Mark Millar Swears that ‘Kick-Ass 2′ Will Be Controversial

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Mark Millar Kick Ass 2 Controversy Mark Millar Swears that Kick Ass 2 Will Be Controversial

Since the original Kick-Ass hit theaters in 2010, Mark Millar has been telling everyone who will listen that Kick-Ass 2 was on the verge of being greenlit. Now, it seems more likely than ever that that is actually the case – only without Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) at the helm.

Mark Millar – who has a habit of exaggerating, especially when it comes to the cinematic adaptations of his comics – recently talked about Kick-Ass 2’s prospects, saying that all the controversial scenes from the comic book counterpart would be making it into the film.

On the topic of new director, Jeff Wadlow – courtesy of Digital Spy – Mark Millar said:

“Matthew Vaughn chose the director about 18 months ago secretly because he knew he wasn’t going to be doing ‘Kick-Ass 2′ since he had taken on the ‘X-Men’ franchise. For a little while, a few weeks, it looked like he might do ‘Kick-Ass 2,’ but they poured a bucket of money over him to do ‘X-Men’ instead.

“Jeff Wadlow had been talking to Matthew about doing this move ‘Bloodshot’ a couple of years back and Matthew was really impressed with his script. He’d done a couple of movies on a small budget, and Matthew was like ‘trust me, this is the guy.’

“So the three of us have been talking seriously for about eight months, and Jeff turned in a final draft of the screenplay about eight weeks ago. It’s in really nice shape to start shooting in eight or nine weeks’ time.”

8-to-9 weeks? Without any of the actors officially onboard? Color us dubious.

Hit Girl Kick Ass 2 Chloe Moretz Mark Millar Swears that Kick Ass 2 Will Be Controversial

On the topic of the more controversial scenes from Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall:

“Every horrible scene in the book will be in the film. The c*** line in the first one, everybody said ‘there’s no way you’re getting that in the movie’, but it happened and it’s the same thing with this. Everybody is saying ‘you can’t have a gang rape scene with supervillains’ and ‘you can’t have the dog’s head cut off,’ but every single one of those scenes will go in it.”

False equivalency, anyone? The “c-word” ≠ supervillain gang-rape.

Personally, I was not a fan of the Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall comic - for all the reasons Mark Millar just referred to, and more. Forget character development, plot development, and cleverness! Let’s cut off a dog’s head! Let’s gruesomely cut off a lady’s head! Let’s have some gang-rape because that, apparently, is entertainment.

Except it’s not, if you ask me, and in Balls to the Wall wasn’t interesting, either. It was shock value for shock value’s sake and little else. But that’s just me.

Kick Ass 2 Controversy 570x293 Mark Millar Swears that Kick Ass 2 Will Be Controversial

Mark Millar can say the film will include all these horrid things all he wants, but I’m hard-pressed to buy it. One of the reasons the first Kick-Ass film was superior to its source material – in my opinion — was that it cut all the unnecessary fat and artificial shock value from the book. Sure, Vaughn used Millar’s premise, but he transformed it into something better – a demented satire of the superhero origin story and a genuine action-comedy.

If I were a betting Screen Rant writer, I’d bet that the same will happen with Kick-Ass 2 – if it is, indeed, ever made. We’ve yet to see Aaron Johnson or Chloe Moretz sign onto the film (the latter of whom is in the midst of a blossoming career, not to mention aging rapidly), so a lot of pieces need to fall into place before this sequel can come to fruition.

Lastly, Millar talked about Hit-Girl’s role in the sequel, saying:

“[Hit-Girl's upcoming comic book] will be the first 30 minutes of the movie and then the next 70 minutes is Kick-Ass 2 [Balls 2 the Wall]. So Hit-Girl is structured as the first act.”

For the sake of Kick-Ass fans, I hope this film happens. I don’t have much hope for it in terms of quality – now that Matthew Vaughn is out the door – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it a chance. It just means that the likelihood of creative success is on a steep decline — but perhaps Jeff Wadlow will surprise all of us.

Kick-Ass 2 – if all goes well — is slated to hit theaters in 2013.


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Source: Digital Spy

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  1. This is off topic, but whatever happened to Locke and Key being turned into a tv show?

    • The pilot was well received by critics who got screeners, but Fox didn’t pick it up to go to series.

