Will ‘The Avengers’ Be Shot in 3D?

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avengers 3d Will The Avengers Be Shot in 3D?

We’ve known for a long time that The Avengers would begin production early next year, before Thor and Captain America even have a chance to test audiences in theaters. The February start date was confirmed earlier this week and now it’s being reported that The Avengers will also be shot in 3D.

Thor and The First Avenger: Captain America are getting the post-conversion 3D treatment and we saw a glimpse of the early conversion work for Thor at the Marvel Studios Comic-Con presentation several weeks back. The idea of post-conversion 3D is unsettling but Marvel is promising that they will spend an unprecedented amount of time working on it for those two particular movies in post-production.

The info comes from Roger Friedman at Showbiz411, the very well-connected and in-the-know ex-Fox executive, and what’s interesting is that he specifically states that director Joss Whedon will be shooting the film in 3D as opposed to tacking it on afterwards. If this is accurate (he claims it’s a “done deal”), it’ll be a first for Whedon and for the studio but it does offer a sense of relief that Marvel will be putting forth something that’s legitimately in 3D.

Again, that’s a big if. The Avengers are coming in 3D and we can guarantee at least that much – the question is whether or not it’ll actually be shot that way as it will involve an entirely different approach to filmmaking, from the set designs to the cinematography.

It’s no surprise to see some sort of confirmation that Marvel Studios is pushing for higher ticket prices 3D for their highly ambitious Avengers project since every other studio is milking the new format, most notably their prime competitor in Warner Bros. who have made it clear that going forward all of their summer blockbusters are going to be in 3D. Since the Harry Potter franchise is coming to an end, their next franchise of money makers will be coming from their DC Entertainment division which already has Green Lantern on track for post-conversion 3D.

If you’re a Marvel movie fan, be sure to check out The Avengers teaser trailer.

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Thor opens May 5, 2011; The First Avenger: Captain America hits July 22, 2011 and The Avengers is scheduled to debut May 4, 2012.

Source: Showbiz411

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  1. They are going to far with this 3d stuff. I wonder how long before 3d falls flat on its face cus theyve over done it. Im sorry, but these movies can be done so well without it and at the same time using those budget dollars for something like….. ummm keeping norton as banner?

    • Norton wasn’t dropped do to budgeting issues, read up before complaining

      • Marvel Claims Norton wasn’t dropped for budget issues, but it’s not exactly fact either way. If they dropped him for budget issues do you really think they would admit to it?

        I’m not saying they did or didn’t I’m just saying we really have no idea what the reason was and probably never will.

        • Common, you know how hollywood works, MONEY. Like daniel said they “claim” thats not why. They just wanted to go in a different direction? But anyways i said LIKE doing that, my point was not to complain more about norton, but that the money they would spend shooting in 3D could be better spent because its really not necessary.

    • I agree that Hollywood is over-using 3-D, but are you really surprised? I mean, it’s Hollywood.

      • Of course im not suprised. Your are correct sir, its def a HOLLYWOOD move!

    • I have to agree that they are going too far with the 3D. I personally do not like 3D nor do many of my friends – It is distracting. The price of the 3D movie is not worth it.

  2. nnno?

  3. i put on my 3d glasses…look at that picture..my eyes started to burn not only in hate but it was like burning when i was staring at it almost like water my eyes now you know :P

  4. just fyi for those that are wondering..

    When i put on my 3d glasses, i can’t see the picture above in 3d properly. All i see is a fuzzy picture. But if i try my old-school 3d glasses (the ones with red and blue plastic lens), then i see the 3d effect very well. I just really hate the blend of red and blue with those glasses ;-p

    • lol, I’m glad it worked. I made that image using the Red-Blue style so that’s hilarious you actually tried it out!


  5. Ugh I blame all the people cry about post production 3d. Marvel saw all the complaining and probably decided to film it in 3d to save face especially considering the PR issues they have been having.

    This isn’t 100%confirmed but it’s very believable.

  6. 3D isn’t a gimmick anymore, its the new media mind control paradigm…
    Think about that the next time you see a 3D film with your kids,,,

    • pretty soon we’re gonna be living in a They Live type of world..

  7. I’m reading that their’s a certain level of confidence in the Real digital 3-D process over other conversion methods. Perhaps that’s one reason why Marvel felt it could get by with conversion with the two other “Avenger ” foundation films. They will most likely raise frame rates as well, as that supposedly helps with the headache issues. Being that I suffer from partial stereo blindness, I’m not interested in paying for all the 3-D madness. I do believe it’s inevitable at this point. 3-D is here to stay, especially since lenticular 3-D has been in commercial use since 2006, and in just a few years should become available for the home. Combine that with OLED or similar technology and when customers get use to it their will be no going back…

  8. i cannot watch anything in 3D its a fact, i barely made it through avatar. i get really dizzy and feel somewhat sick, i really hope they release this in standard 2D.

