Marvel’s ‘All Hail the King’ Actor Matt Gerald Cast as ‘Ant-Man’ Villain

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Matt Gerald in All Hail The King Marvels All Hail the King Actor Matt Gerald Cast as Ant Man Villain
Marvel owns the first weekend of April, 2014, with Captain America: The Winter Soldier storming the box office with an estimated $90-$93 million take. With The Avengers: Age of Ultron filming around the world as competing studios prepare to release their own various Marvel movies, the brand’s current dominance is indisputable.

As we look ahead to 2015, one of the most intriguing releases of that year is Marvel’s Ant-Man, which will begin shooting in Georgia this May. Directed by Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) from a script by Wright and Attack the Block director Joe Cornish, Ant-Man has already turned heads with some offbeat casting choices - Michael Douglas as Hank Pym, Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, with Patrick Wilson, Evangeline Lilly and possibly Corey Stoll.

Now we have a report from Deadline that a new addition to the Ant-Man roster could be the first overt connection of that film to the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. Matt Gerald, who played White Power Dave in the Marvel One-Shot All Hail The King, is joining Ant-Man as a villain.

Just which villain we don’t yet know (“one of the bad guys” is all we’re told), but as CBM points out, Gerald was previously seen opposite Sir Ben Kingsley, who reprised his role as washed-up actor Trevor Slattery, revealed to be the faux Mandarin in Iron Man 3. Gerald played a Seagate Prison inmate called White Power Dave who challenges Slattery in All Hail The King, the short film included on the Blu-ray and DVD release of Thor: The Dark World. 

Watch the clip below for a look at Gerald as Dave:

There is no confirmation that Matt Gerald is reprising his role as White Power Dave for Ant-Man, but we assume this is the case. It would present a nice opportunity to establish one more link between Wright’s film and the rest of the MCU, not to mention a chance to further establish the Seagate-Luke Cage connection.

If Gerald is not reprising his All Hail The King role, then the question is just what kind of Ant-Man villain he’ll be playing. Gerald has a long history of playing police, henchmen and military types in films like AvatarG.I. Joe: Retaliation and Red Dawnwill he be taking a lead villain role this time? Perhaps in the possible 1960s-set timeline?

Marvel has so far been pretty consistent with their cross-over casts – logic suggests that Matt Gerald will likely play White Power Dave again, but the character was enough of a one-shot (ahem) to justify casting Gerald as a different villain. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.


Captain America: The Winter Soldier is currently in theaters, Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on August 1, 2014The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

Source: Deadline & CBM

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  1. So very glad that the insulting mess they did about the Mandarin ended up with this guy being murdered. Hopefully the true Mandarin shows up at some point as a mass murdering magical psychopath.

    • “Insulting mess they did with The Mandarin”

      Oh, you mean taking a personality and making a man feared and loathed in one fell swoop as the face of mass terrorism?

      Even if it wasn’t “the real Mandarin”, they still did a good job with it. Sit down, boy. Stop watching movies if they have to be explained to you in detail before you start to understand them.

      • Dazz- you are consistently bashing people on the comments section of many articles for expressing their opinion, even at times where it in no way is offensive to what another person likes and/or dislikes. You need to chill out and realize that people have their own opinion, just as you do. So please respect that and whether you agree or disagree with them, that doesn’t mean you need to attack or belittle them for not sharing your personal opinion.

        • +100,000,000 Mark.

          Iron Man 3 totally sucked with that stupid twist on The Mandarin. I do not get why some folks like it, but it’s their opinion and I have my opinion on forever hating Iron Man 3. Folks like Dazz don’t think his stuff don’t stink, because he thinks he is the guru of all things in critiquing comic book films. I just laugh at him when he attack folks, like really dude??? They can’t have an opinion, because they do not line up to his standards?? Thanks for calling Dazz out Mark.

          • +1000000000000

        • Exactly what he said. Dazz has been going on like that for a while now.

    • A complete mess!. but hey, he didnt get murdered… yet.

