‘Ant-Man’ Recruits Additional Writers?

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marvel ant man movie Ant Man Recruits Additional Writers?

Marvel Studios is moving full-steam ahead with Ant-Man despite Edgar Wright’s departure as director – as noted by the Screen Rant Underground Podcast crew and Iron Man 1 & 2 director Jon Favreau, Marvel is a well-oiled machine that now knows its brand and how to keep rolling along, no matter the unexpected obstacles that threaten to slow it down. A new report appears to shed light, with regard to what additional steps Marvel is taking to keep the Ant-Man ship on course, now that Peyton Reed (Bring It On, Yes Man) has climbed onboard to serve as captain.

Writer/director Adam McKay (Anchorman 1 & 2), who was originally in talks to direct Ant-Man after Wright stepped away, is confirmed to have revised the earlier script draft credited to Wright and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block). However, according to a new report by Latino Review, writing duo Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari will serve as production writers during the Ant-Man shoot in Atlanta – meaning, they shall perform any necessary script revisions that may become needed during filming.

Now, if you’re familiar with Latino Review, then you know that while a number of the site’s exclusives have proven to be accurate, many others have proven to be off-base. That said, this particular Ant-Man report seems reasonable enough; Reed is jumping (more like hurling himself, really) head-first into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so Marvel Studios heads will likely be offering whatever help they can, in order to improve Reed’s chances of sticking his landing. That could include hiring additional writers to remain on standby, in case any story issues suddenly rear their head once the cameras are rolling.

ant man movie writers Ant Man Recruits Additional Writers?

Like (most) everyone else, we were excited to see Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) offer his own unique spin on the Marvel Cinematic Universe – and thus, all the more disappointed when the filmmaker and Marvel Studios weren’t able to work out the differences in their creative visions, in the end. Obviously, the Ant-Man that we’re getting is not going to be the one that Wright would’ve delivered, but with Reed and company joining the party at the last-minute, it might not be as different as it could’ve been, had Wright stepped away earlier during pre-production.

Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, whose Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot script is apparently what impressed Marvel enough to get them hired for Ant-Man, may not even get co-writing credit; it depends on how significant (or, rather, not significant) their script contributions ultimately wind up being. It’s also possible that Reed and his writing staff will end up doing their best to emulate what they believe Wright might’ve done, during production on this off-beat superhero flick. All we can do is hope for the best at this stage.

Ant-Man opens in U.S. theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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  1. Whatever did end up happening to that Sabrina the Teenage Witch Reboot? At this point, I’d be more interested in that than this Ant-Man tragedy

    • :D Good one. Whatever did happen to Sabrina the Teenage Witch? And.. isn’t that what we’re getting in Constantine, essentially speaking? Isn’t Zatanna DC’s version of Sabrina?

    • With the news release that CW’s ARROW just hired Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer-aka-The Atom as a series regular… and the subsequent fan-hate on the post-Wright Ant-Man project, I’ll be the first to say it — let the DC vs. Marvel flame wars begin!

      It’s amazing. How with every incarnation of a relatively “new” kind of hero, we have these opposites on the DC vs Marvel camp. Last time it was Iron Man and Batman, now it’s Flash and Quicksilver, and then Ant-Man and the Atom.

      It’s terrible that the script is getting such last-minute rewrites. Very few films has stood as sustainable with so many writers working behind it.

      • This movie is going to be a disaster without Edgar Wright…my god. And it was the most anticipated Marvel movie for me, not anymore =/

        • who cares about wright, he is not spielberg. its only an ant man movie.

        • I agree sooo much.
          Marvel really failed on that one. Just let the writers do their work…

      • Looks like what happened to Super Mario Bros way back.Too many writers on the initial script totally ruined the original vision for the movie, according to the Console Wars book.

    • who cares about roach man anyways. at least we got the atom..lol

  2. who is ant man ??? what does he do ???

    • Who is your daddy and what does he do?

      No but seriously idk much. He’s an inventor who comes up with this technology/suit that can alter the mass and size of its wearer. He can also communicate with ants somehow. He invented ultron in the comics from what I’ve read, but marvel won’t be using that storyline for the upcoming ultron movie.

