10 Actors Marvel Should Consider For ‘Ant-Man’

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Ant Man Casting 10 Actors Marvel Should Consider For Ant Man

Barely a day after officially announcing plans to host an Iron Man 3 panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2012, Marvel Studios had what are likely meant to be surprise announcements leak out as if the floodgates had opened. Yesterday came confirmation that Guardians of the Galaxy is the next film on their slate to release in the summer of 2014, and after analyzing rumors that Ant-Man could appear in Iron Man 3, it was also confirmed that director Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim) just completed a week of shooting test footage for Ant-Man.

So, with an Ant-Man’s script by Wright and Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) done, test footage shot, and an official announcement imminent (potentially putting to rest years of rumors), let’s examine 10 potential stars Marvel could sign (or have signed already) to play Henry Pym, aka Ant-Man.

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  1. No John Hamm?

    • John Hamm looks just like Simon Williams aka “Wonder Man”. Especially when he wears sunglasses.

      • That would be an inspired casting choice, however, hasn’t he already appeared in a Marvel movie as some other character?

        • @MatchesMalone,No he hasn’t, people have lobbied for him to be Superman but he felt he was too old. However, he looks and seems perfect for Wonder Man, unfortunately, Joss Whedon does not like Wonder Man so we might not ever see Wonder Man come to life unless Whedon changes his mind or somebody else beings the character to life. Outside of Avengers, Wonder Man is not that wonderful unless they go into the whole villain turned hero, ionization,and or brain wave transfer from Wonder Man to The Vision but that might potentially lose or confuse regular movie goers.

    • Ant Man? Ant Man. …Seriously?

      Who the hell gives a rats (expletive deleted) abut Ant Man. And how pansy-like does he look in that article’s headline image. I know I know…Let’s have a debate on who will play the next Superhero movie star…Based on that awesome character known as “The Janitor that cleans the toilets in the Avengers building”.


      • I would pay good money to see the kinda crap (see what I did there?) that janitor had to deal with.

      • Ok, despite the homophobic and ablist undercurrents I will abide by the commenting guidelines and not explicitly identify the condition that causes one to assume their own opinions are shared by everyone else and will just point out that they are not.

        Hank Pym has the potential to be an interesting character: a mentally ill superhero, the Scientist Supreme. His powers are nothing to write home about but, what are we, twelve?

        Having said that: no David Tennant, no show.

  2. I don’t know. I guess it depends on which way they want to go with the character. I mean, you have some comedic actors here; so that’d work if only they want a sense of humor for the character, but wasn’t Pym a wife-beater? I don’t think that character is going to fly too well with audiences…

    I mean, Ant-Man. What is marvel thinking? I’d rather see him in the Avengers sequel.

    • I think Ant-Man ONLY works as comic relief. I remember reading something about a script floating around where Ant-Man was fighting his own mini-sized adventure against the backdrop of the larger Avenger’s story. That was marginally intriguing. I say if Marvel wants to do an Ant-Man movie for the hardcore fans, go full camp and market it to fanboys and kids. Just save the big bucks money for the other superheroes with mainstream appeal.

    • Hank Pym from the main universe (616) was NOT a wife beater… geez, how many times people will have to say it to get through everybody’s head! He slapped his wife ONCE, in a very low point in his life, which does not excuse anything, but still…

      I would love to see a movie about him, personally. I don’t see anything comical about the character, so I don’t get the reference to a comedy from your post. He’s a genius scientist who discovered a means to shrink and grow. What the heck is funny about that? Interesting, yes. Funny, I don’t get it. It’s not because you don’t like a character or are not interested in that everybody feels the same. There’s nothing lame about Hank Pym, I’ll have you know.

      And for the record, I would go for Joel Edgerton for the part :-)

      • @Mary Jane

        Lol did not know the line between slapping your wife and being considered a wife beater was that wide. lol /sarcasm

        • @Ignur Rant: probably because you don’t know the entire story behind that slap… I don’t – and will never – say that slapping someone is alright, nor do I endorse domestic violence in any way. But to define a character solely by something that happened once is not the way to go. I don’t defend what he did: it was plain wrong of him. But no, in my mind, slapping your wife once doesn’t make you a wife beater. For the record, Janet did leave him for that.