  2. Mark Millar says a lot of things. Most of them aren’t true. I will still be very surprised if this gets made with the original cast.

    • Now that would be completely silly, he might as well reboot the franchise if he wanted to recast the sequel. That’s just not the done thing.

  3. “False equivalency, anyone? The “c-word” ≠ supervillain gang-rape.”

    Thank you for saying that. I won’t go see this.

    • Actually I can think of more movies with gang rape scenes than I can that have the word c*nt. And only one that has a little girl saying c*nt. Maybe if they gang rape a little girl, and the headless dog joins in, that would be shocking.

  4. Kick-ass 2 sounds like the FURTHEST thing away from Kick Ass as possible. What are they doing? I hope the guy releases some sought of a statement in the next few days saying, ‘jokes!’. Gang rape? Dog’s head cut off? I’m confused. Supervillains running around would be a bummer to, I liked the fact that in the original that Kick Ass was a little lame in terms of his physicalities. I liked how Hit-girl owned everybody (except for frank demicco). Now, Kick Ass will indeed as once said by Big Daddy, be called, Ass Kick, and Hit Girl will probably get battered by most villains.

    Thats no fun at all, the writers need to get back to basics, and keep the villains powerful, villainous and strong, but not strong enough so they could leave an impact on the world or anything like that, and they should not be playing on the idea that there will be hero groups/armies or villain equivalents.

    I don’t care how long it takes, or if actors get older, bring every single cast member back who wasn’t killed in Kick Ass, and just have Red Mist as one villain who Kick Ass and Hit Girl have to bring down.

    • Have you’ve read the actual comic? The whole Kick-Ass 2 plot is already done, and it’s really good, I don’t like the gang-rape thing actually being in there, but the dog one would be cool to keep.

      • Well, would reading the comic really change the opinion I just expressed. Dog mutilation and gang rape aren’t nice things to look at in any context what so ever, and they both don’t suit a film like Kick Ass. I always thought Kick Ass as an action comedy, it was a nice film. Funny and light hearted, whilst not taking itself to seriously. It’s all about inspiration and empowerment, and it has that underdog against the world feel.

        Gang rape and dog mutilation? I think most Kick Ass fans are thinking ‘wtf?’ at this moment. I know I am.

        • What if before seeing the first film, someone had told you it has scenes of brutal child abuse, torture, men being crushed to death and killed via microwave?

        • Wow, I am a little 19 year old sorority girl and I think y’all are a bunch of pussies. A lot of the shocking things in kickass 2 reminded me of Game of Thrones, the most clear being the dog head part. I don’t believe in censorship and while rape and beheadings aren’t a light matter, what makes you think they’re supposed to be? The very point of this comic (which I think is artfully crafted) is to make you feel things to juxtapose the horrible with the thrilling, tragedy with comedy and that’s bloody brilliant. I laughed at this comic. I cried at this comic. I was disgusted by this comic but that’s how you’re supposed to feel! I don’t think it’s a huge departure from the original, I had to close my eyes at the microwave scene and I cried when big daddy died (I cry easily). I really HOPE that the film stays as true as possible to the comic because this is art. You shouldn’t censor it or water it down.

          • Oh paleeze. You wish you were a 19 year old sorority girl. Censorship IS NOT A BAD THING. We as flawed humans tend to lose control of ourselves, especially when expressing our deepest desires. We lose sight of things and become irresponsible AND selfish. We don’t realize or care that our form of expression may have repercussions on future generations. This is why censorship was invented. I don’t believe in corrupted censorship, which means when someone tries to shut you up to prevent you from becoming successful at something with good will involved. But when its tawdry s*** like this? You do know that regardless of it being rated R, kids all over the country will watch this as they did part one right? I’m not talking babies but young impressionable teens with lack of identity. But you probably don’t give a crap. Not the kind of thing you think of is it? Drop the overly typical cynicism for a minute and open your mind. See it from the top of the triangle. Look through your third eye. Maybe you’ll understand…that it’s not just you in this world and that everyone in this world is actually your life.

            Chances are you have no idea what I’m saying. lol

            • That is because there is nothing deep to understand, you are mererly full of s*** and that is all there is to it.

