10 Actors Marvel Should Consider For ‘Ant-Man’

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Who Should Play Ant-Man?

Ant-Man Casting Barely a day after officially announcing plans to host an Iron Man 3 panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Marvel Studios had what are likely meant to be surprise announcements leak out as if the floodgates had opened. Yesterday came confirmation that Guardians of the Galaxy is the next film on their slate to release in the summer of 2014, and after analyzing rumors that Ant-Man could appear in Iron Man 3, it was also confirmed that director Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim) just completed a week of shooting test footage for Ant-Man. So, with an Ant-Man's script by Wright and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) done, test footage shot, and an official announcement imminent (potentially putting to rest years of rumors), let's examine 10 potential stars Marvel could sign (or have signed already) to play Henry Pym, aka Ant-Man.

Adrien Brody

Ant-Man Cast - Adrien Brody Two summers ago - the summer of Iron Man 2 - news surfaced that Adrien Brody's agents were pursuing the Ant-Man lead role for the Oscar winner. At the time he was promoting Predators - a film that proved he can do action - and he told us in an interview that there were some elements of truth to the reports. Brody is always a top-rumored candidate and at this point in time, he has a clear schedule to shoot Ant-Man, with his latest film, 1942, already in post-production.

Alan Tudyk

Ant-Man Cast - Alan Tudyk Alan Tudyk, who made an appearance in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, was rumored for Ant-Man years ago. Edgar Wright denied such claims in 2010, quipping that it's "news to me." Rumors still surface for the fan-favorite actor and Joss Whedon (The Avengers) regular. Whedon would certainly not be opposed to working with Tudyk in The Avengers 2.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Ant-Man Cast Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Cumberbatch, despite having recently earned a pile of smaller supporting roles in major films, hit it big thanks to his starring role in BBC's Sherlock - a role which helped him nab the lead villain gig in Star Trek 2 - a role that will push the man to stardom. Cumberbatch was rumored to be in consideration for a Marvel Studios project back in August 2011. He made an appearance at Marvel HQ last month where he took photos with employees and appeared with Steven Moffat on their podcast. Coincidence? The Brit actor just began shooting Steve McQueen's Twelve Years a Slave and his schedule is currently open to shoot with fellow Englishman, Mr. Wright, next year.

Joel Kinnaman

Lee Pace Ant-Man Casting Marvel Pushing Daisies Before breaking out into North American television and film, Joel Kinnaman was shortlisted for the lead role in Thor for a very good reason. Marvel Studios doesn't always test actors in the role they're actually considering them for (see: Tom Hiddleston) and that's what makes rumors about the Swedish actor up for a Marvel role interesting. After starring in The Killing and earning memorable roles in Safe House and The Darkest Hour, Kinnaman nabbed the coveted lead role as the next RoboCop, set to establish him as a household name. Both RoboCop and Edgar Wright's The World's End begin filming this September, and after that it's conceivable that they could work together for Ant-Man.

Josh Holloway

Josh Holloway Ant-Man Casting Marvel Lost The fan-favorite star of Lost hasn't had as much work as he deserves, but he turned some heads last year with his memorable key scenes in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. Rumors had Holloway meeting with Marvel way back in 2010 potentially for the Ant-Man gig, but his reps denied any such happenings. Holloway almost got his comic book movie breakout role as Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but turned it down. He's got the look to do a good Hank Pym (and a great Yellowjacket) and can easily win fans over.

Simon Pegg

Ant-Man Cast Simon Pegg The moment Edgar Wright was tasked with penning the screenplay and helming Ant-Man for Marvel, it was almost a given for some fans that his pal Simon Pegg would take the lead role - and as such, he's been rumored ever since. According to Pegg himself, however, he'd rather be an Ant-Man villain. Perhaps Egghead, a frequent foe of Henry Pym would be more suitable?

Lee Pace

Lee Pace Ant-Man Casting Marvel Pushing Daisies Lee Pace, of Pushing Daisies fame, popped up in speculation and rumors last year as someone Marvel was interested in for a future Marvel role. Pace has key roles in multiple high-profile upcoming projects, including The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, Lincoln, and The Hobbit films - two of which will be at Comic-Con 2012, where it's possible the first test footage for Ant-Man could be presented by Marvel. Wouldn't that be smart timing to announce Pace, if he were cast in the role?