      • I don’t know why people keep harping on the wife-beating trope. Hank slapped Janet once in one issue. That’s one panel of action out of fifty years of a character’s history. The same people who go on endlessly bashing Pym adore Hulk, who murders innocents by the score, and Tony Stark, who was a womanizing alcoholic. The judgement is superficial, uninformed, and dishonest. What’s worse, it’s boring. Most of the Pym-bashers admit to knowing nothing about the character, except that single incident; yet he is easily one of Marvel’s most interesting creations – brilliant, insecure, courageous, witty, and one of the few to maintain a primary relationship for years. I guess Janet saw something worthwile in him. He’s also one of my very favorite super-heroes. Twenty years ago, Brad Pitt would have been the obvious choice for the actor to play him in a film treatment. Today, Ryan Gosling is hands-down the best casting choice. He looks like Pym, and he’s an excellent actor, adept at comedy, drama and action. He’d probably want substantial cash, but he’s worth it. As for the homophobic comments posted here, the lady doth protest too much methinks.

  3. I love Jensen Ackles and would have loved him to have a role in one of the Marvel films like Captain America or even just as a SHIELD agent with a small but interesting role(or Hawkeye, I think he’d have been a great Hawkeye but I like Jeremy Renner too) but I have to say, I think Marvel is insane if they think anyone but a small group of comic book diehards is dying for an Ant Man film. His super hero name sounds like the sort of name you give to a joke super hero character in a spoof(Goliath, Yellowjacket Giant-Man are marginally better as names but they are saying it’s an “Ant Man” film). Not to mention there is nothing exciting about his powers(seriously “Honey I Shrunk Myself! and can talk to ants!!”? I know he can go both ways, big and small, but think about how ridiculous a 100 foot tall man is going to look in all honesty, either way while both could be useful(“I’ll just slip under this door and open it so everyone else can get in) they ultimately come across as quite gimmicky) unless he’s also turning green and getting incredibly strong, it relates to the primal in everyone.

    Hank Pym may have been important in the comics but it would just be a case of too many cooks spoiling the stew when it comes to the movie verse in my opinion. Too many characters and it starts to dilute the story and then the general audience starts to lose interest because you’ve got a bunch of characters none of whom is getting proper development.

    Marvel would be much better off concentrating on the characters they’ve already introduced while adding a few other supporting roles than trying to bulk up the main roster. ANOTHER genius scientist and one without nearly as interesting an origin story or background as Tony Stark or Bruce Banner? With a much less interesting “super power”? It would be easy enough to transfer some of what he does scientifically to Tony or Bruce and his powers really aren’t the slightest bit pivotol, they aren’t even all that interesting. I know they are all scientists in different areas in the comics but it’s easy enough to fudge that in the films and pass a lot that stuff to Bruce and Tony or even Selvig, given that Selvig supposedly knows Pym.

    If Pym is just going to have some cameo appearances as a scientist, that’s fine, sort of little nod to the comics and it’s probably where his most important contributions to the stories have come anyway, but it would be stupid to try and turn him into a main draw. He’s never even been a main draw in the comics. I guarantee this film would not do very well.

    • can’t agree more

    • “would just be a case of too many cooks spoiling the stew when it comes to the movie verse”

      Well yeah that can be a valid complaint however what if in the next Avengers they would reduce or eliminate Black Widow and of course Agent Coulson is dead (oops is that a spoiler?? Well only if it wasn’t a LMD of Coulson) but you get the idea and who can say we only get his shrinking ability in an Avengers movie? He was in lot of the Avengers comics so he has a certain role that spoke to some anyway…

    • “If Pym is just going to have some cameo appearances as a scientist, that’s fine, sort of little nod to the comics and it’s probably where his most important contributions to the stories have come anyway”

      Dude… he freakin’ FOUNDED the darn Avengers…! What more contribution do you want?

  4. C’MON, let’s quit all this dancing around. We ALL know whom they need to play ol’ Hank.


    It ain’t gonna work without him, guys!

  5. What about Nathan Fillion

  6. Out of these ten choices, I kind of like Josh Holloway the best.

  7. Ashley Green is Janet van Dyne, or should be, right? I mean she’s perfect. I know Ryan Gosling wasn’t on the list and I know I said it before in a previous post, but Gosling is perfect for Pym. For those of you who don’t really care for the character or don’t really know him that well, go check him out. Ant-Man is a wonderful character. Pym is truly flawed, complex, but heroic none-the-less. The special effects in the movie would be killer. Ant-Man, if done correctly, would be a Giant movie..just sayin’, y’all.

