Marvel Bumps ‘Ant-Man’ Up to a Summer 2015 Release Date

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ant man movie release date Marvel Bumps Ant Man Up to a Summer 2015 Release Date

Marvel Studios originally had plans to conclude “Phase 1″ of its shared cinematic universe by releasing The Avengers and then begin “Phase 2″ with Runaways later in summer 2012, but the latter project ended up being put into turnaround; as it were, Runaways writer Drew Pearce went on to co-pen the actual beginning starting installment for “Phase 2,” Iron Man 3 (not to mention maintain a heathy working relationship with Marvel). However, history won’t repeat itself in “Phase 2,” as the 2015 sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron will be joined by Edgar Wright’s long-developing Ant-Man (kicking off “Phase 3″) later that same year.

Wright’s superhero movie was previously scheduled to arrive in November 2015; that is, almost exactly two years after Thor: The Dark World‘s theater premiere date (the Fall season is untested waters for both Marvel movies and comic book genre blockbusters in general). However, two months back, Sony decided to claim Ant-Man‘s Fall date for the 24th James Bond film, and since then we’ve been anticipating that Marvel would be reshuffling its “Phase 3″ beginning installment to another (Fri)day (rather than force Hank Pym to square off against Agent 007).

Ant-Man is now slated to open in theaters on July 31st, 2015, just a week over three months earlier than its previously-set November 6th date that year. Several heavyweight blockbusters and tentpole sequels – Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator 5, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – will have opened in theaters and finished the most lucrative portion of their theatrical run by that point; though, director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel (rumored to be titled Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman) will have arrived on the scene two weeks before Wright’s film is unleashed. As it stands, though, the sole opening weekend competition for Ant-Man is going to be Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars, which is based on Ransom Rigg’s popular novel.

Ant Man fitting in with the Hulk storyline Marvel Bumps Ant Man Up to a Summer 2015 Release Date

So far, details are by and large being kept under wraps on Wright’s Ant-Man script, which was co-written by Attack the Block writer/director Joe Cornish (Wright and Cornish also co-wrote Adventures of Tintin with Steven Moffat). What little information has been confirmed involves what not to expect from the film; namely, the megalomaniacal robot Ultron, who is the creation of Hank Pym in the traditional Ant-Man comic book mythos but in the MCU continuity will get a new origin story (and instead serve as the antagonist in writer-director Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie sequel).

Ant-Man is expected to uphold the precedent established by “Phase 2,” where each installment gets its distinct shape thanks to the director in charge (Iron Man 3, for example, is foremost a Shane Black movie). Therefore, if you’re been a fan of Wright’s past work – Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The World’s End – and want to see a superhero movie in that style, then Ant-Man is probably among your most (if not the most) anticipated Marvel projects on the horizon… despite the lack of concrete details or casting so far.


Ant-Man is now scheduled to open in theaters on July 31st, 2015.

Source: Marvel Studios

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  1. Smart move!! It can ride the coat tail of avengers 2

  2. Earlier release date hopefully means earlier casting news and synopsis release so stoked.

  3. i really like ant-man and hope they dont make this movie a comedy

    • Given that he’s never directed a film which isn’t a comedy, I’d say you’re s*&t outta luck on that one. Personally I’m okay with it being at least by some measure a comedy. I would be surprised if it didn’t retreat some of the ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ territory. Not that I am looking forward to that, but I fully expect it it be family friendly, and I’m okay with that. If Edgar Wright can entertain me as much as he did with Sean of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim versus the World, I’ll be extremely happy.

      • They need to keep the dorky funny-hahas out of it as much as possible, with an eye towards the future: ie.: Giant-Man/Ant-Man joining The Avengers at some point.

        • Every marvel studios movie to date has balanced action and comedy to some degree, with the exception of the Incredible Hulk. What tone do you think general audiences would want from a movie called Ant-Man? Something like Requiem for a dream perhaps?

