Mark Wahlberg Offered Lead Role in ‘The Crow’ Reboot

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the crow reboot mark wahlberg Mark Wahlberg Offered Lead Role in The Crow Reboot

Director Stephen Norrington’s reboot of The Crow has been making headlines for a couple of years now and despite reservations from the franchise’s fan base, it continues to gain momentum. Although its proposed summer start date came and went, the film has made a great deal of progress over the last few months.

Not only did we learn that Nick Cave would be rewriting Norrington’s script, but that an offer was about to go out to a “major star” for the lead role. Like many fans, I’ve waited apprehensively for news on that decision as it’s probably the most controversial and crucial aspect of this reboot.

Brandon Lee’s performance in the 1994 film isn’t just incredible – it’s also impossibly intertwined with the real-life tragedy that took place behind-the-scenes. That’s why fan outrage for a reboot of The Crow goes beyond mild annoyance. There are many who feel that the original film is in many ways Lee’s legacy and that the very notion of another actor playing Eric Draven is disrespectful.

I don’t know if I would take it that far, but the fact remains – Lee left some pretty big shoes to fill. Don’t believe me? Ask a Crow fan how they feel about the television series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, which featured Marc Dacascos as Draven.

So Norrington and Co.’s  choice really has the power to make or break an audience’s perception of this project. Which is why I was hoping for something so much more promising than this. According to Bloody Disgusting, the role of Eric Draven in The Crow reboot has been offered to Mark Wahlberg.

I have nothing against Wahlberg as an actor. I know he takes a lot of criticism, but when he works with the right directors the results are phenomenal. Still, I’m having an incredibly difficult time imagining him in this part. It’s not just my adoration for Lee’s performance, either. From the moment I heard they were planning to reboot The Crow, the only thing I was able to take comfort in was that it didn’t sound like a remake of the 1994 movie so much as a different adaptation of the source material.

James O’ Barr’s graphic novel is an emotional gut punch brimming with rock n’ roll attitude and iconic imagery – it’s also considerably different from Alex Proyas’ film. So even if I ignore the previous movie and focus exclusively on the comic, Wahlberg still seems like the wrong choice.

There’s an aspect of the Draven character that’s distinctly feminine – and I’m not just talking about his appearance. It’s in his movement and personality as well. That’s not something I can see Wahlberg pulling off.

crow graphicnovel2 WIDE Mark Wahlberg Offered Lead Role in The Crow Reboot

Norrington has never made a great film, but he always struck me as a director who just hadn’t found the right material to work with yet. I thought at the very least he would deliver something completely different than Proyas’ version. I was also very receptive to the idea of Nick Cave being brought on board as I was a big fan of his script for The Proposition.

Hearing this news, though? All the good will I’d managed to build up towards The Crow reboot just evaporated.

However, the key word here is “offered.” Wahlberg hasn’t accepted yet, and with any luck he won’t. How do you feel about Mark Wahlberg potentially starring in The Crow? Who would you cast in the role?

Source: Bloody Disgusting.

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  1. Little Monster & ogb139,
    You people have to realize that many “Batman” and “Crow” fans think the way I do. We know that the overall success to these movies is contributed to Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger’s death. You will see evidence to this in the next sequel to “Batman”. You can also see evidence to this is the sequels to “The Crow”.

    • Ledger’s death only contributed to probably the first week, maybe second only.

    • Marcus, so you’re saying you can see the future? That’s about as ignorant as it gets.

      You “know” nothing, you “think” those things.

      The Crow sequels were bad because it was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT cast & crew working on it. Different actors, different writers, different director = completely different movie. You’re comparing apples to rape.

      • Actually, we can predict human behavior. That is why psychology exists.

  2. Mark has as much range as a potted plant he is so wooden he make howdy doodie look like a real actor

    • After the SC posting I watched “The Crow” again in the early hours yesterday. It struck me what a perfect, rounded film this was. It really is a gem, love that “I’m dead…and I move” line and “Aw just frickin’ die already”. The kid was so traumatized by Lee’s death she’s never been near a studio since.
      They really don’t need to do this again, or if they do they should reference Lee’s Draven at the start before introducing a new Crow…but theyr’e not gonna do that.
      The only positive is that the production house, Relativity Media, has a fantastic slate of films (except “Unborn” which they distributed).

  3. A thought struck me about “The Crow” and “TDK.” In both movies there was an actor who undertook a role completely outside of what they had previously done. Brandon Lee was in a bunch of Kung-fu/cop movies, and Heathe Ledger was in romantic-comedies and dramas. Both took roles that were outside of what they normally did, donning make-up and getting totally into their characters. Tragically both passed after playing those characters. Both of these actors helped make these movies and were aided with other good characters as well. I really liked Michael Wincott’s character.

  4. I do not want Mark Walberg to play The Crow.

  5. I think it’s good they’re making a reboot, because even though I love the original, it is somewhat outdated (not that it bothers me). Though it doesn’t need a reboot, I think (if they do it right) it could help bring back the crows rep, and finally burry the other three movies in the grave they dug for themeselve (though salvation was ok).

    I don’t think that mark would be good for the movie, he’s too old (and from wat I’ve seen) too bulky, the actor needs to be tone (and a bit feminine, for a lack of a better word).

    I don’t really have any idea for someone who would do the character justice, other than Johnny Depp (who I think would still be on the lower end of the pole and need to hit the gym) for this I think the best bet would be to go on the undescovered pathway, I don’t see any actor I know of in that wrole.

  6. The only other person I couls see coming the closest to playing the role of Eric Draven in The Crow remake is Mark Dacascos from the t.v.series “The Crow Stairway To Heaven…and who in my opinion is the only one who has ever come the closest to playing that role.
    He’s no Brandon Lee…but he is the only other actor I can see taking on that role.The only other actor who could have pulled it off is the late Heath Ledger.
    But they need to find an actor of some asian descent like Lee and Dacascos at least as far as looks go anyway.

  7. Remake Draven? No…. Leave the original as the monumental film it is. Remake the story with a different character name, or something, then do the trilogy. As for Draven, he always was and will be Brandon Lee. The fate of him fits the story, the story fits his fate. I don’t think, as a huge fan of the first Crow, that we all really view it so much as Lees legacy, as perhaps his memorial. Its such a strong strong movie, it is IMO perfect. To me, it’s a masterly perfect farewell, as a last movie, and again, more like a memorial. Tragedy with tragedy, in views that he lives on as THE Draven.

    Ok point being, if they reboot The Crow, for respect to Brandon Lee and the huge following the movie has had, just simply come up with a different character name, let Draven remain as having been Lee? I don’t think it would hurt. Yes, it doesnt stay with the original concept, but, its a name. I think that may work.

    And as for a suggestion, even though I personally hate Depp, I maybe he would actually do well in a role like this. Only one I can really think of at the moment. Haha, though he’s far too known for PoTC movies. He’d probably never do it.