  5. Cant wait!! Loved the first kick ass

  6. Yeah, I’m pretty much over this guy. I’m sure he’s just doing his best to keep Kick-Ass in everyone’s mind and trying to keep excitement up but it seems like he’s constantly talking out of his back end.
    As to him talking about what’s in the script and that it’s going to be in the film, sure those things may be in the script but that does not mean it will make it in the finished film or that it won’t be changed.
    Until I read a article title that says Kick-Ass 2 officially is starting production and that a cast or director is signed I’m done getting excited about this.

  7. this happens alot. Lets be lazy with indepth story telling and swap it out for shock and gore.

  8. This movie is just sounding worse and worse. Maybe it’s the controversial scenes that most people will probably not enjoy (IMO). Maybe it’s the fact that this seems rushed. Maybe it’s the fact that Matthew Vaughn is not returning, and as of now, neither is the main cast (though hopefully that will change soon). Maybe it’s the fact that the sequel’s comic book counterpart received worse reviews than the original. Maybe it’s the fact that Millar is coming out of nowhere and saying these unfounded statements and he is apparently notorious for not always telling the truth.

    Or maybe I’m just being too negative, I dont know.

    But honestly, the only thing here to assuage any doubts are vaughn’s apparent enthusiasm and support for this Jeff guy. Vaughn has been excellent for Kickass and Xmen FC, so I trust his judgment, but I’m still hesitant to accept this unknown guy. But like Ben said, maybe he’ll surprise us.

  9. Kick-Ass – “What would happen if people started dressing up like super-heroes?”
    Kick-Ass 2 – “What would happen if bad guys started dressed up like super-villains?”
    Kick-Ass 3 (guessing) – “How the hell do we fix this?”

  10. God, im so sick of the whiny little shits so outraged by things that are depicted in movies these days. “Oh dear god, a gang rape scene? No that’s just too much. I refuse to watch this filth”. Really? I guess no ones ever seen A Clockwork Orange, The Accused, or Last House on the Left (1972), to name a few. “Oh my poor delicate sensibilities, a dog being decapitated? Heavens no, that’s too graphic for me”. Really? But a man blowing up in a giant microwave is acceptable? Get over it people. It’s just a movie.

    • I think I made it abundantly clear in the article that my problem with the rape in Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall was its use as merely a means to create shock value. Comparing Kick-Ass 2 to A Clockwork Orange? Millar to Kubrick? Really? Talk about a false equivalency. One had a point in its depiction of rape — that is, other than to elicit glee from pre-teens looking for something “extreme”.

      • I wasn’t comparing anything. I was merely citing examples of previous films that have depicted gang rapes to illustrate that this is nothing new. And honestly, there is NEVER a reason to show a rape in a film. A filmmaker could easily choose to just imply that it’s coming and then cut to the aftermath of it. If its just for shock value in one film then it’s just for shock value in all films.

        • So if one story does something for shock value, all stories that do that same thing automatically are also doing it for shock value, even if they depict said thing in a completely different way and in a completely different context. Yes, that makes perfect sense. I recant!

          Listen, I said it was my opinion. You disagree that Kick-Ass 2 has gang-rape for the sole purpose of juvenile shock value? Be my guest. But man, your argument for why that wasn’t the case was pretty weak. You would’ve been better of just saying “nuh-uh.”

          • Nuh-uh!

            • Mike, you shouldnt be so hastly to call those of us who dont agree with these scenes as whiny shits. Movies like A Clockwork Orange and Last House on the Left were sick then and they are sick now. We dont need this in movies. Not in the context they are portrayed in. Its not good for anyone. There is a difference in right and wrong. I like to say I live in the grey but even I know not everything is grey.

              • Hold on a sec. A Clockwork Orange was not sick just for the sole purpose of being sick. There was an artistic intention behind the film, and the scenes that took place in it. A message. And we do need movies like that, thought provoking movies that don’t censor themselves to be more palatable, the Kick-ass 2 comic though is not that, and I wish it were better.

                I doubt the movie will be as tasteless though, but we’ll see.