  8. I think Ryan Gosling would be a good Johnny Quest or Aquaman..I know my comment is random!

  9. I think Ryan Gosling would be a good Johnny Quest or Aquaman..I know my comment is random

    • LOL! Johnny quest is perpetually a teenager from possibly ages 13-16(as well as Haji). How old is Ryan Gosling?! LOL! You need a new unknown teenage actor to start that live action franchise

  10. Ya I know Johnny Quest is a teenager but movie magic can be tricky. That’s why I mentioned it. Maybe also he could be Quest as an adult, a reboot of somesort

  11. Alan Tudyk is my personal favorite choice. I think he’d be an amazing Ant-Man.

  12. I appreciate the love to Gosling @Spencer Powell. The very last comment I will make on this article, I swear. There is one actor that hasn’t been brought up at all. He is an interesting choice because he has worked in the Marvel world before and the Marvel execs do still like him and have said in years past they would love to bring this actor back into the family, whether as a hero or villain. I know he is part of one of the worst superhero movies ever, but he is an amazing actor and a big enough name to carry a film and small enough name, not to get in the way of the other Avengers… Eric Bana.

    I still Gosling is perfect for this and the Ashley Greene idea is brilliant.

  13. I really want to see Jensen Ackles in the movie lol he’s probably not that famous but if u ever watched supernatural, u will love this guy. (big fan :)

  14. Id like to see Leonardo Decaprio even though im going to get flack for it and Ashley Greene as the Wasp.

  15. Leonardo Decaprio as Ant-Man and Ashley Greene as the Wasp.

    • @Pawn65, That’s such a crazy and ridiculous idea BUT you know what, Decaprio as Hank Pym is the most inspired idea that I’ve seen anybody mention and would actually work better than any other actor in my opinion. Watching Decaprio in Inception and Shutter Island, he’s has Hank Pym’s mental complexity and actually looks like many depictions of Pym.I doubt they’d get him to do it but with the success with the Avengers, you never know.

  16. I kind of want to see Nathan Fillion take the role of Ant-man

  17. adrien brody and the second guy on the list would awesome kus they got the nerdy scientist dwn.

  18. I’d go with Nathan Fillion or Patrick Wilson

  19. Benedict Cumberbatch with Mia Wasikowska as Wasp.

    It needs an actor who can do comedy and drama and Cumberbatch is the best. He’s recently bulked up too. He also mentioned in an interview with Jaguar tha he had a project that he cant talk about which could be big. Could that project be Ant Man.

  20. In reading peoples comments today, one thing became apparent to me….a big name star might not be the correct choice for Ant-Man. I’ve seen names tossed about like for instance Leonardo DiCaprio and others from the article like Cooper or Brody but they would probably want too much money and/or think the role was beneath them.

    That’s why I’m kind of rooting for Holloway from the list because he hasn’t done much since LOST but another name that came to mind was Michael Shanks. I’ve liked him since SG1 and he did a good job as Hawkman from Smallville. He has the ponderous scientist attitude down, is charismatic, can do the physical work plus is a small enough name (but still well known in SciFi circles) that he wouldn’t demand a premium price. I think he would be perfect for the role.

    • I actually don’t agree with that.
      You and me both know that Ant-Man can be completely awesome in live action form, but unfortunately a lot of people (misinformed people, people who can’t use their imaginations ;)) think he’s lame.
      That’s why a big-name actor would be perfect: a way to draw in the crowds. (DiCaprio WOULD be an amazing choice, but I doubt he’d be interested. Still, there are plenty others who would be…)

      (This part of the comment isn’t in reply to yours, Mongoose)
      And as for the name of the movie, people, it doesn’t have to be called ‘Ant-Man’. It can be called something else! Off the top of my head… ‘PYM’. See, problem solved?

      • I understand where you are coming from and if this was a stand alone movie, with no ties to the bigger picture, I would completely agree….but….. Ant-Man being helmed by a huge movie personality would cause a clash in the larger group collective (I don’t think it could handle 2 RDJs 😉 ). Not only that but both the actor and audience would most likely demand more screen time (and a lot of money) for a role that is somewhat more supporting (although if Marvel does what WE want and go with the Ultron story, there will be a certain amount of focus on whomever plays Pym but only for Avengers 2)

        That’s why I suggested a lesser known name and not say a no-name like Hemsworth was few years ago. If they use someone like Shanks but do what they are doing with Robocop and bolstering the supporting cast with well known names (and possibly pulling in a few Avengers/SHIELD characters), I think it would be better for everyone involved, including the Avengers group as a whole.

        and although the comment wasn’t directed at me…..I think “PYM” is an excellent title. It falls within the name minimalism trend in Hollywood these days and makes you wonder what the hell a “PYM” is.

