Marvel Bumps ‘Ant-Man’ Up to a Summer 2015 Release Date

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ant man movie release date Marvel Bumps Ant Man Up to a Summer 2015 Release Date

Marvel Studios originally had plans to conclude “Phase 1″ of its shared cinematic universe by releasing The Avengers and then begin “Phase 2″ with Runaways later in summer 2012, but the latter project ended up being put into turnaround; as it were, Runaways writer Drew Pearce went on to co-pen the actual beginning starting installment for “Phase 2,” Iron Man 3 (not to mention maintain a heathy working relationship with Marvel). However, history won’t repeat itself in “Phase 2,” as the 2015 sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron will be joined by Edgar Wright’s long-developing Ant-Man (kicking off “Phase 3″) later that same year.

Wright’s superhero movie was previously scheduled to arrive in November 2015; that is, almost exactly two years after Thor: The Dark World‘s theater premiere date (the Fall season is untested waters for both Marvel movies and comic book genre blockbusters in general). However, two months back, Sony decided to claim Ant-Man‘s Fall date for the 24th James Bond film, and since then we’ve been anticipating that Marvel would be reshuffling its “Phase 3″ beginning installment to another (Fri)day (rather than force Hank Pym to square off against Agent 007).

Ant-Man is now slated to open in theaters on July 31st, 2015, just a week over three months earlier than its previously-set November 6th date that year. Several heavyweight blockbusters and tentpole sequels – Avengers: Age of Ultron, Terminator 5, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – will have opened in theaters and finished the most lucrative portion of their theatrical run by that point; though, director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel (rumored to be titled Batman vs. Superman/Superman vs. Batman) will have arrived on the scene two weeks before Wright’s film is unleashed. As it stands, though, the sole opening weekend competition for Ant-Man is going to be Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars, which is based on Ransom Rigg’s popular novel.

Ant Man fitting in with the Hulk storyline Marvel Bumps Ant Man Up to a Summer 2015 Release Date

So far, details are by and large being kept under wraps on Wright’s Ant-Man script, which was co-written by Attack the Block writer/director Joe Cornish (Wright and Cornish also co-wrote Adventures of Tintin with Steven Moffat). What little information has been confirmed involves what not to expect from the film; namely, the megalomaniacal robot Ultron, who is the creation of Hank Pym in the traditional Ant-Man comic book mythos but in the MCU continuity will get a new origin story (and instead serve as the antagonist in writer-director Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie sequel).

Ant-Man is expected to uphold the precedent established by “Phase 2,” where each installment gets its distinct shape thanks to the director in charge (Iron Man 3, for example, is foremost a Shane Black movie). Therefore, if you’re been a fan of Wright’s past work – Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and The World’s End – and want to see a superhero movie in that style, then Ant-Man is probably among your most (if not the most) anticipated Marvel projects on the horizon… despite the lack of concrete details or casting so far.


Ant-Man is now scheduled to open in theaters on July 31st, 2015.

Source: Marvel Studios

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  1. Stupid idea. There will be two superhero movies to choose that month. Batman VS Superman and Antman, what do you think the GA will choose?

    • I expect that’s not actually a question, but in this scenario it is completely DC’s game to loose. If it’s even close, they will loose.

      Imagine if Batman and Superman got beat by Ant-man. This rescheduling could be showing how confident Marvel is in their movie, and their lack of confidence in DC’s.

      • Thing is no one will see Ant Man. If RIPD couldn’t make back its money Ant Man will break even if its lucky.

        • How do you know this?

          I really liked IM3, but I have to think that a large part of the 1.2 Billion BO is attributable to Avengers fever. Now Avengers 2 will draw initially, no doubt, but if it is a crowd pleaser like before, and features some Ant-man teases, that would give Antman a huge boast. Then if Ant-man is entertaining, watch out.

          Frankly, MOS had plenty of excitement and expectation going for it, but audiences trailed off after a few weeks. If MOS 2 doesn’t deliver more, audiences may gravitate towards a clear alternative.

          In the end, they have to be good movies. Hype like Batfleck or the Marvel/Avengers name will get some butts in seats, but if word of mouth is so-so after that…

          • No. It’s because IM3 came out in a dead month for movies.

            • Thanks for clarifying.

        • First off, comparing Ant Man to RIPD is ridiculous.

          Secondly, Edgar Wright released a movie this year in August (in the US) which doubled its production budget (worldwide). Factor his fan base plus Marvel fans and this film should do fairly well with this release date…two weeks after Supes/Bats.

          Lastly, Man of Steel slipped to #3 in its second week and to #5 the week after that. I think it’s a better move for Marvel to take on the World’s Finest a few weeks later than to attempt to go straight up against Bond in the fall.

        • Uhm… I will? And my family had already stated that they are really interested in this movie as well. There’s going to be audience for Marvel Cinematic Universe, please don’t judge public perception based on your own subjective feeling.

          • You should take your own advice. Most people I know (who are not comic book dorks like me) laughed when I told them they were making an Ant Man movie. Many many jokes ensued. They were not impressed or suddenly interested when I told them it was a Marvel movie. They just kept laughing.

