Ruffalo Confirmed as Hulk for Comic-Con Appearance! [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated June 27th, 2013 at 6:11 pm,

[UPDATE – Mark Ruffalo has been confirmed as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in The Avengers]

After the fallout between Marvel Studios and Edward Norton, a lot of potential Hulk-related names were being thrown around in connection with who might play the green machine in The Avengers movie – names including Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo.

Now, on the eve of the Marvel Comic-Con panel, it sounds as though Ruffalo may, not only be in the final stage of negotiations, but could be prepping for a last-minute Comic-Con appearance.

According to a source familiar with the negotiations who spoke with The Wrap, one “sticking point” has kept Ruffalo from officially signing on the dotted line, though Marvel was motivated to have the final hurdle cleared by the end of the day. The last minute contract push is due to Marvel’s hopes of organizing a surprise Ruffalo reveal at the Comic-Con panel, where other Avengers were set to assemble including Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johannssen, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The rumored contract hurdle regards the amount of movies that Ruffalo would be agreeing to, allegedly between four to six Marvel films, which would be a major commitment for a traditionally indie-film guy like Ruffalo. It makes sense that Ruffalo would be cautious of such a significant obligation, having to repeatedly prep for a major blockbuster role – especially one with such a complicated history.

Mark Ruffalo in Shutter Island Ruffalo Confirmed as Hulk for Comic Con Appearance! [Updated]

It’s also no surprise that Marvel would love to parade Ruffalo in front of the Saturday Comic-Con crowd – to run serious damage control as well as generate excitement. Yesterday, at the “Visionaries” panel (alongside JJ Abrams) Joss Whedon finally confirmed that he would be directing The Avengers, and while Edward Norton may not have been Whedon’s first choice to play the Bruce Banner – a lot of Hulk fans still think Norton did a great job.

If nothing else, it’s difficult to deny that the constant recasting of the Hulk, not to mention the way the situation was handled with Norton, has caused Marvel a sizable amount of embarrassment – which means they would love nothing more than to publicly showcase their new Hulk-actor.

incredible hulk summer 2008 Ruffalo Confirmed as Hulk for Comic Con Appearance! [Updated]

A last-minute Ruffalo appearance at Comic-Con certainly makes sense.

In the end, considering Ruffalo is reportedly in the late-stage of negotiations, it’s hard to imagine either party wishing to miss the positive buzz of a surprise announcement in San Diego – especially because Ruffalo is a solid choice for the role.

[UPDATE – Mark Ruffalo appeared on stage at the Marvel Studios Comic-Con panel and confirmed he would be taking over the role of Bruce Banner/The Hulk in The Avengers. Head over to our coverage from the Marvel Studios Panel for more information.]

The Avengers will be released on May 4th, 2012.

Source: The Wrap

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  1. Well I will miss Edward Norton, but Mark Ruffalo can make a good job and he lokks perfect for the role, I only have a doubt, The look of Hulk will change again right?? I mean they make the previews Hulks based on the look of the actors so I guess that will happen again right??

  2. I think he’s an excellent choice. Now depending on which route they go with the Avengers movie, that would subsequently affect future hulk movies. By that I mean the difference between the Bruce Banner of yore and say Ultimate Hulk’s Bruce Banner. I love the Banner from the Incredible Hulk line currently about to end in the comics. I’m excited lol

  3. Though i still believe they shouldn’t replace Norton, i guess i can live with Ruffalo as the jolly green giant. At least he looks like Bill Bixby.

    • who cares who he looks like lol, he still looks like a green donny osmond to me(sorry i cant remember who originally said that weeks ago.its still a really funny observation lol)

  4. My contribution to this discussion:


    • well put sir, well put

  5. I like how Ruffalo looks more like the Hulk from TIH — it’s a nicer ‘transition’

    • I agree with ya on that. And i read somewhere they’re gonna keep the same CGI hulk from TIH for The Avengers so i hope they stick with the same CGI Hulk. Marvel could atleast do that to show that films are still in the universe etc.

  6. Bleh, shouldn’t have replaced Norton

    • Agreed. Mr. Norton is a terrific actor AND a terrific Banner IMO. Ruffalo just doesn’t seem “Bannerish”. I know what movie magic can do, but truly, won’t there be more CGI Hulk than puny Banner anyways? Something fishy/political is going on here…it just cannot be that Ruffalo looks more like Mr. CGI Hulky. Could it? I wonder how many more inconsistencies we may deal with. Eh, that seems to irk me. Oh well, looks like a done deal now. I will still be rootin’ for this movie regardless. I’ve only been waiting for 30 something years for this, my favorite hero group comic Still, it could flop….not by fanboy interest, but this is one tricky puzzle, merging ALL these radically different characters and themes and making it WORK. I really hope they raise the bar, so non-fanboy viewers will FEEL THE AVENGERS AWESOMENESS! *droool*

  7. mark rufallo don’t have the vitamin to become bruce banner/hulk

    • I think if this were true the ‘firing’ would have been a little less personal –

      “Our decision is definitely not one based on monetary factors, but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members.”

