Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ TV Series To Be Written by ‘Reaper’ Creators [Updated]

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agent carter tv series writers Marvels Agent Carter TV Series To Be Written by Reaper Creators [Updated]

Marvel Studios has expanded its brand to encompass television with ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and regardless of your feelings about the espionage series, we should all be able to agree that it’s helped set the stage for bigger and better things. That includes four Netflix series that could see Marvel branch out creatively, in addition to the upcoming Agent Carter TV show – a program that will put one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s women front and center (something many fans have been asking for).

Agent Carter has been surrounded in secrecy thus far, so we’ve been unable to confirm that Hayley Atwell is reprising as (Agent) Peggy Carter, who gets up to a variety of adventures in the 1940s after her would-be boyfriend Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) gets lost and frozen at sea.

However, Deadine‘s reliable sources have given them a tip-off about who will be working behind the scenes on the show. According to the site, Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas have reportedly been brought onboard as writers and executive producers on Agent Carter, as part of their overall deal with ABC Studios (though, Marvel has yet to formally confirm the news).

UPDATE: In a separate Deadline report, ABC head Paul Lee is quoted as having said that the Agent Carter pilot script – written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely (Captain America 1 & 2) – is “great” and just awaiting an official green light.

Butters and Fazekas have a strong background in the TV medium, as creators of the well-received supernatural comedy/drama series Reaper (which aired on the CW from 2007-09). Furthermore, the duo have served as writers and/or producers on such genre series as Joss Whedon’s sci-fi Dollhouse and the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, while they are currently working as dual showrunners on the fantasy/drama series Resurrection (which premieres on ABC in March 2014).

agent carter tv series writers reaper 570x294 Marvels Agent Carter TV Series To Be Written by Reaper Creators [Updated]

The creators of ‘Reaper’ are writing ‘Agent Carter’

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was entrusted to Avengers writer/director Joss Whedon and his Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog/Dollhouse brain trust (brother Jed Whedon and sister-in-law Maurissa Tancharoen), but Marvel has begun to reach out further in the TV writing community as it continues to build the small screen wing of its universe.

That includes giving the Daredevil series to Drew Goddard – a longtime writer/producer on Alias and Lost who got his start on Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer – and having Melissa Rosenberg (a former writer/executive producer on Dexter) take the reins on the Jessica Jones series. If an equally promising choice is brought onboard to oversee the Luke Cage series, that will continue to signal good things ahead for Marvel’s Netflix trial run.

Similarly, having Butters and Fazekas involved with Agent Carter makes the series sound all the more intriguing, despite it being planned as an ABC production. That’s because the pair are no strangers to working in the confines of public TV – and, therefore, can handle the balance act of serving their corporate interests, while still offering a show that is artistically resonant (something the folks behind Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has struggled with thus far).

All things considered, Agent Carter seems to be another smart “risk” on Marvel’s part thus far. Let us know if you agree/disagree in the comments section.


We’ll keep you posted on Agent Carter‘s development as more information is made available.

Source: Deadline

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  1. With it being on ABC my hopes for this show has gone down. Agents of Shield has a lot more going for it and it’s still bad. I can’t see Agent Carter doing much better.

    • I completely agree… once of the biggest disappointments is the lack of revelant super powered beings on the show.

      One suggestion if they go ahead with this is maybe use the Isiah Bradley story line as a subplot in the show. Show how Carter helped S.H.I.E.L.D. develop in its infancy, as well as being the guiding factor in Bradley’s life post Captain America. They could use an actor without high notoriety so he’s affordable and have a super hero infused into the show on a regular basis.

      Good story and regular superhero equal great ratings.

    • You are very right.

      Why would a spinoff of a badly made flop be any better (especially when you hire people “famous” for another flop.

      It’s all Hollywood insiders hiring each other to make bad television.

      • Couldn’t agree more with you !
        Writers from the terrible written Revolution Show for carter ?
        My God,do they really are with no brain there ?
        Stop it right away if this is the direction they wanna take !
        Bad TV in the making ! They have no idea what they are doing !

        • In Hollywood today, it’s how connected you are.

          It doesn’t matter that you make a mess of things if you know the right people as executives want to feel “comfortable” and don’t care one wit whether they put on a good product.

          Just look at Kevin Reilly and the hideous shows he keeps making, blissfully unaware that they’re crap nobody watches.

          The same goes for NBC and the hideous and low-rated Revolution.

          The commonality: J.J. Abrams, maker of flops for the Hollywood “elites”…

          I have to say, at this point, I can’t wait for bankruptcies to occur to shake things up a bit.

