Mark Wahlberg Starring In ‘Uncharted’ Movie

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Mark Wahlberg starring in Uncharted Mark Wahlberg Starring In Uncharted Movie

Director David O. Russell’s wish comes true, just as Nathan Fillion’s wish tragically dies. The Firefly star (Fillion) began a Twitter campaign to help land him the lead role in the Uncharted video game movie adaption, but that part now officially belongs to Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg has confirmed that he will play the adventurer Nathan Drake in Uncharted, which will mark his fourth collaboration with Russell – a filmmaker known for being difficult to work with (and, as Christopher Nolan learned, a man willing to put you in a headlock in order to get what he wants).

Russell recently announced his plans for Uncharted to feature Wahlberg, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci. While it was made clear that Wahlberg was in line to play the Indiana Jones-esque lead in the film, fans were left in the dark as to how screen legends De Niro and Pesci fit into the picture.

Wahlberg spoke to MTV about starring in Uncharted and provided the following explanation for the rumored De Niro/Pesci reunion as well (note: we’re not sure whether his chart pun was intentional or not):

“I’m obviously in whatever David wants to do but the idea of [‘Uncharted’] is so off the charts: De Niro being my father, Pesci being my uncle. It’s not going to be the watered-down version, that’s for sure.”

None of Nathan Drake’s family appeared in the original Uncharted games, which will allow Russell to create a backstory for the characters without violating the series canon – whether fans are going to like what the filmmaker comes up with is another story.

uncharted still Mark Wahlberg Starring In Uncharted Movie

Uncharted is expected to be based off the first entry in the original video game series, Drake’s Fortune, which revolves around Nathan Drake as he tracks down the coffin of his ancestor – 16th century British sea captain, Sir Francis Drake – only to set off on another quest: find the mystical city of El Dorado.

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the second National Treasure movie both used El Dorado as a MacGuffin (re: plot-driving device) in a fashion similar to that of Drake’s Fortune. Russell delivered a unique take on the war movie genre with Three Kings and this winter’s The Fighter looks to offer a fresh spin on the underdog sports drama. So chances are that Uncharted will be (if nothing else) unlike the average globe-trotting adventure pic. It could even elevate the video game movie genre to a new plateau: acceptable.

What do you think of Mark Wahlberg playing Nathan Drake in Uncharted? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I refuse to give up on Nathan Fillion as Drake. They should have cast him in Green Lantern.

  2. Geez – Wahlberg?!?!?! – look at Joe Flanigan instead. His character in Stargate Atlantis was SO much like Drake already and he surely looks like Drake.
    If I remember right he even had a grunting climbing sequence :)

    • i dont know.. i think hes too old. think if its popular and we get an uncharted 2. he would die hahah
      im thinking more jensen ackles maybe? or jake gyllenhaal.
      gyllenhaal surely knows how to jump, climb and hang by the tip of his fingers. and he can do a more humor/serious personality. i think wahlberg can only do a serious one. but who knows, he might surprise us! im not gonna be super disappointed now and grumpy and say i will never ever see this movie if hes in the lead. im sure it’ll be fun and entertaining.

      • @Magnus


      • I agree, Jensen Ackles would play the part well and would be great to watch.

  3. Don’t even want to see this movie anymore…
    What the hell?! This guy doesn’t even look like Nate… don’t know how he’s suppose to be “funny”…

    Joe Flanigan, for me, was perfect. His role in Atlantis is just like Nate, the actor himself seems to be really funny and he looks like Nate a lot! Stop saying “he’s too old” since he doesn’t look like an old man… 43 isn’t that old and he looks younger.

    Anyways… this movie’s gonna be a joke really…

  4. All. Is. Lost.

  5. This is a joke. Gimme Nathan Fillion who is still PERFECT for this role. He has the look. He has the wit. If it’s a younger person you wanna go with Chris Pine. Mark Wahlberg doesn’t have the style for this. And not that I don’t love Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci but for this?? As his father and his uncle?? They are gonna butcher this. Might as well have Uwe Boll write the script while we’re at it.

  6. Bradley Cooper would’ve been perfect for this role.

    • Co-sign. He was my pick for Drake ever since I first played Uncharted.

