Marvel’s Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

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Marvel Black Panther Movie Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

[Update: There are conflicting reports as to the status of Black Panther.  Scroll down for details.]

Comic book movie rumors are coming hard and fast in the summer 2012 season, and all of them are exciting. There has already been much speculation about plot points of both Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 - what villains will be featured, how they will build towards Avengers 2, etc. – and now we have yet another Marvel movie rumor that is sure to titillate fans:

Word is, one of the yet-unannounced films that Marvel Studios has planned (likely for 2014) is the long-rumored Black Panther movie. Scroll down for details.

Our friends over at Latino Review are continuing to drop exclusives like they’re going out of style, and the latest comes from a handful of their “trusted sources” who all claim that Black Panther is on the way. Also rumored for a 2014 debut have been the long-in-development Ant-Man movie from Edgar Wright, and a Doctor Strange movie. Until we hear official confirmation from Marvel (say… around Comic-Con 2012?), any one of those films (or another unexpected pick) could be fair game for announcement.

For those who don’t know, Black Panther (the alter-ego of T’Challa, prince of the fictional African nation of Wakanda), is a superhero with enhanced strength and agility, who uses his intellect, mysticism, and a variety of technological weapons developed from his country’s primary resource – the metal alloy known as “vibranium” – to fight evil. Basically, he’s like an African version of Batman. The character debuted in 1966 as the first mainstream black superhero, and has been a member of The Avengers since 1968. Many Marvel movie fans have been campaigning for Black Panther to join the Marvel Movie Universe (MMU); we even had him as one of our top picks for characters we want to see in Avengers 2.

This rumor comes as little surprise: A Black Panther project is something that Marvel (and other studios) have been trying to get off the ground for many years. Wesley Snipes was once attached to a Black Panther film Columbia Pictures was developing in the ’90s; more recently, writer Mark Bailey was hired to pen a Black Panther screenplay for Marvel Studios, while  Marvel Animation launched a cartoon version of the character – though that came and went so fast, few people likely know it exists. (You can check out the first episode HERE). In the first season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon – which is a direct echo of the MMU – Black Panther was also a late addition to the team, so clearly, launching the character into the mainstream has been on Marvel’s agenda for some time.

UPDATE: Coming Soon states that their sources inside of Marvel Studios are denying this rumor. Then again, the studio always denies rumors. Marvel denied it when Latino Review revealed the Avengers Thanos news – and we all know how that turned out.

Captain AMerica Black Panther Marvels Black Panther Movie Confirmed? [Updated]

Black Panther vs. Captain America

Black Panther is a character that is beloved with good reason. Simply put: he’s pretty awesome (as African Batman would understandably be). The MMU could also stand to diversify a bit (as it stands, Black Widow is the Avengers entire diversity program, not counting Nick Fury), and the character has many ties to the established Avengers movie universe, as Wakanda gets a quick acknowledgment in Iron Man 2, and Captain America’s shield is constructed from Vibranium – which also happens to be an alien metal. See the picture coming together?

The only question left, is: Who could play the Black Panther at this point? (For the record, guys like Snipes, Djimon Hounsou, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are too old, and Idris Elba is already part of the Thor franchise. So set your nominations accordingly.)

We’ll keep you updated as to whether or not anything truly pans out in regards to this Black Panther movie.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. There have been a lot of rumors floating around since the ‘Age Of Ultron’ trailer dropped that the character Andy Sirkis will be playing in the film is Ulysses Klaw, if that’s true we all know what that means about Black Panther.

  2. It’s been pretty much “rumored” that Serkis will be portraying him (Klaw),however it looks like the character won’t have the sonic powers that the supervillain has…Yet.

    So,does that mean that T’Chaka will be around as well???

    Capt’s shield is broken in the leaked preview,so it makes sense for a visit to Wakanda to happen as far as plotlines go.

  3. I can see either Shando or Boyega portraying the Panther……I couldn’t see Denzel playing T’Chaka at first,but I’ve slowly warmed to the concept since he’s subtly becoming an action hero for the last few years (Book of Eli/The Equalizer)

    I’m looking forward to see what develops down the road.

    • Boyega is definitely a good choice and marvel wouldn’t go wrong with signing him, I would put him just a notch below Chadwick Boseman and Chiwetel Ejiofor, I don’t think Shando has the acting chops or screen presence to pull off what the other 3 could on the big screen. I could see Denzel as T’Chaka because for one he’s a flat out great actor, two he has portrayed actors with African accents in films before. If he was chosen it’s not doubt Denzel would own the role of T’Chaka, I don’t ever worry about Denzel in a role, nobody should, he’s too great of an actor for that.