  9. Im not a fan of 3D movies… However, Avatar did it great!!! The clash of the titans, however, converted it after filming it and I though that it wasnt nearly as good that way…(the 3D part)… But like I said, I’m not a fan of 3D, but if they do the Avengers justice, do it in 3D…

  10. What about people with vision difficulties..These jerks do not like those into consideration what if you wear normal glasses ..? Then the whole #D thing is wasted..if they do this then they should provide a theatar room for 2d.

  11. Ants we’ve been living in the They Live world for years,,, before the film They Live even came out. 8-)

    Put on the glasses! (Kenj/Danielf).

    Then we fight in a back alley somewhere for 10 minutes.

    • LOL1 I remember that movie with Rowdy Roddy Piper..lol

      • lol..im Keith David!!!

  12. Their will be a choice at least for my lifetime, yours, not so sure. 3-D Systems manufactured for home use are capable of viewing the regular 2-D content. At some point I imagine if your in the market for a new entertainment system 3-D will just be another feature built into the system. Its cost will be built in just like other feature costs like clocks and stereo options.

    • yea i can see that coming..i am not bashing it but i do know friends who felt cheated out of enjoying avatar fully because it was 3D and this friend has narrow sighted vision and has wear prescribed lenses they ought to have some type of clip on for glasses ..its only fair to do so..I do know that i am sure the millions who do wear glasses will vent about this..as for myself i wear reading glasses so I’m fortunate.

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly they should offer clip ons. Hmm, maybe their’s a market there! Hurry times a waste-in… ;)

  13. Eventually anyway…

  14. If going the 3D route I prefer the principal photography to be shot in 3D with the modified 3D cameras. But I wonder whether this picture really warrants it to be done that way.

    I’m sure MARVEL have the sense to hire an experienced Director of Photography to helm an equally talented Camera Department to tackle the technology, the aesthetics and compositional look of the film.

    Joss Whedon is going to have his hands full directing what I see as an already over crowded cast, so one would hope the story line is strong enough to carry this film.

    In fact the story line alone IF STRONG enough shot on conventional 35 mm film providing exceptional 2D cinematography would be good enough for a masterful EPIC….you know the way most films are shot.

    It’s almost hypocritical because I thought MARVEL were trying to save costs. Shooting in 3D is going to make it more expensive and is NOT going to make for a better film.

    3D is only going to add a little bit to the aesthetics of perhaps some of the fight scenes. Big deal. That is not the be all and end all of a great motion picture.

    At the end of the day I would like to see “The Avengers” as a well balanced mix of great dramatic interactions with highly stylized sci-fi action sequences.

  15. I highly respect Wheadon and consider him a creative genious I think he is the perfect man for the job but I feel bad for him. If the film sucks he will get all the blame and if it’s great the Wheadon hatred will simply say the film was good despite Wheadon most of those who hate will act as if he contributed nothing. He really is in a no win situation.

    In regards to the Avengers as a film In general I think we have reached the point to where it has more negatives than positives considering the large amount of characters, Chris Evans, losing Norton, This 3d situation and much more. To be honest the only positives we currenly have are RDJ and Joss Wheadon.

    • I guess I’d like to see Joss Whedon really pour his heart and soul into directing these characters and seeing them faithfully and accurately represented on screen. I hope he builds a really strong rapport with the actors to give us something truly epic.

      I purchased “Serenity” on DVD yesterday and may watch it later this evening.

      From a technical point of view I’m really anxious as to who the Director of Photography will be, since they have full responsibility of the film’s aesthetics at hand.

      • well, with favs as producer..there might be on set fighting…”no thats wront” “dont tell me whats right or wrong pal. i created the Buffy TV show” LOL

        • I just hope their’s some people, writers and artists from the comic department watching the Dailies. The project’s principles could use some perspective because being in a fish bowl all the time will cause them to lose some of theirs…

  16. 3D will greatly enhance the mind control. (As seen in They Live)

    We need more mind control especally when it comes to children.
    Yeah mind control!!!
    Mind control, yeah!!!

    • lol.time for another virtual beer 790, on me :)

  17. Besides the 3D crap, I think Avenger’s will be a lot like the first X-Men film.

    A coming together,,,

    • that might be right 790…