    • In what film based context would anyone want to see a dog mutilation? I wouldn’t have a problem if it was implied or something, but I don’t want to see chopped up dogs in a Kick Ass film. Its nothing moral, or the fact that its disgusting or anything, its just a bad fit. I haven’t read the comic, but i’d bet my testicles that a dog mutiliation serves the story in no massive way. I bet the gang rape doesn’t either, it is all entirely unessercarily, and generates a bad vibe to me personally as a kick ass fan. That’s all I was saying, was completely unaware that makes me a ‘ittle s***’, i’ll try and improve myself for you so I can make the world a better place.

      The man being blown up in a microwave is different. It was in a humorous context, and it was soughta light hearted and funny. A mutilated dog is not funny. Not offended or particularly heavily disguested by it, its just not funny.

      • It’s not about wanting to see dog mutilation, it’s about not caring if I do. I don’t value an animals life over a human beings and people that do are just plain silly. It just bugs me that people are okay with seeing people get decapitated, mutilated, dismembered or blown up but heaven forbid a dog get its head cut off. And the context could be self defense sir because I’ll tell you straight up, it a vicious guard dog was chasing me or about to attack me, you’d better believe I would not hesitate to cut it’s head off, rip its throat out, gouge it’s eyes out or whatever else I could think of at the moment to prevent this creature from ending my life. I guess you’d just let it kill you then. And if your argument is we dont need to see it on screen then the argument could be made that we don’t ever need to see any deaths on screen. And by the way, Kick-Ass was a very violent movie not lighthearted at all. Unless you consider a little 8 year old girl violently murdering dozens of people lighthearted.

        • I don’t think the gruesomeness of the mutilation bother most people that much, as I said before, I just don’t want to see that at all in a film like Kick Ass. I don’t know why you started talking about a vicious dog attacking you scenario, its completely off topic. But anyway, you vs a vicious dog, the dog would win hands down. Sure you might hurt it a lot, but the dog would win. I obviously wouldn’t let a dog kill me willingly, what the hell are you talking about?

          If your gonna oppose my point, at least do it whilst using your brain.

          I am sure most people would agree with me when I say I think that Kick Ass was a light hearted film. Violence doesn’t change that, the film wasn’t gruesome to make viewers think ‘eww’ and look away from the screen. It was the kind of violence that keeps viewers fixated on the screen. Nothing majorly gruesome happened, just a lot of blood. The entire film was supposed to be action packed, cool and comedic. Its all about how a kid becomes inspired to do good, and in the end he gets the girl and lives a happy life and everything works out for him. I can only think of one scene which opposes my argument, and thats the sequence when Kick Ass and Big Daddy are captured and Big Daddy dies, and a few minutes after that scene. Other than about 10 minutes of the film, the rest is fairly light hearted.

          I would say all that overall concludes to a light hearted film.

          • You asked in what context would anyone want to see a dog mutilated. I was providing an example of when that would be appropriate. I’ve never read the book so I don’t know how or why said dog gets killed. If someone just walks up to some random dog and cuts it’s head off for fun then I agree with you that it’s gratuitous shock and gore. Now the reason I gave my “off topic” example of being attacked by a dog, is because that’s an example of when it fits into a story to show a dog being killed.

            I guess you and I have different views on what a lighthearted film is. But to go along with your rationalization of Kick-Ass being such a film; you state that the film overall is lighthearted with a few scenes that are not so. By this logic, Kick-Ass 2 could still be a lighthearted film with a few scenes that are not so. My disgust with your position is simply that you believe that a few scenes of extreme violence against people in a movie is acceptable and does not diminish the “lightheartedness” of the overall film. Yet, one scene of a dog being decapitated and now it’s gone too far thus ruining the “lighthearted” nature of the overall film. All I’m saying is that violence is violence, regardless of whether it’s directed at people or animals. And I do use my brain sir, thank you very much. If you don’t like someone opposing your viewpoint then don’t post it a public forum.

            • I do honestly see where you are coming from. But for me, humans being killed is way more acceptable than animals. Its not a ‘oh i love animals more than humans thing’, its just funnier (in films like Kick Ass). You get funny facial expressions (in films like Kick Ass), as people react to the death, and as the person who is dying reacts. With an animal, hearing a dog cry (you know the noise i’m on about?) etc, is just plain unpleastent, and wouldn’t fit in with Kick Ass’ vibe.

