Mark Ruffalo To Play Bruce Banner & The Hulk in The Avengers

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mark ruffalo hulk Mark Ruffalo To Play Bruce Banner & The Hulk in The Avengers

As Edward Norton reveals his desire to play a comic book villain for Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment in Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3, his comic book hero replacement Mark Ruffalo prepares to bring Bruce Banner to the big screen in Marvel Studios’ The Avengers. While some fans scoffed at the importance of an actor to play Banner in the epic team-up film, assuming his alter ego The Hulk would be taking most, if not all of the the bipolar character’s screentime, Ruffalo will do you one better.

In 2008′s The Incredible Hulk, Norton did a fantastic job of revitalizing the live-action version of Bruce Banner, but when it came time to Hulk out, movie magic took over and the digital artists created the Hulk without Norton’s involvement. Same goes for Eric Bana, who played Banner in Ang Lee’s earlier attempt at a Hulk film. Mark Ruffalo on the other hand, will be playing the Hulk as well as Banner.

Ruffalo will be pulling an Andy Serkis (Gollum in Lord of the Rings, King Kong in King Kong) for the first time in his career and actually will be performing the motion capture of the CGI’d hulk himself. Vulture caught up to the actor a few evenings ago and uncovered the latest info.

“I’m really excited. No one’s ever played the Hulk exactly, they’ve always done CGI… They’re going to do the Avatar stop-action, stop-motion capture. So I’ll actually play the Hulk. That’ll be fun.”

The more control over the character and the more Ruffalo is involved in bringing Banner/Hulk to life again, the better. For me, this does make a difference since Ruffalo will have to play the entire emotional and physical range that the character endures, from playing the gentle Banner to playing the out of control rage-induced monster that is The Hulk.

As for what we can expect from the third actor playing Banner in less than a decade, Ruffalo compares to Bill Bixby’s classic live-action Hulk TV series, for which he’s proclaimed to be a fan of in the past.

“I really love the first TV version of it, the Bill Bixby one. I’m gonna shoot for that a little bit. He was an everyman in it. He’s always on the run and trying to find love. It’s really a sympathetic character, before he turns into the Hulk and f***s everything up.”

With confirmation that The Avengers, as with Thor and Captain America, are coming in 3D and reports that The Avengers could actually be shot in 3D as opposed to getting the post-conversion treatment, Ruffalo finished off with a quip about not only being the first Banner actor to play the Hulk, but the first to play the 3D version of him.

“I hope I don’t bulge in anyone’s face, that’s all I have to say.”

The angst over Ed Norton parting ways with Marvel Studios and Mark Ruffalo stepping in to takeover the part has died down and now we can focus on looking forward to the many exciting projects coming out of Marvel and hoping they’ll live up to our expectations.

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The Avengers begins shooting in February for a May 4, 2012 release and will be directed by Joss Whedon.

Source: Vulture

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  1. As long as Hulk looks as bad-ass as he did in the last film, then I don’t care how they create him.

  2. excellent

  3. I’m sure he will make a good job!

  4. BOOOOO!

    Ed Norton > Mark Ruffalo

    Come to DC Mr. Norton, the marvel execs are morons.

  5. Though firing Norton was a mistake for Marvel, I’m still willling to give Ruffalo (has anyone called him Buffalo by mistake before) a chance at this. So if his face is on Banner and the Hulk than have at it.

  6. I hope this means they are going to do a speaking semi-intelligent Hulk. That raging speechless Hulk from the tv series never really worked for me. I always wanted the childlike Hulk from the comics. And make him small enough to interact with humans too.

    Banner alone is just not that interesting.

  7. “No one’s ever played the Hulk”.

    Didn’t Lou Ferrigno actually physically play The Hulk in the old TV Show? Anyways as long as they keep the same design for the Green Giant I don’t care how they make him.