  2. This concept sounds like an AWFUL idea to begin with. I’m a HUGE fan of the movies (though Captain America has been my least favourite so far) but the TV spin-offs seem to be so irrelevant and superfluous it hurts. Not interested one bit. Only the collector in me will make me buy that stuff on BD, but I’m nt sure if I want to see it…

  3. a few things:
    1 – why does this site (and virtually all other sites these days) – insist on “reporting” rumors?? especially when it’s just from other sites sources and not your own – can’t you just do some reporting/ investigating, etc of your own and if you’re going to report rumors – at least make them your own? many times these “rumor reports” are proven incorrect or only partially true – and so what’s the point of printing it – unless you know something to be solid? before writing this article did you even try contacting ABC &/ or Marvel – may be try getting a quote from a press person or someone else ? at least have them deny or say “no comment” and in even a short conversation with someone may be get some other bit of info that might be interesting or actually news worthy?
    please stop just taking what other sites “report” and just rewording it (so as not to be attacked of plagiarism).
    Try calling up Haley Atwell’s representation and just get their two cents. or even better get an interview w/ Haley :)
    or also – try getting a comment from the writer’s themselves or at minimum from their reps.

    2 – considering you (and every other site) admits to NOT knowing anything about a potential Agent Carter project – why do you insist on making assumptions about it ? or any other project for that matter? a few years ago – all the buzz was about the Star Wars TV show (that obviously is not happening now) – or even just a few days ago – Johnny Depp was to be Dr. Strange – nope no truth whatsoever or Donal Logue as Commissioner Gordon – nope again.

    instead and would make for a much more interesting read – delve into what any potential other possibilities Marvel might be considering … and why. May be it could be a TV movie or mini-series, may be a direct to DVD/ VOD or any other possibilities and considering the possibilities of doing it without Haley Atwell is unlikely – would she commit to a TV series when she’s clearly set for major movie stardom (and technically already is a star)? clearly Marvel is looking to expand, but also – they’re looking to experiment and Agent Carter seems like a perfect opportunity to do pretty much anything with … don’t confine your thinking or reporting to the typical way of thinking … questions, questions …

    remember actors only tend to go “backwards” (ie doing TV) when their movies fail and/ or they start transitioning from leads to character roles – or just to do short guest spots for fun on their friend’s TV show (ie. Matt Damon on House of Lies or 30 Rock)

    as well – all this speculation may be for nothing – as may be the rumors are all basely &/ or based on something else that is as yet unknown … such as …. a show about Mockingbird or some other female character … that would be much easier to film in a present day setting …

    and please anyone who responds to this article or any other SR articles – push this site to do actual reporting – don’t just jump on a bandwagon of speculation based on …. nothing but rumors. Please try to report facts – not just other sites rumors or at minimum start reporting some of your own rumors – so other sites are quoting “reported on Screen Rant.”

    FYI – I say all this – cause I like this site – consider it constructive criticism.

    • I get where you’re coming from, but I disagree. Screen Rant specifically states that it’s a rumor when it reports it, and states where the rumor comes from.

      Personally, I like hearing all the rumors about upcoming films: it’s fun to speculate who could be playing what/who might be considered for a role, etc. There are examples where actors/actresses have gone in to talk about a part BECAUSE of rumors, fan speculation or fans expressing an interest in them based on no facts (ie: Vin Diesel for GOTG).

      If nothing else, it give’s us something to read while we are waiting for each movie to come out. And let’s face it: if you were working for Screen Rant and you didn’t report a massive rumor which turned out to be true, you’d be kicking yourself later.

    • welcome to screen rant, I give it 2 more days before they post a “story” about how dwayne the rock jonson is in talks to play agent carter

  4. Well, there’s only been one Marvel-connected TV series so far…so maybe that one will prove to be the exception and not the rule. Hopefully.

    • all Marvel TV shows – will be connected to the movie universe – it’s a very safe bet
      including all the netflix shows – so stop asking or thinking they won’t be – Marvel has all the rights to their characters on TV.
      and more importantly – they want to create a universe and using the TV shows to tell the smaller / cheaper stories is a no brainer

      all any project needs to “make it connected” is a mere mention of other character’s names, etc – or very brief cameos – ie. Nick Fury for literally 1 or 2 minutes. Daredevil will read listen to story about shield on the tv news and there you go – connected.

      • Marvel loves doing shows for Netflix as there will be no Nielsens, and so no matter how poorly their new shows do, we will never be able to check when they announce how great they’re doing… With Agent of SHIELD, anyone who cared was able to see it was a flop. All Netflix’s new shows were called “hits” by Netflix (big surprise) and the press genuflects in front of this lack of data while Hollywood collapses…

        I also notice that once again, Netflix is “safely’ steering away from any original creations. For a company hyping itself a super-creative, they are showing their real colors.

  5. I actually think this show will be better than Shield. I think the period shows are big right now, I think you can do alot of things with it.

    I dont know if it will have as much buzz as Shield does so the ratings might not be as good but I’ll bet you right now the show is better than Agents of Shield.

  6. I don’t see how this would be much different than Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. other than being a period piece, I would rather see them do a show about a lesser known superhero, Moonknight maybe.

    P.S. does Netflix ever release its’ original programming on DVD?

  7. Who gave this show the green light? I would rather watch an Agents of shield marathon than this show. If anyone said they wanted more women represented in Marvel I’m sure they were talking about MS.Marvel, Spiderwoman, Mockingbird, Wasp, Valkyrie, Dazzler, or She Hulk. I don’t think anyone was hammering for an Agent Carter show.

