Marvel’s ‘All Hail the King’ Teaser Clip & Details

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It was about three months ago that Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley confirmed that he would star in a new Marvel One-Shot short film, and January brought us the first images and preview clip from the project, now titled All Hail the King. Tonight, we’ve got another teaser scene for you to feast your eyes upon, as well as some additional details on the mischief that master thespian Trevor Slattery is set to take part in.

The 15-minute short catches up with Slattery during his stay in Seagate Prison (which Marvel fans will recognize as the correctional facility that future Netflix star Luke Cage escapes from prior to becoming a “hero for hire”), and documents a journalist’s (Scoot McNairy) in-depth interview with the man who once terrified the world as the villainous Mandarin.

While Iron Man 3′s now infamous plot twist involving the Mandarin’s true identity has become a true point of contention among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kingsley himself still has nothing but love for the Trevor Slattery character, to the point where he almost didn’t want to stop playing him. Kingsley told USA Today:

“I realized I really enjoy playing this total odd concoction of a survivor, a great opportunist and, when you think about it, not a bad actor. The worst aspects are the most endearing aspects of Trevor: his vanity, his narcissism, his pomposity, his total indifference to the real world around him. They all come out in this extraordinary interview.”

One of the hilarious sequences fans can look forward to seeing in All Hail the King involves a flashback to a past role played by Slattery, long before his days working for Aldritch Killian. Putting on his best Sean Connery accent, Trevor once portrayed a dashing Russian secret agent, complete with bad wig, luxuriously fake mustache, and a Miami Vice-style white suit.

Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 Marvels All Hail the King Teaser Clip & Details

Writer-director Drew Pearce imagines Slattery as sort of an alternate universe take on what might have happened if Kingsley’s career made a few wrong turns:

“He definitely wouldn’t be a sir and he’d probably be living in a bedsit (boarding house) in West Kensington with two other old actors. The idea that we Trojan Horsed that into a superhero blockbuster is both ridiculous and also quite exciting.”

In typical Marvel fashion, a possible Luke Cage connection won’t be the only nod to established continuity present within All Hail the King. As Pearce first pointed out to MTV a few days back, the clip above features a young star-struck prisoner that excitedly asks Trevor to drop into “Mandarin” mode. That character has a tattoo by his eye, and although it’s barely visible in the clip itself, Pearce assures us that it’s a chess pawn.

Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery in All Hail the King2 Marvels All Hail the King Teaser Clip & Details

Couple that tattoo with the fact that Trevor calls him Fletcher, and it’s obvious that Pearce is referencing Fletcher Heggs, otherwise known as The Knight. Heggs was a member of a group of assassins called The Chessmen, a cabal formed by one Obidiah Stane. Whether this easter egg holds a deeper meaning for an upcoming Marvel film is anyone’s guess, especially considering that Stane (Jeff Bridges) was killed off in the first Iron Man film.

In the end, not even Kingsley himself seems to know the true Trevor Slattery:

“He’s not easy to quantify, and I don’t now what surprises – if any – Trevor has up his sleeve. But I love playing the complexity and the complete unpredictability [of the character].”

What do you think, Screen Rant readers? Are you looking forward to seeing Trevor’s character expanded upon? Or were you one of those fans who didn’t like the twist in Iron Man 3? Let us know in the comments.


All Hail the King will be included as an extra on the Blu-ray and DVD releases of Thor: The Dark World, which hits shelves on February 25th, 2014.

Sources: USA Today

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  1. It was cool, although predictable.

  2. Didn’t Obadiah Stane had a son in the comic books ? I forgot his name. But he also plays as antagonist in the IronMan comic books.

    Perhaps he is the real Mandarin ?

    • Can we just not?

    • Sh1t Stane ;)

    • That would be Ezekiel Stane

      • I think some elements of him were used on Justin Hammer.

  3. This leaked online a few weeks back. It’s really good! Everyone will enjoy the story. Watch until end of credits though. Fantastic cameo!