    • I think he means no Bruce Banner as literally played his alter ego as well…

  8. The stop-motion capture should work really well. Kinda looking forward to seeing how that turns out. Still not 100% sold on MARVEL’S handling of this project.

    I couldn’t stand the old Hulk TV show. I was much happier reading the comic books instead.

  9. I think that if the hulk had the same features as the actor, thats definitly a step up… Hes a good actor, and i will give him a chance, that being said, hes no ed norton…

    and vancitykid, I think what he meant to say, and im not sure of this, was that no one before him played banner AND the hulk in the same movies/tv…

  10. I like how in a lot of these articles the writers say that the “Angst” over Norton’s absence is pretty much over…. I say the angst and anger is still there, people just aren’t raging as much because it’s final now and we all have to deal with it, Granted I will try and give Ruffalo a chance, but overall I have very little faith in him doing this character right (He doesn’t even have the right build for Banner), he’s just kind of been an indie film guy. But who knows, he could pull a Heath Ledger and be amazing, but I highly doubt it at this point in time. Edward Norton FTW.

    • Small vocal minority.

      I was a huge advocate on Norton coming back but by time The Avengers ads start rolling in, no one will care. My friends don’t care as it stands already.

  11. I’m more interested in The Hulk! He’s the star of the show – actors sem to come & go in these movies, Bixby was the best so far and he was so far away from the comic book Banner – but who cares…he gave us the Hulk’s most iconic frase…’Don’t Make Me Angry..’ and the show built up the moments before the monster appeared..the way the movies have yet too….

    The Hulk is a monster…forget all that making him human-ish…like the old King Kong and Frankenstein…they’re meant to be scary…but they’re kind of the hero too….the movie’s must remember this…make him mean looking…like the picture on this page….that’s my request for the Avengers Movie.

    • i disagree.the hulk is a force of distruction but one that could be controlled at times and used to fight forces of evil.and at times tricked by bad guys .but he was not just “a monster”.what made the hulk so good in the comics is there was much more to him.

  12. Yeah that picture above he looks like a mouth with muscles…So will the Hulk take on yet another look or will it be the Hulk from the Norton movie?…I have accepted that NOrton is gone from the project but another Hulk? If he has a different look then I think they sould change his look for every film the character appears in…grey, red, purple, blue..why not..continuity is out the window anyway… ;)

    I do believe that Norton will end up on WB payroll playing a DC character. I do believe that if DC goes with Barry Allen’s version of Flash then Norton would be perfect for Allen..The pragmatic perfectionist who sees the accused as either guilty or innocent and evidence if gathered and collected properly is irrefutable..I can see Norton’s sensibilities as a great serious actor doing Barry Allen’s character justice..

  13. Quit changing the Hulks design. Leave him how he was in the last movie.

  14. I thought Ang Lee already did the motion capture thing portraying the Hulk when he directed the first film?

    • Yeap, I think Ang Lee did mocap work but he didn’t play Bruce Banner, lol

      • Ruffalo was quoted saying that “No one’s ever played the Hulk exactly, it’s always been CGI” I only bring up Ang Lee because he DID play the Hulk via motion capture while Eric Bana played Bruce Banner.

  15. I wish they’d give up with this franchise. Hulk should have been the success Batman is, but it isn’t. Give the film to some one that can direct films like Chris Nolan.

    • isn`t this the hulk in the avengers movie .not another attempt of the hulk series.

      the hulk is very important in the history of the avengers.

  16. Sounds like a bonus to me. Also glad Ruffalo replaced Norton.

    Norton did a very good job in two movies (Primal Fear and American History X) and somehow got the label of genius actor/mega-talent. Errm, ok.

    Norton’s majority of roles he’s just a regular guy with different circumstances. He’s no Josh Brolin or Gary Oldman.

    • I wish this had a thumbs up button cause you nailed it right on the head in my opinion.

  17. Grey Hulk. That is where it is at. I liked the way they portrait him in the 90′s cartoon. He would start as the Grey Hulk and then when they really pissed him off he went Green and Hulk Smash.

