Mark Wahlberg Reveals ‘Transformers 4′ and ‘Ted 2′ Start Dates; Calls TF4 ‘Different’

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Transformers 4 Mark Wahlberg Optimus Mark Wahlberg Reveals Transformers 4 and Ted 2 Start Dates; Calls TF4 Different

A picture is slowly coalescing, as far as what to expect from director Michael Bay’s fourth Transformers installment (for now, referred to as Transformers 4). It’s been acknowledged that Hasbro is using the movie to usher in a new generation of toys; hence, the film is going to introduce new robotic characters and maybe even explore some planets beyond Earth. Moreover, the not-a-reboot features different human players, including ‘Marky’ Mark Wahlberg and two fresh-faces as his daughter and her daredevil boyfriend.

Wahlberg recently attended a press junket for Broken City (which hits theaters in January), where he offered an update on TF4 that included the tentative production start date. He also revealed the previously-announced Ted 2 (or if you prefer, the Ted sequel) will most likely be his followup to the robots-in-disguise movie.

2012 has been busy for Wahlberg, what with the two-time Oscar-nominee filming four different pictures on course for a 2013 release; not to mention, his executive producer duties on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. However, the most intriguing of those upcoming projects is (arguably) Pain & Gain, which teamed Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson – with Bay operating behind the camera – for a bizarre-but-true story concerning bodybuilders, extortions and kidnappings gone very wrong.

Here’s what Wahlberg said, with respect to P&G and TF4 (via I Am Rogue):

“Just that I had a great experience working with Michael. We really hit it off. We complement each other so well on set and we took something that was really good and I think we made something special with Pain and Gain. He said to me (on set), ‘What do you think about doing a Transformers movie with me?’ I said, ‘Well, what do you want me to do? He told me and I said, ‘Absolutely!’ I think it will be the most challenging role that I’ve played and it’s an opportunity for me to do something extremely different. It’s going to be very different from what the first ones were. I’m excited about it…”

“Extremely different,” however, seemingly refers to TF4 and not Wahlberg’s role within; after all, the actor has made a living of playing hard-edged characters with machismo (with exceptions like The Happening) and that should remain the case with Bay’s latest. Nonetheless, a CGI effects-centric blockbuster like is largely untested territory for him; the closest Wahlberg has come before is Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, which required little green-screen acting by comparison.

Wahlberg voiced similar thoughts and enthusiasm about TF4 to Coming Soon:

“I loved the idea and I think we can make something really cool and kick-ass. This is not something where it’s already established and I’m just in there to get a paycheck. I’m thinking this is the most important role of my career and I can do something really special… It’s the only time my kids have ever been interested in a movie I’m making. [laughs]“

Mark Wahlberg Seth MacFarlane Ted Mark Wahlberg Reveals Transformers 4 and Ted 2 Start Dates; Calls TF4 Different

Mark Wahlberg and Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane)

Meanwhile, Wahlberg provided the following to Collider:

“We’re shooting ['Transformers 4'] in May, and then I believe we’re gonna do Ted 2 right after.  They’re working on it now and we’ve kind of gone through the negotiation process.  The great thing about it is [Seth MacFarlane’s] ideas for the second one are sick.  He comes from the world of episodic television so he knows how to tell the stories, man, in a way that most people don’t, like for instance The Italian Job we’ve been trying to do the sequel for 10 years.  He’s a different kind of guy.”

MacFarlane is gearing up to film his western comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West next summer, which means he should be available to begin production on Ted 2 not long after Wahlberg wraps TF4. It’s a tight schedule, for sure, but juggling multiple projects is just how the soon-to-be Oscar ceremony host rolls; that includes him planning a Family Guy movie that could happen sooner, rather than later.

We will keep you up-to-date on Ted 2 as the story develops.

In the meantime, Transformers 4 (not the official title) arrives in theaters on June 27th, 2014.


Source: I Am Rogue, Coming Soon, Collider

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  1. The problem with this being Marky Mark’s most important movie (besides being made by Bay) is that the movie is not supposed to be about (Bay and) Marky Mark. If you call it Transformers, it’s supposed to be about Transformers.

    • + 1.000.000

      Amen to that !

    • X-Men was Hugh Jackman’s most important movie at the time despite it being about mutants because it really propelled him into the spotlight.

      What’s wrong with Wahlberg saying the same here? Sure, it’s about robots fighting each other with zero actual plot and acting requirements but if it pushes him into the kind of money huge bankable stars like Will Smith enjoy then what’s so bad about that?

      • Have you seen the previous Transformers movies? It’s as if Shia Labeouf was the main characters and the Transformers merely the support characters.

        • That’s the main reason I never liked the first three, his terrible acting and presence all over them.

          Then again, the actual plots weren’t that good either.

    • The less human screentime on the movie the better. I hope Bay focuses on the Transformers instead of the human characters.

    • No, your view on Hollywood is wrong, if it is a movie called (Enter whatever you want here) it is always about making money and making things blow up.

      And Linkin Park. Chester is so cute :)


    • If you read it properly you’d understand he’s offering his perspective as an actor and his role as an actor. At no time does he say it’s ‘Mark & Bay 4′.



      • He can offer anything he wants he is a spoiled b**** and sucks as an actor

  2. Oh my God. Mark Wahlberg has been brainwashed by Michael Bay!

    • Nah, he is just kissing his ass, because he knows that Bay is his ticket into the Spielberg connection.

  3. I honestly hope Michael bay don’t f*** up transformers any more I grew up with them watching every cartoon show to now I like the idea of mark being in it just don’t like the idea of the new characters & Michael bay directing it again not happy at all but ill give him one other chance but I hope they Introduce Galvatron & unicron rebuild cybertron the way it’s suppose to be focused on the transformers not on the humans & bay it’s not all about explosives!

