‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′: Martin Sheen Returning; Official Title Rumors

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 Amazing Spider Man 2: Martin Sheen Returning; Official Title Rumors

One thing Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man failed to do was fulfill the promise of telling ‘the untold story’ of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). It laid the groundwork for that to happen in later installments – set in a bolder and more complex Spider-Man universe than Sam Raimi’s trilogy – nonetheless, director Mark Webb’s reboot was foremost a re-telling of the superhero’s origins.

Despite that, there’s much to admire about Webb’s superhero movie; that includes Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben, who is indeed returning for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (not the official title). Moreover, current rumors point to the sequel having a name that (appropriately) foreshadows an uptick in quality from its predecessor.

The late Cliff Robertson occupied the Uncle Ben role throughout Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, playing Pete’s surrogate father as a kindly and wizened old man who inspired his nephew in life (and even took on the form of his conscience in death). However, Sheen delivered a different interpretation of the character that better fit the Amazing Spider-Man universe – by diving deeper into the emotions of a good man who’s not only forced to become a father, but also keep certain secrets about Pete’s parents (and yet, earn the trust of a young man who’s still wrestling with his identity as an orphan).

Amazing Spider-Man 2 will see Pete learning to better appreciate his superhero responsibilities, even as he continues to risk harm to his loved ones – including, a newfound friend in Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) – and pursuing Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), while facing a new threat (Jamie Foxx as Electro) that could be connected to the mystery surrounding his parents. That’s to say: it makes sense for Uncle Ben to return in some capacity, given his continued importance in Pete’s journey to adulthood and connection to his past; not to mention, Pete’s ongoing quest to avenge Sheen’s untimely death in TASM.

 Amazing Spider Man 2: Martin Sheen Returning; Official Title Rumors

Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Andrew Garfield in ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

Sheen confirmed the news on RTE Television’s “The Late Late Show” (via CBM), saying:

“They’ve called me back, I don’t know what the part is gonna be, but I’m going to be ‘Uncle Ben’ once again in Spider-Man next year. We shoot it in February.”

Hence, it’s open for speculation, as far as how Uncle Ben is going to appear in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. That is, he could show up as a figment of troubled Pete’s imagination (a la the character in Spider-Man 2) or through flashbacks that reveal more about Pete’s parents and what Ben knew about their work for Oscorp. The latter seems more likely, given that the script from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci and Jeff Pinkner is expected to flesh out the first film’s sci-fi mythos and reveal the true nature of Norman Osborn’s shady organization (similar to their work on the TV series Fringe).

amazing spider man sequel marc webb1 Amazing Spider Man 2: Martin Sheen Returning; Official Title Rumors

As far as official titles for the Amazing Spider-Man sequel go, here’s the latest (via Jo Blo):

I’ve heard all sorts of rumors that the movie will be called THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, but until I see it in an official press release I’m going to stick with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.

“Spectacular Spider-Man” is the second comic series that Marvel started following the success of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s original “Amazing Spider-Man”; it also refers to an animated show that aired on The CW and Disney XD from 2008-09. The latter follows Pete during his high schools days, utilizing material from various eras in the original comics (including, the “Ultimate Spider-Man” continuity that informs the Amazing Spider-Man film series) – so, all in all, that seems like a reasonable title for the second movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) will swing into theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: CBM, Jo Blo

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  1. YES “The Spectacular Spider-man” sounds right!

    • Sounds lame.

      • Nice story bro

        • Great post bro!

      • Clearly you don’t read much Spider-Man. Since the series went by Amazing, Spectacular, Astonishing, Ultimate and recently Supreme

    • And then the third should be called The Ultimate Spiderman! That would be awesome! :-)

      • Exactly! Unless they plan on doing more sequels, I want “Ultimate” to be the final title if the final spiderman movie.

        • “The Ultimate Spider-Man” would work nicely.

          What if they came up with something new?

        • Yeah Ultimate would have to be the closer. I would kinda’ like them to do the death of Spiderman story at the end of this series.

    • I prefer Mighty World Of Marvel…wait wrong Marvel comic

    • What about the Amazing Spectacular Ultimate Spider-Man for the finale movie

  2. I was actually thinking they’d save ‘Spectacular’ for the next reboot (as great as TASM was IMO, it’s pretty clear that there’ll be more reboots in the future).

    I think they should stick with ‘Amazing’ for this trilogy (if there’ll be a third one) and just add numbers or “part …” at the end of the titles.

    • How about The Web of Spiderman? I think that should be the next reboot and it’s sequels should have sub-names. (The Web of Spiderman: Kraven’s Last Hunt)

      • Would work well as the title of the series as a whole or even a Blu-Ray box set. “The Web of Spider-Man” sounds like everything would be there connected to each other

      • Stilt-Man Hears a Who!
        Shocker and Rhino buys a zoo!
        Show us where Hob Goblin touched you with the doll Kingpin!

