Mark Wahlberg Says He’s Set For ‘Uncharted’ Movie

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Mark Wahlberg says he will star in Uncharted Mark Wahlberg Says Hes Set For Uncharted Movie

David O. Russell seemingly kicked the hornet’s nest when he opened up about the plot of his video game movie project, Uncharted – which had already attracted a fair amount of negative buzz (pun intended) from fans when the news broke that Mark Wahlberg will play Nathan Drake.

Uncharted 3 game director, Justin Richmond, spoke out about the movie recently and claimed that neither Wahlberg or Russell’s “family dynamic” storyline was a sure thing. However, The Happening actor Wahlberg seems confident that he is in fact onboard for Uncharted.

Wahlberg and Russell’s most recent collaboration, The Fighter, has emerged as a serious contender (pun intended, again) in this year’s Oscar race, but the former still found time to chat with Moviehole about his upcoming projects. With regards to Uncharted, Wahlberg says that Russell is in the midst of writing the screenplay (and hopes to direct it as well), while he and fellow tough guy types Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are up to appear as descendants and relatives of the 16th century British sea captain, Sir Francis Drake.

To recap: Wahlberg has specifically revealed that De Niro and Pesci will play his father and uncle in Uncharted, which Russell envisions as “an international action picture” that incorporates a family dynamic into the main globe-trotting adventure storyline (think the third Indiana Jones movie) – one that may or may not feature El Dorado as a MacGuffin, like in the original games.

David O. Russell talks Uncharted movie Mark Wahlberg Says Hes Set For Uncharted Movie

Russell has interesting plans for his 'Uncharted' adaptation.

A recorded encounter between a devoted Uncharted game fan and Russell raised the question as to whether fan-favorite Nathan Fillion could still star in the movie adaptation. As Browncoats (re: Firefly/Serenity fans) know all too well, the role of quick-witted, treasure hunter Nathan Drake seems almost tailor-made for the Castle star – or at least for someone whose screen persona seems a good fit to play the rugged but charming type.

Movie versions of beloved video games have a poor track record when it comes to quality – for every one that turns out okay, like the first Mortal Kombat or Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time, there seem to be several on par with Super Mario Bros. or… anything made by Uwe Boll. That in part accounts for why fans tend to scrutinize every decision made when a filmmaker attempts to bring a console game to the big screen. Wahlberg was already given the chance to play a video game icon in the Max Payne movie, but fans largely walked away from that film unimpressed.

Uncharted is relatively cinematic in its plot and design, so it seems a natural choice to make the leap from game to film. Russell also has a very solid track record as a writer-director, so perhaps his casting choices and deviations from the source material will turn out better than a number of fans seem to think right now.

uncharted still Mark Wahlberg Says Hes Set For Uncharted Movie

There’s no official word yet as to when Uncharted is expected to hit theaters, but Wahlberg claims that production could get underway by this summer. While we wait to hear more, feel free to let us know your thoughts on the project in the comments section below.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. Well, there’s one big reason to skip seeing the movie.
    I’m tired of David Russell and Mark Wahlberg being all buddy-buddy and Wahlberg getting roles because they’re buddies, and not because he’s the right person for the role.
    I do hope the movie flops.

  2. Jebus Wahlberg, have some dignity and LET IT GO! Most people DO NOT WANT you in the role.

    But who knows, maybe Fillon is staying away from the project because he read the scrip and it’s a turd.

  3. I think most of us can agree the lead role could be cast so much better, but also so much worse. I’m not thrilled to see Wahlberg take the role, but I can see it working if he gets off his high-horse and plays the game (something he refused to do for Max Payne).

  4. i would like to see nathan fillion get the part, just watched the entire firefly series and serenity for the first time and i think he’s a great choice for nathan drake, don’t mean to bring up old topics, but he would be better than wahlburg in my opinion

    • NATHAN FILLION for Nathan Drake please!!!!!!!! Mark Wahlberg sux as an actor I hated Max Payne and he ruined the Other Guys. I love the Uncharted games and I refuse to see this movie if he is cast as the lead. I recommend we all try to boycott this movie.

