Mark Millar Talks Shepherding Fox’s Marvel Movie Universe & Upcoming Films

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Mark Millar on Fox Marvel Movies X Men Wolverine 2 Fantastic Four Mark Millar Talks Shepherding Foxs Marvel Movie Universe & Upcoming Films

In the last six months, there’s been some big developments over at Fox in regards to their Marvel Comics properties. The success of Marvel Studios’ The Avengers changed the game for comic book movies everywhere - including Fox’s  next round of comic book movies, which include X-Men projects like The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past, as well as the Fantastic Four reboot that Chronicle director Josh Trank is working on.

Aside from X-Men movie producer Lauren Shuler floating invitations for an Avengers and X-Men movie crossover, there was the big announcement that Kick-Ass and Ultimates creator Mark Millar will shepherd the Fox Marvel Universe – a move that echoes Marvel Studios’ appointment of Avengers director Joss Whedon as the manager of the “Phase 2″ Marvel movie rollout. Read on for the latest from the outspoken Millar, about what’s going on with the revitalized FMU.

In speaking with Word Balloon, Millar was pretty candid (as he is wont to be) about everything from Fox’s ‘borrowing’ of the Marvel Studios approach, to Fox’s gross mishandling of some of its Marvel properties:

“The job at Fox is officially “Creative Consultant” and if there’s a comparable job, I guess it’s probably what Joss is doing over with Marvel Studios. It’s very, very exciting. Just as a fan, to be at the heart of something like this is wonderful.”

“There have been some poor decisions in the past, but you also have to remember that there have been some excellent ones too. Bryan Singer’s X-Men for example, I think revolutionised superhero movies. It pre-dated Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, and I think you forget how close that was chronologically to Batman and Robin! To open with a Holocaust scene in a superhero movie was just unheard of. Fox get a lot of flak for the films which didn’t work out, and quite rightly, but you forget that they’ve done some really great stuff too. I’m thinking specifically of X-MenX-Men 2 and X-Men: First Class.”

fox marvel movies Mark Millar Talks Shepherding Foxs Marvel Movie Universe & Upcoming Films

There’s a lot of truth in what Millar said, though it’s not exactly fair to credit Fox itself with those accomplishments. The three films he names are also the ones that were not-so-coincidentally conceived and crafted by X-Men and X2 director Bryan Singer; when the Studio (rather than a creative shepherd) was in the primary position of pulling the strings, we got films like DaredevilElektraWolverineFantastic Four, and the ever-controversial X3 (with Brett Ratner instead of Matthew Vaughn). In 20/20 hindsight, it’s clear that from the starting point Millar referenced (X-Men in 2000), the creative shepherd approach was the right way to build a comic book movie universe. But instead of, say, Singer being appointed to head the new FMU (granted, he’s a busy guy), we have Millar. But I digress.

As for how the future of the FMU will be different from its (very) checkered past? Millar attributes the new era to being a matter of personnel  - both on the creative and executive fronts:

“The team who is running the show over there now I’m very comfortable with. I actually really like everything that they’re doing, and they recognise more than anyone the mistakes that they’ve made in the past and they just want to do right by the fans. Hiring myself was a first step in a number of things that they’re planning and they just really want to be respectful to the material I think. X-Men: First Class, which I absolutely loved, just feels like planting the flag for what they’re planning to do over the next few years.”

Josh Trank is directing ‘Fantastic Four’

Sounds promising, but in the eyes of jaded fans the world over, the new batch of films will likely be considered guilty until proven innocent of being terrible. And no franchise will bear that weight more than the rebooted Fantastic Four. The two FF films released in the mid-2000s were considered misfires by just about every comic book fan – from the directing (by Think Like a Man helmer Tim Story) to the storylines and the casting (with the exception of Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm and Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, they were fine).

So what is Millar’s take on Chronicle director Josh Trank’s version of the Four?

“Hiring Josh Trank for Fantastic Four…it could just not be more different than the first Fantastic Four movie from what I’ve seen so far. Even just as a fan, I’m very, very excited by the level of talent they have on the directors side of things.”

Finally, there is the X-Men movie universe, which currently sees Walk the Line and 3:10 to Yuma director James Mangold working with star Hugh Jackman on the Samurai-themed Wolverine 2. Meanwhile,  X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer are using time travel story mechanics for the iconic X-Men storyline (and First Class sequel film) Days of Future Past, which is expected to be a kind of reset button for the convoluted X-Men movie continuity - possibly the launchpad for the entire shared FMU.

X Men First Class Days of Future Past Header Mark Millar Talks Shepherding Foxs Marvel Movie Universe & Upcoming Films

‘Days of Future Past’ Fan art.

Millar doesn’t reveal anything new or startling about the upcoming X-Men films, he basically tows the company line – as is his job as the new frontman:

“I can’t say too much about it right now, but The Wolverine has only just started shooting really, I mean it’s been shooting for a few weeks now. I really do like it and I’m really impressed by it. Days of Future Past, which is being written at the moment, is the next one up and at the same time, Fantastic Four is being written right now. In a weird way, it’s just the easiest job in the world as I’m surrounded by people who are so good!”

We can’t argue with the level of talent at work on the films: Mangold’s a proven and skilled director with a strong track record (we’ll forgive Knight and Day); Trank is a breakout talent who clearly “gets” superheroes and how to ground them in compelling films; Vaughn knocked out two great comic book flicks in a row (Kick-Ass and XM:FC) and will have actual time and budget (for once) to create Days of Future Past - while Singer is back where he belongs, guiding the X-Men flagship. No problems there.