  4. I already saw the short, i know marvel had pearce write it to save face and try to make it look
    Part of plan. But the ten rings is supposedly alive and well with a real mandarin behind it.
    Kudos to latino review who got this right months ago and kudos to all the marvel fans who
    railed against stupid twist with such an iconic villian. And thumbs down and a 12 gun salute
    To dazz and the other ridiculous fans who this was a genius idea, LOL.

    • The smoke and mirrors bit that the media ate up and regurgitated (especially when it comes to terrorism) is an important and ballsy message. These guys just happened to make the mistake of diminishing both that message and Iron Man’s only noteworthy villain by using it in that ridiculous twist.

    • Yeah, we did it! Marvel wanted to f*** us. And, Well, I hadn’t had a good f*** in weeks. I was ready for one. They say that every fan boy is worth a dozen Marvel executives. We proved them right! Our war cries will echo through eternity. They will sing about the battle for the Mandarin until the Internet goes offline. Every man, woman and child will know who we were and how we stood. Future Fanboys will cry out our names as they begin their own rant videos! Mothers will name their sons for us! Girls will think of us with their lovers inside them! And whoever kills that Shane Black will stand in bronze above the shores of Pyke! WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE! (Gets hit in head and collapses)

      • (Okay, so I really don’t want to be banned or something for this so I’ll just say now…no, not really. Please do not kill Shane Black. And I’m sorry if this is deemed to inappropriate for this site)

    • The Mandarin isn’t iconic.

      • To iron man he is.

    • It was and IS a genius idea as well as marvel’s best overall film IMO. What makes YOU right?… and don’t use the internet as an example, as the small noisy fanboy minority does not in any way shape or form reflect the opinion of the general audience.

      • Well said. Simple.

        People loved it. It was fun. It was surprising and the masses kept going back, over and over to see it. Because it was just downright fun.

        I know, I’ll be lambasted for this… oh well. You fanboys always think you’re right. But gratefully, you’re not the ones telling the stories. I’m glad, too.

        Cherish your comicbook stories, enjoy those, and let the movies be their own thing. Or go about life feeling victimized by Disney/Marvel.

    • @Rod22…

      Pretty harsh statement. You realize that YOU are the minority since there are more people out there who saw the movie who didn’t think it was a bad idea.

      I was upset about what they did to Mandarin but that is cause I knew the source material having grown up a Marvel comics fan. In the end, I let it go. Plus, the Mandarin that they portrayed through Killian was super bad @ss. He whooped up on Iron Man.

      The only thing that I really thought was lame was how Pepper came in and beat up Killian. I wanted Stark to finish him off.

      ANWYAY…NOT EVERY MARVEL FAN HATED IT! I did not hate it. I thought what they did was genius and really helped reinforce the terrorist plot and the idea that terrorism has many faces and that many times the “good guys” are the ones who’s actions created the terrorists.



  5. This already came out on the Xbox store. All Hail the King was funny but the last few minutes were surprisingly intense. It’s my favorite One Shot, other than A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer

  6. All that needs to be said is kiss my rings b!+#$. Haha. Cant wait. I really want to see jet li as the real manderian.

  7. They should save the real mandarin for who ever replaces tony/downey jr as Ironman.

  8. I don’t need anymore reminders of the crapfest that was Iron Man 3. Just end it, if you’re not gonna do Mandarin properly don’t even bother.

  9. All these Mandarin fans coming out of the woodwork make me sick. Nobody ever cared about the Mandarin prior to the first iron man movies release. Iron man was always known for having one of the worst rogues galleries in comics. So many apparently classic mandarin stories…phonies all of ya!

    • Exactly. Iron Man was a second tier superhero at best. Anyone who says that the Mandarin is one of Marvel’s greatest villains is lying to themselves or having delusions of grandeur.

    • +1000000 to you good sir.

      • Ironman was crap in Marvel Vs Capcom…. I hadokened him to pieces!!