    • I have to partially agree with Dazz, just for the term ‘insulting mess’ that you used. Sorry, but insulting mess to who? Many people didn’t feel insulted especially since he’s definitely NOT the real Mandarin. I think had they depict the real character with that same twist, now that would be an insult (for example, like killer Superman in Man of Steel IMO).
      Please get over it, kind sir.. the movie has now long gone :(

    • Hey Scorpio, I must say that I was vastly disappointed in Iron Man #3 (and I live Iron Man normally), mainly because of theMandarin mess, although the Home Alone send-up with the little kid and several other more minor things detracted from what I had hoped would be a good film. Mess does indeed describe the Mandarin thing. All Hail The King did not really accomplish much, either. Having a real Mandarin appear, magic or alien or science-based rings or whatever zapping as he duels it out with iron Man would look pretty latent now, but it is the best Marvel can do to save face and apologize to the fans through a real Mandarin appearance now. I am a Libra, but Scorpio is calling this right.

      I am pumped for Ant-Man, and the test footage and costume looked OK. However, I am bummed it is not Pym as the main Ant-Man. Every time any super-flick film steps more than a couple inches away from tradition and established canon, they get into trouble. And now it is not even Pym creating Ultron, nor is Goliath/Giant-Man or Wasp even in Avengers #2. They had better both be in Avengers #3!! Especially as some of the first Avengers to appear in the films may retire or move on (or rather the actors and their characters). Canon, folks, don’t forget that, or the final product could suffer greatly.

  2. I’m guess he will be reprising his “white power Dave” role. Maybe he, along with many more inmates escape Seagate in the same break out that Luke cage escapes. That would be a pretty cool way to introduce Luke cage’s story without having to introduce the character until his own show. But either way He’ll mostly be a very minor role maybe only appearing as a hench man

    • Yeah just cast some black guy as ESCAPED SEAGATE INMATE [I'm hoping for Michael Jai White, who also gets 10pts for being a native NYer, but I know some ppl favor Terry Crews. I'm also interested in Omari Hardwick taking the role after gaining 20 or so pounds], no one would really bat an eye at someone who isn’t given top billing or even credited at the end. Then BAM, you’ve got your Easter Egg and potential Luke Cage star.
      I also wonder if what’s going on with that NetFlix show Luke Cage is getting, is the same actor going to portray him in the films?

      • if the 4 Netflix series aren’t apart of the MCU then that will just be a waste of prperties. But im pretty curtain that they’ll be connected to the films. Which is why “white power dave” escaping from Seagate would be an awesome Easter egg.

        i also really like Matt Gerald as an actor, but he’ll probably just be in the beginning to set the film in motion. I hope im wrong and he actually gets a role that isnt type casted and that expands through multiple films in the Universe because he would be a pretty awesome addition to the marvel family and its about time he gets some recognition.

  3. It’s really awesome that Avengers 2 and Antman are going to be filming simultaneously and truly a golden age for CBM fans that we shouldn’t take for granted. It’s weird they haven’t announced more films yet beyond release dates, realistically if they want the marvel machine to keep chugging along, they’d probably film another movie by fall 2014/early spring 2015 to make the may 2016 date.

    I’m very curious as to the button scene in Antman and which film it will tease, Cap 3? or Dr. Strange? or even a sequel to Antman, maybe Giantman? I’m guessing Patrick Wilson is Egghead, Pym’s first archvillain, (I don’t think he’s o’grady) so perhaps Matt Gerald is simply a hired gun to protect Egghead when he’s in the microverse. A mini-bodyguard.

    • I think Corey Stoll would fit as Egghead better than Wilson, if you know what I mean (the head). But Egghead or Elihas Starr was depicted not like the comic in Avengers Confidential, so it’s also possible Wilson can play that role.

  4. I’d want to see X-Cutioner from the X-Cutioner’s song cast as a villain. I’m sure Marvel still has the rights to him. I’d want to see the Skrulls and the Infinite Soldier.

    There’s many reasons for this but most importantly it would setup the Avengers to face big baddies like Fing Fang Foom, start the Civil War and also leave open the possibility they could do a cross-over film with Apocalypse. (possible)

    I’m a big Cyclops fan though and there are several reasons why I see Marvel and Fox need to negotiate a solo Cyclops film for the box office.

    1) Cyclops has a rich, action packed background. He was an outcast in society and grew up in an orphanage!

    2) Cyclops’ dad is none other than Corsair, the space cowboy of the Starjammers and in my opinion would make a good attempt cross-over in a Guardians film.

    3) If a Cyclops solo movie gets made, we can see Cyclops vs Sinister one on one battles which will sell out the theater. I read one story where Cyclops nearly tore off Sinister’s arm with a blast, it was just utterly intense and awesome.