The Wolverine 2 Hugh Jackman Official Mark Millar Talks Shepherding Foxs Marvel Movie Universe & Upcoming Films

Hugh Jackman in ‘The Wolverine’

Whether or not Fox actually relaxes with its notorious meddlesome ways, and lets these creators actually create remains to be seen – as does Millar’s ability to captain a ship this large. Could we see a Fox Marvel Universe that will soon rival the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of quality and enjoyment? Part of me wants to hope, but the other part remains guarded, not wanting to be heartbroken all over again. As the zen master said: “We shall see…”

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The Wolverine will be in theaters on July 26, 2013.

X-Men Days of Future Past will be in theaters on July 18, 2014.

The Fantastic Four reboot is in active development but still awaiting a release date.


Source: Word Balloon (via CBM)

Comic book Artwork property of Marvel Comics; Film stills Property of Fox; ‘Days of Future Past’ fan art by Wobblyone


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  1. Fox, if you really want to “borrow” from the success of Marvel Studios, then do this the right way and start over. Or maybe start with First Class and go from there because there is no fixing the mess you’ve made of the X-Men continuity.

    • @FILTHpig

      Incorrect. Time Travel fixes all.

      • I hope you’re not serious.

        At this point the time travel plot would make a convoluted continuity even more ridiculous. Maybe you could just make it all a dream in Professor X’s mind! Or maybe make them all dead at the end, a la the final season of Lost!

        Time travel is lazy. Rebooting with a coherent plot is difficult. Don’t take the easy way out Fox.

        • Time Travel is a reboot, and isthemkredifficult task. Doing a complete reboot with no ties to the previous is the easy way out.

          • I guess we’ll see about that. Doing it the right way deserves a reboot. Fixing the mess they’ve made with time travel is iffy at best. Remains to be seen, but I don’t think they can pull it off. Hope I’m wrong.

        • What mess? Leave out Origins and the pre-credit scene in X-3 of Xavier and Magneto meeting with a young Jean and things are pretty clean. Its not the end of the world as long as they make the next few movies good ones.

          • Origins itself doesnt make it a mess, only the part at the end with xavier does. To fix the main problems, they just need to explain those parts, plus Origins helps fix wolverines cameo in first class.

      • No. I have to disagree. I’ve thought about this and a time travel fix would be a convoluted mess.

        Parallel universes fixes all.

        Recruit Alan Cumming to reprise his role as Nightcrawler and he can accidentally slip into a parallel universe with different versions of the X-Men….. bring some of them back….. cross pollinate…. etc. And/Or use Azazel for the antagonist side of things.

        • That doesn’t sound like an interesting story though. Who wants to watch a movie that is too busy tying up loose ends and plot points in other movies than focus on its own stiory?…I guess those who liked Iron Man 2 would…

        • @Heustis… Time travel creates parallel universes. Problem solved.

          • Depends on which theory of time travel is applied. The more common scenario is the “fixed” time line version, which would be difficult to employ as a means of tying together the X-Men movie universe. This is the one that causes a lot of headaches……. The old “What if I went back in time and killed my grandfather? Would I disappear?”

            The branching time line approach would be almost as messy. This is the one where every choice and every change causes a branching out in the time stream. Like in the Back To The Future movies. This style solves the grandfather problem…. but creates other difficulties for connecting the current crop of X-Men films.

            Looper, the recent release with Bruce Willis and Gordon-Levitt, jumps back and forth between these two time travel ideas and muddles them together in a very awkward way.

            The simplest solution (and my favorite) is the existence of true parallel universes. Similar but not exactly the same, and not branching off of each other. No time travel has to occur. Travel between parallel universes yes, but time travel doesn’t have to be part of it. Though it could…. here’s how, granting these theoretical premises:

            1. Parallel universes exist. Some universes “echo” each other but not exactly. Some universes are radically different from ours.
            2. Travel between parallel universes is possible.
            3. Time moves at different relative speeds in these universes. Time runs faster in some universes than in our universe, and slower in others. In some universes time even runs backwards than in ours!

            Get the picture?

            • Great post! I still it’s all fixable though

              • Yep. And Marvel comics already has this concept in place.

                Thor’s multiple “Realms”

                Doctor Strange’s multiple “Dimensions”

                Realms=Dimensions=Parallel Universes

            • Someone reading the script or watching the movies that come before a sequel would make all of this unnecessary. Bad writing is bad writing, using convoluted literary devices to try and fix may not help. Especially if it’s just more bad writing…..

      • @Kofi Outlaw Time travel DOES fix all.

        Unfortunately, it is not real and we cannot go back in time and stop Marvel from giving the movie rights to FOX.

        • Ha!

          [SLOW CLAPS]

          • What? If it were real we could fix the problem before it became a problem.

            • We are all time traveling right now!


      • I don’t think that it is a coincidence that when Fox hires a good director, like Singer or Vaughn, they get a good movie and when they hire a garbage director, like Ratner, Time Story or Mark Steven Johnson, they get a garbage movie. The studio made the mistake of hiring the garbage director, they didn’t actually make the garbage movie.

      • I think they can use the time travel travel idea cleverly in a way in which some of the less-received installments were ignored or altered to serve a new story while not entirely discounting what has occured. I also like the parallel universe idea that Heustis has mentioned. In the end it all depends on the writing and the execution.

