seriously consider him,thanks to the clip MarvelSuperFan…..

    I’d like to see Roger Cross get some consideration as well…

    • @bgp – Your right, Boseman hasn’t been confirmed for the role of Black Panther, at least from what I can see he seems to be the favorite for the role at the moment. He did say in an interview a few days ago that he had knew nothing about that and broke out in a smile and started laughing, he also said until a contract is signed there’s nothing. I don’t know what that could mean, it might mean nothing. And like you said nothing is confirmed, and until there is let the speculations continue lol.

  12. Michael jai white should play this roll..held is a true martial artists and very muscular and his acting skills would be perfect for this roll

  13. SHONDO BLADES IS THE BLACK PANTHER.. Currently starring on ABC’s The Quest

    • Shondo from #TheQuest as Black Panther!!!!???? BRILLIANT IDEA!!! The guy’s already a hero (even while still a paladin), so he’d be perfect. Great integrity, too, which could lend itself to the role. Come on, Marvel. There’s Black Panther for the win!

      (And Katee Sackhoff for Ms. Marvel. Just saying.)

  14. @ShondoBlades would be the perfect Black Panther. Please make it happen.

  15. I would love to see Shondo Blades as the Black Panther. Let’s face it, he possess e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g needed to be the black panther.

    • Shondo Blades would be an AMAZING Black Panther! He’s definitely my hero!

  16. Well I nominate Rashad Lewis a.k.a. Shondo Blade for the Black Panther role.

    • Well I nominate Rashad Lewis a.k.a. Shondo Blade for the Black Panther role.and let me just say this, most of these other action star are using choreography but Shodo is a UFC Champion! He can real kick some but!

      • Well I nominate Rashad Lewis a.k.a. Shondo Blade for the Black Panther role.and let me just say this, most of these other action star are using choreography but Shodo is a UFC Champion! He can real kick some butt!

  17. Shondo Blades

  18. Shondo. Blades. ‘Nuff said.

  19. This man would be the best black panther

  20. It is obvious. @ShondoBlades should be Black Panther!! He has great moves too! He would be the best!

  21. Shondo Blades of The Quest would indeed make a marvelous Black Panther!

  22. I think The Quest’s Shondo Blades would be fantastic for this role!! He displays the qualities of a superhero and I think he would be a great asset to your cast. :)

  23. SHONDO!

  24. Shondo Blades!!!!!

  25. Shondo Blades!

  26. Shondo Blades is the Black Panther. He has walked it, talked it and is breathing this role. He is agile, smooth, athletic, charismatic and strong. He is the total package.

  27. Micheal Jai White hands down will be the best fit for the black panthers movie, the guy can play basically any role especially and action film only other option I can see them doing for this film is really no one and i hope they dont pick some UFC fighter or wrestler to play the role because the film will be horrible. But Micheal Jai White will make it a block buster hit in the box office

  28. P.s., To anybody that reads this. Please, stop comparing Black Panther to Batman, cause its getting old fast. I am not racist, but, why do so many people put a Brother of said caliber, in the shadow of a White-Man regardless of richess. It just does not feel right.

    • @N/A – I think people tend to compare them based on the fact that they both wear black based costumes, both are intelligent, rich, highly skilled and cunning. Yes they share a few similarities, but both characters are very different when you look at their backgrounds, ethnicity, upbringing and backstories. And your right Black Panther takes a backseat to no one, not Batman or any other white superhero for that matter. He’s a born leader, royalty, brilliant scientist and a very cunning warrior. Also I can’t wait to see Black Panther on the big screen, the first TRUE black superhero who want be taking a back seat to Iron Man, Cap and Thor or being their sidekicks like War Machine, Falcon and Heimdall which are characters I love, but they are not leading superheroes like T’Challa aka Black Panther is.