      That was a dig at Norton’s interest in a different cut of The Incredible Hulk.

      Marvel is catching major flack over the constant recasting of the Hulk. Saying it was all a publicity stunt might make people who love Norton happy – but, it would still make Marvel look unprofessional and careless – especially careless considering the Hulk is still a franchise they’re trying hard to rebuild.

      The Avengers has plenty of Buzz. There’s no real need for a turn-around publicity stunt.

      However, firing Norton was a mistake, so anything is possible…

      • talented like liv tyler?? she was a drone in that movie, and compared to sam elliot, hurt sucked in that role


  9. your welcome, I sure hope it is true

  10. “If nothing else, it’s difficult to deny that the constant recasting of the Hulk, not to mention the way the situation was handled with Norton, has caused Marvel a sizable amount of embarrassment”

    Amen to that..Marvel really effed up this whole situation and it doesn’t matter who they bring in to fill Norton’s shoes because they dropped the ball for the fanboys and movie fans in general, and their whole commitment to character continuity is just smoke and mirrors..The third Hulk in seven years..complete and utter madness and it has really taken a lot of the lustre off this film for me..I like Ruffalo but Norton is and should be Banner and is it wrong for fans to EXPECT Marvel and Feige to keep their word on character continuity?

    • First of all, the “continuity” is at a minimum from what was done in The Incredible Hulk. The only connection really “established” was that Gen. Ross spoke with RDJ. RDJ and Norton didn’t share any screen time, Ironman didn’t fly in to assist with the Abomonation, there was no connection between the Hulk and Ironman other than a (very) brief cameo.

      Secondly, for all the concern about continuity, there wasn’t NEARLY this backlash or concern for continuity when Terrance Stamp was replaced as an already established character in a continuing franchise and he was “supposedly” replaced for similar reasons as Norton (difficult to work with).

      Finally, while Norton’s Banner/Hulk wasn’t bad, it wasn’t spectacular either. I don’t remember the Incredible Hulk being a big talked about movie like Ironman was months after it was released. Eric Bana did a descent job as well with his Hulk take, his problem was Ang Lee was the director and I don’t recall an uproar over him not getting a shot at reprising the role.

      This isn’t a hate on Norton post because I do enjoy his movies overall, but I’m surprised at how big a deal it is that he isn’t going to be in the Avengers movie. Would it be this big a deal if he had a scheduling conflict or chose not to take the role?

      • @”This isn’t a hate on Norton post because I do enjoy his movies overall, but I’m surprised at how big a deal it is that he isn’t going to be in the Avengers movie.”

        I have to agree. People are over-reacting way too much over this. I found Norton to be great in the role, but he’s out and there’s nothing you can do about. The fanboys may not want to see the film because of this, but the general audience (the crowd that matters) will. I say give this guy a chance.

        • Well said.

      • I think you meant Terrance Howard not Terrance Stamp and my post was about Marvel’s promise of CHARACTER continuity and not continuity in the films Banner will be in the AVengers so obviously there will be continuity from the IH film but not the same guy playing Banner..IMO it loses some of it’s credibility..Rhodes was a minor character and not an original member of the obviously there wasn’t the backlash that there has been with Norton being replaced. It’s also a testament to the job Norton did that it is generating this type of debate..

    • Continuity? It’s not like they’re changing the character. The character is the same, but the actor is different. Changing the actor doesn’t “ruin” contiuity at all, and is only distracting for a moment.

  11. Am loving this. No, I’m not happy with a third actor playing the role, but I couldn’t take Norton’s “I want to edit and rewrite everything” drama. Feige may have been rude and all, but whoever says Norton is a victim here is being seriously delusional.

    • I don’t think anybody is saying Norton is a victim..if there are any “victims” here it is we the fans who were led to believe Feige and Marvel when they stated they wanted to build a movie universe with some character continuity…When Marvel hired Norton to play Banner he came with his control issues and Marvel knew that..their fundamental premise in building their own universe with real continuity that was loyal to fans and the comics they represent is FALSE!! They have brought inconsistency to their own universe so it loses a lot of credibility to me..