        Star Trek (2009) found a creative way to simultaneously reboot/relaunch an old franchise with both major and minor differences to character and/or events and yet still hold tribute to the old franchise. Here the new films will not have to be constrained to all past events that were not entirely successful yet still honor the elements of the good while being fresh and creative.

        X-men First Class manage to make tribute to the first x-men film yet was unafraid to go a different direction. Now I am pretty certain the Fantastic Four reboot will not having anything in common to the previous films (which is a shame because I thought the Thing was casted perfectly) so it raises the question for the audience which films are being ignored and which are kept in current canon.

        This idea can be awesome because some of the casting is great but now characters can be tweaked for the better- which is what Wolverine is set to do with its title character- without entirely ignoring wat audience has seen before (at least for X-men.

        Now this is crazy but I think one way it can be cool to restart will be is to have Cyclops travel from the original trilogy to the first class continuity. We have no confirmation that Jean killed him. It can be interesting and give a great storyline for the character who has been secondary at best. He can meet his family member Havok- which can be tribute to Scott meeting his descendants from the future while also being reversed and a tribute that the characters are brothers in the books- and try to stop the event that leads to Jeans death.

        Of course the idea will be complex to integrate and deal with and really out there but I think it can be an interesting route lol. Its not happening but still interesting.

        • I’d be completely fine with that

        • If time travel and alternate dimensions were used in a clever and entertaining way, it would be fine (like in your Star Trek example), but we are talking about FOX, so I don’t think they would know a good idea from a bad (See: Deadpool)

      • My idea: in X-Men 3, just before Cyclops gets zapped by jean, Cable and Bishop appear and snatch Cyke away to the future. This guarentees Cable surviving, as I believe he is Cyclops’ son, if I remember correctly?? Cyke then saves the day in Days of Future past, and is returned to his original time after he helps fend off the Sentinels, kind of like in Terminator with John Conner trying to preserve the future & present. Probably this idea would set well with fans, who did not like to see Cyke get killed. he needed a much more significant part (and frankly, I am getting tired of everything having to be The Wolverine and Magneto Show). Feasible, because I don’t believe we ever had a body to bury beneath the tombstone, just Scott Summers’ name on it. Cyke is the original X-Man in the comics, field commander under Prof. X, the most heroic, the best backstory…I can not think of a reason to throw this character away like everyone making these movies seems to be doing.

  2. Fantastic four movie has to get von doom right.

    • Agree

      • Seconded.

    • As well as Galactus, Deadpool, Electra, Daredevil, Bullseye, The Phoenix, Venom, and just about everyone else they used in their movies.

  3. I hope they do “The Coming of Galatus” storyline and do it right. They did not get The Silver Surfer or Galatus anywhere near right in the second FF movie, as a matter of fact they blew it with all of the characters, the whole FF team, Doctor Doom. I shudder to think of them doing another FF. Give the characters back to Marvel, where they belong and justice may be done tho the franchise.

    • Thank you. Finally somebody agrees. I wish that somehow, someway, Marvel would obtain the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four. I’m fine with Spider-Man at Sony/Columbia as long as they don’t pull another Spider-Man 3. As for Ghost Rider, well I think we just need to forget Ghost Rider for now, I hate that because I’m a huge Ghost Rider fan.

      • I agree with you guys on all points. Fantastic Four COULD BE a potentially great franchise if they do it the right way. That comic was just made for the big screen in my opinion, even though we haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.

        • LOL. I always find it funny when fanboys do the, “let the rights revert to Marvel Studios” speech, when they are 2/5. The have mastered the “comic” feel/look but the story telling in all but two films are incredibly weak.

          • And the story telling in any of Fox’s movie WAS masterful? Give me a break.
            X2 was good. First Class was alright. The rest were either just bad (Wolverine, X3) or a snooze-fest (X1).

            • if the rights do get reverted back ud never get a FF movie so stop complaining marvel has enough projects.

              • Would I rather see the last two FF movies or nothing? I’d choose nothing.

                Hmm, maybe Fox can travel back in time and stop those movies before they’re released?

            • No, and they also didn’t have a single head in charge of overseeing but despite that they managed to do quite well in some areas.

              Marvel Studios most complete movies are TIH and IronMan. IM2 is all over the place. Thor is shallow with a faux redemption. Cap’s story was rushed and Bucky’s death glanced over. And The Avenger’s is just a heavily plot hole ridden weak story with fun actions scenes.

              • “And The Avenger’s is just a heavily plot hole ridden weak story with fun actions scenes.”

                You mean a comic book in movie format….. so they did it right is what you are saying?

                • Actually a lot of Comicbooks win Eisner awards and other literary achievements for great storytelling. Being a “heavily plot hole ridden weak story with fun actions scenes” is not a proper comic book adaptation.

              • @ Sir Ignur Rant-A-Lot

                Are you freaking kidding me? Please tell me you’re trolling. Iron Man 2 wasn’t great, but the special effects were good and everyone in the cast did good jobs, especially Cheadle, who played a much better Rhodey than Howard. Thor easily had the best villain, was believeable and funny, and has to be commended for Marvel taking such a big risk in doing a cosmic movie with aliens and gods and magic. Captain America had good acting, and it was just downright refreshing, from having a hero is a truly good man right from the start to the slightly campy, 1940′s adventure-vibe it had.