  7. This is horrible casting… Nathan Fillion is the obvious choice… there are parody videos of Uncharted 2 and Firefly. Plus Fillion not only looks like him, but his characters are usually the fumbling, cocky, no so heroic types… but always does the right thing in the end…

    I am not gonna even going to see this at the cinemas.

  8. Some ‘insider’ on twitter a while back mentioned Jensen Ackles was under consideration for Drake but ruled out because he’s contracted to Supernatural for another year. First choice always Nathan Fillion but Ackles would have been my second. Supernatural’s going to the dogs I’m gutted he could have been Drake.

    • how? seeing as supernatural ends this winter and this movie will probably not start shooting until next summer when supernatural is done. blah.. he’d be a much better choice.

      • They’ve signed for season 7 which if they get the go ahead will begin filming summer 2011. Despite poor ratings it’s likely to be renewed because CW have nothing else.

        • How do you know that? i havent seen anything official

          • I haven’t seen anything official. Misha Collins (Castiel) apparently announced at a convention that they’d all signed on for a 7th season (IF it happens) and based on various interviews everyone seems positive it will happen, especially as CW is losing Smallville this year. I used to be a massive fan but now not so much.

  9. Honestly the best person with the personality,physique and all to play this role is Ryan reynolds

  10. Mark Wahlberg? Seriously?

  11. Yeah. I’m a die hard fan of the UNCHARTED series. Mark Wahlberg better not screw this up. My vote was for Nathan Fillion. Yeah so Wahlberg can do the action stuff. Big whoop. Nathan Fillion however, can do the personality of Nathan Drake and the action stuff. I wonder what the guy who did the voice and actions of Drake for the game thinks. Because honestly…. I’ll be first to lead the revolt if Wahlberg sucks. Not to be blunt but compare Angelina Joile in Tomb Raider to Wahlberg’s pending Uncharted role. Now think about it… really think about it….. Yeah…. Wahlberg better not screw this up.

  12. mark wallberg is perfect for the role as drake he is a good actor the best actor ever hes ganna be greate

    • mark isnt a good actor and just cuz you wanna get on your knees for him isnt gonna make him one. nathan fillion is the man for the film the should change directors change nate drake then youll have a movie

  13. rubbish should be NATHAN FILLION mark cant act to save his life and i hate this director he’s so rude to fans of the original games and he’s going to mess this game series up like they did with resident evil. bad choice.

  14. The first time I played Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, my first thought was “What a kick-butt movie this would make!” Then I played Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and that pretty much clinched it for me. AND the first person to enter my mind as Nathan Drake was Nathan Fillion. Now if it’s not going to be Fillion, fine. I probably still would have seen it. But guaranteed, for me personally, if Wahlberg is 100% for sure being cast as Drake, there’s not a chance in hell I’m paying money to see the film. I will change the channel when I see the trailer on TV. If I can’t see it, it’s not there, lol. I am on pins and needles waiting for Uncharted 3 to come out in November 2011, and when it does, I will make my own little blockbuster movie in my head during game play that will rival any Hollywood travesty that David O. Russell deigns to put out to the masses.

    • why? do you hate wahlberg so intensely? or are you just angry cause fillion didnt get the part?
      cause not even wanting to see the trailer you must have a lot of hatred in you about this. but i mean you have to admit, wahlberg pretty much looks like drake, and even though hes just as old? as fillion he is much more fit.
      the only concern i have is if wahlberg can handle the humoristic and sarcastic personality to drake. i could care less if its not the same story, as long as the characters are there and handled correctly. russel and wahlberg have a good relationship so im not negative to this, nor very positive, i’ll have to wait and see. but im not judging like a kid. “but moooom… uugh, wahlberg is in this movie! i dont wanna see it then…ugh!”

      • dude your gay you prbly didnt even play the games mark wahlberg is a good actor in movies where you dont have to act like the fighter nathan fillion is an actor he has emotion and would have been the best for this role i might not see the movie cuz of this

        • haha you’re calling me gay? get over yourself! its a damn movie and its my opinion. you’re close minded and dont know acting thats what i think.

          “he has emotion” what have you ever seen a mark wahlberg movie? thats not what people are worried about. wahlberg can act its just that hes never done a character like drake before, fillion has. or more close to it.
          and yes i’ve played uncharted and i love the games.