      • Greenknight,

        I’m one of the biggest Bruce Banner/Hulk fans you could find. And I’m cool with Norton being replaced. I don’t feel like a victim at all, Norton’s dismissal wasn’t a surprise to me, I SAW that coming — in fact, I’m relieved he’s left because from now on I won’t have to read about drama on set.

        When I read, back in 2007, that he was going to be in the reboot, I immediately became both excited and apprehensive: the first because I knew he would be very good as Banner, the second because I already knew there would be problems ahead (and yes, I’m talking about continuity of the character…but I disagree with you on one thing: I don’t think it was all Marvel’s fault and lack of respect for its fans, I thought Norton would be a problem — and guess what? Shortly after TIH was released I began reading interviews where he (Norton) kept saying things like: “I’m not sure I’m coming back to play the role” and “Marvel’s executives are…obtuse”.

        Marvel’s biggest mistake was choosing him in the first place. As you say, they knew about his fame and they chose him anyway. But sometimes it’s just not worth it trying to keep an actor when they realize he’s impossible to work with. Maybe they thought they could works things out with him…but they should have asked personally those who are less than thrilled about working with Norton because they have worked with him before. And hated the experience.

  12. Oh, puh lease you all who are saying the movie is ruined because of this. Grow the f*ck up and stop trying to predict the future. Ruffalo may not be your first choice for playing the character (for instance, he’s not mine: I prefer Joaquin Phoenix), he may end up sucking as Banner OR he can be just as good as Norton, if not better. He’s a very professional actor, I’ve heard also he is wonderful to work with, so stop harping on the guy who HAS NOTHING TO DO with either Marvel’s or Norton’s screw-ups.

    Norton does not deserve everybody’s sympathy. All this wailing over the fact he’s been dismissed is so one-sided I keep wondering if people never heard or read about him behaving like an ass many times. I’m tired of reading about him being a control freak. Rewriting or editing someone else’s work in order to “improve it” is also disrespectful. If he wants to do everything, then he should start writing, directing and editing his own films. I’d sure watch them. I could enjoy them or nitpick at every little thing I could find, just like he does with other people’s scripts.

    • lol@joaquin phoenix, ur as nuty as that guy is if u actually think he’d be even stable for this role, we dont need a rapping bearded hulk anyway

      • Hmmmm, my opinion about Joaquin Phoenix is based solely on his amazing talent (the one I got to see in Gladiator, We Own the Night, The Yards, Quills…), not on that ridiculous publicity stunt he performed last year. Or do you actually believe all that was true? Maybe that’s why I think they chose wisely this time (with Ruffalo): dismissing Norton for being difficult than hiring Phoenix would make Marvel lose face.

        • I meant “dismissing Norton for being difficult THEN hiring…”.

      • AMEN! lol @ Joaquin Phoenix AND Eve. Joaquin Phoenix? Seriously? As Banner?! OUCH…that hurt my head.

        • Uh? LOL @ me for having a different opinion than yours? How very droll…now go back play in your sandbox.

    • Exactly. Any actor can be replaced. People say that only Norton should be the Hulk, but then someone else will come along and give a more impressive performance. I don’t think anyone could do a better job as The Joker thank Ledger, that is until somone actually does. *Any* actor can be replaced. People just aren’t willing to give it a chance.

  13. Sounds like you have anger management issues and that you have a hate on for each their own..I’ve done all the growing up I’m going to do :) ..but remember just as you are entitled to your bitter one-sided opinion, the rest of us are as well..If it bothers you that much avoid these posts or try a little meditation and yoga before you read the comments section so all that pent up anger fustration has an outlet..

    • Greenknight,

      Not sure if your comment was directed at me. If it is, well…would you be surprised to know that I’m a huge fan of Edward Norton’s work (as an actor)? I even own many DVDs of his films. And it’s exactly because I follow his career for quite a while that I know he’s not the nicest actor to work with — and I’ve known/read/heard this from reliable sources, I’m not assuming anything. I’m not biased in any way. On the contrary of what you so aggressively posted, I’m not bitter — accepting someone else to play a role that means so much to me shows the EXACT opposite of your statement.

      And I won’t avoid any posts because I’m entitled to have an opinion, to stick with it and to express it freely. It’s unfair and contradictory from you suggesting I should avoid the subject: you want to express your opinion freely, but you don’t want people disaggreeing with it. If you haven’t noticed yet, this article is mostly about Mark Ruffalo being chosen as the new Banner, not about Norton being fired — you’ll be able to post on such threads, there are plenty of them out there. However, I’m ok with you saying you’re not happy with this whole thing…I don’t like being called I’m not though: bitter. And when I said “one-sided” I was referring to those who are being extremely overprotective of Norton’s behaviour, it wasn’t particularly directed at you. Also, I didn’t say Norton didn’t deserve “anybody’s sympathy”. I used the term “everybody” instead of “anybody” because I wanted to make clear that some might side him on this, and others not.