        • I agree that it needs to have a smaller actor in the lead role. Look at Halle Barry in the X-men films. They couldn’t write her out, they couldn’t replace the actress, but they also couldn’t have her play the same role that she did in the first movie. Her part got kind of odd in the second movie trying to find a way to get her some more screen time while continuing to focus Prof X and Wolverine. I’m just referencing what can happen if you muddle an ensemble cast.

          So, you need someone who’s capable of being in a starring role of a smaller movie, and who can comfortably take a backseat in an ensemble cast so you’re not having to split the story awkwardly. Too big a star (and too big an Ant-Man movie) and its one more distraction from the main plot and action in an ensemble cast. Ant-Man should be happy to get 5 mins of solo screen time in Avengers sequels. Real up-and-comers like Kinnaman or Cumberbatch risk starting as 2nd tier characters but requiring more screen time later as their star rises. In my opinion, Ant-Man COULD work as comic relief in Avengers 2, but a whole movie of comic relief would be a shift in tone for Marvel thus far. That means Tudyk and Pegg are out (sure they’re capable of playing straight, but it’d be difficult to sell).

          Ideally, you need someone who is comfortable in his career as kind of an indy B-lister like Adrien Brody, or someone who can handle the lead role but also needs the work, such as Lee Pace or Josh Holloway. Getting their name in a big movie might actually help these guys get more work, as opposed to Bradley Cooper (or the up-and-comers if their star rises) who’s career needs their name headlining a bigger movie more than it needs to try and get their name to standout in an ensemble cast.

      • You never know about Dicaprio is you never know looking at his past films like Hughes.

      • t Dicaproi is you never know looking at his past films

        like Hughes.

  21. David Duchovny for Hank Pym.

  22. Personally I’m not really too big of a fan of the people on the list, but I understand these are the people whose names have actually come up. I think Nathan Fillion would be great, especially on screen with Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo, but there’s many other people that would be great Hank Pyms such as Simon Baker from Mentalist, Aaron Eckhart even though he was already Two Face, and of course Patrick Wilson. But recently I’ve heard Ewan McGregor suggested and it’s really growing on me. I’m thinking Cumberbatch for Vision all the way, if they don’t go the whole Coulson route. Brody is a good actor, but he’s no Hank Pym, if anything he could’ve been a good Bruce Banner but now Ruffalo is really the perfect fit.

  23. I think that it is time for Timothy Olyphant to have a go as a super-hero. Not only is he physically right but he also has the acting credentials to pull off a unique individual as in Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr.

  24. Even though he’s an awesome actor, i don’t want Benedict Cumberbatch as Ant-man. He has to play Dormammu in a Doctor Strange film,if they ever make one.

    Sorry for my crappy grammar,i’m Dutch

    • Don’t EVER apologize for speaking another language. Your grammar is at least as good as the average American High Schooler and you speak another whole language for hell sakes! Most American’s only speak English (because we are lazy and can) so you are ahead of the game as far as I’m concerned.

  25. i think disney and marvel should of included antman and wasp sence the bigining, after all, they are founding avengers. iron man has 2meny movies mave an ant-man and wasp movie. They should make ant man as a pasifist that wants to help evil become supers ohh and include his hole diferent personalitys like yellow jaket giant man . Make wasp exactly th opposit after all opposites atract, funny under estimated and childish
    ant man should be played by- nathian fillion
    wasp shoul be played by- clea duvall

    • Yes, they should have kicked Black Widow to the curb and had Wasp play the token female. Hank would have then played more a background role in the Avengers as nothing more than a scientist for SHIELD (maybe had him go “ant” once to demonstrate his powers). Ant-man could have then made his superhero appearance in Avengers 2.

      Fillion will not be playing Ant-Man. He has already said he doesn’t want the role, even if it’s offered to him.

  26. my personal picks from the list would be alan tudyk or josh holloway

  27. Thanos is destined to be killed by Drax the Destroyer, a member of Guardians of the Galaxy, so he will probably show up in that film.

    • destiny is such a “final” word. His purpose is to destroy Thanos but that in no way guarantees success. Plus Thanos never stays dead for long, being an entity of the cosmos, they always find a reason/way to bring him back.

  28. Bill Hader.


  29. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this movie will be DOA at theaters. Doesn’t matter who plays the main. It may make 300 mil… but will cost close to that to make it. IMHO…