          • Well, let’s see…we don’t want one of the 3 Stooges joining the Avengers with all the smart-arse clutter of too much dumb humor following him along. We don’t need the type of humor that was in Green Lantern (the humor did nothing for me, way too over the top), altho I basically liked the Green lantern movie. We don’t need the type of humor like Fantastic Four and Spiderman had in one of their movies each, where they are dancing around or acting drunk. We don’t need the type of humor that makes you think we are on Bill And Ted’s excellent Adventure or that is in Jim Varney’s Ernest movies or anything. An occasional clever joke is OK, but often jokes and funny lines get out of hand and tend to obscure the seriousness of a threat from the baddies. Tony Stark is sometimes mildly funny in his movies, but we don’t need another snarkster (Pym). Let’s keep Pym a little more of a serious contender for the title of a superhero you would want to save you if the baddies came knocking.

        • We could say the same about most of your posts.

          • When you’re good, you’re good; when you’re better, you’re me, piggy-poo!

    • I don’t really mind humor if it’s done well and balanced. If it ends up being similar to The Avengers, I’m sold. Joss Whedon handled the comedy in that film extremely well. If it ends up being like Iron Man 3 comedy, I think it’ll be a turn off for me. Like Kurobara said, it’s Edgar Wright so there’s bound to be some humor, let’s just hope it’s balanced.

      • No humor, please!

    • It’ll definitely be in the same vein of Edgar Wright’s previous films, I’m sure. However, one great thing about his original project movies is that although they are comedies, he never sacrifices a story grounded in real human drama for a joke. It’s always a real story that uses some fun sci-fi bit as the playground that it’s on. Ex: The World’s End is about a selfish alcoholic who can’t stop living in the past and he uses the robot apocalypse to service his needs, Shaun of the Dead is about an irresponsible manchild who finally transitions into adulthood during a zombie apocalypse, Hot Fuzz is…I don’t remember Hot Fuzz that well, but you get my point. It’ll be a good story, served with a healthy dose of humor.

      • they’re not robots. 😉

    • Agreed. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz were both stupid, IMO, and Runaways is just a mispelled something planes land on. I hope they “bump up” Ant-Man to his full Goliath/Giant-Man size, have him be Hank Pym, and get him ready for Avengers #3 if not before!

    • I really like ant-man and expect this to be a pure comedy movie. I really want marvel to start exploring other genres within there own universe and train the audiences to accept radical shifts in tone (just like the comics).

      • The thing is there is nothing – nothing – funny in the comics about Ant-Man.

        • Agreed. He is a pretty serious character, compared to some. About the only banter I remember was once or twice when he was getting into a chest-thumping contest with Quicksilver and Hawkeye, much in the same league as how The Torch and Thing scrap a bit in Fantastic Four.

  4. Didn’t see that coming. Agree with Trey, it is a smart move to release it soon after The Avengers but 2 weeks after Man of Steel 2? If the Superman and Batman film does indeed end up being knocked out of the park with good reviews and all, I think Antman will get swallowed (maybe gain traction a couple weeks after release). Though if Man of Steel 2 gets negative reviews, my guess is Antman will end with a very strong box office gross.

    • they might be hoping to cover it up if it does poorly also. avengers might be their way to keep it the money coming if ant-man does bad in the summer

      • I think you’re half right. By releasing Antman so soon after, it may re-ignite people’s interest in Avengers 2 (2 months after release) and the audience will maybe want to watch the movie another time before or after Antman.

        • I forgot it was so close to batman vs superman. Maybe they are hoping it will hurt its box office

          • Moving a movie up 6 or something months to grab attention from another movie is one twisted move for Marvel to pull if it’s true. I don’t think that’s the reason though, well I hope not aha. I wonder if Thor does really well in November they’ll move the Antman release date back to November.

  5. Simon Pegg=Hank Pym.

    • Your math is kinda messed up, my friend 😉

      In no way does anything Simon Pegg has ever done resemble the character of Hank Pym… not even in the slightest.

      • I think he’s just talking about how Wright always works with Simon Pegg.

        You’re prbly wright that he doesn’t look anything like Hank Pym, but Pegg is a really good actor 😉 Is he wright for this role? Probably not, but idk.

      • I think what is means is that Hank Pym, I mean Scott Lang, will be played by Simon Pegg. Pegg has been Wright’s lead man for 3/4 of his movies so far.

        • Simon Pegg may be a good actor, but looks NOTHING like either Pym nor Lang.

      • Actually, Ant-man would be another opportunity to cast someone outside of the usual “Adonis” comic-book mold. Why couldn’t he be someone shorter, a little overweight, older, etc.?