                And The Avengers? Yeah, the plot had issues, but it had MUCH more than just good action scenes. The writing was phenomenal; Joss Whedon hit the nail on the head with how to portray the characters, especially since the only Avengers film he had worked on up until then was the Cap film. It was easily the funniest movie out of all of them, and the way Joss brought together all of the characters was perfect. Marvel’s films are decent at worst and outstanding at best. That’s a very good ratio, if you ask me.

                I sense a Nolan fanboy. Or a troll. Or both.

                • +1

                • @The_Mad_Titan

                  First off, my all time favorite CBM is Blade. My favorite Superhero movie is Meteor Man. I truly enjoy the Nolan Batman films as a big Batman films but i acknowledge their cinematic shortcomings.

                  All I said about IM2 was that it was all over the place. Is that not true? Was the story solid? No. A lot of half baked ideas, one-note villains and forced drama between two friends.

                  Thor had a great villain but Thor’s journey was shallow, much like Jane Foster. Thor didn’t learn anything. He was already polite to Jane several times, and his big change only happened when he thought his father died and was resigned to Earth. That’s adapting, not learning a lesson. Jans should have been a nurse or doctor who ran a small clinic for illegal aliens and U.S. citizens, who taught Thor that saving people (no matter their nationality [race i.e. Frost Giants]) is more important than fighting.

                  Cap was rushed story. The first hour was great setting up the identity of Steve Rogers but the second half went downhill fast. Bucky’s death, the biggest motiviation of what makes Cap who is was glossed over. It is Bucky’s death that makes Cap a solo hero, he wants to fight an army by himself rather than fight along side his allies and possible lose one friend. Even worse they tried to ignore the WW2 setting and Nazi’s.

                  As for the Avenger’s (sigh) it got a lot more right than the individuals, i’ll give you that. The plot was still lazy and hardly worthy of their big screen team up. If this had been a comic book it would been average at best. Loki was just a horribly used villain. He is a master manipulator that rivals the Joker and here in The Avenger’s he was EVERYBODY’S b***h. And the main character arc of the story is Ironman, who is forced to repeat the same story arc, for the third time. “I can do it by myself. No I can’t, I need help.” The dialogue was entertaining and comedic but didn’t bring any gravity to the situation. And then there’s the recklessly wasted life of Agent Coulson, my favorite character who should be the star of the new S.H.I.E.L.D. series.

                  Despite what you may think I am a huge fan of Marvel, as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is one of my favorite series. So to see such cheap interpretations of my favorite characters hurts the heart man. Hurts the heart bad. These movies can be so much better, and these characters way better fleshed out.

              • what are these “plot holes” you are referring to?

                • @Jeffro

                  *Why didn’t Loki kill Fury in the begining.
                  *Why Didn’t Loki “heart control” Fury
                  *Selvig’s convient back door to stop the portal.
                  *Why didn’t Hawkeye have a back door to stop the portal
                  *Where was the military
                  *Why didn’t SHIELD forces help
                  *Why didn’t the greatest army in the universe set up a defense perimiter around NYC or better yet the portal — their only means of entering the city.
                  *Why does not one ship of the greatest army in the universe have anti-missles.
                  *Loki said he wanted to rule the world but just had the army commit random acts of violence, not one strategic move.

                  Not really a Plot hole this just bothered me. Why didn’t Thor break out the glass and save Coulson, instead he watched Coulson die.

                  • loki didnt kill fury because he wasnt near him. same reason why he didnt do the heart control. but he did have hawkeye shoot him in the chest, so he did in essence try to kill him.
                    selvig put in a backdoor. so what? how is that a hole in the plot? maybe you found it too convienent, whatever.
                    “Why didn’t Hawkeye have a back door to stop the portal”-i don’t really understand this question. selvig was working on the cube, hawkeye was only observing.
                    the army was there breifly, but remember, the invasion happened pretty much in real time, so it lasted about 30 minutes, probably not enough time to get them there. did you see any army presence in NY on 9-11?
                    as far as the “anti-missles”, wasnt “the council” some sort of gov’t entity? why would they launch an anti-missle against the missle they just launched?
                    as far as thor watching coulson die, i don’t think he saw loki’s trick until it was too late. as to why he couldnt break out of the cage, i don’t know. it was designed to hold the hulk (don’t know that it would) he did hit it with his hammer once before loki dropped it, it only cracked the glass. i suppose he needed the leverage of pushing off the opposite wall to break through, as he did when it was falling.
                    loki said he wanted to rule the world, but i’m thinking he was just saying that to make everybody think that was his real plan, when he had ulterior motives, motives we still don’t know what they are.
                    we can do this all day, but it’s quite obvious you don’t care for the avengers or the MCU, and thats ok. i hated TDKR because it suffered from some lazy storytelling as well.
                    on the directors commentary, joss whedon himself said he didn’t like using the “kill the mother ship and all the aliens die” device, but had to do it. i’m not saying it’s a perfect movie, but anyone who goes into it not liking it before they even saw it is going to continally find fault.

                    • I know it’s not a perfect movie. Everyone knows that. I’m actually a huge Marvel fan. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is my second favorite animation on air right now, behind Regular Show.

