Mark Ruffalo Talks About Why He Accepted Hulk Role

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mark ruffalo hulk Mark Ruffalo Talks About Why He Accepted Hulk Role

Although the fact that Mark Ruffalo will be playing Bruce Banner in The Avengers seems to have settled in nicely since the time of announcement, the replacing of Ed Norton was a big issue among many comic and movie fans alike at the time. The reports of Ruffalo’s signing leading up to San Diego Comic-Con were finally confirmed on that very special day, during that very special Marvel Studios presentation in Hall H, in front of 6000 screaming fans.

No one can deny Ruffalo’s talent or likability and we can rest assured that he will bring justice to the role and serve the team-mentality of The Avengers project, both onscreen and behind-the-scenes. While summer blockbusters aren’t the typical gig Ruffalo goes for, he explained recently why it is he decided to accept the offer to join Earth’s Mightiest.

In an interview with the Sunday Herald-Sun this weekend, Ruffalo stated how if this were a few years ago, he probably would not have signed on to Joss Whedon’s ambitious film – Perhaps that’s why Whedon was “stunned” to have landed Ruffalo. He’s known for his indie work, with a few studio films sprinkled in between, so what made him accept the spotlight and high-profile role in The Avengers? We know it’s not the payday considering how Marvel is lowballing all of their contracts to control costs.

“I probably wouldn’t have done this movie in the past… But because of what Robert [Downey Jr] had done and where that genre has gone since then, I did it”.

There you have it. Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man not only changed the game for fans and the comic book movie genre, but it changed it from the industry’s perspective as well. They can make serious bank at the box office, win fans and critics over, all while telling a solid and entertaining story.

Playing on green screen sets with a group of stars is something Ruffalo will need to get used to, especially a project that will rely heavily on special effects done in post-production.

“I have always tried to stay ahead of being stereotyped and the more I felt you could f— with people’s expectations of you, the longer a career you have. I consider myself a blue collar actor that way. What I do really enjoy is that rhythm and style and family and I like that kind of nomadic existence”.

This makes me wonder about what kind of contact he signed for the role. Most, if not all, Marvel Studios contracts involve multi-picture deals so they can control costs while expanding the franchise with sequels and spinoffs. Did Ruffalo sign on for sequels to The Avengers or a possible lead role in The Incredible Hulk 2 (as unlikely as that may be to come to fruition)? I would expect they have him locked up for sequels to The Avengers which could mean Ruffalo will be taking part in several more big-budget studio films to come.

If you’re curious about Ruffalo’s knowledge of Hulk, he was a fan of The Incredible Hulk TV show. And if you’re  fan of Ruffalo, The Hulk or The Avengers, be sure to check out our previous post where Mark Ruffalo discusses taking over the Hulk role from Ed Norton.

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The Avengers begins shooting in February for a May 4, 2012 release.

Source: Sunday Herald-Sun

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  1. This movie is a big deal for marvel and despite changing actors this has the potential to work and be huge. It worked in Iron Man 2, after Don Cheadle’s performance no one cares that it used to be Terrence Howard

  2. I have enjoyed Ruffalo in other films and think he is a good choice to play Banner (third actor to do so in 7 years) but if Whedon blows this gig he can kiss big budget fare goodbye for the next 10 years

  3. I agree with Mike. I was skeptical of Don cheadle at first about takin over the role or Rhodey from Howard but after seeing Cheadle in Iron Man 2 i ended up liking Cheadle aswell & accepted him in the role. Even though i never seen this Ruffalo’s movies at all, im willing to give him atleast the benefit of a doubt that he’ll help make The Avengers turn out to be great.

  4. I preferred Cheadle over Howard. Ruffalo is a stellar actor, should pull it off really well. Can’t wait the see this flick.

  5. @ Wally thats what I mean. If he nails the role then no one will really cry about Banner not being played by Norton. I just want them to take there time with these movies.

    • I agree. It is all about slam, bam–an explosion here, there and everywhere and do not let us forget about a love interest, some woman sobbing all over Bruce, etc. Hollywood, remakes are not your forte…oh wait, remakes are all you know how to do nowadays.


  6. Why are they even making another Hulk movie anyway?

  7. Agreed mike. 2012 is gonna be a great year for movies. After what i read, forget where, i wonder if Pepper Potts, Betty Ross, or someone from the other solo films appear in The Avengers. Can’t wait to find out who the main villains are.

    @ AIDYS

    I think they mentioned if theres gonna be a Hulk sequel, it be till sometime after the Avengers movie. If at all. Lol about remakes, Hollywood ran outta ideas most likely but apparently alot of people dont mind about remakes or reboots. I wasn’t impressed by Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street remakes and concerned about how Superman will be handled.

    • @Wally I guess I became bitter with half done remakes Hollywood has been putting out as of late. I agree with you, Elm remake and the Friday 13th were…sigh. Another Superman? I’ll wait for it to come out on the Netflix.

    • I don’t think Hollywood ran out of ideas. They ran out of backers who are willing to take chances on anything new because of the economy. They want a known quantity with bankability.

  8. Cheadle’s performance as Rhodey had an air of distance and a slight cold-ness towards RDJ and that was appropriate for the circumstance of his position and how he stood between the The US Govt and his best friend,there was an awkwardness but that’s more than likely what would happen in real life between two friends and their careers. I think Cheadle did a good job,however Howard always seems to have a wanna be “smooth pimp” air about him in all of his roles,especially with that high pitched “pimp” voice of his.

  9. I’m not even going to bother reading this. I’m just wondering who the f cares? He’s no Bruce Banner.

  10. People are comparing this to Cheadle replacing Howard in Iron Man, sorry, but its hardly the same thing at all.

    Ed Norton is a fantastic actor and was great in the role, Howard isnt and he asked for too much money to return, with every announcement concerning The Avengers I find myself getting less and less interested.

    If its anything less than great, it will be savaged by critics and fans apart, it could be Batman and Robin all over again.

    • @ Dr. SamBeckett

      Actually its the samething, only its in reverse. People liked Cheadle over Howard as Rhodey when the role was recast. And when you say Howard asked for too much money, its almost the same as Norton expecting more creativity with his ideas with the Avengers due to past projects as a actor. You let one actor like Norton want to have his way on a film, then you risk everyone else doin the same or even having Norton walk off if he doesnt get his way too often during filming, etc. Besides the film will be about the Avengers as team, not just Hulk whether its Norton or Ruffalo playing Banner. I highy doubt the film turns out be anything like Batman & Robin lol.

  11. When do we get to see She-Hulk? Who’d like to start throwing some names out for fun? I would start but I keep reverting back to Meryl Streep… I know, I know… Is Samuel L. Jackson doing much anymore?

    • @Engraver Pretty good question there about She-Hulk. That’s a hard one given the fact that pretty much doesn’t transfer back and forth from her once normal size to a 6FT 7in female. I don’t know what could be done about that, making her total CGI wouldn’t work but maybe a mixture of both would. For instance in AVATAR, the Na’vi were pretty tall but looked very realistic next to humans. So as far as her looks I guess it would have to be CGI/REAL. As far as what actress,Lucy Lawless is the only one I could think of BUT I don’t Lucy Lawless for THAT role at all,she isn’t a good enough actress to me(She’s just ok in Spartacus:B&S).

  12. I can’t stand all these comic films, when they finally get a great actor who does the character justice like Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, he reminded me alot of how the late Bill Bixby how he played the role as Banner on the 70’s tv series, its just sad, and since The Avengers new Hulk version, that put an end to the HULK for me, the series is ruined thank you so much Marvel.