  4. I think michael jai white should play black panther

  5. Shondo Blades from ABC’s The Quest to play Marvel’s Black Panther

  6. Whoever Marvel chooses to play T’Challa it will be an actor with a screen presence, that I assure you. Even though the cats that some of you guys have mentioned are impressive physically and certainly have the skill set to pull off what’s needed to do the action sequences, I’m telling you it’s going to be an actor. I don’t know who they choose, but I do know it will be an actor who can hold his own on the big screen with the likes of RDJ, Sam L Jackson etc.

  7. Well………Looks like it’s already been decided and a date has been set.

    Chadwick Boseman…..Date is set for November 3,2017

    • This is the news I wanted to hear and the signing I wanted to hear, Boseman is going to absolutely kill it in the role of T’Challa/Black Panther. Marvel found a REAL ACTOR for the role, not some martial artist haha.

  8. well i really hope they get Peter Mensah to play the father and im glad they didnt do like do putting green lantern all the way til 2020 and if they go with john steward..i would have love to see someone who already is gifted in martial arts play the role but some good choices were out there that wasnt in the arts..

  9. Article says Chiwetel Ejiofor is too old. He’s 37, the same age as Chadwick Boseman. Would love to see Chiwetel as the Black Panther… Tremendous Actor. I wasn’t impressed by Chadwick’s acting skills in 42. I have not seen Get On Up.

    Anyone who wonders about Ejiofor’s action abilities can check him out in Serenity. He was a force of nature as a combatant.

    • I was good with either Boseman or Ejiofor getting the role of T’Challa. Perhaps Ejiofor will another role in the film, I would be all for that.

      • Chiwetel Ejiofor could play the brother,he has had his share of playing the villain even though the brother wasnt a villain he had a bit of a bad side.i would have thought a role like this would be best suited for a person who has some skills in martial arts, so of course his training will be like captain america was. a man who can kick a little bit but doesnt have a lot of training…

        • Agreed with Chrisd! Mr. Ejifor could play the half-brother of T’challa who believes he should be the rightful heir to the throne. Kind of a Thor/Loki thing.

    • @TY I don’t see what the problem was with his acting in 42. Jackie Robinson was a quiet demeanor type person and he nailed that. In Get On Up he played JB is the absolute opposite of Jackie’s personality and he nailed that too. I really don’t get the criticism of his Jackie portrayal. Jackie was not as flamboyant as JB was and he played him accordingly. If you haven’t seen Get On Up then you really can’t judge him from just one performance (which I thought was good by the way) just sayin.

  10. BP isnt just a fighter,he is a pure martial artist thats y i dont agree with their choice even though boseman is a good actor. i guess whats best about this is the film doesnt come out til 2018 which means it shouldnt go into production until 2017,so that would give him 2 yrs to get trained in the he should look good if he gets trained by the right people..

    • If I we’re a little kid I probably would only care about seeing Black Panther fight on the big screen, but I’m more into acting ability and on screen presence first. I don’t want T’Challa to come off as a joke on screen where he’s all muscles and no brains man. A lot of you guys forget that T’Challa is also a brilliant scientist and one of the 8 smartest people on the planet, he’s much more than just fighting and physicality. Jackie Robinson and James Brown we’re very physically demanding roles in their own right, so I think Boseman will pull the physicality aspects of the role off just fine and I think he will indeed get extensive martial arts training. I always want to see a good actor with an on screen presence first and foremost, if by any chance Marvel could get Denzel for the role of T’Chaka that would be gold. I would have suggested Djimon Honsou as well for T’Chaka, but seeing that he’s already played Korath in GOTG that probably kills his chances for the role.

      • @ Supes: Good to see you bruh…..and of course I agree with everything you just said. People just don’t get that movies are different than comic books. On another site people were whining because they wanted Nate Parker to be BP… can you dis Boseman after all he has done already. Nate Parker is 5’9 for pete’s sake. You know how short he would look standing next to Cap and Thor even Loki for that matter. Hiddleston is 6’2 by the way. Boseman is being Ben Afflecked. And just like Ben, Chadwick is gonna prove them wrong.

        Marvel Take My Black Panther Money! Yeeeeooop!

  11. Now….they Need Djimon for T’Chaka. If he’s not in this movie some how, I will riot lol