                      Whedon’s Avenger’s, however, was a weak story not worthy of their cinematic team up. If it was in comic book form, it would be average at best. It’s cliché, has a terribly weak villain, with plot holes and major plot contrivances. The writings humorous, yes, but it doesn’t due much to reveal anything about the characters. He actually makes the Hulk lose all the character development he gained from The Incredible Hulk. One of my all time favorite villains, Loki the master schemer, is horribly misrepresented and even dumber than he was in ‘Thor’. And the great chitauri army are grneric punchbags that did nothing to showcase the different personalities of The Avenger’s. The Incredibles has more heart, better writing and a better story than The Avenger’s.

                  • I really liked The Avengers, but I did kind of catch myself thinking during their fight against the Chituri, if The Avengers are fighting the aliens in a few small blocks’ radius, who is holding down the fort all over the rest of the city against the aliens? (Although the aliens were not that tough, there was probably enough baddies for the FF, X-men, daredevil, Spiderman, and Forbush-man to all keep busy lending a hand!).

          • You’re so right! Iron Man and The Avengers were good movies…the rest were not.

            • …..I guess you din’t care for The Avengers though….

    • I’d LOVE to see Fantastic Four fight The Frightful Four (Wizard, Sandman, Trapster, Medusa). Some of the best stories in the older Marvel comics for the FF were these 4 on 4 slobberknockers. They were as teams pretty evenly-matched. There might be some “rights” issues with thee films, tho, since sandman was already used in a Spiderman movie (#3), and if medusa is being earmarked foir an Inhumans movie.
      As for Galactus and Dr. Doom, they are cool, but have been done before. leftovers in the fridge can get boring, if you know what I mean.

  4. ^Good luck seeing a movie anytime soon if that happens. Marvel already has enough to deal with already. Give them another chance and stop whining.

    • just because they can make a movie doesn’t mean they should. I’d rather wait for Marvel to do it right then see another sub-par attempt. I mean, how many chances should they get?

        • Yeah, but Fox isn’t talking about reboots, they’re talking about making sense of all this by using time travel. I’m all for a retelling/recasting/rebooting of the franchise. I’m the same way with the comics. If I feel a storyline sucks, I don’t buy it. Spider Man Clone debacle anyone?

          • Which is smart because they have a huge crowd and a generation who have invested in these films. Tying them together with some great story telling would be a wise movie, especially with the infamous Days of Future Past as an inspiration. A source any x-men comicbook fan would be ecstatic see onscreen.

            • Okay, just tell me when exactly a Fox movie had “great storytelling”?
              And speak for yourself, I am a fan of X-Men comics and I’m nowhere near “ecstatic” to see them potentially butcher Days of Future Past.

              • X-Men, X-2, Blade, Blade 2 and arguably Daredevil: Director’s Cut.

                • I agree on all of those Sir Ignur Rant-A-Lot except Daredevil: Director’s Cut because I haven’t seen that version, but I’ll heard good things.

                  • Professor Procrastination or as I like to call you, B-List Porno Star Extra, we have become way to informal for you to address me by my title. lol . You’ve known me since I was just Ignur Rant.

                    • From Porno to Professor…that should be the title of my book about being doing internet commentary. :D

                    • Oh, BTW Professor, def check out Daredevil: DC. It’s still not the greatest adaptation but it’s much better. More Matt Murdock and his personal struggle, less Jennifer Gardner who was inserted into the film b/c of Studio Executives.

                • Now I see your “taste”. I liked X2, but we’re never going to agree on the rest.

                • Blade and Blade 2 werent Fox, they were New Line

                  • Oops. Then, I retract agreeing with him about those two films in this instance.

              • You sound as if Fox is writing the story and directing the movie. They are just a studio, their job is to finance a film and put the right people in charge of it. They have failed at times in the past but it appears they have righted the ship and put together a solid team of talent to work on their next Marvel films. Time will tell but I’m optimistic about this. No Ratner, no Tim Story, no problem.

                • Well said Ryan

          • @FILTHpig – X-men is using time travel which can work if done right (Star Trek proved that it can appeal to the masses by using time travel to reinvigorate that franchise, but still it upset die hard fans). But FOX is rebooting Fantastic Four.
            You said “how many chances should they get?” in your original post that I responded to. You didn’t clarify you were speaking solely about the X-Men franchise.

            • I wasn’t, I was talking about Fox in general.

              • Seriously…scroll up and look at what you wrote. Or check out my condensed version
                You: How many chances do they get?
                Me: A bunch of examples of sub-par comic book characters that had bad movies but continued on through reboots and sequels
                You: FOX isn’t talking about reboots…they are talking about time travel to fix blah blah blah
                me: I didn’t realize you were just talking about the X-Men
                you: I wasn’t

                ME: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WTF! I’m done with this conversation.

                • lol

                  well, I was talking about all Fox movies.

                  FF were Fox movies. So were the X-Men movies, and my two separate points were 1) the time travel plot to save X-Men seemed weak and 2) FF is badly in need of a reboot. So, how many chances do they get? Apparently, an infinite amount in your and many others eyes. And I disagree!

                  Conversation ovah! ;)

            • Kang can time-travel, but he is more of an Avengers or FF villain than X-Men. I would like to see him get into the Avengers battles at some point.

        • The voice of reason +1

    • I keep saying the same thing Danny. Marvel has only made 2 films per year and may try to make 3 in a year in the future. I’m a fan of seeing 3 or 4 films per summer.

      • That’s fair. I’m particularly fond of seeing good movies, period. Quality, not quantity. Although in this business that’s pretty rare.

