Marvel Anime: Iron Man & Wolverine Teaser Trailers

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iron man wolverine marvel anime Marvel Anime: Iron Man & Wolverine Teaser Trailers

About a year ago we told you that Marvel was extending its brand name to the Far East, partnering with Japanimation studio Madhouse to produce four anime films to be released in 2010. At the time there was no official word on which Marvel characters would be getting the ‘animakeover,’ though Iron Man, Spider-Man and The Hulk were early guesstimates.

Well, flash-forward a year later and we finally have a first look at two out of the four Marvel/Madhouse films on the way. The first characters to receive their animakeover? (Surprise, surprise) It’s Wolverine and Iron Man. Check out the teaser trailers:




Anime is an art form that has a tendency to split people right down the middle: you either love it or hate it. Personally, I used to be an anime fanatic back in high school (over a decade ago, yikes!) but have found it increasingly difficult to appreciate the genre in my older years. Too much ‘style over substance’ too often for my liking.

However, I find myself facing a split decision in regards to these trailers: I like the Iron Man one but don’t like the Wolverine one. At least the Iron Man movie still retains the feel of the Iron Man we know and love (if not slightly altered) – that Wolverine flick is something I would never recognize if I didn’t already know what it was.

But then, Marvel International President Simon Phillips stated last year that these new anime films would “create a parallel universe for Marvel.” That anime Wolverine definitley looks like he’s from another universe.

The four Marvel/Madhouse anime films will each be written by Warren Ellis, writer of renowned comic book series Transmetropolitan and The Authority.

Both the Iron Man and Wolverine animes are due out in 2010. We’ll have a look at the final two Marvel anime films whenever the trailers drop.

What do you think: Is anime a good look for the Marvel Universe?

Source: You Tube via Slash Film

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  1. And I’m sure you think you just proved a point… haha

    I’m sure you’re real impressed by those series or movies you just named, but they all are crap in my opinion. I guess I don’t find any entertainment in something where the action conveniently stops all the time so the characters can break out into some long exposition explaining in great detail what has happened, how something can happen, who did what, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah *yawn*

    But that’s just me, I know lots of people like that, but for me it just seems like lazy story writing that instead of trying to explain it through the story and actions, they actually have to literally explain it to the audience… go read a book if that’s the case…

  2. if you haven’t seen the series I’ve named how can you comment ken j. with the exception of the dragonball series the others have none of what you talked about. That’s why I made a point. you probably saw two episodes from some show and assumed everything else would be the same. You already know the root word of assume so don’t do it to yourself.

  3. Um, actually a lot of my friends love that crap, so I’ve seen a lot of it. Don’t tell me that just by coincidence I saw only the few episodes like that and coincidentally every other episode isn’t… Yah, I’ll believe that… :-D

  4. Can people in Japan not just appreciate the way we make animation here? We have to put up with their “creative” animation/anime all over TV screens here in the U.S. and apparently they don’t do the same. Not hating on Japan, but this anime stuff is terrible. It’s unfinished work! Some scenes the character’s head is bigger, then the eyes, then the mouth. They’re too lazy to make their work consistent. Just like that guy that made Ponyo (shudders) Anyway… back to this Marvel anime stuff… It sucks just as bad. Especially the Wolverine one! If that video didn’t include the Marvel logo and you didn’t tell me it was Wolverine I wouldn’t have known. It looks nothing like him, besides the claws. The Iron Man one was a little better, but that’s not saying much. Iron Man looked good, but everything else about that video was just as terrible. Maybe it’s just because I despise anime and I’m being tough on it, but I don’t see the big deal about it. You can call it “artistic” or “creative” but I think it’s sloppy and unfinished.

  5. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to thier own oppinion, and I can respect peoples individual points of view, even if they differ from my own. Having said that, I have to say in response to twistedburton and others who feel the same way, I’m not trying to hate on american/ western style animation, but let’s be real. Anime has become so big because, quite frankly, american animation has turned into complete crap over the years. There are a few exceptions to this ofcourse, but for the most part, there hasn’t been a really good american made cartoon in years if not decades( and I’m not talking anything Disney/Pixar,or even Dreamworks, they are among that exeption). I actually feel sorry for kids who have no choice but to sit and watch this junk, simply because they don’t know any better. At least anime, even if you don’t particularly care for the artwork, atleast often times has an actuall/ more compelling story and purpose. Not to mention character depth and reason behind why they do what they do other than sheer “comedic” fator. This is mainly because anime was/is originally geared more toward adults and older children than younger children like is is here. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like ALL anime, for example, I can’t stand the “ultra silly” stuff (like Bobobo-bo-bobobo, for example). And I’ll admit, there’s something just inherantly wrong with kids that go on all these death defying adventures with dangerous monsters/ situations, seemingly devoid of any real parental supervision or objections. And I’m kinda sick of all the “it’s-just-a-card/dice/”device”/battling(dueling)game-but-it’s-taken-rediculously-too-seriously”. Or even the more serious soap opera/dramatic type animes. But for the most part, anime blows most western style animation out of the water as far as story, and visual style (it may only be “speeding lines” and “action poses” to you, but they sure do know how to make it look good)