      Also there are about 3 different ant-mans + goliaths + giant mans. And Wasp, who is the female hero that uses the same tech.

    • We’ll see DC’s The Atom first though (similar powers, came before Ant-Man was created) since Brandon Routh has been cast in the role for Arrow season 3.

      • Didn’t know till I read your comment. Brandon Routh in Arrow Season 3 to play Ray Palmer aka The Atom?!? That’s awesome!

        • Yep, been checking the SR site since late afternoon (it’s now 9pm here) and so far, no article yet about that casting addition.

          • Additional note, Palmer will feature in 14 episodes as the new owner of Queen Consolidated and act as a love interest for Felicity.

            • I like Brandon Routh and will be interesting what the Arrow writers do with the character.

      • Just read the news, I was already a big fan of Arrow, and after this, YES. Absolute win.

      • Routh is a little too big to be playing Palmer, lol awe well I guess he gets an all paid for gym membership at the labs he works at.

  3. I was so excited for this movie when I first heard about it, and don’t get me wrong I’ll still be the first in line for the midnight premiere, but I’ve just been so disappointed with Wright leaving and all of these crazy rewrites. The only reason I’m still excited is because of Rudd.

    • I’m not even planning to see it at the cinema any more, I’ll wait until it airs on TV a year later. I just can’t support this film after what’s happened to Edgar Wright.

      • Hey Dazz, did you ever let us know where we can read/view/listen to your creative works from the Gary Oldman thread last week? I still really want to check it out.

        • Most of my writing is either on an external hard drive (I keep going back and editing/removing/rewriting things) or is in the e-wrestling world of writing to occupy my time (wiki that if you need to).

          Same with my music, I just spent over £100 sending cassette tapes off to be put onto CD just so I can listen to what’s on them while I work on demoing my debut album (vague release date of “sometime in 2015″, haha).

          I have two things though, this short instrumental (I wrote and recorded it in a single afternoon, playing all instruments too):


          And this short story I wrote for an e-wrestling website in April 2009 which I’m most proud of out of everything I’ve ever written (bit on the long side though, you have been warned):


        • Not sure if Paul Young might have to let the post show since I put two links in there and it hasn’t shown up after posting.

          • If that doesn’t work, could you post it with just the name of the relevant site(s) and some surefire search criteria? Thanks!

            • http://fwrestling(dot)com/host/chaoticwrestling/Chapter5.html

              Just replace the (dot), hopefully that works. It’s the work I’m most proud of though it’s in the “e-wrestling” side to things (wiki that if necessary, my non-wrestling stuff keeps getting edited, rewritten, deleted, etc and is currently on an external hard drive somewhere until I come up with something I’m happy with).

              • https://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=ml9pMOoJVDY

                Again, replace the (dot). Old instrumental I wrote and recorded in an afternoon back in 2006, played all instruments myself plus mixing and editing.

                Currently awaiting my old cassette tape demos to be sent back on CD so I can see what’s on them and if there’s anything worth using for my debut album (tentative release of “possibly 2015″).

              • Quick note too, re-reading that thing (written in April 2009) and yeah, even now I still think it sucks, even if it’s considered my best work, haha.

                Anyway, enough off topicness from me.

                • @Dazz, do you happen to post on EFK? If so, this is Kise! Hi.

                  • EFK? Nope, sorry but hey anyway!

      • Dazz: Can you provide insight into what Marvel did to Edgar Wright? Aside from creative differences in a long term plan I don’t really view Marvel as the antagonist. From an outsider perspective, I know very little about the demise of the relationship, it appears Hollywood egos were too big to fit in the same room and Wright stepped away because he didn’t want to have his “vision” desecrated. But from my perspective, he knew the contract he was entering into and knew the reputation of Marvel studios.


        • Thing is, when Wright signed the contract to work with Marvel Studios, they didn’t have a reputation. They still hadn’t even decided that Iron Man would be their first film, Wright was signed on in 2006 to help them establish a film universe of their own to rival Fox and Sony and use some of their other properties which the other companies didn’t own the film rights to.