Bradley Cooper

Ant-Man Cast Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper was rumored at the same time as Lee Pace to be someone in chats with Marvel, but he's a very busy and in-demand star. Fortunately, his big franchise is coming to an end with The Hangover 3 finishing shooting at the end of the year, and there are no set dates for his other projects after. Cooper has proven he can do action, drama and comedy, and he's one of the most bankable stars on this list. Let's not forget that he was a top contender for the Green Lantern role, so it'd be smart for Marvel to nab him for "Phase 2" of their franchise - in case Warner Bros. wants him for The Flash.

Joel Edgerton

Ant-Man Cast Joel Edgerton Joel Edgerton was name-dropped a year or two ago among Cooper and Pace in reports that they were all names Marvel Studios was interested in. The Aussie actor hit it big last year with Warrior and The Thing and is now a hot commodity in Hollywood. According to The Playlist, Marvel wants him badly for Dr. Strange, but the Ant-Man part was previously attached to the speculation regarding Edgerton's involvement with the studio.

Jensen Ackles

Ant-Man Cast Jensen Ackles Jensen Ackles was reportedly a top contender (and fan-favorite) for the Captain America role, and is a Comic-Con star for his countless appearances at conventions for Supernatural. That show may only have one season left and it'd be great timing for Marvel and Ackles to transition him from TV to film, with a key role such as Hank Pym.


Hank Pym as Wasp The 10 names listed for the lead part in Ant-Man are the most realistic, and certainly the most rumored/reported candidates of a much larger list which included fan fantasy casting like Armie Hammer, Benjamin Walker, Charlie Hunnam, David Duchovny, Joshua Jackson, Michael C. Hall, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Wilson, Ryan Philippe, Ryan Kwanten, Simon Baker and Scott Caan. I'm sure you have your own ideas for who could play Ant-Man (and Wasp) so sound off in the comments below and expect more news in the coming weeks as we inch closer to San Diego Comic-Con and Marvel Studios' expected announcements. Be sure to keep a sharp eye on our 2012 Comic-Con Coverage Page. - Follow Rob on Twitter @rob_keyes.
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  1. Josh Holloway would be a great actor for the part. He hasn’t been in much, but what he is in, he does the part very well. I hope they choose him to be Ant-man or at least some character in the future of Marvel movies.

  2. What about patrick wilson or Simon Pegg


    • Actually, Nathan Fillion is an actor. You’re close, though.

  4. I want Benedict Cumberbatch as Ant man

    • No, no you don’t. While he is an amazing actor, trust me when I tell you, you don’t want him in any Marvel films. Sadly, his fans make it more about the actor then the actual film, and become rabid and insane. Look at how Star trek is turning out. They’ve made it less YAY STAR TREK and more YAY BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and it kinda sucks.

      Never mind the fact that he would not work for Ant-Man.

    • I personally believe, depending on his age in the movie, Cumberbatch would be a great Doctor Strange.

  5. I would love Matt Damon as Ant-Man.

  6. Wow, And Fillion is not on the list? I suspect some log rolling.

  7. Of the ten featured I would say Josh Holloway or Joel Edgerton. Marvel only gets it right half the time with their movies. Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Fury could have had better actors play the role. They are all great actors, but not really great when compared to the characters they are based on, especially Captain America. Ultimate Fury wasnt a bad way to go though. They got the right actor for Ultimate Fury. Would of loved to have seen Stephen Lang play Fury. He would of been great.

  8. Pym wasn’t a hard ass. He was a pretty boy scientist. Patrick Wilson would be awesome, but so would Ryan Gosling or Benedict Cumberpatch

  9. Pym wasn’t a hard a**. He was a pretty boy scientist. Patrick Wilson would be awesome, but so would Ryan Gosling or Benedict Cumberpatch

  10. I think Jensen Ackles would make a better Scott Lang than a Hank Pym.

  11. I think Alan Tudyk would be a fantastic Ant-Man (Hank Pym) the moment I saw him in the slideshow I instantly sat up straight and exclaimed “YES!” I think he would to be perfect to portray Hank’s love for science, while also kicking butt.

    • Totally agree!!

  12. The best choice for Ant-Man, and I have been saying this since I saw my first episode of The Mentalist, is Simon Baker. He’s perfect. Ant-Man fans, watch The Mentalist and you will no why he is perfect.