        I’ve been thinking about this lately (thinking about how “handcuffed” DC is in finding actors to play Batman, and especially Superman [height, build, chins, etc.]). I think the filmakers need to expand the various looks of their characters. There simply aren’t that many good actors that look like comic book drawings. Marvel especially, since they are making team movies.

        • Simon Pegg may be a good actor, but looks NOTHING like either Pym nor Lang.

        • sorry, my previous post got posted at the wrong place 😉

          What I meant to say was I don’t agree with your comment. I think they should cast an actor that looks the part. Hank Pym is a tall, square-shouldered blond man with blue eyes. Lang is just a bit shorter than Pym, also broad-shouldered, and with auburnish hair. They took Pym out of the foundling team, they took Ultron from him… could they at least keep him like he is in the comics??

          • I think a lot of these creations were made to meet a deadline and comic book artists don’t always have the greatest range of faces and body types. Hair color and costumes often distinguish them apart. I’m just saying it would benefit the producers to bend the range of types when possible. Captain America has to look a certain way. Superman also. Ant-man could look however. And general audiences don’t have a set impression in their minds.

            Anyway, the first live action Ant-man was black (Garret Morris, who I hope gets a nod).

            And I don’t think you address my points. You simply say that he looks a certain way in the comics, and therefore he should look that way on screen.

            • I don’t address your point, because the only point you make is that they could digress from canon to expand on the looks of the characters.

              Although I could agree in theory, you go on to say that Cap HAS to look a certain way, so does Superman… but not Ant-Man…? Why? He’s a Marvel character just like the others… Would you buy a red-head Tony Stark, or overweight, or balding? Would you like Thor’s hair to be jet black? I know those are details, I just don’t see why, for Ant-Man, it shouldn’t be as important to cast someone who has the same characteristics that in the comics as it would be for the others. And there are still lots of talented actors who look the part for different Marvel characters.

              And for the record, I wouldn’t consider RDJ an “Adonis” 😉

              • Well, I guess for me, Garrett Morris will always be Ant-Man.

          • I’ll go along with that, Mary Jay. Let’s keep canon as much as possible, and keep the characters as the original authors/creators penned them!

  6. Still not happy with a new origin story for Ultron, if only because Ant-Man in my favorite Avenger. Well, tied with Cap for favorite. Moving up the date seems like a smart move, but at this point, it’s still so far off! Can’t wait for this movie!

    • New origin story for Ultron is not a good idea. They could have introduced Hank Pym as an Avenger, and the Wasp as well, and blew it. Now if Ant-Man turns out to be Scott Lang, they will double-blow it. They shut out (for the time being) 2 original Avengers, and have hinted that Ultron may be more doing what?–sitting around a coffee-table talking about how stressed his humanity is, instead of slobber-knockering it all over the screen with the Avengers? I certainly hope not, because I am really looking forward to this. And they are adding Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch…finally, doing something wild and wonderful and wise and…wait, what’s that? Different nationalities, origins, and SW may be practically an unsure-of-herself teenager? Aw, no, don’t tell me…sounds like a wonderful cornucopia of ideas may be turned corny, and the guys in charge are risking doing everything wrong! Hope that is way way a wrong statement, and that the potential pitfalls don’t materialize, cuz I want this movie to rule! You would think after making some big mistakes on the last two Iron Man flicks, they would have learned their lessons about messing with canon….! Well, I await this with bated breath and palpitating ventricles, and a big gulp in my throat…hope this turns out to be good (still hoping) (Oh, God, I am still hoping)!!!

      • Yes, we are all comicbook fans, and therefore wish that the movies stayed as close to canon as possible, but its just not feasible. You can’t reproduce the comics as movies verbatim. There are so many other considerations and limitations that necessitate changes, never mind the fact that writers and directors may simply WANT to make changes. This is Marvel Movie Universe, not the MCU.
        And as for Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, to use those characters they have to change their origins, because Marvel Studios doesn’t own the rights to Magneto or the term ‘mutant’.

        • Not verbatim, understood and agreed. Bet some things get a little too far out, like wiping out half the core of the X-Men in one fell swoop, or mandarin turning out to be some transient Bozo who was paid with a bottle for his vote, so to speak.

          • oops, “But”, not “Bet”.