    I have no interest in this show. It will flop hard!

    • No, seriously, tell us how you really feel….

    • Read the article Alexander L ,the show has not been given the green light yet and hayley atwell is contractually obliged to reprise and continue her role as peggy carter, it is the studio decision if they want to greenlit the show and recast the role. Which i see the greenlighting show and not wanting to recast her hayley atwell seeing she did excellent job as peggy carter.

      Since the marvel one shot for the Iron man three was excellent and she was excellent in captain america:the first avenger.I see her continuing playing the role.
      It might be better than agents of shield but do not right off both yet.

      People forget actors are hired they only stop auditioning when they oscar winners or near that level.So in other words she is picked she does not do the picking if she stays or goes unless they renewing the contract.

      • Well I’m glad they haven’t given this crap a green light. It would be a waste of time and money and hurt marvels brand.

        Now if they made a Ms. Marvel or She hulk show. There is not a doubt in my mind it would be a success. It might need to have some guest appearances though, but it could be what agents of shield failed to be so far.

  8. I miss Reaper.

    • @ Professor Procrastination

      So do I. I have to admit that I didn’t watch it until a year or so ago on Netflix but I was pretty surprised by how much I liked it.

  9. Everyone is saying that this show will flop because it’s on ABC. I wonder if they know that ABC is making the Netflix shows as well?

  10. No one thought Castle would last long, and that’s now on its’ 6th season.

  11. Ok you want to make a series based on agent Carter and who is going to watch it. Agents of shield are not going so well and they think to bring a non heroe with what kind of story on tv?

  12. So let me get this straight…

    ABC is doing a spinoff of a show that failed miserably this year and is hiring the people behind Reaper, another huge flop, to make it…

    And then they’ll blame the Internet for their low ratings…

    How pathetically stupid.

  13. They should have done this series first. It would have set the tone for how Agents of Shield should have been handled.

    As it is now they have to do this show and give the character the gravitas that she had in Captain America yet this is going to be completely incongruent with the silly tone they have set for AOS.

    Already it does not make sense.

  14. People liked Peggy Carter enough for them to do that short on “The Avenger’s” disc. They know fans are interested. This show certainly has promise if Hayley Atwell reprises the role.

    For “Agents of Shield”, it’s getting better. I have a feeling the show isn’t going anywhere and will continue to improve as they figure it out. I also feel like they’ll rotate out some of the cast to improve the show greatly.

    This is a new age where there isn’t a small screen and big screen mentality, there’s only a screen. Disney/Marvel is trying to fill it with as many properties as we’ll accept.

  15. more Hayley Atwell yes please!

    plus i wouldn’t mind them fleshing out Howard Stark even Anton Vanko etc…i wanna see some oldschool Soviet/Nazi spy stuff

    • Me too I’d love to see a 40s type agent tv show I bet you it will be kinda like watching James Bond in that era with them old school guns,gadgets, catch phrases, one liners, “You got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well do…..ya punk?”, “Pow right in the kisser”, ” Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”. And I’ve already thought of a title for it to Agent Carter and The Howling Commandos.

  16. Not sure she can carry her own show, as there is not alot of material there to start with. However, I am behind the show if they can make it fly, and will definitely give it a watch and my support.

  17. I don’t think they understand how certain characters only work in small doses: Coulson, Carter, Loki lately (to me), etc. Creating entire shows about them though, I don’t know…

    Also feels like from what I’ve seen of Agents of Shield: sure they’re connected to the movie universe, but it’s also sorta “separate but irrelevant” if that makes sense. They’re each their own entity but they also feel sorta irrelevant to the whole cinematic universe in terms of story and whatnot.

    It’s sorta like almost all of the villains in the solo films; they’re all there but almost entirely irrelevant to the whole universe. Their stories are just way too self contained and the villains are all a bit underwhelming when they’re so isolated in a self-contained movie. Loki is sort of an exception.

    • The tone and scripting of Agents of SHIELD plays like a commercial for the Marvel film brand where people talk up things that have happened in the confines of the movie/television world to keep the idea out there. The amount of speculation some fans are doing does the show and the writers a favor by filling the holes they leave to either be filled later or just left vague.

  18. Oh,crap! There goes my excitement :-( Why they didn’t keep the original writers from the short? Can someone explain? *crying now*

    • Easy: They didn’t have the right connections nor the “experience” of having been the people behind numerous flops.

  19. i enjoyed Reaper when it was on, but i dont like marvel for the most part, watered down for the twilight teen bop age, you can keep it, i enjoy more adult content, not drivel!!!!

  20. I keep saying this.
    They will use this to setup a Invaders Movie.
    For that They Need Spitfire.
    They got Blade back, so all they need is Agent Carter old to die and turn.
    And the SpitFire Arises.
    What was Nice about spitfire is she Hides her Real source of her Powers successful for years. She super fast Super Strong and Heals. Appear to even have to have some Flight.
    As her the source of her Powers? Or it was the Human torch BLOOD! (No It was the Old Vampire from the Nazi Vampire Super Solder Baron Blood Bite Finally Kicking on when she Died.