‘Ant-Man’ Casting: Michael Pena in Early Talks for a Role

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michael pena ant man movie Ant Man Casting: Michael Pena in Early Talks for a Role

Casting for Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man is fully underway, ahead of the production getting started this spring to make a July 2015 release. Back in December 2013, it was announced that Paul Rudd (Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) will be starring in the movie, following months-old rumors that the funnyman was in the running for Edgar Wright’s film – appropriately, given how the oddball nature of the property and Wright’s cheeky directorial style welcome an equally charming, yet offbeat leading man.

Yesterday, we received unexpected confirmation from Marvel that two-time Oscar-winner Michael Douglas has also joined the Ant-Man cast. The actor (fresh off his Golden Globe win for portraying Liberace in Behind the Candelabra) will play elder Hank Pym; in traditional (or something like that) Ant-Man comic book lore, Pym is a scientist who is responsible for inventing the Ant-Man technology, which is eventually stolen by good-natured criminal Scott Lang (Rudd).

The Wrap is asserting that Michael Pena has been offered a role in Ant-Man and that he is interested. For the time being, though, Marvel has denied that he is in negotiations for the project – the first installment in “Phase 3″ of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after Avengers: Age of Ultron completes “Phase 2.”

Of course, a studio denial such as this doesn’t carry much weight (especially coming from the ultra-secretive Marvel), seeing how other reputable publications (like THR) have likewise gone ahead and proclaimed that Pena has started early talks for Ant-Man; all in all, it’s fair to assume that the actor (if nothing else) is circling a role. As for what that role might be: insiders describe Pena’s character as “a ‘tough Latino’ who has to be ready for a lot of physical play,” and are reporting that Oscar-winner Javier Bardem (The Counselor) and character actor Clifton Collins Jr. (Pacific Rim) were also considered.

Henry Pym Ant Man Mighty Avengers 5 Marvel Comics 570x294 Ant Man Casting: Michael Pena in Early Talks for a Role

Pena, like Douglas, is someone whose involvement with Ant-Man lends the Marvel project greater artistic credibility; he’s done broad comedies and blockbusters (30 Minutes or Less, Battle Los Angeles), but Pena tends to stick to dramatic fare - Million Dollar Baby, Crash and End of Watch - in addition to collaborations with auteur-types like Oliver Stone (World Trade Center) and Davis O. Russell (American Hustle).

Furthermore, Wright’s Ant-Man looks to keep the Marvel Studios’ brand moving in an interesting direction, by expanding the studios’ boundaries to encompass more unusual comic book/superhero properties in the build-up to characters like Doctor Strange and possibly The Inhumans becoming residents of the MCU in “Phase 3.” Of course, it won’t do it alone, seeing how this summer’s Guardians of the Galaxy will be first to test whether or not audiences will turnout in large numbers for a “weird” lesser-known comic adaptation.

The next step in casting for Wright’s movie will be to secure a female lead, with the list of actresses rumored as being – or having been – under consideration including Rashida Jones (Rudd’s former costar in I Love You, Man) and Bryce Dallas Howard; the latter is very unlikely, though, as she’s already committed to working on a little film called Jurassic World (a.k.a. Jurassic Park 4), which begins principal photography shortly after the Ant-Man production process starts up.


Marvel Studios will release Captain America: The Winter Soldier in theaters on April 4th, 2014, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1st, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1st, 2015, Ant-Man on July 31st 2015, and unannounced films on May 6th, 2016, July 8th, 2016 and May 5th, 2017.

Source: The Wrap, THR

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  1. I’m a big fan of Pena’s chops. He’s great in everything he’s been in at conveying the “everyman” and his acting always feels genuine and from the heart. It bums me out that Hispanic actors on the whole are largely ignored my Hollywood, Javier Bardiem being the lone exception. Even a guy like Edward James Olmos who “delivered” in Stand And Deliver isn’t quite recognized and is instead relegated to starring on from what I’m told a fantastic show in the modern Battlestar Gallactica. Pena could really turn in an Oscar-worthy performance if given the platform and it seems Hollywood isn’t down for that yet. Pisses me off, but I’ll happily take him as a good sidekick guy in Ant-Man.

    • I agree with everything you said. Even in End of Watch (a film with brilliant work by Pena), he was essentially just the sidekick. Hollywood doesn’t know what to do with minority actors, save a few like Bardem (as you mentioned), Denzel, etc.

    • Javier Bardem is from Spain so he isn’t really Hispanic and definitely not Latino so I’d say he isn’t the exception….

      • Were you joking?! Hispanic means anyone of Spanish descent! Javier Bardem is from Spain and therefore of Spanish descent and therefore Hispanic.

        • I believe he’s considered European.

          • Spaniards are European and consider themselves as such. The term “Hispanic” is an American invention that started during the 1980 census when it became obvious that people from Spanish speaking and/or Latin American backgrounds had many racial and cultural differences. A Spaniard probably would not call himself Hispanic but an American probably would due to the confusion that surrounds the term. And also due to the fact that many Americans don’t realize that ethnically and culturally, a Spaniard is more closely related to Italians, Greeks and French than they are to Mexicans and other Latin American groups.