          • Yeah, you can go too far, I agree. I was stoked for Iron Man 3 after seeing the ads, then (after the cheap laugh) was disappointed in Mandarin

            • I honestly have not seen it in it’s entirety, but will buy IM#3 when it comes out on DVD. I have seen enough clips and heard enough comments to judge that while I will enjoy some scenes, I am gonna be angry/disappointed at some of the others.

  7. This is a good idea. This definately means Ant-Man WILL be in Avengers 2 as a cameo

    • Who says he wouldn’t have been a cameo with his November release?

    • Yeah, sure… Great wishful thinking bro. But even if they shoot semi-concurrently, if the writer/director says hell no, it still means hell no. No ” *definately* gonna happen now” about it.

  8. Nice! though being so close to SvB has me a little worried. hopefully two weeks will be enough so both can do well and continue to do well. Though i think it wouldve been better to have about a month after SvB. though it also makes since because august doesnt seem to be the greatest month for these kinds of films.

  9. making room for star wars?

  10. jarvis should be Ultron… Problem solved.

    • I should be Green Lantern. Problem also solved.

      • Ken Marino should be Deadpool. Another problem solved.

  11. I don’t think this is a good move for Ant-man and that it is going to run into the same problem as The Wolverine – burnout. The Wolverine is generally regarded as a good movie by fans and critics but returned a mediocre box office largely because it was at the end of a blockbuster studded summer (take note that IM3 probably pulled in as much money Avengers 2 is going to).

    Ant-man isn’t going to have a Hugh Jackman caliber star, a Wolverine fan base, or Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine for over 10 years. After a summer of Avengers, probably Star Wars, Terminator, Pirates, Pixar, and probably a few others I’m forgetting I can see audiences going Ant-man who – I’ll see it on Netflix?

    • I think the X-Men franchise have only done moderately well in the box office. The highest it’s ever reached was around 450 million and The Wolverine is at a solid 360 million or so right now. It’s still going pretty strong if you ask me.

      I think Antman coming off The Avengers 2 so soon will help it quite a bit. it may not reach Iron Man numbers or anything but I think it’ll do just fine. Plus, there’s a chance of The Avengers 2 adding a post credit scene for Antman so that can also help.

  12. Who cares about Star Wars 7, Avengers 2 or Batman vs Superman? ANT-MAN BITCHES!!!

    • Pretty much everybody else

      • Yeah, I know just saying. But I am super pumped for Ant-Man though.

  13. Good thing with Edgar’s comedic style is that its very smart and witty, so I dont expect anything cheesy. Really looking forward to this one.

  14. I want Benedict Cumberbatch to play Ant Man.

    But if he joins DC, then Aqua Man.

    • That would be amazing but for DC I would love love LOVE to see Benedict play a character like Martian Manhunter. Or someone supernatural like Phantom Stranger, Doctor Fate or Specter.

      • Who said Doctor Fate? He is one of my favorite DC heroes (along with Flash and Green Lantern)! Say it again, Sam!

        (Oh yes, I would like to see Martian Manhunter translated onto the big screen live as well).

          • Yo. Excellent idia. Cumberbatch would own that role. I’ve always wanted to see Savage on the big screen.

            • Idea*

  15. That means big trailer and hopeful Ant-Man cameo in The Avengers 2 since it’ll be long done principal photography by then. It also means production starts sooner which means casting starts sooner :)

    • Awesome news all around. :)

  16. 2015 is so stacked. Man of Steel sequel, Avengers 2, Star Wars 7, Terminator 5, Bond 24, Inside Out, possibly X-Force… I just hope Ant-Man didn’t get lost in all of this. And I hope Marvel continues to be risky. I would love to see the Runaways happen.

    • Man. Summer 2015 I’m going to go Broke from all the movies. 😀

    • Iron Man wasn’t an A list character before the first IM movie. Sure he had his own cartoon series and comic book that has a fan base, but in terms of being known in a wider scope, because Ant-Man is known as a Marvel brand I would say it’ll have equal footing with IM, Thor, and Captain America at least for their first movies.

      Just to make it clear, other than fanboys (girls), nobody knew IM before the first movie. Ant-Man will be given the chance replicate or even exceed the expectations.

      • thats what i meant…iron man wasnt a alist character…so ant man has a chance to suprise

      • I always considered him an A-list character in the early comics.