  10. Hopefully this short film will help me forget what a joke Iron Man 3 was, or as I call it ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang 2.’. Plus why Shane is most of your movies taken place during Christmas time?

  11. My guess is he will convince inmates that he is the Mandarine and create a following amongst the prisoners who will serve his every whim.

  12. So Marney… Er Disvel is going to introduce yet ANOTHER Mandarin and y’all are praising this as a good thing?
    Now you have to hope whoever it is delivers half the performance Kingsley was when they sacked his character.
    The character is toast to me in the cinematic universe, bringing him back AGAIN sounds like a way to ruin yet another movie.

    Sorry, but this is now bigger BS than I thought it was at the end of IM3. IMO.

    Glad y’all like it though.

    • I find it pretty funny that you think Disney is involved in the writing process of the films. They’re not. All they do is finance it and distribute it, and why would they get involved? Marvel has proven time and time again that they can earn the big bucks for Disney, so as long as Marvel keeps providing Disney with money, Disney will think they’re on the right track.

      Also, I don’t see the logic when people say, “When Disney bought Marvel everything became kid friendy!!” Kid friendly? In ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’, a Nazi gets chopped into pieces by a plane. Kid friendly… Yeah, that’s the right word. (sarcasm)

      • Don’t forget all the alchohal and sex scenes, it’s beyond kid friendly, family movie, sure! Lmao @DragonArcher23……know what you speak.

    • Trevor Slattery was impersonating someone. It wouldn’t be absurd for them to look similar enough to have Kingsley play both. It’s been done a number of times.

      Even if they don’t go that route… There are people out there that can play a legit Mandarin. Kingley was a re-imagination in the first place, so it’s not like he was somehow THE Mandarin.

      I’m sure there is a perfectly competent actor out there that can play a perfectly competent version of this character.

      • Slattery did say that they had him get plastic surgery although, not having seen this yet, I’m not sure how that would conflict with whatever role flashback they show in this One Shot.

  13. Saw it recently, loved it.


    I just rewatched Iron Man 3, and Kingsley killed it with Trevor! Who else can go ole while being interrogated like that? =))

  15. LMAO All those lil whiney butts and their lame excuses of IM3 NOT being good, you’re wrong you fools, remember that it’s the little things( like marvel oneshots )that count. You fanboys want a real Mandarin???I don’t, it would suck eggs, well fanboys cried their heads off, now look what you’ve got, a magic man with Ten Rings on his fingers…just make the Mandarin a terrorist and huge mob boss like the kingpin, then have him get ten extremis rings in his spine, vwolah, a Mandarin that fanboys will still blow their heads off, but THE ONLY ONE THAT WILL work on SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hasn’t this been out for ages now?

  17. it’s one thing to not like the movie, it’s another thing to complain that they screwed up the most iconic villian in Iron Mans history when they accomplished exactly what they wanted too…just because you got the rug pulled out from under you…they proved their point by people believing that he was coming, preconceived ideas of what you wanted to see and now some people are mad.

    and you still haven’t seen Mandarin how could they screw it up?

    • You’ll neverrrr Seeeee Meee Comingggg.

      I mean, when he was first announced people were like “He’s not the mandarin! They are changing this character!” Then Marvel’s like “Just kidding, he’s not REALLY the Mandarin.” and everyone’s all like “THEY RUINED THE MANDARIN!”

      • ha…i forgot to add the You’ll neverrrr Seeeee Meee Comingggg in my post :D

  18. It’s been leaked online. The best part is when the interviewer says “possibly, your portrayal has angered some people, some of them very dangerous.” and Slattery Responds “You don’t have to tell me mate, I’ve seen those bloody internet message boards. Viscious.”

    So meta. You fanboys got called out.

    • Yeah, but only the “fanboys”…not those us who simply found IM3 to be a terrible movie…twist or no.

      • I get it. You’re on a mission to make sure everyone knows you were let down. You can stop stalking my posts now.

        • Wow…SOMEone is full of himself. I was responding to the “fanboy” comment, not to you, specifically.

          Chill out.

