10 Actors Marvel Should Consider For ‘Ant-Man’

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Ant Man Casting 10 Actors Marvel Should Consider For Ant Man

Barely a day after officially announcing plans to host an Iron Man 3 panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Marvel Studios had what are likely meant to be surprise announcements leak out as if the floodgates had opened. Yesterday came confirmation that Guardians of the Galaxy is the next film on their slate to release in the summer of 2014, and after analyzing rumors that Ant-Man could appear in Iron Man 3, it was also confirmed that director Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim) just completed a week of shooting test footage for Ant-Man.

So, with an Ant-Man’s script by Wright and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) done, test footage shot, and an official announcement imminent (potentially putting to rest years of rumors), let’s examine 10 potential stars Marvel could sign (or have signed already) to play Henry Pym, aka Ant-Man.

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  1. Lol @ all the people rambling about the wife beating… It was a story, whether it happened or not, who cares? I don’t care if he made a habit of killing wives as long as it’s just ink.

  2. Neil Patrick Harris would cause me to laugh so hard, I’d never take How I Met Your Mother seriously again. “Kids, in the fall of 2014 your Uncle Barney became Ant-Man.” “Kids, in the spring of 2015 you Uncle Barney joined the Avengers as Ant-Man, met up with your Aunt Robin, who was also in the Avengers, and they got married.” Please comment some more HIMYM/Ant-Man/Avengers jokes.

    • considering that “how I met your mother” is a comedy, I don’t take it seriosly anyhow

  3. I think with things such as the Higgs Boson Partical in the news right now they could capitalize on a hard core science/sci fi spin on the character. On the surface it seems a little silly for a guy to be shrinking down and being a superhero but if the science aspects make sense and they treat it somewhat seriously I think it could be done. The name ‘Ant Man’ really doesn’t do it any favors with mainstream movie goers but it could be treated like it’s the name of a project more than his alter ego. I kinda like Holloway for the role but I think we should trust Marvel with all this by now. They will get the right guy for the role.

    • Yannow what, that’s the best comment I’ve seen regarding Super Hero movies thus far. These movies always need that “grounded in reality” aspect present, and the Higgs Boson “God Particle” thing fits PERFECTLY. And can make the Ant-Man movie more than just some “funny scince-y film” it might be made out to be. Easily the writers can capitalize on the recent scientific discoveries and tie in the Pym Particle to those. “Project Ant-Man”, a scientific experiment to shrink down human beings USING the God Particle in an altered, possibly weaker state, and call THAT the Pym-Particle. For what reasons? Dunno..they’ll think of something I’m sure. Possibly at first to shrink down robotics to fight diseases and infections first? Dunno, just speculating now. But great eye you got there for movie marketing. Like I said, best idea I’ve seen on sites like this by far.

    • How is Ant Man any sillier than Batman, Spider-Man or Superman?

  4. I have no inside knowledge so maybe I’m missing something here, but wouldn’t Nathan Fillon make a ton of sense? He seems to fit the role, and it appears the only reason this movie is being made is so Ant-Man can be in Avengers 2 and beyond, and Joss Whedon loves him. I figure he’s almost a lock to appear in the Avengers at some point, so why not now?

    • Hopefully he’s too busy with the Uncharted movie (I can dream) to be available, besides, I kinda don’t want him or Tudyk playing Pym since he’s kinda a jerk (especially for a hero).

  5. There were a few actors up there I wouldn’t mind seeing play Hank, and a few that were just an absolute no in my book. I’m both excited and worried about this movie, seeing as how it can kind of be hard to make something called Ant-Man sound appealing.

    I’m a big fan of Hank, even though I also hate him; I always find myself greatly interested in arcs that revolve around him. If the movies can manage to put the kind of excitement that usually comes w/ the ever so schizo Henry Pym, then they’ll have me sold.

    And if the rumors are true of him making an appearance in Iron Man 3, you’ll have here one happy camper.

  6. I thought for sure Tom Cruise would be on this list because he’s…well…you know…tiny.

    • Best comment ever

  7. you forgot shia labeouf man..!

  8. I know everyone here is talking about Ant-Man, but what about Dr. Strange? I think David Tennant would be prime for the role. Anyone agree?

    • That would be so beautiful that I would cry. Thank you for that lovely image.

  9. Too bad Jeff Goldblum is too old….. He’s 60. I think a younger JG would have made a great Henry Pym. Could you imagine him trading barbs with Robert Downey Jr?

    Doctor Strange? I thought about Johnny Depp, but he’s overexposed now. Too corny and hammy at this point.

    Benedict Cumberbatch for Doctor Strange…….

  10. I like the idea of Jensen Ackles or Simon Peg. I see Jensen Ackles as Scott Lang more than Hank Pym Ant Man. My idea for this would be Hank Pym developing the technology, using it but ultimately going through his little freak out and being benched. Then Scott Lang comes in, a professional burgler who quite the game but who in order to get his daughter treatment for a critical condition takes on the job of stealing the tech and ultimately becoming the new Ant Man.

    • I could see that, but I think it would be too soon for Hank to flip out. I mean I don’t think they could put enough character development for him in one movie plus throwing in his freak out, though they could start to hint to that at the end.

  11. Ryan Gosling?!

  12. Aaron Eckhart would be the man to do it.

  13. josh holloway would be a great pym but i think adrian brody would play a great classic gambit

  14. Jude Law. ¬__¬

  15. nathan fillion should be the ant man

  16. Cooper or Ackles, OK; all others, no.
    Ackles is a little short though.

    • Too short to play a guy who shrinks? ;)

  17. I was with you until Bradley Cooper.

  18. I would think Bradley Cooper would be a good Ant Man. And Morena Baccarin would be a great Wasp with short hair.

  19. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  20. How did Nathan Fillion not make it on this list…

  21. Why is it that every time I read an article about who can play what character, Bradley Cooper is always a choice? WTH is wrong with these people? Bradley Cooper is a crappy actor and doesn’t even fit Hank Pym let alone other characters he’s been suggested for (Drake for the Uncharted movie and definitely not Eric Draven for The Crow reboot, which I hope never happens).

  22. Random question: Is the word Pym pronounced like “PIME” or like “PIM”? (Or something else?) I’m not familiar with the comics. I’ve personally been reading it as Pime in my head, but I want to know what it actually is.

    • It’s pronounced “PIM”.

      • Damn. Now I feel dumb.

        Thanks, though.

        • Don’t feel dumb, it was a legitimate question :-)

  23. Ant Man = Channing Tatum …. perfect casting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • No….just, no.

  24. I have two main choices for Ant-Man. They are Patrick Wilson and Bradley Cooper. I think Cooper would be the best choice; if you have seen Limitless, that movie is the perfect example of why he would be a great choice. And for Wasp, if she’s in it(which I hope she is), then I would like Mila Kunis. Perfect imo. And if not, then Mary Elizabeth Winstead aka Ramona Flowers.

  25. What about Ryan Reynolds…? Bradley cooper would be a good fit too IMO!

  26. I vote for Ian Harding.

  27. Eh, I don’t know. Some of these guys I could never see as Ant-Man. Like Adrian Brody? I think he’s a good actor but I don’t know about him being Ant-Man.

  28. Ryan Reynolds was a great Green Lantern and I would love to see him in another comic movie but hopefully one with a different character depth. Channing Tatum would be fun to see with a difference to his Duke from GI JOE character. As to Wasp how about Kate Beckinsale. Also I would love to see Black Panther and Doctor Strange movies.

  29. Huh, Jensen Ackles? Never thought of that, but who knows?

    • Simon Baker is the best choice.