          Basically, as the Marvel Movie Universe grew and added more and more films to its roster, Wright and Kevin Feige worked together to edit the Ant-Man script to better fit the changes and additions to the MMU.

          Now suddenly, 8 years later, Marvel aren’t happy with something they’ve looked at as it’s evolved since 2006 and saw fit to change it behind his back? Something isn’t right there. Awfully suspicious and shady dealings in Camp Marvel from the way I see it.

        • Edgar Wright didn’t meet the requirements for making a Marvel movie. He didn’t want to put a joke in every 30 seconds. He didn’t want to have emotionless heroes. He didn’t want to have a boring, predictable plot. Marvel is going to destroy themselves if they keep up with this garbage.

          • And before anyone insults Minh for using those terms, someone close to Wright when asked for more details the week he walked out on Ant-Man used those exact words to describe the rewritten script Edgar was given that had been worked on behind his back as he geared up for pre-production.

            • how about a link to anything you just described, especially where marvel re-wrote the script behind his back.

        • hmph… what a wonderful plant.

    • Agreed

    • you said: I’ve just been so disappointed with Wright leaving and all of these crazy rewrites.

      what ?? – you realize you don’t make any logical sense don’t you?
      did you read the script before or after Wright left? do you know ANYTHING about what changes have been made so far or what changes/ additions are even yet to made on set IN THE NEAR FUTURE ???
      how can you be upset about something you and NO ONE ELSE know anything about ??? NOTHING has been publicly released – have they even started filming yet?

      I’m curious, what SPECIFICALLY are you talking about re: crazy rewrites?
      NO ONE knows anything about this movie other than what Marvel has publicly announced and yet some people seem to have such informed opinions – how is that even possible? heck Marvel probably doesn’t even have a solid opinion on what they like about the movie – since they’re barely about to start filming it!!!

  4. You probably need to revise “Like everyone else…”

    Its broad and I am sure drastically over stated. LOL.

    • No. Everyone was looking forward to Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man. EVERY. ONE. ;-)

      Nah, it’s a fair point, I amended it a little.

  5. “Like everyone else, we were excited to see Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) offer his own unique spin on the Marvel Cinematic Universe”…

    Eh… no, sorry. Not for me. I came into this saying: “OMG! They’re making a movie about Ant-Man!!! Yay!” Then I heard “Edgar Wright is directing it” (“Oh… okay, I suppose…”) and “The movie will focus on Scott Lang” (“Whaaaaaat??? Lang…? Lang…? oh, right, Lang…”) then “but Pym will be in it (“Phew!!”) but he’ll be a retired super-hero” (again “Whaaaaaaaaat???”). So in all honesty, as soon as I heard about the premise of the movie written by Wright, my enthusiasm for the movie went down like a deflating balloon.

    As for these news, they seem pretty minor at this point. McKay didn’t take on the directing job in the first place because he already was booked on something else. Maybe now that he had worked on the rewrites, he has to move on with his other project, so he won’t be able to be around to make last minutes changes to the script on set.

    • Thank you. I’m so sick of everyone acting like Edgar Wright was going to automatically produce the best Marvel film to date.

      I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel was trying to get him to switch the main character to Hank Pym and he wanted to stick with Lang. That was a really odd choice for him to write the classic Ant-Man out of relevance.

      • I don’t think it would’ve been “the best Marvel film to date”, but with all these last minute changes before production, it’s set up to be the worst.

        And like you said, with all of the huge deviations from the comic books, comic fans are going to be upset already. Now add on top of that all of the problems that come with making last minute changes, plus the bad press… the odds are stacked against this movie

        • I’m just bracing myself for the next decade to hear “what if Edgar Wright had made Ant-Man?” as if somehow that was the wrong turn Marvel took.

          How is Edgar Wright somehow this hypothetically perfect Marvel director? The best move of his career was to skip out on this movie. Not because he dodged a bullet, but because now everyone will always have this fantasy of the perfect Edgar Wright Ant-Man that he never actually made.