        • In my opinion, The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men First Class were both better than Thor and Captain America. The issue I had with Spidey was that I’ve seen most of it in Raimi’s version. First Class had continuity issues, but the story in that film with the back drop of the Cuba missile crisis was excellent. Thor started off great, then ended up being drawn out with the Jane Foster falling in love in 20 seconds story. Seemed like they tried to make her infatuation with his muscles a reason to make her fall head over heels in love. And Captain America was a bunch of montages. If they stuck with scenes like after he gets the serum and chases down the spy, it would’ve been excellent. None of them have the quality of great film-making like say the Godfather or The Shawshank Redemption, but they aren’t supposed to. They are comic book movies and fans like myself love them even with all their flaws.

          • I agree with the movies you mentioned. Thor was basically a long trailer for the Avengers. But some movies are just so flawed I can’t look beyond them (FF, Origins, SM3, X3 etc.)

            • I get that, but it seems as if FOX is making steps in the right direction after First Class and we’ll see about The Wolverine. I’m hoping that the Fantastic Four can be made correctly…and if not, at least it’s not Roger Corman’s version!

    • How is the Joker not at the top of that list?!

      • He was #2…not sure why they chose Magneto over him.

        • Magneto is awesome and all, but he wouldn’t even be in my top 5, let alone at #1.

          Still, thanks for posting the list, it was a fun read (SR should do a similar one, but with movie villains only).

          • During the ACTS OF VENGENCE storyline that ran through Marvel crossover in the early 90′s, Marvel had all the main villains team up and trade opponents.
            It was Dr. Doom, Kingpin, Magneto, Mandarin, Wizard and Loki. There may have been a few more.

            Thor fought the Juggernaut for two issues, pure awesomeness.

          • I agree the Avenger. SR should do that list.

  5. I know Marvelites would never admit that, but Fox actually made some good CBMs. First Class, Chronicles, X1, X2 among them and that’s not saying they didn’t have some bad, too.

    I’m a little more confident in the studio since Millar on board.

    In my eyes Marvel Studios doesn’t equal holy and untouchable. They have made two good CBMs so far(Iron Man, Avengers), IMO. The other is medicore. But I still would like them to get back the rigths, though. Hopefully They will take their time cuz I thought, with the exception of Iron Man, all the solo movies were rushed.

    • +1

      Don’t forget about Blade, Blade 2 & Daredevil:Director’s Cut.

      • DD was a Fox movie, too.

      • Technically the director’s cut of DD shouldn’t count since the theatrical cut sucked @$$ (which Fox was responsible for distributing).
        Fox was stupid for not distributing the director’s cut in cinemas instead.

        And I might be wrong with this, but I don’t remember Fox being responsible for the (awesome) Blade movies. That was New Line Cinema (owned by Time Warner at the time) if memory serves correct.

  6. What I’m thinking is that why did it take movie studios this long to make a shared universe for there comic book movies, when the comics always had a shared universe, it’s sad that they are doing this all for money, but I don’t think it’s going to bigger than The Avengers though.

  7. I agree with most of what is said, being a avid Thor fan the movie could have been much better, what is with Thor not wearing his helmut? As for The Hulk, the second movie was fairly good. Lets face it FF sucked, both of them, and yes i’m a fan, been reading comics since the 50′s, all i’m saying is what ever studio does a comic book movie, it can be done as well as any other genre of movie. Men adapted The Godfather from a book,men can take the same care with the comic book movies. Just because it has comic book characters does not mean it has to be crap, Chris Nolan is not the only one in Hollywood with talent. If we as fans don’t speak out they will keep producing subpar comic book movies.

      • HA! Sorry for this rant Moonman, but…. Who was the A-list actor in Fantastic Four? Chris Evans (at the time was it Not Another Teen Movie or Cellular that made him A-list?), Michael Chiklis (a known TV actor and that’s it), Ioan Gruffudd (he played Reed Richards in case you wondered), Jessica Alba (because Dark Angel, Flipper, and Honey make her an A-Lister, right?), or was it the former fashion model Julian McMahon (who was known for Nip/Tuck). Not one of them was A-List. At best they’re a couple B-List and a few C-Listers. Put those fine actors with the director of such great action films like Jimmy Fallon’s Taxi and Barbershop. Which means we’re lucky Fantastic Four wasn’t any worse.

    • Well said, Moonman.

    • +1

      As a big Cap fan, I was utterly appalled at what was onscreen. Good first hour, and then it started going increasingly down hill. A wasted Hugo Weaving, an uninspiring Captain America (good steve rogers), and an underplayed Bucky death.

    • Gotta agree about some of the stuff in Cap:TFA (IMO it’s still a great movie, but it could have been so much better – especially Bucky’s death scene), but at least the sequel will have flash backs to WW2.

      I’m very anxious to see how the new Cap movie will turn out.

    • I agree that Cap seemed a little rushed, but to want 3 films based in the WWII era is pretty unreasonable. They could feasibly only get away with one, and it was pretty good, so let’s just be satisfied with that.

      • I would of been happy with one good and some flashbacks in the sequels. So many iconic moments of Cap on the battlefield leading G.I.’s instead we got some weakly developed vendetta against Red Skull.