              A dog attack isn’t needed. They have them in films like Transformers when Sam first see’s bumblebee and the dogs chase him. Has no effect on the film what so ever for me personally. A gang rape is way to dark and heavy for a film like Kick Ass. A character death, sure, because it furthers the plot in a massive but a gang rape scene is a big no. Maybe if it was implied, but most people do not want to see that.

              There are light hearted films which have one very sad scene in. The Lion King, Forrest Gump, Monsters Inc. Infact pretty much every disney film. The formula works, and thats why I think Kick Ass sought of fits in with those types of films (TO AN EXTENT, NOT COMPLETELY). Yes Kick Ass is bloody etc, but its only done to create exciting action entertainment value, not horror or gore etc.

              I understand why you think the way you do, I dissaprove of it, but I am just suggesting you should consider other perspectives. A dog decpitation and a gang rape witnessed by me during the film would pretty much ruin it for me. I welcome people to oppose my viewpoint, I thought that was soughta one of the purposes of this website?

              • George, first off I have to say I haven’t read Kick Ass 2, so I have no idea in what context the gang rape or dog decapitation occurs. Neither have you, and your objection centres around their inclusion in a sequel to what you saw as a light-hearted film.

                That’s the problem right there: the movie both was and wasn’t a faithful adaptation of the original Kick Ass comics. The tone was all over the place. Superficially the film follows the comics almost to the letter, but where the comic story was told as a kind of “blank narrative” you have to read your own significance into (“this happened, deal with it”) the movie tried to have its superhero deconstruction cake and eat it, and then tried to tell you the cake was only a bit of a laugh anyway.

                It’s the details. The comic torture scene has Kick Ass with his nuts wired to a car battery, and Big Daddy revealing he’s not an ex-cop at all, just some unhappy fantasist who’s basically snatched his ten-year-old daughter away from her very-much-alive mother, and finances their lifestyle by selling his old comics on eBay. After which he gets shot through the head, bang, done. No batsuit or Adam West references, no jetpack with gatling guns, no schoolgirl outfit, no action requiring inexplicable wirework or mid-air reloading. Instead Hit Girl huffs coke and takes the henchmen out with a flamethrower, job done. And Kick Ass most emphatically does NOT get the girl at the end.

                The above changes were made for very specific reasons, mainly to do with the fact that if Matthew Vaughn had followed that approach he’d have found himself with the same problems and limited audience as Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. By adding to or embellishing the comic book conventions the original either inverted or ignored completely, he got the film made, gained some things and lost others in the process.

                The movie does stand up on its own, despite coming from another place than the source material…but that’s exactly the point. The two entities have diverged, and Millar can’t now expect to shoehorn in scenes he could get away with on paper that belong to different approach entirely.

                So in that respect I can see where you’re coming from. As far as animals go, I find your first paragraph slightly troubling unless you simply mean that animals aren’t aware of their own mortality in the same way we are.

                A bit of animal mutilation in context: The Godfather – horse’s head in bed – ’nuff said!

                • Your comment, in a nutshell, is EXACTLY what I was going to write! (Even the Godfather bit!)
                  I was a bit disappointed with the movie adaptation of Kick-Ass. I found it too…cheery for its source material. I mean, as a film, it had it’s enjoyable moments but I found myself cringing over certain parts. (David confesses his love for Katie in full costume and gets instant boob. Really?)
                  So in short, I thank you for snatching the words right out of mouth! (Or in this case, fingers.)

                  • You’re most welcome!

            • The sicker the better!!!!!

    • The difference is people see animals differently than people. The way of thinking for a dog is different than that of a human. A human can choose whether they want to go into dangerous situations like the guy in the mkicrowave did by getting involved in crime. Whereas the dog is just there, the dog didn’t choose and that’s why people would think differently about it.. Usually dogs in films are the loveable creature, so it wouldn’t fit. No matter what film it was. People would have to at least believe that the dog had it coming in some way..

      It’s like if one of the superheroes die then it kinda works as they have put themselves in that level of danger.. Plus Motherf**ker in the comics is much more brutal than on film.. Wayyyy more, if you read them through.. It wouldn;t seem right.. Plus the way they have casted wouldn’t make sense either.. People still see that guy as McLovin’ in some angle.. And it wouldn’t be believable for people to see him do that..