        • A couple good films to date had to suffer from last minute changes, look at “Jaws”. Originally we were supposed to see more of the shark but the anamotronic wouldn’t work like supposed to. A couple other films had sript rewrites and not all of them turn out so awful.

          • That’s right; and early tests ended up feeding the animatronic shark someone’s tasty leg. For real no shizzle! Or no sizzle..oh you get the point! lol

            Ah, the movies & their ant-ics! he he

        • If I had a penny for every time I heard “the odds are stacked against this movie” or “because of this one actor being cast (or RUMORED) or director being changed I’m never gonna watch it ever this sucks i hate everything blah blah”…

          Bad press is good press guys, the fact that news outlets are reporting like crazy on a film which we haven’t seen a sliver of generates a lot of buzz, which gets the name out there.
          I don’t need to point to something as high profile as BvS:DoJ as an example.

          All that being said, I would’ve loved to see Wright’s take on it, purely because he seems like a huge fan of the character, and I thought his take on the comic book movie (Scott Pilgrim) was brilliant.

          • Why don’t you ask Lion’s Gate if they think all the press Ender’s Game got helped.

            • I agree with your sentiment to a point… But I think Ender’s Game would have performed WAAAAY worse (if possible) without the attention it got.

              It was a poorly done movie based off a relatively obscure novel.

              Disappointment aside, I don’t think any of the controversy had much to do with it. People don’t usually respond to that stuff. Just look at X-Men: DoFP.

      • That was kind of a theory I had also… Wright was so hung on making a movie about Scott Lang because as a kid, that’s the first Ant-Man he came across while reading “Marvel Premiere” (or Marvel Feature, I always mix the two up). He must have continued to believe that Lang was a huge thing, while in fact he’s fairly, if not completely, insignificant in the Marvel Universe History.

        I always believed that it had to be something really significant in his mind to make him abandon his pet project that he had been aiming for for the last ten years or so. I still get the feeling that, from a purely fanboy point of view, pushing aside Lang in order to make the main character Pym could very well be the only thing that made Wright walk away.

        I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one thinking along those lines. Now, as to how the rewrites will go, I guess it’s only wait and see, I suppose.

        • You guys never give up do you? Lang is going to be Ant-Man if you don’t like it don’t see the movie.

          • Give up at what? We’re just saying that Edgar Wright’s decisions seemed to move in a direction we were less interested in seeing…

            I’m sure the movie would have been fine, but this assumption that he would have made not only the best And-Man movie, but also the definitive Marvel movie seems really ill founded.

    • Agreed. Wright’s name was the only good thing about his involvement in this film. Lang as the primary Ant-Man? Pym relegated to the wise old mentor role? Resisting incorporating the cinematic universe? No thanks.

      • He never “resisted incorporating the cinematic universe” at all, where did you get that from?

        The reason it was taking so long to release was because he kept rewriting it to add new plot details based on the movies that released during the time Ant-Man was still in the writing stage so that it would be relevant and not ignore what had happened in the previous movies.

        Let me guess, you only just found out about this Ant-Man movie a month or two ago, right?

        • He left over script discrepancies. Marvel wanted to make changes that he didn’t want… Last I checked, that means he was resisting.

          Or maybe he didn’t resist, because he just left instead. Either way, it’s splitting hairs. Wright didn’t want to make the changes Marvel wanted.

        • I’ve been following this movie for the last couple years, thanks very much. The changes Marvel generally makes to its scripts are ones that enhance the interconnectivity of its component franchises. The films that embrace this (Avengers Assemble, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Iron Man – to a lesser degree) stand out as the best installments in the MCU. The ones that either mostly ignore it (The Incredible Hulk) or have it forced upon them via extensive rewrites (Iron Man 2, Thor: The Dark World) tend to lag behind as forgettable pictures. Ant-Man seems to be falling into that last category, partially due to Edgar Wright being unwilling to work with the shared universe and wanting, like some of the other directors, to strike out on his own. That’s a great way to make films, but it’s a terrible way to make a shared universe. Joss Whedon and the Russos get it. Artists like Wright don’t.