  8. As I said A list actors underused.

  9. I believe the end result of this will be an x-men team taken from both the original movies and first class set in a re-written version of the present. Mcavoy, fassbender, Jen Lawrence, jackman, james garner being the back-bone. I’ve got no problems with Anna pacquin coming back as rogue at all but that’s just me. Time travel/alternate universes can fix everything and with a skillful hand they can service the long term fans of the comics as well as honouring people who have only been exposed to the recent x-men movies. JJ abrams Star Trek did this with expert skill and told a compelling story also. As a life-long x-men fan I can say that the current x-men movie continuity is no less convoluted than the comics are. In that respect they’re very true to the source material and time travel and alternate universes have been a staple of x-men storytelling for 30 years or so now!

  10. <<<<<<< Jaded Fan

    (so yeah, I'm skeptical)

    • Mongoose!
      Been a while since I saw one of your comments.

      • why comment…I can just let you comment for the both of us ;)

        no, actually life has thrown me some real curve balls and all that.

        • Sorry to hear that man, I hope things work out… it gets tough having to argue with some these guys all on my own ;)

        • Hang in there Mongoose. Been stuck with my tush wedged in Life’s toilet-seat with the water rising a few times myself. Good to have you back, tho.

  11. Slightly off topic, but did the Daredevil rights officially revert back to marvel? i know today was the cut off date for any changes to that

    • I think they did revert to Marvel. I hope we will eventually get another DD flick, perhaps one proposed long ago as a possible follow-up to the first one with DD versus Kingpin and Mr. Fear. I would like to see that idea come to fruitation.

  12. Just saw the actress playing The Viper, Had to laugh, she’s pretty but she is so skinny a strong wind would break her in pieces.

  13. Really hard to be anything but apathetic about this at this point. You have a bunch of buddies, who do a lot of stylized material that really is overrated. Millar already loses credibility by trying to say Singer somehow created the current comic book movie phase, just because the first X-Men movie was released like a month before Spider-Man. It’s just such a ridiculous notion meant to pump Singer up, that it really makes me weary of what direction they are going to go in.

    As for the other properties Fox still has, the old saying fool me once comes into play. I don’t care how much they think people are sheep, the Law of Diminished Returns exists big time with movies. The second version of the Hulk suffered big time because of the taste people still had in their mouths after the first one, the new Spider-Man movie did well, but a lot of people I know were underwhelmed and questioned why they needed to see a similar story again so soon.

    • Don’t forget, most people (at least here in the UK) got their first taste of a great comic book movie in 1998 with Blade (without counting Superman 2 and the Burton Batman obviously). So much so that people here associate Blade with Wesley Snipes despite the character being white in the comic books.

      • Well Blade is rarely mentioned when people talk about comic book movies and the big boom because it was before all the other films came out.

        As for the character itself, he was always black so that was accurate. You are right about the fact that Blade is probably unique in that the movie defined the character more then anything in the books every could. It’s also funny how many little things everyone else ripped of style-wise, except for Snipes actual involvement and interest in using real marital arts to make the fight scenes not all look like video games.

      • Blade has always been black in the comics

      • …um, Blade wasn’t white in the comics.

  14. If they use The Sentinel story line where humans are useing the robots to hunt own mutants, and add characterrs without changeing them drastically and keep a tone that mathes the first two x-men films then they will have Gold. They also need to bring in characters like Sinister,Apocalypse,Cyclops,Beak,and the original x-men like Colossus,Iceman,Nightcrawler,Rogue,Storm, and Gambit and actually give them story and screen time then that would be the right way to go.

    • You post this every time this comes up, but you have to realize odd are they will never pay to the Sentinels properly. Best case scenario, if anyone there has read more of the X-Men back catalog and they don’t use Wikipedia, you might see Nimrod or some smaller variation of the larger robots.

      As for all those other characters, they would have to sink X-3 level money into it for special effects, and since the box office numbers have been dropping I doubt anyone wants to roll the dice.

    • I’m with you, X-Men Film Fan. I’m not real familiar with Beak, other than I have heard the name, but I agree with you on all the others! They should let the older comics be their guide! The X-men got famous for a reason; harken to the source material and their roots1

  15. It does not matter if FOX has talent or not, Marvel has a passion for all the characters, FOX just wants to make money.

    FOX could never (under current producers and the people that own FOX) make a Marvel movie that would A. Be as good as Marvel’s, and B. Be accurate.

    Some might say that the first two Spiderman’s and Xmen 1+2 were great, but even a broken watch is right twice a day.

      • Don’t forget how they screwed up Deadpool as well. :D

        Like I said, Marvel is passionate about the characters, FOX only cares about the money, so even if FOX does make a shared universe, it will not be as good as Marvels shared universe because of that.

        I don’t care how talented FOX is, no matter who is directing, or acting in their movies. Just look at how many of their movies were considered crap compared to how many were good.

        Good: Xmen, Xmen 2, Xmen first class
        Bad: Electra, Daredevil, Xmen 3, Fantastic 4, FF2, XMO:W

        Spiderman is not FOX, so I did not include those movies, the chances of you watching a FOX superhero movie and it being bad is 2X more likely then it being good. The facts speak for themselves.

        How many bad Marvel/Disney movies were there compared to good?
        Good: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Avengers.
        Bad: Iron Man 2 (but still better then the worst of FOX superhero movies previously mentioned)

        Sorry about the rant.