            So no, GA are not going to be impressed just because its Marvel.
            Now, if it comes out an is good (and will have to VERY good to overcome a name like Ant Man) then the GA may become intereseted. Or if Marvel is smart, whcih they have shown to be, Ant Man will be in A2 in some capacity. Then its a different ballgame.

            • The reaction is the same to GotG. And I remember my friends and I laughing at Raiders of the Lost Ark TV commercials. All the hype or impressions don’t matter. The movie has to be good, and I don’t see why Ant-Man can’t be.

  2. I’m so burned out with all the buzz surrounding Age of Ultron and Superman featuring Batman (yes I know), and Antman….I’m relieved to know that Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars will be available. It will be my number 1 movie to see….

    ……right after Age of Ultron……what can I say, I’m a sucker for big screen entertainment….

  3. You know they’re saying that Ultron is going to have a new origin. But they also fooled us with The Mandarin…. So I won’t believe anything coming out of Marvel’s mouth anymore. Hank Pym could very well make a cameo in Age of Ultron.

    • So you’re hoping the pull off something as “cool” as they did with the Mandarin?

      • No, I fear they might do something they think is as “cool” as they did with the Mandarin.

        • Indeed. I’m still hoping that Ultron will be Hank Pym’s creation. I want the Avengers to battle Ultron, not knowing where he came from. Then at the end of the film, when either the Avengers or Ultron lay beaten, Hank Pym comes to the Avengers and solemnly says something along the lines of “I know where Ultron is from… I created him.”


          Three months later, we get an Ant-Man solo film with Hank Pym feeling the burden of his creation trying to destroy humanity. Swearing that anything he does from now on will be for the betterment and protection of mankind. He becomes Ant/Giant-Man and joins the Avengers, knowing that being a part of their team is the best way to fulfill his word.

    • Not defending Marvel, in fact I really like your idea about Hank’s cameo… but Marvel totally DIDN’T fool anyone with The Mandarin twist, just think of it… Marvel actually never said specific lies about the Mandarin, they just never gave full details about it (so that’s not exactly lying/fooling right? :D). I think we as audience was the one who got all too worked up with the ‘character’ thus expected too much.

      • Psht, screw us right? How dare we assume that they were going to give us a decent and maybe even slightly truthful version of Iron Man’s greatest enemy. I’m pretty sure we got a big ol’ classic middle finger from Marvel when they got us excited for the Mandarin, and then gave us that crap.

        • Are we still mad about that?

          • Hey, when I hear that they are going to do the Mandarin in the third installment of the Iron Man movies, I had the right to expect such things. To get stuck with with yet another sub-par Iron Man film is just disappointing.

            • Yeah, gotta agree with you, Roguey.

    • Im afraid it may cost way more than that LOL

    • Your math is bad Luther. You mentioned 6 movies and then said 5 billion made. You think these movies will average 833 million profit? You dont think these movies just appear do you? they cost money to make ya know. In order for them to make 5 billion off these films, assuming and average of 150-200 mil budget (x2 with marketing) each movie would have to make about 1.3 billion dollars at the Box Office for this to be true.

      Your crazy if you think Thor, Captain America, or Ant Man are going to make over a billion. Avengers and Star Wars will, but not the rest. I also dont think A2 will out gross the original. JMO.

  4. Lets not forget that month also contains smurfs 3, and untitled illumination film, independence day 2 and another pirates of the carribean film. That month is stacked

  5. Still waiting for a visionary director to show the same passion and sincere level of commitment for a Black Panther film that Edgar Wright has displayed with this project.

    • This is just a wild guess, but I think Black Panther will not happen before Dr. Strange is out… considering Wakanda’s technology is said to be a mix of Magic and Science, it won’t be surprising if Marvel goes to introduce the magic route with Strange first. The science had already been introduced with Iron Man, Hulk, Cap… and Thor introduced the cosmic element, now they only need the magic element.

  6. Wow, that will be a VERY crowded summer… better start saving up for the continuous theatre visits then… *sigh*

    (Let’s see: Avenger’s Ultron, Jurassic World, Terminator, Ant-Man… and probably Batman/Superman although my family are not yet interested about it, idk why)

    • Oh, and forgot to mention this… this announcement means that we’ll be getting cast announcement soon as well, considering they will be shooting in tandem with Avengers Ultron. Can’t wait to see who’s on the rumor patrol for Hank and Janet hahaha…

  7. Supe/Bats RULES!!!!!!!!!

  8. Marvel is really setting DC up. They’re putting Ant-man up against Superman and Batman. The difference couldn’t be more stark. All the pressure is on DC.

  9. Im glad they bumped Antman up. Now it will flop ahead of schedule

  10. I agree Sandy. Edgar Wright is one of my favorite directors. I have loved everything from Spaced all the way up to The Worlds End and that is exactly why Ant-Man is my most anticipated Marvel film right now even tho I don’t actually know that much about the character. Everything he does is a slice of fried gold! Now if only they could get Nolan and Tarantino to do some Marvel films, I would be in heaven.

  11. I’m just glad that Drew Pearce guy didn’t get his chance to ruin another movie. as for ant-man, I hope it’s good and does well, but I’m just not a fan of Wright. I’m a Marvel guy but I think bvS will blow ant-man outta the water