          • I should add that James Gunn, by comparison, looks like he gets it, too, and because of that he was able to enthusiastically tackle Guardians of the Galaxy, giving it his own flair but still working firmly within the MCU, expanding it and pushing it forward, rather than tying to work around it. It’s worth noting, though, that because GotG happens far from Earth, he probably has a lot more freedom with what he can show and do.

    • Well you know I completely agree with you :)

      (and it’s Marvel Premiere #47 “To Steal an Ant-Man!” ;) )

      • Thanks Mongoose! I keep forgetting (although I do remember the number and the subtitle)

    • im with you, i took a look at a few of wrightes films. its nothing but british style humor. he is very limited. im glad he is off the project. no movie he has done has been a great success and he has given his best shot a few times.it was wright that wanted lang not pym. it was wright that stopped wasp from being added to the avengers. it was wright that didnt want to use the pym ultron creation story (now what good is antman). thats why josh whedon had to create an ultron story without using pym.it sounds like wright has been more of a disruption to me.

      • I’ll always resent Wright for pushing forward Lang into the MCU as the ‘main’ Ant-Man.

        I apologize to his fans. It doesn’t mean he’s not a talented director, although he’s really not my cup of tea. But this… to a hardcore Avengers and Pym fan, it’s unforgivable.

        • I have to agree. For me Lang is much less interresting than Pym.

  6. This is getting rediculous…..the Making Of of this movie is getting to be more interesting then the movie it self.


  7. :(

  8. How do I get a job as a writer on this!?
    Wright would have made Ant-Man the best film in the MCU. He is by far the most talented of all the directors Marvel has used.

    • Well, most talented as far as someone who knows and grew up with the comic book genre. Sir Kenneth Branagh directed Thor, can’t say he’s not talented since he’s a very respected thespian with a lot of acting, writing and directing credits to his name and various awards and plaudits because of it, including his knighthood.

      • Yea and Branagh’s a fine actor… who should stick to acting. Frame by frame, scene for scene, Thor was terrible. Don’t even get me started on that Jack Ryan mess.
        Wright can put together a full, complete film. Imo, he could have easily made the best film in the Marvel catalog. At least aesthetically.

        • I disagree, I think that the first Thor film was an extremely difficult film to make. Like the original Burton Batman movie. What we as fans often seem to forget is that the original 89 Batman was the first that dealt with the mass assumption that Batman was this campy, pot-bellied cartoon figure. Burton’s Batman paved the way for superhero films to be considered seriously, at least amongst the general audience. Before that, only those who read the comics knew that to be true, but the general film-going audience did not.

          Similarly, a film about a Norse God existing in our time and fighting threats is an extremely hard idea to sell. A lesser director would’ve focused completely on that sort of CHARIOT OF THE GODS / PROMETHEUS idea that pervades Thor’s setting: that the gods exist, and that they are alien beings. Seriously, think about how wonderfully Branagh crafted an entire film about Thor, a violent war-god, to be humbled and still make that world of Thor so widely acceptable to everyone who watched that movie. I think the film is extremely underrated, especially amongst fans. It is perhaps one of the most intelligently crafted films in Marvel’s cinematic corpus, right next to The Avengers.

          Years from now people will forget how difficult it was to see the characters of Marvel’s cinematic universe all come together in The Avengers. The success of the film sort of overshadows how difficult it is to convince fans that what you’re watching isn’t something silly. And that’s saying a lot. Only a really good storyteller can achieve that.

          • Please explain why THOr is hard to sell compared to say all 8 Harry Potter films. There was no need to nerf Thor in the films and heck Batman is not a hard character to film either.

          • I feel like you’re describing what Thor could have been, and unfortunately not what it turned out to be.
            Where Burton’s Batman showed audiences how the character should be taken more seriously, Branagh’s Thor told audiences, “Hey guys it’s not that serious, see, Thor’s funny, he can get tazed, he can request a horse in a pet shop. We’re gonna throw more Kat Dennings in, the Warriors 3 will be in the background somewhere. And they’re not gods so much as they’re, wait for it..ALIENS!”
            They made him accessible by making him not ‘The Mighty Thor’ but just some joke named ‘Thor…’
            It’s the Marvel way tho. I’m not complaining, Ant-Man’s just gonna suck now.