  5. If they ruin this movie, I’ll be heated

  6. I think its a bad idea to get him to play the role.. I think so far they are doing a bad job in promoting the movie. The pr work on this movie is sloppy, it isn’t a good sign for the movie. Mark Walburge is a great actor and all, but I think the other actor that could have played him would have been better. The fans choice, and it could have been a breakout role for this actor as well.

    I don’t think changing the story of Uncharted was necessary. They are always going to say crap to belittle the video game and all, but adding his family history and making him to be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake is not necessary.

    I hope they have sully in this also. I can almost assume they are going to change the theme to that as well.

    I always considered Uncharted to be a Romance/ Action adventure. I think they would have been well served in putting this movie forward.

    That’s just my two cents.

    • Nathan Drake is a descendant of Francis Drake in the video games.

  7. I like Wahlberg as an actor, but I don’t see him as Nathan Drake my two choices were Nathan Fillion and Josh Duhamel IMO<—— they both could've played the part well.

  8. Mark is the Happening, I know. My apartment building is in the last scenes of the movie. They filmed there for three days. I was really excited because it was the first chance I had to interact with him since I was 17.

    • Ooops! I forgot.

      The Happening actor, I meant. Since then I’ve seen almost all his movies and his acting has improved i.e “The Other Guys”

      Mark is a great guy and a good friend. I’m sure he’ll do well. He’s flexible.

  9. I still think Bradley Cooper would be perfect for this.

    • Yeahh…
      Gonna have to disagree there. Cooper is a no talent hack. I was gonna say something else but Vic woulda killed me LOL.

      • lol

  10. i don’t care who directs or who stars because this movie DOES NOT NEED TO BE MADE!!!

    The game is already a giant summer blockbuster, except you get to PLAY it instead of just WATCH it…which in some ways is even better.

    nothing matters anyways, they’ll make the film and people will love it and hate it..

  11. great. yet another movie i was excited for murdered.

    • Sten approves. +5

  12. joe flanagan wouldve been the perfect drake.

    instead we’re stuck with marky mark.

    abort this project immediatly!

  13. I don’t understand why people want Nathan Fillion as Drake. I saw Castle once, and he totally ruined the show. Now, I don’t want Wahlberg either, Uncharted could get much better than that.

  14. People are crazy. Mark Wahlberg will be great in this role. After seeing The Fighter, I am more than OK to see him take this role rather than Fillion. Of course, if Nathan Fillion does take the role then okay, but I think Mark should get the role.

    I actually kind of liked Max Payne, granted I have only played the game a few times I thought it was pretty good.

    • Walberg is only good in movies where he can beat up on someone. He fits the ‘fighter’ profile. A somewhat ‘cerebral’ film does not a Walberg make (i.e. The Happening, The Lovely Bones, etc.).

      • Okay first of all The Happening was NOT Mark Wahlbergs fault lol. That was all on M. Night. Second of all, how is Uncharted a “cerebral” (A.K.A Smart) movie, but The Fighter isn’t? Obviously, The Fighter isn’t just about some guy beating on people since it is considered one of the best movies of the year. Also, I highly doubt that Uncharted (no matter who is starring in it) will be considered one of the best movies of the year.

        Especially, with an actor with a small fanbase. Sure a lot of people liked Serenity and Firefly, but that should not warrant him getting to be put into a movie. Rather, an actor with a movie like The Fighter under his belt should have a better chance at the role. Wahlberg also has a much more impressive resume than Fillion. Wahlberg has: The Fighter, The Departed, Shooter, The Italian Job, The Perfect Storm, Three Kings, and Boogie Nights. While Fillions credits includes a lot of underground stuff, small roles in TV roles, Halo and Serenity/Firefly.

        All-in-all you are just an angry fanboy of either Uncharted or Nathan Fillion (or both). Suck it up man. A better actor may have gotten the role.

        • FYI. Imma girl.

          I agree with you in that ‘The Happening’ wasn’t totally Walberg’s fault. The fact of the matter here is that I cannot imagine Walberg in this movie no matter what his acting credits are. The movies you mentioned were hit or miss. ‘Somewhat’ cerebral, I stated only because the Uncharted game was entertaining in the treasure hunting, action adventure type game with a lot of elements to it. Trying to turn Walberg into the male version of Angelina Jolie (Laura Croft) is likened to Nic Cage (Sorcerer’s Apprentice) being like Gandalf.