  13. Mathew Fox

  14. Jensen Ackles all day……. hes the best ANT-MAN!!!

  15. it has to be cooper if they can get him surely? hes got the right build and look for the part and from what i can tell pym is going to need to be more arrogant and cocky than tony stark but able to remain smart and funny in a conversation as well, see limitless if you dont think hes right

  16. If anyone Could Be Hank Pymm\ Ant-man Why Not Simon Baker as if Andrew Garfield can Be Spider man and Mark Ruffelo Can be The Hulk then Simon Baker Can Be The Ant-Man after All All that he [Simon] is Known for is The Mentalist The TV Series and The Political Drama Film about The Fall of Wall Street Margin Call So it is about Time That Simon Gets The Role as Jensen Ackles is Busy with The TV Series Supernatural, Bradley cooper is Busy with The Sequels To The Hangover and The A Team,Mathew Fox is already in Alex Cross The Remake as The Film’s Leading Villain and Alan Tudyk and Patrick Wilson and Ryan Gosling and Benedict Cumberpatch are still busy with Up and Coming Films, and Josh Holloway or Joel Edgerton are also Busy With Films. and Matt Damon may Return To The The Bourne Film Franchise,Nathan Fillion as Busy TV Series Castle,Simon Pegg is Busy with His Eventual Return To The Mission Impossible Franchise. So That Just Leaves Simon Baker for The Role Of Henry ‘Hank’ Pymm\Ant-Man.

    • whats with all the capitol letters?

  17. 1) WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?! YA MEAN CHRIS PINE DIDN’T DESERVE A CONSIDERATION?! (pretty-boy-scientist-with-an-unexpected-fuse-at-times-type of guy) Okay, then. Jensen is my second choice. But please no spineless, sickening whining over Jan Van Dyne. FOR PETE SAKES! LET HIM HAVE A SPINE! (And no girl-hitting.please, it makes him look slimy)

    2) I know this isn’t the place to ask but., WHAT IN BLAZES IS HAPPENING WITH THE SILVER SURFER MOVIE! Sorry for the large print. I’m easily excitable at times, like Dr. Pym.

  18. I would go with Jensen Ackles, just because of his voice.

  19. Not sure if he’s been suggested yet but Michael Fassbender could work really well as Hank Pym

  20. Michael Fassbender. That is all

    • Michael Fassbender ya es magneto en X Men First Class y tambien lo sera en X Men Days Of The Future Past

  21. Ewan McGregor as Ant-man!
    He’s got the look and I think his got the acting chops for it and like a lot of people are doing I will recommend something to prove it, star wars. It’s a great reference as its sc-fi and out of the avengers his powers are the most sc-fi I think.

    The guy I like in the most in the slideshow/list is Josh Holloway.

  22. out of this shortlist I like Alan Tudyk… someone who can pull of the love of science instead of violence! the passion to rehabilitate villains!
    second I would say Cumberbatch he’s witty and I think he could stand to put some muscle on and could match Downey Jr. in their frenemy Bantering…

  23. JENSEN ACKLES would be the best I think that (Hank) he have to be cutte not a ancient or someone realy gggiiiuuuu some young that would be fine

  24. I love most of the actors in this list, but some of them I just can’t see as being a science geek. In my opinion they could all kick ass as a different Avenger, but none as the magnificent Ant-Man.

  25. Seriously? Garret Hedlund isn’t included? I think he has a great potential to be Hank Pym.

  26. I think Patrick Wilson would make a good Ant-man, he’s a good actor and he resembles Hank Pym, if you don’t believe it go check Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

  27. I would love to see Alan Tudyk, Simon Pegg, or Jensen Ackles play the role, in that order, although the latter would have been better suited for Captain America. (Now we can never have a fantastic four/avengers crossover movie *sheds tear*….especially since GoG has Silver Surfer in it….along with Rocket Racoon!!!!!!!!!! :D ) But what about Jan Van Dyne????? I would LOVE to see Ashley Greene play the part, it is perfect for her. Acceptable replacements though would have to be Emily Browning, or Mila Kunis. Cuz I just love anything with Mila :)plus I can actually kinda see it. Anyone else have ideas?

  28. Ryan Gosling

  29. I would certainly cast my vote for Jensen Ackles to play Ant-man. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Josh Holloway in the role either. Course… I’d also have to agree with FireFilm in that Patrick Wilson would also make a great Ant-man.
    So I suppose my choices are Jensen, Josh, and Patrick… in that order. ;)