          • “most intelligently crafted films in Marvel’s cinematic corpus, right next to The Avengers.” Avengers is the most overrated piece of crap to hit this world. It is not brilliant, it is nowhere near great. It is a very average movie, I dare you to rewatch it if you can tolerate that crap again. Jokes are all over the place and no main villain. What a BORE.

            • Clearly you haven’t seen it. All your points for it being overrated are untrue. It’s obviously not the Citizen Kane of comic book movies, but it did something unique. And now after it’s incredible success, DC are rushing to emulate, despite having far more recognizable characters in their line up. No matter what happens with A2: AoU, or how better or worse DoJ is, The Avengers did do something incredible and unique, and it did it well.

              FYI, Loki was the main villain. Look for the reindeer helmet.

      • Agreed. I wouldn’t say that Wright would have been the most talented. But he definitely would have been the most auteur (after James Gunn, maybe).

  9. how about ant-man shrinks so small that this movie disappears and instead we get a Deadpool movie? Now that sounds like a winner!!

    (before you trolls start in with your “different company and property smack” Im aware of that and just would rather see Deadpool!! )

    im getting the sense that no one cares about antman at this point.

    • Ant-Man’s the wrong property. You want ACME Endang-O across the street.

  10. I heard that it was retitled to The Antman and pushed back to August 2nd?

  11. Honestly, all hope is gone. This film is gonna suck.

  12. So Gunn just finished GOTG and said it was the best experience of his life – yeah, it must be all Marvels fault that Wright left. Marvel must be so awful to work for.


    And yes, I am sure there is blame on both sides, but the the whole “Wright is the greatest thing since sliced bread” schtick has gotten old.

    • No ones saying he’s “the greatest film maker ever” but with that said, people prefer a good director whose made some great films over one whose made mediocre to terrible films.

      • This.

        Besides, compare Gunn’s fun making GOTG to 95% of Marvel’s previous directors who all bowed out of working with them again save for Favreau and the Russos due to their experiences working with Marvel Studios.

        Heck, even Favreau vowed to never direct for them again after IM2 because he was tired of their attitude towards him and his film and quietly supported Wright not long ago in a way that could also come across as neutral to avoid seeing the wrong side of Marvel’s machine.

        • After all the extra screen time he gave himself in Iron Man 2, I say good riddance to him.

      • great? what great movies has wright made?

        • Opinion /clash/

    • Were sick of all these mediocre Marvel films. For once I wish they would make a truly GREAT superhero movie. I thought that was coming with Ant-Man. Cap. 2 and Iron Man 1 were GREAT, but everything else from Marvel is very MEH or dogsh1t.

  13. Ok. Say Edgar Wright’s not that big a deal. Who is Peyton Reed!? And who is Peyton Reed compared to Edgar Wright!?!?
    I’m just hoping this is the last of the Marvel v Director problem.
    The Russos did a bang up job. I’m expecting GotG to be pretty dope. I’m kind of excited for Derrickson on Strange. Whedon knows what he’s doing. Ant-Man could have been a surprise hit.

    • If Whedon knew what he was doing, he would’ve made a great Avengers movie.

      • He knows what he’s doing in the sense of filming a sequel to a film he made. Not in the sense of The Avengers being The Avengers. I mean, it’s Joss Whedon. He’s good at doing Joss Whedon. Avengers would have been a completely different film under the direction of someone better.

        • edgar “funny quick-cuts” wright was the worst possible choice and peyton reed will make the far superior movie with ant-man.

          see, i too can make statements like they are fact with no way to prove it.