        • speaking as not a hardcore comic book reader i grew up with his comics in the late seventies early eighties, he became one of my favorites but before the movie came out not many people in the mainstream knew about him

          • But even thor and cap didnt blow up the box office with no competition around it, it only made 140 somethin mil in the u.s. it did well overseas due to hemsworth australian roots and the asian countries love of comics. However ant-man doesnt have that pull and wright films never blow up the box office many due rather poor. Not to mention it has a lot of competition. It wont fail but it could be one of the lowest grossing marvel films. Unless thor 2 is massive (800 mil range), which would show riding the avengers coat tales is really that helpful

            • I’m gonna blow up the box-office if that movie is bad….

  17. Benedict c would make a great martian manhunter. How about charlie sheen as ant-man :)

    • Is that the doped-up Sheen? How about Sheen for a barf-bag target dropped from a high height?

  18. Didn’t see that coming. Agree with Trey, it is a smart move to release it soon after The Avengers but 2 weeks after Man of Steel 2? If the Superman and Batman film does indeed end up being knocked out of the park with good reviews and all, I think Antman will get swallowed (maybe gain traction a couple weeks after release). Though if Man of Steel 2 gets negative reviews, my guess is Antman will end with a very strong box office gross.

  19. I wonder if this has anything to do with Disney’s plans to release Star Wars in December?

    I dunno about this. Obviously I’ll be seeing the movie regardless, but with so many blockbusters coming out around the same time, I don’t think Ant-Man will have a lot of luck at the box office (even with Marvel’s incredible marketing team behind the wheel).

    In the Fall there’s usually less competition, and by then people are tired of the action blockbuster, so something different (like Ant-Man) would have worked well there.

  20. Summer 2015 is close to reaching its critical mass. The result could be an explosion that destroys the space-time continuum!

  21. This will be the only marvel film I will never go to see. Ant-man is pathetic!

  22. so i’m not a marvel guy. how small does he get? are we talking insect size or sub-atomic or what?

    • Insect

      • Well, sub-atomic as well… in the newer comics.
        I remember something about Ant-Man finding this “alternate pocket dimension” or something a while back. He had his lab there and a bunch of students (Avengers Academy?) I think.

        But yeah, for the movie, I’m guessing he’ll only be ant-size and giant size. Molecular lever shrinking and alternate dimensions might be a bit too alienating – even for those willing to see a movie called ‘Ant-Man’

  23. Initially, I didn’t like this decision. But, I just looked at the projected schedule for 2015, and I am okay with it. As of now, there aren’t any CBM scheduled to be released in August. So, Ant Man will have room to shine.

    • Don’t know how much room it’ll have to shine with friggin’ “BATMAN AND SUPERMAN ON THE SAME SCREEN!!!” coming out only two weeks before Ant-Man 😉

      • It’ll shine like a black hole.

        Unless they ruin SvB.

  24. I think the only way they can hit the ball out of the park with Ant Man is if he appears in the climax of Avengers 2 in the form of a strange sort of Deus ex machina and undoes the havoc Ultron most probably will reap, since he is also Hank Pym, who is not the creator of Ultron, but still has the brain to defeat it. Then, they can have his movie come out after a few months as it is planned now and really bring out fans to watch it and do his back story and all.
    I am sure Marvel has a plan, as they are the ones who know the whole picture, we can only speculate. 😀
    Btw, I would watch anything by Edgar Wright. I love his comedy… the only thing I am really wondering about is casting…

  25. With Star Wars Ep7 possibly being released in the winter of 2015, bumping up Ant-Man’s release date to late July makes sense. Disney obviously doesn’t want its own products competing against each other.

  26. I think that the move is more to get away from bond than anything else (arguably the strongest movie franchise ever, coming off of its first billion dollar entry that was also critically loved with a bright future ahead and mendes returning). The two weeks after svb is worrisome, but captain america knocked harry potter 8 out of first place the very next weekend. Riding any buzz from avengers i think 100 million dollar box office is what theyre looking for, and ultimately i think theyll get it.

  27. I’m guessing they “Hulk-Up” ANT-MAN…

    …gonna be SICK 😀

  28. For a guy that can shink in size ( and keep his normal strength ) to be underestimated shows that people fail to see the possibilitys ( like perfect spy , assassin by going into someone small then back to normal while still inside or just having insects wreck havoc ) and awsome action stories with the avengers and sheild, I think that definitely makes him a respectfuly powerful /usefull member of the team .