First Look at Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ Short Film ‘Item 47′; Premiere at Comic-Con

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marvel avengers item 47 First Look at Marvels Avengers Short Film Item 47; Premiere at Comic Con

The next entry in Marvel’s One-Shot film series is Item 47, a 12-minute video which will be included on the upcoming Avengers Blu-ray. Marvel will be holding a special screening of the short for a select few attendees at next week’s Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Previous One-Shots (The Consultant and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer) starred Clark Gregg as everyone’s favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, Phil Coulson. Item 47, by comparison, revolves around the misadventures of two regular people in the aftermath of the alien invasion in Avengers.

Item 47 stars Lizzy Caplan (Party Down, True Blood) and Jesse Bradford (Outlaw) as a couple who’re down on their luck when they recover a Chitauri weapon from the wreckage of Manhattan (post-Avengers). As revealed in Entertainment Weekly‘s exclusive:

‘Item 47′ refers to the gun itself, which S.H.I.E.L.D. would like very much to retrieve from the hapless young troublemakers. “The world is topsy-turvy now. There’s been an alien invasion, and things are crazy,” explains Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito, who directed the film himself. “So when this gun ­literally fell into their lap, this is a sign: We’re going to rob a few banks, we’re going to buy a boat, we’re going to the Caribbean, and all our problems will be solved.”

Two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Maximiliano Hernández, returning from ‘Thor’ and ‘The Avengers’, and ‘Lost’s’ Man in Black Titus Welliver, making his Marvel debut) are given the job of cleaning up the mess and stopping this modern Bonnie and Clyde (not coincidentally named Benny and Claire.)

Check out the first screenshot of Caplan in (or, rather, holdingItem 47, below:


Lizzy Caplan marvel item 47 280x170 First Look at Marvels Avengers Short Film Item 47; Premiere at Comic Con
It sounds as though Item 47 should be fun; granted, perhaps less enjoyable than previous One-Shots (in particular, A Funny Thing…). All the same, Item 47 will hopefully continue the trend of good short spinoffs from Marvel, while setting a precedent for the upcoming One-Shots being scripted to serve as “companion pieces” to the first feature entries in “Phase 2″ of the Marvel Movie Universe.

Not to mention: Marvel is reportedly giving thought to using future One-Shots to introduce lesser-known comic book characters – so as to test the water for a potential feature. Just don’t count on any of the more popular characters due to headline their own movie soon (Black Panther, Doctor Strange) to make an explicit appearance in a One-Shot installment – unless that’s the purpose of the Ant-Man test footage director Edgar Wright recently completed?

The Avengers hits Blu-ray on September 25th, 2012.

Source: EW

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  1. Nice, sounds interesting.

    Only thing is, I don’t and will never own a blu ray player and so it kinda sucks that blu ray get cool exclusive features on the menu like this One Shot.

    Bah well…

    Plus, I liked Caplan in Cloverfield and haven’t seen her in anything else before or since so could be a good way to catch up and see her doing something other than running across Manhattan.

    • caplan is awesome! she’s also starring in a new movie with maynard from tool.

      freaking stoked to see the “man in black” as a shield agent. he ended up being on of the best parts of lost.

      • Welliver is a great actor. He had a great turn in Deadwood several years ago also.

    • Dazz buy a blue ray and you will love yourself for it. I said the same thing because I own a duke load of dvds and found out they can play them and improve their quality. I love the upgrade and you will too.

      • whats the best make cause im thinking tobuy a blu-ray player

        • Can’t go wrong with Sony or Samsung…

          • thanks for that

      • I agree.
        Blu-Ray is really pretty sweet. It’s not just a gimmick. It really does improve the viewing experience (especially if you have an HD tv). High-res visual and sound quality on BD discs, the ability to playback DVDs and CDs, DVD upscaling (making DVDs look and sound better than they would on a DVD player), more extras included on a single disc, ect.
        Plus, BD players aren’t even that expensive anymore (it costs no more than what DVD players cost a few years ago).
        Geez, I sound like a salesman don’t I? ;)

    • Ooh you’ll be stuck soon then my friend. The whole purpose of the Blu-ray/DVD combos everyone is doing is that they are prepping you for when DVDs are no longer sold. It’s just a matter of time. Plus Blu-rays and a nice tv make your DVDs look awesome too.