  18. I’m glad marvel films are nothing like Nolan’s films. I enjoyed the joker as much as anyone, but what I notice is how incredibly boring Nolan’s films become. I can watch Iron Man over and over, tons of fun. The Dark Knight was fun the first time, I just can’t sit through it again. I find this true of most Nolan films.

    So while some of you cry for Nolanesque films, I can only say please don’t.

    And on the Norton side of things; I have been a long time fan of Norton, ever since Primal Fear. He does a great job, but The Incredible Hulk was an inferior copy of Iron Man and Norton was somewhat to blame for that.

    I just hope they hold to the realistic and fun feel of Iron Man and less of the ‘we have to just cram action in here’ feel of Iron Man 2. There is a balance in there that Iron Man just nailed and Nolan’s films lack.

    So while you may love Nolan’s films (I won’t blame you for that), I would rather have the fun of Marvel.

  19. Wished Ed could’ve stayed.He did a great job, but super-cheap execs want to keep all profit for themselves, screw the fans. As far as CGI Hulk, if, make him bigger and meaner w/ a greater, more serious beserker mode when he tops out. This is what will make it more dramatic when the only thing or person he can relate to or have a sense of familiarity with is Betty Ross.

    • I disagree. Making him bigger and meaner and mindlessly destroying stuff would soon get boring. Just another big green monster.

      Give him a personality. Let’s get some pathos and maybe even some humor going with him. Then when he loses it we can cheer for him and feel for him. He’s supposed to be an anti-hero not a run of the mill giant monster. We can see those on the Syfy channel movie of the week.

  20. While the last Hulk film was a definite improvement over Ang Lee’s film, the Hulk still look very CGIish. If the motion capture used now can make the Hulk like the CGI Na’vi(?) in Avatar, this will be a HUGE step forward in the look of the Hulk. I think this is great news that Ruffalo will be doing the actions of the Hulk. Never a big fan of Norton, so him being replaced by Ruffalo is fine by me. Just hope the film is as good as I hope it is!!!

  21. for the new hulk tv show get ride of mark RUFFALO AS Bruce Banner/theHulk change the actor for tv show.

  22. It hasn’t died down in me. It’s not so much that I don’t like Mark Ruffalo or think that Edward Norton is such a great actor, its just that I hate seeing studios recasting actors!! Aside from Harry Potter and Dumbledore where Richard Harris died and it was inevitable and understandable for the recasting, I absolutely hate it and I hate Marvel because they do it more so than other studios.

    For Example;
    The Hulk (Bruce Banner)
    Iron Man (James Rhodes)
    Xmen Wolverine (William Styker) & (Victor Creed)
    And there’s probably more I’m sure.

    Yeah some of these aren’t big characters but it’s all about continuity. I can’t be immersed in the movie if I constantly see a new actor replace the original and think this isn’t who i’m used to seeing.

  23. I absolutley hate the choice.hope the hulk isn’t too central to the film. Can’t stand this guy,what a disappointment.

  24. i will give him a chance to play hulk, he is a great actor although norton is A-list actor… why the hell he did not reprise the role…problems…uhmm

  25. edward norton should be the hulk i mean why even put the avengers skit at the end of his movie if hes not going to be the hulk really dissapointed in the choice for the hulk


  27. I aggree complety mark ruffalo rules:-)

  28. I watched the The Avengers and it was FREAKING AWESOME! I like them all but the Hulk/Bruce Banner STANDOUT among the rest. Mark Ruffalo did an AMAZING job and he gave JUSTICE to Hulk/Bruce Banner compared to the other 2 Hulk movies. Marvel and Disney made an EXCELLENT decision for giving the role to Mark Ruffalo. We NEED a new Hulk movie of Mark Ruffalo! WE NEED MORE!

  29. edward norton SUCKS! Mark Ruffalo is THE HULK!

    “PUNY norton”