    • Unicron will never happen get over it. Bay has said multiple times he would never use Unicron. Galvatron will most likely not be used either as it means the Megatron will be revived yet again. I don’t see how Bay destroyed TF, it needed revitalising as the cartoons didn’t perform all that well after the Beast era.

      • Beast wars was great but I still think he can do better & using megatron again won’t do it & how they gonna do transformers In space without unicron yeah he said it a couple times but he could also change his mind

  4. michael bay should be a cinematographer on the tranformers films and have del toro direct cause tf3 was s*** but had great action

    • Although I agree with you “movy” about part 3 not living up to what the first 2 had accomplished, I wouldn’t completely write it off as total trash. However, that’s why I think “Bay” should do it again. Maybe he’ll redeem himself for what he did or didn’t do with the last movie.

        • Unfortunately they did break Transformers 2 & 3 with an overdose of unbearable silliness, even though the amount of silliness was just right in the first Transformers. Also, der Decepticons worked wonderfully with their alien gibberish and subtitles. It made them feel creepy and mysterious. But then they changed it to supersilly dialogues in English in Transformers 2 & 3 and broke that working thing as well. I wonder what they will break this time to make the fourth movie even worse than the second and third.

          • I completely agree about the first. Maybe they should have “rebooted” it instead of make 2 & 3.

            • Yeah. I really like the first one. It’s a fun ride with a bit of silly humor, but only just enough to not make it annoying. But then they totally went overboard with the twin autobots and the “fraggle bots” in Transformers 2. And don’t get me started on the first hour of Transformers 3 with Sam’s multiple meltdowns, Ken Jeong and even more fraggle bots. Jerry Lewis routines and Hangover low brow humour simply have no place in a science-fiction action movie that plays its second half super dramatically end emotionally. These two worlds of movie making are pretty much mutually exclusive, cancel each other out and leave a steaming pile of dung behind in the process.

              Bay has a chance to finally make it right again. I hope he takes it.

                • I like G.I. Joe. Wayans adds a few silly scenes and Gordon-Levitt’s overacting as The Doctor was a bit much, but other than that it’s a really fun spectacle with nicely done action and a good portion of lighthearted humor. That underwater battle at the end reminded me a bit of Star Wars in a good way and Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller certainly were great eye candy. As far as I can tell the second installment looks like an improvement, so I probably would like to see a third one. I don’t know if a crossover is even an option but it could be interesting. ;)

                  • Based on the fact that many studios recognizes how MARVEL made all that money combining franchises into 1 series, & with DC following in their footsteps it’s pretty much accurate to say that all movie studios who control more than 1 franchise of this type will combine them to fit 1 universe. That’s going to be the future of “Big” money making in Hollywood. You just wait & see.

                    • This reminds me of the great crossovers of TV shows in the 80s. AJ from “Simon & Simon” was on “The Whizz Kids” and there also was a crossover between “Magnum, P.I.” and “Murder, She Wrote”. I bet there were more. I loved that, because it made the characters feel more real when they could be visited by characters from other shows.

        • I’m hoping they make Wahlberg a Headmaster. And give us the Dinobots already.

  5. I would have to say, of Wahlberg’s upcoming projects I am most looking forward to 2 Guns. Him and Denzel kicking butt will be awesome

    • I assume by Denzel, you mean Dwayne.

      • No Ezra. Him and Dwayne are in Pain & Gain. Hey I rhymed! Mark is teaming up with Denzel also next year.

  6. I’m more interested in The Italian Job sequel Wahlberg mentioned in the article.

  7. Sandy, I’m fairly certain Wahlberg has only been nominated for one oscar, for The Departed. Not 2.

  8. Here we go again. Another actor worshipping a hack director to stay employed, while he sings the praises of a movie that hasn’t been shot yet. These people need to just stay home.

  9. I have watch Transformers 1, 2, and 3 numerous of times and i liked all of them just fine. I’ll admit the movies had a lot of silly, unnecessary scenes when it came to showing the human side of the story but when the Autobots and the Decepticons come out and transform and are ready to fight, its just plain awesome and drowns out what was going on before. When I first saw the trailer for the first Transformers I was stunned they made actual cars look like their transforming into the robots. And in each film even though the some scenes might have gone a little overboard with the acting of the humans, I thought the stories were alright.

    As for Transformers 4, I hope this film does have a little more serious side because i think it will make watching it much more intriguing and entertaining; a few comical scenes could be placed here and there, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, just as long as its nothing over the top and too distracting from the story. Also recently hearing that their might be bringing in brand new made bots, my thoughts are kind of mixed because there are so many Autobots and Decepticons from the oringal Transformers cartoon that i would like to see in the 4th film. And they all can’t be in it, so with bringing in brand new bots there will be less actual already made bots from the past in the film. At the same time i think it will be pretty nice seeing in faces in the Transformers project as long as they are awesome, serious, ready to go bots.

  10. I hear a lot of talk about making the 4th different, but from the casting and plot details I hear (Mark’s daughter and her race car driver boyfriend) it sounds like more of the same. I hope Wahlberg has more screen time than the young characters. The people that grew up with transformers are not kids any more, and younger people don’t mind seeing movies with older characters.

    Please don’t give us more of the same Michael Bay (or at least more of the same from 2 & 3, but part 1 was good)

  11. I found this is an informative and interesting post so i think so it is very useful and knowledgeable.

  12. As long as Shia’s not on this one im happy.

  13. I love that movie hell yea