      I understand that you’re upset with an actor replacing Norton, I agree that it ruins continuity, but ONLY TO AN EXTENT. It’s not the end of the world, you know. And you’re completely wrong when you say that it’s people like me who have anger management issues (which would make sense since *ahem!* I’m a Hulk fan after all), the ones who are overreacting are exactly the ones who can’t accept his replacement. If you visit any IMDB boards you will have a taste of the craziness going on with those who suddenly became “Edward Norton’s biggest fans”. There are morons (now I have to be offensive) saying they will “boo, and throw rotten vegetables” at whoever is coming to Comic con (to be introduced as the new Bruce Banner). I mean, really?

      • Eve

        I did not say you aren’t entitled to your opinion…I encourage and applaud it but a different approach to this from both our perspectives may produce a slightly less conflicted exchange between us..It certainly not the end of the world that he was replaced..not in the least…to tell you the truth it wouldn’t really be the end of anything if I never watched these movies at all..they are just movies and have no affect on the course my life takes…I simply stated(more sarcastically I admit) that you are entitled to your opinion as are those of us who do not like the fact Norton was replaced. My comment in regards to you avoiding these types of threads and comments hails from the impression that you were miffed by some of us who think it was a bad idea and the confrontational tone your response struck with me. I will in all likelihood see these films regardless of who they replace I just think Marvel has loss some of their lustre with me considering they got off to such a promising start. If they turn out poorly Marvel will only get my theater cash and nothing from merchandising or DVD/BluRay sales.

        Have a great day!


        GK333 :)

        • “My comment in regards to you avoiding these types of threads and comments hails from the impression that you were miffed by some of us who think it was a bad idea and the confrontational tone your response struck with me.”

          I understand that. Totally. My (“oh, puh lease” comment) may have sounded like I didn’t care or didn’t accept other people’s thoughts on this. So I can understand you might have had the impression I was pissed off — indeed I was (as I still am) annoyed with something, but it was more about the fact people are not willing to give Mark Ruffalo a chance as if they could predict what is going to happen or as if it was his fault for taking the job! The man is a fine actor, and a lot easier to deal with than Norton.

          I guess people sided Norton on this because of Feige’s first statement…but even if it was aggressive, it didn’t mean it was untrue. There are two sides for every story but many fanboys were already going crazy and defending Norton at all costs.

          I’m not happy with another replacement, believe me — as I clearly said on my very first comment. But since I sort of saw that coming, I was calm rather than angry or disappointed when I read the news. It’s just a movie, as you say. And if I survived 2003’s Hulk (nothing can disappoint me more than that), I can take anything.

          Have a nice week,


          P.S.: Probably won’t be commenting on these boards anymore, so it was nice to have a reasonable argument with you. Most of the time internet boards are filled with personal attacks and bad grammar.

          • That would be unfortunate Eve as intelligent mature debates on the internet are a rarity and Screen Rant does more to facilitate just that than anywhere else for this type of forum…I hope you change your mind and keep me on my toes!! :)


  14. Hey Ben is there any way we can ditch that lame generic green header photo of Ruffalo? For the love of Christ?
    I don’t even recognize this guy from crap, yet alone when he’s photoshopped in green. Can you at least provide a better more recognizable photo?

    That’s all I ask,,,,

    • First, let’s see how tomorrow goes 😉

      • donny osmond!!!!!

  15. Get an unkown that looks like Norton,,,

    • ehh get someone thats not an unstable nutcase like phoenix, or someone that doesnt look like donny osmond

  16. Matt Keith you are a really wise man!

  17. I can live with it……i mean we have no choice right?!?

    • sure, the public has a choice…they can opt. to not see he film…

  18. This is the best ruined movie people will pay to see in the theater.

    • *BAM! ~Maybe. *sniff*cry*BAWL** Maybe.

  19. There’s a big rumour about Dr Who’s ‘David Tennant’ in-line for the role too ! I’d love him to get it…he’d do the part justice…he just ‘looks’ how Banner would in my opinion – He’s also a brilliant actor heading up fast in the World !

  20. stupid….

    • Norton i mean

  21. I’m still hoping that this turns out to be a publicity stunt and they bring Norton back. I know it’s unlikely, but I can’t let go of that one ray of hope.

    Come on, Marvel. I need closure.