  11. i hope he makes a proper ending for the movie as opposed to the comic (kick ass 2). i was really disappointed with the ending of the comic b/c it literally just ended without detailing what exactly happens after the big finale.

    i have faith that they’ll adapt the comic properly just like the 1st one (minus that ending bit with the jeckpack), anyone who has read kick ass 2 is gonna be grinning like a creep if everything goes accordingly (they keep all the brutal stuff in the movie).

    • Yes you are absolutely right the ending of the kick ass 2 comic was to be honest stupid. I am praying that they change the ending to it in the movie

  12. You have some legitimate concerns but the director said he tried to find the movie’s emotional core (so I’m hoping that will be the main focus, not shock value) plus Matthew Vaughn is still supervising this and more importantly Millar who months ago said if they make an adaptation it will be even more faithful than the first over (“90% identical”) now he said that the sequel is about 80% identical so I’m guessing they made some significant changes from the comic which can only be a good thing.

  13. All i want to see is Chloe kicking ass, rest is not important for me…

  14. I doubt Ben Moore has read anything more than a synopsis of Kick-Ass 2 in the first place. If he had then he’d realize the context of all the violence in the story.

    The theme of Kick-Ass 2 is that of escalation. Following the events of Kick-Ass ordinary people acting as superheroes is on the rise. They’re out they’re feeding the homeless, walking the elderly home in the dark, pulling kittens out of trees. NYC has become almost Capraesque.

    Red Mist aka The Mother****er embittered by the death of his father in Kick-Ass puts together a gang of supervillains to assist him in avenging himself on Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. The first casualty in his war is a superhero named Colonel Stars and his vicious attack dog. Stars and his dog is killed decapitated and their heads switched around. Stars is Mother****er’s warning to Kick-Ass and the heroes that they’re coming for him.

    The second strike in his war is against Kick-Ass’ purported girlfriend Katie. They arrive in her neighborhood (a little lost) and ask some local children where she lives. The kids are mowed down after telling them and the innocents in the neighborhood are blown away. Katie is raped. It’s all to hit Kick-Ass where he lives and to turn the citizens of NY against people in costumes.

    It’s a revenge story. It’s a war story. None of it’s gratuitous. It all serves the story and the characters.

    You want gratuitous? Check out the microwave murder in Kick-Ass 1. Or the man burned to death slowly on the internet. How about Kick-Ass being stabbed and run over by a car? Or his torture on the internet? Or that unarmed woman being stabbed through the door by Hit Girl.

    Sorry, you can’t say that rape and a dog decap step over some imaginary moral line and that none of the stuff in Kick-Ass 1 does. The Charles Bronson movie Death Wish II was more brutal than anything in Kick-Ass 2 and that movie came out over thirty years ago. I guess people are more thing skinned nowadays. Good. It’s time you guys had your bubbles burst repeatedly with a healthy dose of evil dick!

    • Your doubts are unfounded. I’ve read the terrible comic book, which giddily revels in stupid shock value for the sake of it. That’s my opinion. You have yours. Good for you! Have a good one.

  15. If Cloe Morentz is in the sequel I will see that movie multiple times …you c*nts! :)

  16. This is a fantastic article and it makes me feel better about not being for a gang rape in Kick-ass 2 (not that I previously thought I should feel good about it… let me elaborate). Originally I was conflicted because in the first Kick-ass innocent people are killed by villains, and surely that’s worse than a rape, but in Kick-ass it’s for a purpose, and it makes sense for the character that did it.

    With Kick-ass 2 Red Mist goes from being a relatively normal human, trying to get in with his fathers business, and in Kick-ass 2 to a cold, hard, psychopath with absolutely no character development that shows how he got to that point. It felt like Mark Millar said to himself “What’s the worst thing a person can do? Let’s make him do that!” Instead of thinking what Red Mist would actually do in his situation. Sure he might do bad things, but the things he did in the comic were completely over the top, crass, and unrealistic for his character.

    I even saw in an interview Mark Millar saying his Red Mist was more badass than the Joker, more one dimensional maybe. Quite an ego that Mark Millar has on him. Either way I’m in love with Kick-ass the movie, and Jeff Wadlow saying he wanted to give it an emotional core like we saw in the first gives me hope it won’t be bad, not to mention the fact this director is Matthew Vaughn approved.