          • The problem with Mark isn’t that he can’t act, it’s that no one expects him to act this much against type. Think of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool… got it? Ok, now think of Dwayne Johnson as Deadpool! >.>
            Maybe The Rock could pull that one off, but would you expect him to?
            Mark and Fillion are the same case. Fillion not only looks like Drake but his character in Firefly had many moments where he really acted like Drake.

            Personally, if we can’t have Fillion I’d take a movie using the voice actors for the whole cast! We know the voices, they know the characters and they’ve even done the MoCap for the cutscenes! I believe everyone would be happy with that scenario… eventually.

  15. I say that they should bring in someone other than Mark Wahlberg or Nathan Fillon because they are both dreadful actors and don’t look a bit like the character we come to know and love as Nathan Drake. To be completely honest I think that they should get Chris Evans as Nathan Drake. Now that would be awesome.

    • go eat some CHODE you sir cant pick for movies not one bit

  16. what happened to Victor Sulivan? (Sulley) With out him the movie wouldnt be worth seeing, he makes up a huge role! if there isn’t a guy playing Sulley in the previews, not to many people would wanna see the movie itself. p.s. Kitty got wet!

  17. you screwed up this entire movie by casting mark wahlberg hes a terrible actor and nathan fillion would have been THE person to pick your losing alot of fans by not picking fillion



  19. – So here it is,

    Me being a Huge fan of action/adventure movies/video games, I can’t wait for this adaption of “Uncharted”; BUT- after I heard Mark Wahlberg was playing Nathan Drake, I became a little skeptical. I mean; He’s great, who doesn’t love “Marky-mark”, but I think I’m being supported when I say, he can’t pull of the wise crackin’, ladies man, action hero- Me being a student of Archaeology, I’ve been inspired by films such as Indiana Jones, and The Mummy- But I just don’t know what to expect…. My opinion on a Drake; The actor who plays “Steve Mcgarett” in the NEW Hawaii five-o. thats my take on it – let’s see what happens….

  20. I have never played any of the Uncharted games… but I’ve watched my roommate play them and I LOVE them. And it was obvious from the first moment that NATHAN FILLION should have been the man to play Nathan Drake. Why the director apparently overlooked this fact… well, that does not give me great hope for this movie.

  21. Why is everyone crying about it. “if Wahlberg is 100% for sure being cast as Drake, there’s not a chance in hell I’m paying money to see the film. I will change the channel when I see the trailer on TV.” Like anybody cares what you think, people will still see it and if you are a fan of the games you SHOULD see it, even if its terrible. Mark is a great actor, and the only reason he is being hated on is because everyone is hopped on that other guy.

  22. no offense to Wahlberg but he just is the oposite of the character of Drake, he doesnt look like drake, and he doesnt have the manly adventurous, and humorous personality of drake. I think Bradly Cooper would be good for this role as he posseses most of the qualities.

  23. I love Marl Wahlberg as an actor, and I think he’d make a pretty good Nathan Drake. But I’ve played all the Uncharted games front to back and I’ve watched everything that Nathan Fillion has acted in, and he is BY FAR a much better fit for the role. Marky Mark’s too serious of an actor, and most of Nathan Fillion’s past characters have demonstrated the humorous/tough personality that Nathan Drake possesses. Sorry Mark, but when I inevitably watch the film I’ll watch with disappointing eyes at what could have been.

  24. This is like the worst thing ever! Nathan Fillion would have been PERFECT. Mark Wahlberg’s just too slow and moody – where Fillion has a great sense of sarcasm. This SUCKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!


  25. Now I’m going to throw something out here. Think about Bradley cooper, very similiar, sarcastic, wise-cracking personality that I find sort of fitting for Drake. Just take a look at some of his movies plus his overall, what some people would call “rugged” apearance and it looks like a pretty decent match-up.

  26. MARK WOULD RUIN EVERYTHING!, If there is a movie there’s no better actor than Nolan North!

  27. I think walhburg vs Keanu reeves should be acted out to see who plays Nate better and Victor Sullivan has to be in because with out him it’s not uncharted.

  28. Well this sucks if you check the comments most of the suggestions would be 20x better than Wahlberg, I won’t watch it if he turns out being Drake.