            • Let me get straighten this up,
              Hispanics are people who’s parents come from a Spanish speaking background but they are born here in the USA.
              Latinos are people from Spanish speaking backgrounds living in the USA but not born in the USA.

              But yeah your right

              • To all above…Ian and Joe are correct…

                A) Hispanic IS NOT an American invention. Hispanic comes from the latin word Hispanicus which means “of Hispania” which is where Spain and Portugal are.

                The term Hispanic refers to any person or culture originating from or relating to Hispania (a place on the Iberian peninsula) Again, That place includes Spain and Portugal.

                When Columbus came to the America’s he referred to the first island he landed on as Hispania to claim it under the flag of Spain and named it La Isla Espanola (The Spanish Island). It was later changed to Hispaniola.

                The term Hispanic, today, is generally used to describe people of Spanish descent in the America’s HOWEVER, can also be used to describe anyone (or culture) of Spanish or Portuguese descent

                B) Being European DOES NOT MEAN you are not Hispanic. Saying that “He (Bardem) is considered European” is too broad. Europe is a continent with many ethnicities. Hispanic is one of the many ethnicities of Europe and the world because of Spanish colonization. Saying he is European and implying he is not Hispanic is like saying a Han Chinese person isn’t considered Han Chinese because they are “considered Asian.” Or like saying a German is considered European instead of German.

  2. If anyone wants to read a bunch of crazy rumors, click on the first two links on this guys twitter.


  3. I hope Michael Pena get’s a big role (primary villain perhaps?), because this guy has some serious talent that big films will never let him show off. A good example of one of his great performances was in End of Watch.

  4. I guess he will play Hank Pym’s nurse or caregiver.

    • Pretty sure there was a crack at Latinos in that comment.

  5. Why not to be Jay van Dyne and be Pym’s love and supervillain Yellowjacket who would beat up Scott Lame for stealing the Ant-Man formula?

  6. I’m still surprised Edgar Wright didn’t cast his best friend Simon Pegg.

    • he said that Simon (alongside Nick Frost) wont appear in the movie

      • You know what the word, “DIDN’T” means don’t you?

  7. I think he’s gonna be the villain, though I’m not familiar with Ant-Man rogue galleries…

    Anyway, the female lead is rumored to be Hank’s daughter and will be Scott Lang’s love interest, hence why she is still called Janet Pym :D. I do hope Rashida Jones get this role

  8. Michael Pena is the Egghead. Seems plausible, the movie needs a villain. Someone who is an enemy of Pym and someone who would send Lang to steal from Pym.

    • I was just thinking Egghead too!

      But, I read an article from Geeks of Doom saying this about Pena’s role as a villain…

      “The Wrap first reported that he is in talks for a role, with This Is Infamous later reporting the role is that of an unknown villain who goes by the name Castillo. No word yet on if Castillo is an actual villain name or if it is just a front. There are no villains in Ant-Man canon who go by that name. However, this Castillo character is only one of two villains presently known.”

      • Castillo means Castle, though I doubt the Punisher is in Ant-Man.

        • Lol, yeah I doubt that Pena will be Frank Castle.

          • I’d rather see the Punisher than a generic bad guy. Pena could pull it off, but there is about a 0% chance that it is who he is playing.

            • yeah… Not sure if you think I am arguing with you or if you are simply just continuing to add your 2 cent…

              I totally agree with you. Would rather see Punisher but not sure if it fits in with Ant-Man at this time. I hope if Pena plays a villain, they make it a memorable one cause he is a good actor.

  9. Cross Technological Enterprises chairmen Darren Cross is most likely the villain, Pena will probably be cast as one of Cross’s goons.

  10. Uggghh this guy sucks, i can’t believe you guys like him. I swear he is mentally 10 years old. Just watch shooter and you will see what i mean. He is supposed to be an FBI agent but he acts like the beaver or something..

    Gee wiz wally maybe that sniper didnt do it through the whole movie. Always staring at the ground kicking his feet like a kid playing in the dirt getting a reprimand. Just awful..

  11. Not familiar with Pena, so why not? I’ll take some of your words for it that he is a good actor. This movie, while I am hopeful it will be good, is starting to look like it went in the wrong direction and will need all the help it can get.

  12. he`s a good Actor liked him in ‘End of Watch’

    • He’s hilarious in Observe and Report

  13. I really can’t wait to see this movie I think it’s gonna be so cool. When it comes to Pena though the only movies that I have seen him in are million dollar baby and shooter, shooter I personally didn’t care for and I didn’t necessarily like his character in but what I saw of him I thought was well acted I also thought he was pretty good in million dollar baby even though his role was pretty small, what is bugging me and driving me outof my mind is, “Who is Castillo” screen rant said that Pena may be playing the villain Castillo but I looked online and couldn’t find any marvel charter named that does anyone know a villain Castillo or do you guys think it’s a new made up guy?