          Simply cannot compare the two.

          • Lol sorry.

            And haha you have a point. But, I just would trust Wahlberg in the role more than Nathan Fillion. No matter how much the role fits him.

            • :) all is forgiven.

              I see your point. -sigh- I think I’m going to throw my hands up on this one.

            • You trust Wahlburg more in the role!? When the guys at naughty dog developed the game, the while inspiration was Fillion! Wahlberg is a hack. The fighter was great cause of everything else than him.

              • No, I do not agree with Walberg being in this movie. I just agree that he is NOT the person for the role. Filion would be a much better choice. Better yet, it would be best not to even make this movie if Walberg is the only option for this film.

                • Lol, That’s what I was saying. I was actually asking SIN. But I’m with you. Screw Whalberg. Fillion for sure. It’s the only person I imagined while playing the game.

                  • “Imma girl”

                    And then he instantly backed off. How fitting.

        • Did you really compare Fillion to Whalberg? Firefly and serenity maybe all he’s best known for but they are far greater roles than anything Whalberg has done. Anything Marky mark dies good is cause everything around him is good. The departed – decaprio, damon. The fighter – bale, adams. Three kings – clooney.

          • He was AWESOME in Slither!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. James Roday


  16. I am so glad that I am not the only one finding that Walberg is not the perfect choice for this film. He was terrible as Max Payne! Let’s face it, Walberg is “not” a great actor all around. Well, at least he may be a bit better in these type of roles than Nic Cage as a Wizard…wait, what we talking about?

    Sten disapproves. -25

  17. Some people just BORN TO PLAY for specific roles. Fillion is one of them.

  18. I have a feeling this movie will suck. Not b/c of Wahlberg, but b/c it’s a video game movie. They’ve just been soo “great” (sarcasm) over the years. I doubt Fillion could even save this movie.

    • Sten approves. +2

  19. Markie Mark already ruined Max Payne. Why do this to another beloved game? The script might be great and it might even be a decent Christmas nothing movie but casting sounds like Russell’s just making a vacation vid with his Hollywood buddies. If Fillion is no longer in the running, I would’ve preferred a relative unknown that can actually pull of a good Drake instead of seeing the same bunch of actors all the time.

  20. As much as I liked the fighter, this is just wrong wrong wrong. Whalberg is not Drake.

    Dear Whalberg, your an a$$ clown who needs to not be near this

    • He gravitates towards O’Russells movies though Sully. Don’t ask me why lol

      • Cause O’Russell has a man crush on Whalberg lol.

  21. You guys know a lot of this game. I was going by Mark as an actor. Why Nathan Filion. I know who that guy is. He’s on a soap OLTL? Why is this soap actor the inspiration for this game?

    I didn’t even know that. From what I know if this guy is up for the part, MArk has real competition. Nathan Filion has a lot of integrity as an actor.

  22. I like Mark Wahlberg but I already know he is not going to pick up a PS3 controller and start playing the game. He did the same thing with Max Payne so he’s going to say okay I like the script its gripping and all these other elements and he’ll have no idea that this film is being adapted from a game and what will happen? Flop. When I first heard that he was casted as Max Payne I had high hopes, when I found he didn’t play the game I thought to myself oh no this isn’t a good sign.

  23. But for example PoP was good IMO because Jake Gyllenhaal understood who Dastan was as a character also what his moves and acrobats were so he interpreted that well to make it believable but at the same time not mimicking the video games and having a similar but new idea which I thought was cool enough to say this is the on movie based on a game that fitted well for what I was looking for. Hopefully in Uncharted Mark follows those elements. If not then I’ll end up seeing another crap fest of a video game movie.

  24. if u look on all the message boards, websites, etc and comments regarding this movie, NOBODY wants Mark Walberg for the role… please cut him lose he’s going to f&^% this movie up!

  25. We need to create a Facebook page that states ‘No Marky Mark’ for the Uncharted movie…no, wait. The bad press may encourage him still starring in the movie and heaven forbid make multi-millions off of it.

  26. Why does everyone Nathan Fillion to be Nathan Drake opposed to Nolan North who was the voice for Drake in the video game.

  27. This is going to suck.

  28. Mark Wahlberg hhmm better try on Matt Le Blanc…Will be funny though..