        • That’s not particularly well thought out. You talk about the fox corporation like it’s an actual person. Not just a regular sane human being either, but an idiot who has some notion that making terrible movies will make billions of dollars somehow. 20th century fox is a corporation that employs thousands of people and is no different in ANY way to DISNEY/MARVEL (which also employs 1000′s). OF COURSE the primary goal of both of these huge business organisations is to earn money, they have shareholders to appease and the mouths of there employees to feed. To believe that money isn’t or shouldn’t be the number one driver of your business would never be employed by me. Now money doesn’t just fall from the sky, you need to produce content that people want. I absolutely LOVE the MCU but people are being far to quick to judge the other studios for their movies. Kevin Feige and his team running the MCU have had the benifit of being able to look back at the last decade of comic book movies, analyse the mistakes made and right the ship in house. Meetings were no doubt held to discuss how marvel studios would provide something new with a shared universe and they gambled on it working.
          The people in charge of both the x-men/FF/daredevil and spider-man movies from fox and Sony were formulating the modern superhero movie template. Of course there were going to be huge mistakes along the way. Nobody had ever done this before. People keep saying that fox and Sony don’t care about the characters…. Of course they don’t, they can’t because they’re not people. But you can’t say that Bryan singer and sam raimi didn’t care because they both clearly love these characters.
          The major misfires have been x3, origins, the two FF flicks, daredevil/electra and spider-man 3.

          That sounds like a lot of bad movies but there’s been some amazing stuff prior to the MCU also. X3 was 6 years ago now, time to let go I think.

          Now the fox chiefs have the benifits that marvel had when starting the MCU…. Hindsight. They’re taking stock of the mistakes they’ve made, looking at what works (the marvel shared universe) and carefully attempting to emulate their strategy in order to MAKE LOTS OF MONEY! They will have realised that staying true to the core of the characters is the fastest road to avengers sized profits.
          Everyone should be incredibly excited about how Avengers has changed the game for how the major studios market and approach the making of their own slices of the MCU. It really sounds to me like the guys at fox really want to right the ship and I believe Matthew vaughn, mark millar, Bryan singer, josh trank and bill condon are a hugely talented group capable of pulling it off. Sony just needs to follow suit

          • I only wish they actually were taking full advantage of that hindsight. For me personally the reason I don’t have much respect for FOX right this second is because they are making plans of tieing together the old X-men trilogy and First Class.

            They need to realize that that was the test phase for good comic book movies (and a really good phase at that. All really great movies at the time they came out and tarnished as bigger better works followed) and now they need to move into 2nd gear, realize the past is behind them, and start making things anew and much improved. If they try to reconnnect everything to each other from what they’ve already made they’re just going to make a big mess of inconsistancies and holes in how the plots work off each other.

            First Class needs to be a reboot point and if they can just start there and use it to usher in a brand new comic book movie age for themselves then I believe by what you said that they can go on to do great things on their own just like Marvel is with their movie universe.

            (IMO First Class, while spatacular to me, could have had the potential to be even BETTER if they had treated it as a reboot of X-men and not worried about stuff like “I can’t use that character because it will go against what this earlier movie says. But I still want someone like him so I’ll use this guy.” (I’m looking at you Havok, who should have just been Cyclops so we could go on with things.))

  16. For those doubting the whole time travel concept tying up everything, they need to remember that the FF can really help this whole thing along. For those who are actual fans of the comics, the recent FF runs with Hickman, and even Millar, have really gotten deep into these issues. I think if they tie these two worlds together and harness the creativity of some brilliant minds, they could really fix everything. You could then have a non-lame Phoenix and an amazing Apocalypse, leading to Age of Apocalypse. I can’t say I have total faith, but I cling to hope.

    • That’s the spirit! I completely agree

  17. The best way to fix the timeline is very simply, just say that X-Men First Class belongs to an alternate timeline created due to a rift in the original timeline(X-Men 1,2,3 and Origins). Set the sequel in the 60′s and them move forward with the story, bring in Cyclops as Havok’s junior brother, bring in Angel, Iceman, Jean and Forge, introduce Storm as twenty something black girl who is the new nurse/assitant of Xavier, remove Banshee and Havok(Havok sets out to look for Vulcan). Make Mr Sinister the villain and introduce Senator Robert Kelly(again alternate timeline, anything can happen. Sill show Xavier and Erik as unwilling partners

  18. who have to work together to stop Sinister. They could also go the Archer style and bring in Computers and cellphones but still relatively in the 60′s era

    • Congradulations. You get my vote for the smartest guy to talk about this subject. Now please go smack the guys at FOX for me and demand they do things that exact same way, just like you said, word for word.

  19. Look if Fox is just going to carbon copy everything that Marvel Studious is doing, wouldn’t it be best if Marvel just took control??? X-men should be par with Avengers if not better but is will never get there if Fox owns it. F4 has a chance if Marvel gets the rights back instead of Fox trying to reboot it.

    • Marvel will NEVER EVER get the rights back, they’re worth too much

      • and yet they managed to let DD slip through their fingers and back to Marvel so it could happen (especially if the next FF movie is bad and this future/past X-Men thing bombs on multiple levels).

  20. If Fox made all of the ‘phase 2′ ? movies in a shared universe it would be a great move to then team up with Marvel on a Civil War movie in a few years time.

  21. I dont know, if you do the time travel thing with days of futures past will you replace all the orignal X-men cast and storyline? if not just reboot the X-men series and keep the ideas of First class and just get rid of the trilogy. Fantastc Four should be good with Josh Trank at the helm, but the X-men movies will make or break(please not again) fox’s attempt at this universe