  14. At first it was Edgar Wright’s name that drew my attention. Ant-Man’s an ok character (hard to look past that Hank Pym wife beating thing), but it was the irreverent style of Wright’s that had me on board. Now he’s gone and they are hiring writers to do re-writes during shooting? That is never a good sign. They’re taking a somewhat obscure character and are going to start shooting without a finished script. To quote everybody in Star Wars, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

    • they arent even shooting yet, filming begins next month

  15. I’ll care about this movie when they dump it like trash to make a black panther or ms marvel movie.

  16. Geez is it bad I’m getting tired of Antman news?! I’m still excited about the film but, enough! Marvel needs to stop with all the Ant-man press… tighten up what gets revealed….put their heads down…and get to making this movie already! I don’t care if it’s directed by Grigori Rasputin and the screenwriter being William Shakespeare with the script finished by Franz Kafka! Just get it done!

    Come to thnk of it, I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT MOVIE! Marvel start cloning or Necromancy!

    • or Necrophilia!
      Yeah yeah McKay can go dig up Shakespeare and do weird stuff with his skull and bones, unroll Rasputin from dat rug and tug tug tug for inspiration…
      Let’s leave Kafka out of this though, that would be uncouth.

      In all seriousness I agree, this is kind of a joke, I feel like they are spending more time making little announcements that are supposed to reassure everyone when it just feels like they are reeling.

      At this point, Feige has a plan, if they salvage Wright’s script and do a Marvel cookie cutter job to fill in the holes we will have a solid, cool movie. Just get on with it!

      • I love this answer “Feige has a plan” No he doesn’t. If he did, there wouldn’t have been any trouble with Wright to begin with. And since Wright left it seems their “plan” is getting worse.

        • @Sandra…

          Pretty ignorant response. Obviously Feige has a plan which is why he and Wright didn’t see eye to eye.

          You gotta remember that this movie was being written and created before Iron Man 1 came out. Since then the MCU has taken off. It is easy to imagine that Wrights script and story may be out of place and not gel with the current MCU as it was written back over 10 years ago. So Feige wants the story and script to be rewritten to fit in with the current MCU.

        • hae has part of a plan…

    • What’s crazy is that Wright left so close to the film’s release that they have to put it together piece-meal because it’s too late to scrap it for something else.

  17. People keep forgetting that Edgar Wright’s films are more niche films. They don’t make a whole lot of money.

  18. I am interested to see if Wright’s and conversely, Marvel’s input into scenes and dialogue will be evident when watching the final film. At this point, with so many rewrites following Wright’s departure, I suspect his treatment of Ant-Man will simply be an inspiration for the final product. Also I can’t help but wonder if Pym as a young man would have shown up in Phase Two and created Ultron had Wright not still been attached to the project until the last moment.

  19. Man I can’t believe all the hate for this film.

    Little to nothing is known about the story. Yes Edgar Wright has some REALLY good movies. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are some of my favorite comedies ever. However, knowing that Ant-Man is years in the making (since before MCU blew up big), we can assume that the story would have needed a lot of updating to gel with the MCU.

    It seems Wright was frustrated with that situation.

    Plus, for all we know, much of Wrights story and script could stay the same. We still may get a really good movie. For all we know, maybe Marvel wanted to tone down the humor? Maybe Wright didn’t want to tone down the humor. I would say toning down the humor might be good.

  20. I knew that rolan would be in here somehow to post his usual childish remarks! I sure wish I didn’t have to read his dribble on EVERY Marvel post but when it is DC he sure has a sweaty sack for that Co.

    • LOL!!! SO true…

      rolan never fails to show up in a Marvel thread and trash Marvel.

      That kinda stuff gets really old.

  21. Man so much hate for this movie… People are all up and arms about a movie that we know practically nothing about except for some casting, characters, and release date. Yes we know that Wright left…

    IMO, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz are his REALLY good movies. Scott Pilgrim was so-so and The World’s End was pretty good. But think about this…Ant-Man’s script and story were started before the MCU blew up big. Now Marvel wants to do rewrites so that the story gels with the overall MCU. Obviously Wright got tired of the many changes and left. His prerogative….