    4) A Cyclops solo film would bring in villains like Warstar, Senyaka, Killgrave, Mastos, Deathbird, Valkyrie and others all who in some way or another had ties to Mr. Sinister. These are some of the best villains in marvel history and in my opinion, a Cyclops movie would make as much at the box office as Thor or Gambit.

    Other than that I really want an Iceman solo film too, he’s the other X-Man who is just as market worthy as Wolverine and it would be sick as all hell to see Bobby Drake fight Pyro, Multiple Man and High Evolutionary for once. I really desire more solo movies of the X-Men.

    • Ah, very good points BUT you’re forgetting the golden rule.
      Xmen= FOX
      Avengers= Marvel Ent/Disney
      Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the only two characters that I’m aware of that are allowed to be used by both film studios, but there’s no way to bring the other X-men related characters to the Avengers universe right now.
      Fox even copyrighted the word “mutants” so Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the Avengers can’t describe themselves as such and won’t mention their Daddy is Magneto. If anything, they’ll say something cheeky like, “My dad’s a pretty interesting guy. You’d hate to meet him.” Then stare into the camera and wink at us.
      But I’d love for them (and Sony) to negotiate a flat rate per minute on screen deal with all of these characters.

      • Actually, with the same rule they had for Scarlet & Quick… I wonder why they can’t actually do the same thing for Wolverine, and Beast (and Spiderman)?

        • Because it wouldn’t make sense. How could Marvel have anyone else cast as Wolverine when Hugh Jackman is the golden boy of the Fox X-men franchise? How could they include Spiderman without calling him Spiderman? Granted I will say out of them, Spidey has they best chance because he was an Avenger and I know a LOT of people who were surprised he wasn’t in the Avengers (funny, right?) and people want him in the Avengers, so I could see Sony and Marvel negotiating done kind of deal in the future. Still a BIG maybe because it’d screw with the timeline of Marvel’s MCU. They wouldn’t be able to explain how the Lizard’s shenanigans weren’t big news in-universe.

          • Apart from the fact that those characters are owned by other companies… I personally wouldn’t want Wolverine or Spiderman in the MCU. There are hundreds of other characters in the Marvel Universe. I wouldn’t want to see the same heroes over and over again. Wolverine has never fit in as an Avenger, IMO, and Spiderman has always been more of a loner hero anyway. They had been brought into the mix of the Avengers comics waaaay later on, and for most fans who have been following the Avengers comics for a long time, the Avengers are: Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Ant-Man/Giant-Man, Wasp, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch (and to a lesser degree QS) and Vision.

            Wolverine has had so many movies already, and Spidey has had four, and a fifth on its way. That’s quite enough exposure for me. Marvel does something else, make us meet new heroes, and that’s absolutely fine by me.

          • I wonder if in these actors contracts there’s a clause that says u can’t actor even just appear in rivals movies as a different character…like cast Andrew Garfield as an extra named Peter Jenkins, and in the film have someone yell, “Hey Pete!” As he walks by the camera
            Or show Peter and Gwen eating in the background, then he stares at the camera and winks
            Ppl would lose their s***!!!!

    • I am likewise a huge Cyclops fan, and would really like to see him back in action as the role he was written for in the comics: the first real X-Man, team-leader in the field (under Prof. X), usually the main man so to speak, with all of his interesting back-stories begin to be developed. I am pretty much game front and center for anything promoting Cyke, and the closer to traditional canon the better!

    • Spam & spy-ware, do not click on this!

  5. White Power Dave…
    How about David Cannon AKA Whirlwind?
    Whirlwind and Egghead (Patrick Wilson) would be perfect.

    • I thought exactly the same thing when I read the article. White Power Dave… David Cannon! Although I don’t know where that ‘White Power’ would come from. Never heard of that before.

      As of Patrick Wilson, still no news about who he is playing. Since the movie is about Scott Lang as the main hero (…) I doubt that Egghead would be in it. I would expect a villain from Lang’s rogue gallery. Oh wait… I think he has only one. That Cross guy from Cross Intrustries. Could be it. Or he’s not a villain at all :)

      • I loved the idea of Patrick Wilson playing a younger Hank Pym. It just seems so weird that the first antman will be essentially the supporting character while the 2nd antman is the lead.

        • It’s dumb! They are missing a good chance to put Goliath and Wasp in the Avengers flicks by taking this route!

    • I posted my comment but missed reading yours (I blame my internet)… we’re thinking the same thing XD

  6. Did anyone notice the tattoo on his sternum in the one-shot? There’s apparently 3 letters – the W in the middle is plainly visible, and the first one seems to be an S – I can’t make out the last one. And what could it stand for?