          • I’m totally chill. I just find it funny that every time I make a post that doesn’t include “by the way everyone, this movie was a letdown.” You, or someone else has to jump in and clarify for anyone that may have been confused that it is indeed a terrible movie.

            I get it. I accepted the flaws of the movie after I saw it opening night and I moved on. It’s a part of a larger universe and that’s interesting.

            I don’t want to be speculating on future Marvel releases like Ant Man or Dr. Strange and have people juming in saying “yeah, but Iron Man 3 was terrible.”

            Cool story bro. We get it.

            • Funny…I thought we were on a thread dedicated to a short film follow-up of IM3, so my comment is validly placed. I didn’t say this on a thread for ANOTHER movie…just the one I commented about.

              Logic is a wondrous gift. Accept it.

              • :-)

                • :D

                  I hope this means we’re cool…?

  19. Spiderman, THOR, IRON MAN and Captain America becomes “Adventure Comedy” genre compared to MOS. Just too much kidding around during desaster time. LOL

  20. IM3 was not as good as the first film. IM2 is better. I still hope the real Mandarin shows up and kills Trevor. That’s when we get to see Mr. Kingsley as the real Mandarin.

    This twist was a joke that the writer made up when in the bathroom but what matters most is why on earth this became the most important part of the film?

    • I agree that both the original IM and even IM 2 were better movies then the third installment, mainly because neither of those movies were 2.5 hour quip-a-thons which prevented you from taking the movie seriously.

      • yup, i don`t know if its true but i have a bad feeling that Disney had some influence on it aswell as Thor which seemed like a rom com to me

  21. Wow. I actually really enjoyed this. To me, Trevor was the best part about IM 3 and whether it’s “spin-control” or not I would absolutely LOVE IT if he does turn out to be the Mandarin.

    Ben Kingsley is just too many shades of awesome to not like this.

  22. I liked what they did with the Mandarin in the film because I found it hilarious, and I also really liked what they did with this short and basically said that (SPOILER ALERT) they fooled everyone AGAIN, and that there really is a real Mandarin out there. But people are still going to complain. Oh well, you’ll never please everyone on internet message boards. I loved the joke they made about it though.

  23. Well, the short was nice, but, dunno, it’s like they admitted they were wrong… first they say “Hey, the Mandarin persona was invented”, then half the audience complained so they go “Naaaah, the real Mandarin is actually out there” (and conveniently never takes issues with the entire thing until the events of Iron Man 3 are over and done).

    They should have either made Kingsley the “real”, albeit not magic, Mandarin, or stuck to their guns and let the whole thing drop.

  24. I would love if he still actually WAS the Mandarin and was testing Iron Man in IM3 to see just how powerful he could be against Killian. I just think Ben Kingsley would be a wasted talent to not actually use him for the REAL thing. His voice is perfect and he puts a great gravitas into his performance as the Mandarin.

    • I’ve been thinking this ever since I saw IM3; that he was really the Mandarin and was simply using Killian to test Tony and his suits. Perhaps he even knew (spoiler, but seriously, who hasn’t seen this yet?) that Tony would destroy his arsenal of suits and try to rebuild a shattered personal life, or something to that degree. Makes for a more interesting reason for Tony to abandon the IM persona all together and become more involved with the Avengers AS himself, more like a consultant or beneficiary than a fighter, as he does in the comics, seeing as how Rhodey takes over as IM eventually (if not for very long, more briefly). Just a thought.

  25. just give him some powers and make him a bigger villian in pt 4

  26. The funny thing is the Trevor Slattery character is probably more well known at this point then the Mandarin was going into Iron Man 3.

  27. Everyone’s up in arms at the Mandarin isn’t portrayed as they want him to be in the movie. Its not like he was a complete and utter bad-a** in the comics either. In the 90′s Iron Man TV show he was a real hokey and stereotypical bad villain. And the 90′s Marvel shows were rather accurate when it came to visual portrayal of the comic characters while taking certain liberties with their origin storeis.