  6. @Ray

    Haven’t seen good American animation in “decades?” Hm, I guess you must have been living under a rock when Batman: The Animated Series was going on and all of the animated Batman movies that were based on that Bruce Timm universe. And there were others, it can be done, it’s just the markets are different. Japanese people seem obsessed with animated movies, hell, I think they have more animated porn than regular porn… Americans tend to focus on live-action.

    But why would you exclude all of the Pixar movies anyway? You don’t think anime movies rely heavily on CGI?? Some of them are basically all CGI with maybe 10% hand drawn stuff in there. But I guess whatever’s convenient to convey your point…

  7. Let me first say, my goal for responding to the other comment was NOT to get into one of those back and forth “response arguments” like you often see on youtube and places like that.And I’m not trying to “convert” anyone into the “anime cult” or anything, I was merely pointing out, Ken, that not all anime is bad. It’s not all great either (if you notice in my last comment, I did list quite a few types of anime that I don’t personally care for). I excluded pixar and the like, because, I’m not sure about anyone elses opinion, but to me, I don’t classify it as anime in the sence of what traditional anime looks like or how it’s produced, drawn(stylewise especcialy), and created.Also, think about it, how long ago has it been since Batman the animated series was on? just about a decade right? (and I’m talking about the New Batman adventures as well that ran allong with the Superman animated series, a google search will confirm this) I agree with you, it was one of my favorite shows. I was pointing out, however, that there aren’t many cartoons of that calibur on nowadays. Yes, good american animation CAN be done,but based on what I’ve been observing lately, it hasn’t been. And if anime isn’t your thing, then it isn’t your thing,no big deal. But in all fairness(myself included), no matter the media(anime or western) it’s not fair to lump either one into a pre cut category and say, “I’m not going to give it a chance because all the (shows) I’ve seen in that media before have been crap, so why should I give it a chance?” At least be willing to check it out, if you’re proven right, then so be it, world keeps on spinning. But if on the off chance that you’re proven wrong, you may discover a new world of possibilities right before your eyes…….YES, THAT LAST PART WAS CORNY,I KNOW, AND I APPOLOGIZE SINCERELY FOR THAT “THE MORE YOU KNOW” MOMENT, but you get my point.

  8. The reason why I am reluctant to give any future anime a chance is because I simply don’t like the style of anime either. There were a VERY FEW anime movies I’ve seen that weren’t too bad, but even them, I don’t want to watch them again because the animation style of anime is really annoying to me. But the mass majority of anime I’ve seen are not enjoyable to me. Some people like the overly dramatic exchanges in anime, I hate them. I HATE it when characters react to things unnaturally or in a way I KNOW is not how someone would react to that situation, and just about every Anime I’ve seen, it’s like they either have the characters WAY overreact or WAY underreact (that’s not a real word is it?? lol). Either way, they try WAY too hard to overly dramatize everything. And the story is so often so ridiculous that half way through some character or characters will stop and have a half hour long exposition just to explain to another character (really explaining to you, the viewer) how all of that crazy CRAP could happen. And conveniently during this long ass exposition the action stops long enough for it… That’s probably the most annoying part of a lot of animes I’ve seen. I know not all of them have it, just saying that is something really common that just bugs the hell out of me…

    Anyway, yah, it’s all opinion, but my opinion is for them to leave our franchises alone…

  9. Cowboy BEbop was the peak of balance anime, it wasn’t to stylised and even set up a wonderful distinctive atmosphere that seperated it from all other anime.

    Maybe Sunrise should get reigns to make IRonman/wolverine anime and Wantanebe(the person who directed Cowboy Bebop) should get a chance to direct these anime.

    That way it is like a very realistic feeling anime rather than an over stylised one.

  10. Good their makn a Cartoon but at least stick to the normal look. We do need more marvel animated movies but at least use the marvel drawings of the characters.

  11. So–for anyone out there who thinks this version of Wolverine is somehow fitting, ask yourself this question–can you imagine this scrawny, effeminate guy turning to the screen and saying in a gruff voice: “How’s it feel Bub?” No?? I didn’t think so. This is coming from someone who enjoy’s yaoi—but Wolverine is not meant to EVER be f%$#ed with. I like him muscular, with veins popping out, hairy and gruff and rude. God that was terrible…..animation and all was great!!! But that is NOT wolverine. The only thing he has similar to Wolverine in the slightest is the claws. And we all know the claws don’t make the man. Logan’s got balls on the inside and out.