  22. Hey @Eve, if you do post here again please let us know who exactly you are replying too,,, just takes a second.
    Also I don’t care of Norton was a hassle to work with. That’s Marvel’s problem. I also release, hey its just a movie but I won’t support Marvel/dizney’s continued recasting of roles. I don’t support that style of business. Same way I won’t support the upcoming Spider-Boy film or X-Men the Saved by the Bell years,,,,

    Cheadle sucked in Iron Man2. The Guy phoned in his part. Now I’m supposed to trust Mar/ney to get Banner right the 3rd time when they nailed it with Norton? No I refuse. Especially with Ruffalo (who’s a fine actor) miss cast as Bruce.

    At the end of the week, who cares if I don’t support the film, but if enough people joined together on this and hurt the BO opening weekend maybe Mar/ney would think twice next time.

    Because if the people don’t somehow get through to Fiege and whoever’s running the show, this recasting bs will continue. Maybe next time it will be Thor or Captain America that gets a whole new look.

    Please Mar/ney, work this out ahead of time with long term contracts and some better casting.

    (But they won’t)

    • @” but if enough people joined together on this and hurt the BO opening weekend maybe Mar/ney would think twice next time.”

      I doubt that would work. Even the fanboys don’t see the film, it will still make millions because of the general audience. They don’t whine over something as small as re-casting (which happens all the time) a character. Boycotting a film never works.

      • If the “fanoys” decided not to see this film in theaters it would hurt opening weekend and final box office numbers significantly..there’s just not enough people with the tenacity to carry out that idea…If fans did truly stand behind their beliefs and arguments on these boards then the studios would actually listen because it compromises their bottom line..People have been waiting 40 years to see a lot of these properties made into live action films and Marvel knows this ..hence there is no consequence to changing these properties and actors as they see’s not about fans at all..doing it for the fans is the biggest crock of $&*^ in the history of history..

    • 790,

      I’m still not willing to discuss The Avengers online anymore but I need to clarify some things:

      a) I addressed Greenknight correctly (on top of the message)– which was the only time I didn’t use the reply button (again, only to answer Greenknight) so…a better look and you’d see that;

      b) I don’t have a Twitter account so I’m not that Eve you’re referring to.

  23. I think the only thing Marvel should be guilty of was signing Norton in the first place if nothing was sure he was gonna reprise his role in The Avengers or a Hulk sequel. News was too surprising to me about losing Norton, but im not gonna dwell on it to get me down. I was disapointed Terrance Howard got replaced with Don Cheadle for Iron Man 2 but I liked Cheadle as much as Howard’s performance more than i thought i would so im willing to give someone else a chance to play Bruce Banner. For a movie like Avengers, they need everyone to be team players and if you let one actor wanting to get his ideas in a film the way he wants it, then studio risks other cast members doin the same. It will be no different when DC/wb gets up to doin their Justice League film, and Christian Bale wouldn’t seem like a team player as Batman when he wouldnt want Robin by his side and Nolan not wanting his Batman associated with other DC heroes as i read. I dont know why people are jumping to conclusions for all because of Norton being let go. The Avengers is a team-up film, so its not like its gonna be all about the Hulk in it.

  24. Wally good points, and perhaps we’re all diverting too much energy into this topic when its clear (it seems) we have little impact in what or who the overall fans vs studio create or cast… Does that make any sense?

    It would however be nice to have these franchises set themselves up with defining actors that we can look forward to continuing on in the sequels. Even if that takes casting semi-unknowns to begin with.

    I think Mar/ney has gambled that illusion away going after A list talent to play A list superhero roles. This has become clear (IMO) with Spider-Man and now the Hulk.

    I think that Mar/ney is walking down a slippery slope, and I fear that this inconsistent recasting will only get worse as most fans won’t care enough to make a statement with their dollar or amero by the time of Avengers.

  25. Its an irritation that we’re discussing Mike I hardy call it whining and I think that’s what this site is all about last time I checked?
    I’m sure the Mark Ruffalo tweet page is brimming with an abundance of warm wishes and candy dreams if you want to read that stuff,,,

    You don’t have a problem with lowering standards. Whatever, however casting loyalty aside Cheadle didn’t fit in Iron Man2. So while the masses (Transformer fans) won’t care, I will. Enough that I will see the film at a later time or on dvd, used or for free… I also won’t buzz it or tweet it. Lol,,,
    You can choose to be part of the masses. Its a choice. The masses get mediocrity by choice…

    Because their lazy and lower their standards. Enjoy Tansformers 3 and Last Airbender 2.

    • Oh Man you still got it Mr Kot-TER!! LMAO!! :) Thanks buddy!!

      • ease up there HORSCHACHE