      • Can’t go wrong with a Samsung. By far my favorite Blu-ray and tv’s out there.

    • @Dazz -

      Buy a PS3. One of the best Blu-ray players on the market and it does so much more than just games and Blu-ray.

      • I didn’t go the PS3 option but I went with a sony DVD player. I love that I can actually connect to the internet with it and watch youtube hulu and netflix on my tv, especially since I have a tiny netbook for a computer

    • @ Dazz

      You’re love her in True Blood season one, i did,lol. I always thought she was a hotty.

  2. dazz you got something against high definition?

    • I honestly think it’s as much of a fad as 3D constantly is.

      I have a HD TV and such but other than making small text in videogames readable without a magnifying glass, it doesn’t look much different to me.

      Blu ray on the other hand is supposed to be even better than HD but again, I saw no difference in the brief glimpses I’ve been shown by enthusiastic salespeople in electronic stores.

      You asked if I have something against high definition but it’s not HD my issue is with, it’s blu ray.

      In a few years time, they’ll find something else and then everyone who bought their movie and tv collections for the second time in the blu ray medium will have to do so again for the new fad.

      Not for me thanks. Hell, I still prefer buying physical CDs from stores rather than purchasing digitally online for a variety of reasons.

      Wouldn’t think I was 28 would ya? *cue laughter*

      • I think you are not understanding what’s going on here… Blu-ray IS high def. 1920x1080p. To like HD but not like blu-ray is illogical.

      • Though you are right that a few years down the road they will have something else. 4K is right around the corner.

        • Ahh, see I’ve been constantly seeing the “HD or blu ray” stuff when DVDs were advertised like they were separate things.

          Plus like I said, main reason for not buying blu ray is because I spent thousands on my DVD collection since 2001 and don’t wanna purchase DVDs again just cause they’re on blu ray.

          Anyway, back on topic we shall go….

          • One last note. Just so you know, blu-ray players play regular DVD’s as well and usually have very good upscalers. Meaning if your dvd player isn’t as good, regular dvd’s will look just a little bit better being played on a blu-ray player.

            So you don’t have to leave your collection behind. You just start adding hi-def goodness to it in the form of some blu-rays. :)

          • You do realize all your DVDs will play on a BluRay player? I didn’t purchase a BluRay player till my DVD player died. My old DVD player was an upconverter so it’s not as big a jump in quality going to BluRay as it was going from VHS to DVD but there is a noticeable increase in quality especially on larger screens.

      • An interesting argument. If you cant see the difference between DVD and Blu Ray quality then either the tv your viewing it on is not setup correctly or your vision isnt perfect. My wife said the same thing about no seeing much difference but she wears glasses. 3D is still a developing technology so it is a fad at the moment. Once they start making affordable tvs that do not require glasses then it will be great. Upscaling using a Blu Rau player is a good reason to buy one. And then you add Blu Rays to your collection. Blu Ray isnt just about visuals, its also about the audio. Because the disc can hold more data the audio is less compressed giving better quality. Blu Ray as a disc has a longer life span than DVD and they dont scratch as easy. Blu Ray is 100% better for watching movies.

  3. awesome, im a fan of lizzy caplan, she is my obscure celeb crush. plus shes a good actress.

  4. u know what would of been good for a Marvel One-Shot having Heroes For Hire hunting down Benny and Claire

    • That’s actually EXACTLY what I was hoping for…

  5. More excited about this then the big budget Guardians of the Galaxy lol

  6. I was sold at lizzy caplan

  7. Ms. Marvel for the love of god…