    • *EDIT* davidtribble91 had the same thought :D
      So ignore my word when I said ‘nobody’, my internet didn’t load the comment section properly earlier (it happens *sigh*)

      • Yea I’m liking the idea of contrasting the powers/abilities of Ant-Man with the power/abilities of Whirlwind.
        Could easily make great plot developments.
        And Mary Jay you are totally right.
        Patrick Wilson should def be William Cross (Crossfire)

    • I’ve wanted to see Whirlwind as a villain for some time. He has come up against Goliath in the Avengers comics, and also Quicksilver. Could you imagine a superspeed race/battle between Quickie and Whirlie kind of ala Flash/Professor Zoom?

      • I can’t help but notice that all the villains that are brought up are from Pym’s rogue gallery of villains… I think it’s kind of ironic that for this movie, Wright has to MAKE a villain from scratch for Lang (since, apart from Cross, who could be considered his ‘nemesis’, he doesn’t have any!). The main villain is going to be made-up, as rumors go, in this Castillo character, the female lead is probably be somewhat made-up (Pym’s daughter, who doesn’t exist in the comics, loosely based on Janet Van Dyne)… Now they have to go and get villains from Pym’s list to antagonise Lang??

        Seriously, am I the only one thinking that apart from the ‘I have to steal this superhero’s suit in order to save my dying daughter’, Land doesn’t have a lot going for him in terms of character and story? Then why make a movie about him at all? Why make him the main focus of a movie? I don’t get it.

  7. I’m with dazz. Fanboys are the biggest crybabies in all of film. Any research at all clearly shows that being a slave to source material equals box office failure more often than not. Find me a successful comic film I’ll find you something in it that’s an “Insulting mess.” Dump on iron man 3, just remeber that it made more money than any comic book film save Avengers.

    • Really? How about Ironman the first. Except for changing the time period it was (albeit condensed) a complete version of the comic book series.

      You can nitpick a few changes in the movie but not many and those changes were made for story flow.

      Captain America (the first) was again almost spot on.

      The issue happens when people (directors/writers etc.) try to do to much and try to appeal to a greater audience.

      The two movies I mentioned above appealed to the Fanbois you are mentioning AND regular audiences. The numbers show that. Now what did those two movies do that IM3 didnt?

      Insulting mess doesn’t mean what you think it means. Insulting in this instance is taking a character (villain for that matter) and making a joke of it. Than to tag another in the movie as that villain. Only to come back and say neither of those were that villain…..

      As for your Ironman 3 comment…..
      IM1 Made 370,287,100 with a production cost of 140,000,000
      IM3 Made 407,549,700 with a production cost of 200,000,000

      This means IM1 made over 20 Million more than IM3 (adjusted for 2014 numbers). Just because a movie makes more money when you hear it made X amount of money does not mean it actually made more money overall.

  8. What? Hank Pym designs prisons, White Power Dave is a prisoner in a facility that is going to be breached by terrorist. Perhaps the on shot will be linked to the Ant-Man film.

    After what happened in Cap2 i’m wondering what spy agency will be involved with the Ant-Man film.

  9. Has it been made official that Patrick Wilson’s playing a villain?
    Perfect chance to cast him as Jack of Hearts here. Adding a minor Avenger into the MCU. Always wanted Wilson to star as a superhero at some point.

  10. I wonder who he’s gonna play I haven’t seen All Hail the King but I’ve heard great fun things about it I want to see it so bad but I don’t have blue ray so if anyone knows a website that I can find it on please let me know I see whirlwind in Gerald based on the picture above Whirlwind would be cool in a movie.

  11. I’m really holding out hope that Hank Pym shows up in Avengers 2 and has some small part in creating Ultron, even if Tony and Bruce do the brunt of the work. He’s already cast, and his age is the perfect excuse for why he doesn’t fight as Ant-man with the rest, and it then leads nicely into the Ant-man movie, with an established character to connect the film to the greater cinematic universe.

  12. I have a strong feeling its Whirlwind also since he shares a name with the character that also helps. However I see a lot of Absorbing man in him physically I wonder if that who he will play I always thought he was a really cool villain but he’s more of a villain for Hulk or Thor not so much ant-man but seeing as though they are taking a lot of creative liberties with the story I guess he could be absorbing man.

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