    But what if the changes being made are for the better? Maybe Marvel wanted to tone down the humor since Wright does a lot of deadpan humor. Maybe Marvel wanted to tie in Ultron to Ant-man like in the comics. For all we know, maybe Wrights script and story weren’t that great and would have ACTUALLY felt out of place with the MCU.

    Don’t forget the Russo brothers didn’t have a big resume before Cap 2 and that turned out good. James Gunn doesn’t have a “golden” resume either and so far Guardians looks great!

    Either way, I’m still giving this movie a chance. I DO wish Wright had stayed but I still have faith that Marvel will put out a good product since I have been happy with all of their movies thus far. Thor: Dark World is my least favorite so far and even that I like.

    • Wise words, friend. I agree with you completely! Except for that “I wish Wright would have stayed” part, but that’s just me ;)

    • FINALLY – a voice of reason and logic!!
      well said – so many people on this site (and virtually any other) – seem to know so much about a movie that hasn’t begun filming and about a script and any changes that they & NO ONE else has even read (heck may be the actors haven’t even read the changes).

      and in reality it’s Marvel’s movie, Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and Marvel’s characters – NOT Edgar Wright’s.
      He probably would have made a fun and good movie – but no one will ever know (accept may be in an alternate reality) so why even bother to argue over something with no information and either way has no logical reasoning or outcome.

      With all the talent involved in the movie – I think the film is going to turn out great no matter who directs it.
      and for those concerned about on-set re-writes or script changes – that’s actually pretty common no matter what the film is – so stop freaking out.

  22. That Marvel “week oiled machine” is about to bind up by pursuing this pointless character. I can recall just one notable Ant-Man story in “The Avengers”, and that was a rip off of a movie about shrinking some scientists to go inside a body. Moreover, it seems like Marvel is trying to make this one a comedy, and comedy is really hard to do.

  23. Really? Really? Really? Reall?

    I’m so done with this movie, why is there so much trouble for this movie.

    I’m starting to think they should have just went with Black Panther.

  24. Hmmm. This is the first MARVEL studios film I’m genuinely concerned for. At first I was very “Who gives a crap about Ant-Man??”, then I started reading about the production history and thought, well if the guy who directed all those great Cornetto films has such a passion for this…. I’ll give it a try. Then MARVEL/Disney sack the heart and soul behind this film, and EVERY bit of news that has come since, has been AWFUL (A scab director who’s film repertoire consist of ALL terrible movies, and now rewrites directed by the corporate hand??) I really dug that despite Disney buying up MARVEL, they let the artist do their thing, now I keep hearing more and more about them interfering with the directors who don’t have Whedon level clout. Up until the MARVEL/Star Wars buyouts, I strictly avoided Disney. I’ll stick around for a moment to see what happens, but if the stories go limp, they’ll only another ticket or two out of me before I’m done. And not as an ‘enraged nerd’, just by virtue of a failure in quality (I don’t care what anyone says, in my humble opinion THOR 2 was thee worst MARVEL film to date, bland, bland, bland. Thanks to corporate interference, from what I’ve read…) So basically: DON’T F**K THIS UP DISNEY.

    • * “..they’ll only get another ticket or two out of me before I’m done.”

      Pardon me.

    • Disney have NOTHING to do with this. they are not involved with what is happening in the Marvel films, just like Pixar, everything done in Marvel Studios is done by Marvel, without Disney, the only time Disney inteffered was with them saying that Marvel cannot do a Demon in the Bottle film, ever, but besides that everything is done with Marvel, every issue going on is with Marvel, not Disney, the Wright problem is a problem with Marvel, Kevin Feige and Wright, not Wright and Disney.

      • Oh I’m sure there is a Disney Exec in there somewhere keeping tabs on things, “just in case” (don’t want another John Carter on their hands after all ;) ) but yeah, Disney is pretty much hands off of Marvel. They own them but allow Marvel pretty much full creative control.

  25. Anyone have any idea when the movie starts filming? I’m interested in that.

    • I think I’ve read somewhere that it’s in the beginning of August, but I’m not certain. It’s no more than a few weeks away, that I’m sure.

  26. This was later confirmed by Deadline.