      • ‘The Web of Spider-Man’ sounds pretty good to me.
        It’s fitting because of the “web” of conspiracy story that the reboot is trying to tell.

        • I could get behind Marc Webb’s Web of Spider-Man for the title of the trilogy box set including the Amazing Spider-Man, the Spectacular Spider-Man, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

  3. Would make more sense to use another sub title for another future remake, and call the new movie ‘Amazing Spiderman 2′. But I can live with it being Called ‘Spectacular Spiderman’. Hopefully the next film is called ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ and I’ll be happy.

  4. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro”

    how crazy is it for that sequel video game subtitle to actually fit this movie? xD

    Nah, it’ll run through the comic titles. So we’ll go:

    “The Amazing Spider-Man”
    “The Spectacular Spider-Man”

    “The Sensational Spider-Man”? “The Astonishing Spider-Man”? “The Superior Spider-Man”?

    “Peter Parker: Spider-Man” would be good for the reboot after this

    • You listing all those Spider-Man titles have reminded how pissed off I am at Marvel Comics for changing their line-ups the whole damn time.
      “The Superior Spider-Man”? Come on Marvel, you’re supposed to be better than that. :(

    • You listing all those Spider-Man titles has reminded how pissed off I am at Marvel Comics for changing their line-ups the whole damn time.
      “The Superior Spider-Man”? Come on Marvel, you’re supposed to be better than that. :(

      • Sorry for the double post.

      • They killed Ultimate Peter Parker. For good, I’m sure of it. Not cool

    • WHY is everyone talking about RE-BOOTS??? WTF already???? why they dont need to beat a dead horse!! Im OK with this re-boot but they DO NOT have to do it again… over and over and over that is crazy and People WILL GET SICK OF THIS GARBAGE! I like TASM better than the first trilogy but this DOES NOT NEED TO BE RE HASHED AGAIN!! IF that happens I hope everyone boycotts spiderman and it BOMBS, these studios are treating us like we are just stupid puppets and most people are just fine with it!!!! WAKE UP AND TELL THESE STUDIOS TO MAKE ORIGINAL MOVIES

      • Movies like Meet The Spartans drew big box office numbers so yeah, they have every right to treat the movie-watching public as moronic puppets at this point.

      • They are going to reboot it because Andrew Garfield is not going to play Spiderman all his life. It would be too confusing to continue the story using a different actor, Spiderman is not James Bond, where there is no continuity.

        • Totally agree , tasm was an improvement but not what I was wanting . It was just the same Hollywood feel as the others but you got to expect that with the same production crew as before .

      • Nothing is original anymore and if they DO come up with something completely original, the outcome is usually something stupid.

        Spider-Man is going to keep getting rebooted, whether you like it or not. And personally, I enjoy seeing a different take on the character each time around because theres always something new.

        I love Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, but he’s not going to be like that forever and you have to keep “rehashing” the same basis of a story so that future generations won’t forget about an iconic character like Spider-Man

        • Slappy… take it easy buddy. The only reason we get to continue to see “original” movies is based of the money made from movies people actually go to see… like Spider-man. The reboot had nothing to do with you or I being puppets… the reboot happened so that Sony could retain the Spider-man license. They would have lost it had they not made another movie. Chill out.

      • Calm down man.
        You don’t honestly think that they’re just gonna stop making Spider-Man movies 50 years from now, do you?

        This character (and many others) will be reinvented and retold long after you and me bite the dust (and in my case, that’s still a long while lol)

  5. As hyped up as this movie was , I was pretty disappointed withthe results. I thought it as okay, nothing spectacular. Garfield was good in the role but I found the story to be quite weak.

    • Ignur…it wasn’t supposed to be spectacular. It was amazing. come on man.

  6. There is no way the movie will be anything other than “The Amazing Spiderman 2″ because they are saving “The Specatcular Spiderman” and other famous Spiderman names for reboots. You know there will be at least 2 more reboots of Spiderman in the next 10+ yrs or so …

  7. I like “Spectacular Spider-Man” sounds cool Sheen returning is good and it probably means Fieldis coming back to, I loved them both in the first one but I hope we see more of them in Spectacular especially Aunt May I always felt that Peter and May had really great chemistry with one-another I’d love to see Peter trying harder to keep the secret from her (unless she already knows). Can’t wait for this

  8. The 3rd one better be called, “The Superior Spider-Man” in homage to the ending of “The Amazing Spider-Man” title ending next month with its 700th issue.

