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marvel manga wolv spidey hulk Marvel Is Going Anime

Marvel Comics has done a bang-up job expanding their brand over the course of the last decade. After many stalled attempts to break into the realm of television, with bland animated show (Spider-Man), after bland animated show (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk), all throughout the 90′s, Marvel decided to leave the cartoon stuff to rival DC and start the Millennium off right by conquering the multiplex.

Thanks to that bold endeavor, we fanboys now live in an age where our beloved icons serve as tent-poles for the summer blockbuster season, and our years of ardent hero-worship has made us sages in the geek-chic world order.

But now, with Marvel having dominated the comic book industry and striking major blows in the battle for the box office, what’s left? Well, as an answer, Marvel has turned its focus East… FAR East… hoping to break into the last undiscovered country for comic book heroes: the world of anime.

According to MTV News, Marvel is joining forces with acclaimed Japanimation studio Madhouse, in an effort to re-imagine some of their headlining characters (Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron-Man) for a series of four anime feature films, to be released in 2010. Said Marvel International President, Simon Phillips:

“It will create an entire parallel universe for Marvel.”

These new anime films will essentially re-vamp the characters we know and love, giving their traditional costumes some anime influence, while re-tooling the characters and their origins to reflect Japenese culture. Those who have picked up any one of the Marvel Manga comic books should already have an idea of how this works (or doesn’t).

marvelmanga2 Marvel Is Going Anime
Anime version of Marvel Comics characters

While there’s been no official word on which heroes will get “anime-ted” first, word is that Madhouse President Jungo Maruta has been seen toting some manga-style sketches of Iron Man around the office. (Wouldn’t surprise me if ol’ Shellhead got the first flick, given his current popularity and the Japanese obsession with technology. I’ve always been surprised that Iron Man isn’t to Japan what Superman is to America.)

Finally, there is some light rumoring that the Marvel/Anime initiative will try to push the industry further into the realm of mobile-media, offering cellphone downloads, clips, and other mobile fare to help you bring the Marvel Mangaverse with you wherever you go.

marvelmanga Marvel Is Going Anime

We’ll keep an eye on this as 2010 an approaches. In the meantime, do you think Marvel should be going anime? Or did Batman: Gotham Knight make you want to keep your favorite comic book characters 100% made in the U.S.A.?

Source: MTV News

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  1. BJ –

    I’ll add Samurai Champloo to your great list.

    Samurai 7 and Berserk are two of my all-time favorites.
    I was a little disappointed in how Trinity Blood ended.

  2. weird.
    i’m more of a DC person anyway…

  3. Teen Titans was hard on the eyes and the ears especially that freakin stupud theme song..Let Japan have these anime movies as it is a medium I do not care for and it does not mean I have bad taste it just means my tastes are a little more mature…


  5. BJ, everyone has the right to not watch those shows.

    Out of all them, Scryed would be the only good one. Champloo in a close second.

  6. Neofcon, I know just excited thats all
    just wanted to get my point through that not all anime is goofy looking and childish.

  7. Anybody here like Vampire Hunter D? I always thought that could be adapted to a live-action motion picture.

  8. Tis cool..

    I just don’t like this fad where turning everything into anime just to appeal to current demographics to be a healthy move. All of these american animation studios are trying to dang hard to emulate Japanese animation styles and shows start losing appeal. I used teen titans as an example because some of the characters such as Raven deteriorated for comical purposes. It feels like because all the kids are into it so much, everything HAS to be like that style just to make a profit. “Lets turn captain america into a japanese animation styled character!”


  9. Neofcon –

    American animation studios are trying but they will fail. American studios can’t put in the money that the Japanaese animators can.

  10. Thats my point, so WHY BOTHER!? oh right, like Yahtzee said.

    “I do enjoy the mythological arabian stories but screw all that! The kids are into anime these days!”

  11. well in my opinion, everything is just BLAM!


  12. that’s great but if they are going to do something like that, they should get someone who represents the art form well (like Joe Mad!) and not sad examples from a certain unnamed artist, this gives anime/manga a bad image to readers new or inexperienced to the media. Big eyes and small noses do not an anime make. This is an embarrassment.

  13. Do they really have to mix? Manga and Comics are too different to mix, and the art style doesn’t match.

  14. DUDE i hope the producer is eric calderon man.
    seriously thats the only way this japanese and western hybrid is gonna make it out alive!

    hes the producer on afro samurai
    and go check out his ‘the 5 killers’ trailer
    its SO awesome and i hope it comes out SOON

  15. I definitely prefer the anime style of art and it could work.

    I don’t think its a bad thing as they said its an alternate universe with alternate backgrounds and character designs. Its a good thing to freshen things up with a new approach and look artistically. Could be fun :)

  16. if marvel is going anime and disney buys marvel..wont they cut down the violence and anime is about that? i mean wolverine would not be himself… wold he be like group hug? instead of lets go bub?

  17. Don’t matter to me if they cancelled the idea all-together, but of course that would disappoint a lot of fans so I hope it’ll go well…

  18. since they pretty much americanize everything that they get their hands on..and ruin it 90% of the time..finally we get to Asianize theirs..i hope it turns out horrible so u know how it feels..and if its turns out good..than that just shows and proves whos better..its a win-win for us

  19. I hate that term Asian since it groups me with the Japanese. It’s anime, it’s Japanese, let’s keep it specific.

    It’ll be great how half way into a fight, everyone will stop so one of the characters can explain for the next half hour how he got his powers or what really happened blah blah blah blah… Then after he’s all done explaining himself and every character got their say in it, then the fight will start again and only last 5 minutes after the 30 minute exposition, and wind will continually blow even if they’re indoors just so you see their clothing or cape or whatever flapping in the wind along with their long straight blonde, white, or blue hair… Yah, go anime!

  20. like someone has already said most modern marvel cartoons today are already pretty anime-esque.The ones´I can remember of the top of my head are: Fantastic Four Worlds Greatest Heros, Iron Man Armored Adventures and Spectacular Spider-Man( the last one being the best imo). And you guys seriously needs to stop bitching about japanese art being bad. Cause it´s not! It´s just different from american which you all are used to I suppose. And besides, Madhouse is one of THE greatest japanese animation studios ever so you should be happy with that, instead of shouting out this blasphemous nonsense.

  21. *cough*opinions*cough*

  22. @ Ken J: obviously, and that was mine. I just got a little angry for a lot of people keeps hating on anime in general for really lame reasons. Anyway, to get back onto the subject: does anyone know which other character than Iron Man and Wolverine they´re gonna do? Cause I´ve heard rumors about spidey getting the treatment, and personally I would be all over that, but like I said, it´s just rumors. We´ve known about Iron Man and Wolverine being the first for months now, it would be nice getting some others confirmed too.

  23. oh btw, I forgot, does anyone know if they´ll be using american or japanese voice actors?

  24. Those reasons being lame is also your… you guessed it… opinion… sorry to break it to you… I’m sure a lot of people consider your reasons for liking anime to be pretty lame too… Oh well, that’s how it is. :-)

  25. I would surely love to see the anime’d effort on these heroes. Japan anime do have their own way to illustrate speed and force. After seeing the preview on Iron Man. I do love the way they present the speed. It do looks much more spectcular.

  26. I saw a preview of the Wolverine anime and it looks violent and amazing.


  28. These animes are going to be great.

  29. These two animes are going to air on G4 in the fall.