  9. I was just thinking it would be The Amazing Spiderman but with a subtitle after it. But these ideas are alot better.

  10. “The Amazing Spiderman Rises”

  11. What about “The Avenging Spider Man”?

    • Nope, Sony is not going to stir up the controversy of the general audience thinking Spider-Man is going to cross over into Avengers. Some people honestly think that now

  12. Holy crap! They read my freaking MIND!

    MONTHS ago, I thought “Ok, lets say there are four movies. The first being (as is) “Amazing Spiderman”, the second being “Spectacular Spiderman”, the third being “Sensational Spiderman”, and the fourth Being “Ultimate Spiderman”.

    These are all different titles for the comic book character, and it would make it feel like one consecutive series. I think it would be cool if they used these (or other) Spiderman comic book titles for the movies. :)

    • I think a lot of us were going along the line of using comic book titles, not just you lol. But not going off into ridiculous ones like Superior or Avenging

      • I was surprised that this was a title that was ACTUALLY considered for the real film though, lol. I assumed they would title the next one “Spiderman: The rise of whoever the villain is” or something like that. I think you get the point, lol.

  13. Emo should definitely be in the title somewhere.

    • ….

    • Emo? How about the crappy scenes Tobey Maguire had in Spider-Man 3 once the symbiote took a hold of him. Now that was EMO!

    • If you think Garfield’s Peter Parker was an emo, you need to get out more ;)

      • emos dont skip down hallways lol
        Garfield’s Parker was a social awkward skateboard whos supposed to be really smart.
        Toby’s parker + Garfield’s Spiderman = perfect
        but that my opinion.

    • +1
      nice one

  14. Spectacular Spider-Man honestly sounds really cool

    But what about the third one?
    Ultimate doesn’t really stick with me.
    Neither would sensational or peter parker
    Friendly Neighborhood would be a big no-no.

    Web Of Spider-Man perhaps?

    • Fits more into the title of a box set, I can’t believe that suits you for a stand alone movie title rather than some of the others.

      But we all have different thoughts

  15. I think he’s either returning as flash backs or before Peter Parker turned into Spiderman at all

  16. The Amazing Spider-man: Secrets Reveiled

    • You kinda mispelled it (LOL), but thats a great title!

  17. I would not be surprised if they call it the Spectacular Spider-Man. I had a conversation when AMS came out and said ‘What, film 2 will be ‘Spectacular’ and film three some other adjective driven title.

  18. 30 People commenting on the title of the next spiderman movie.



    • “Amnesia.”

    • Flashbacks; pretty obvious, I thought.

      • Yeah, but it was still funny.

        Worry about the title more than dead guy returning back to life lol.

        • Uncle Ben’s spirit takes over Electro as revenge for Peter being the reason he was killed in….

          “The Amazing Spiderman 2: Uncle Ben’s Revenge”

          Or…..he comes back as a zombie in

          “The Amazing Spiderman 2: The Zombie Apocalypse

          either one would work…..

    • Jeff W…it’s obvious they are going with the Marvel Zombies story-line. Sony knows that zombies are in right now along with superhero movies…so why not combine them and create a movie that will crush the Avengers box office gross.

  19. The Uncanny Spiderman
    The Mighty Spiderman
    The Fantastic Spiderman
    The Mysterious Spiderman
    Spiderman, Earths Mightiest Hero?

    • Those titles, I like. ‘Spectacular Spider-Man’, on the other hand, just screams sexually-confused :\

      • he’s spoofing other Marvel comics titles…

        • I vote: Journey into Spider-man

  20. First trilogy was better. I liked The Amazing Spider-Man, but the first three movies were by far better

    • Yes, it’s completely fair to pit 1 movie that doesn’t have sequels yet against a trilogy that was finished nearly 6 years ago.

    • Amazing Spider-Man: A hero In Training

  21. Uncle ben returns in a flashback? or do we also get the chameleon? Mysterio?

  22. I hope Sally Field returns to play May Parker

  23. I don’t think gwen should die!

    • Hell yeah…kill her off. That is a big part of Parker’s life and go get an actual hot Mary Jane for later films. Dunst was cute, but in the comics Mary Jane was pretty smokin.

      • lol

  24. I would have loved it if the next movie was sort of based off the last one, but was set a year after, so that Parker had sort of evolved a bit with his powers and stuff off camera.

  25. I wil not see this movie if the ethnically biased Jamie Foxx stars in it. Dont care how good or bad the movie is, Mr. Foxx’s latest public rants have rooted him in my boycott column along with sean penn…

  26. What about Rhys Ifans? Any word on him returning? Its pretty clear Dr. Connors has some knowledge about Peter’s dad, that Peter will eventually come and ask for.

    And I’m sure The Lizard is battling with Dr. Connors’s mind on regaining control as well. :P

  27. The Amazing Spider-Man
    The Spectacular Spider-Man
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    The Superior Spider-Man

    Web of Spider-Man <—box set title

  28. I think they should just leave it at Amazing. (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 etc.)

  29. Flashbacks.