  17. I compare this to torture porn movies. Not smart. Not deep. Just shocking, disturbing, and sickening. This is not entertainment. And if you think it is you need to get your head examined.

  18. i hope nothing much out of the 2nd one.
    i hope it doesn’t sucked the 1st one coz it’s one of the best superhero, if not, the best one for an indie comic.
    i hope it doesn’t ‘ass-kicked’ us.
    i heard somewhere that alot out of the comic is not going to be present in the 2nd movie so if jeff can do something about it (not too much graphic and etc.) i would defnitely love to watch the 2nd then..

  19. Thank you for censoring my non profane, non attack comment just because it presents a view which you are obvious too mentally fragile to stomach or refute. You go on striving to that status quo you worship so much, I’ll be back over here in reality if you need me to slap you in the fact again.

    • No one censored your comment. You may have written something that was automatically marked as spam or you used a word that was automatically flagged.

  20. fyi it finished filming this week and has all the orginal cast. except the ones that died of course

    • What’s your point? It didn’t start shooting in nine weeks’ time (from when Millar commented) with all the original cast onboard. The dubiousness had to do with being able to start shooting so quickly, which they did not.

    • You’re probably right, only the “real” fans would appreciate a story as “epic” as Kick-Ass 2.

      But just so we’re clear, as soon as Hit-Girl entered the story, the “this is what would happen if superheroes were real” idea went out the window.

  21. The over-the-top violence and depravity in Kick-Ass 2 actually did seem to have somewhat of a dramatic purpose, at least to me.

    It goes back to that theme of “superheroes in real life” and plays with the “untouchable” character roles of superhero stories. Alfred, for example, or Lucius Fox in Batman, they are more or less untouchable, shielded by their role in the plot; they could never be scarred or crippled or killed, unless it was in some supremely dramatic manner, a heroic sacrifice or the climactic act of evil that tests the hero’s resolve, or whatever. Aunt May will never be beaten to death with a lead pipe, Lois Lane will never be raped, and so on.

    In Kick-Ass the first, Dave’s dad and (in the movie) Katie are both these types of untouchable characters. Neither of them suffer any repercussions from his superhero lifestyle, and while you may recognize the possibility of their death, you’d surely expect it to be dramatized like Big Daddy’s was in the film, where he gets plenty of time to have some last words and watch his daughter avenge him first.

    Instead, the sequel unleashes trauma without the drama. The circle of “untouchable” characters surrounding the protagonist gets violated again and again, showing that the conventional “limits” of the superhero genre do not carry over into the real world. The characters in Kick-Ass 2 have suffering but not the dignity that usually accompanies suffering in a work of fiction.

    The first Kick-Ass was already doing this same thing, just with its title character; there’s no dignity or drama in Dave getting his balls electrocuted, he doesn’t come out of this torture having conquered some inner demon or come face to face with his own character, he’s just been tortured and humiliated, which is probably what you would be too if someone actually wired your testicles to a car battery.

    Kick-Ass 2 just escalates by giving everyone else in Dave’s life the same treatment. The bad guys of the real world won’t make sure your torture and death is filled with dramatic purpose and revelation of character. Look at those gang rapists in India who smashed her guts with an iron pole and killed her. Did her rape, beating, and death have any meaningful dramatic purpose to her family and friends, did it reveal some aspect of her character, was it the climax of some greater story? No, it was just horrible and left the world a viler place than it was before.

    Kick-Ass 1 showed a story where the conventions of the genre don’t protect the hero, while Kick-Ass 2 shows a story where the conventions of the genre don’t limit the villains. That’s what I got out of it. I understand that you may still see the “shock value” content as a detriment to the story, but I think you should recognize that there is something of a purpose to it, just one that is not necessarily enjoyable to all readers.

    • Great post and agree totally. My only caveat is that I wish Kick-Ass would be more consistent. When the movie started out… we see the superhero is bored with nothing to do but chase cats, he gets stabbed and hit by a car when he tries to stop a carjacking, and he manages to fend off a group of thugs just by being crazy, not with any real superhuman fighting skill. These things all seemed like stuff that could actually happen in the real world. Then Big Daddy and Hit Girl enter the picture, and I was like… okay… starting to lose touch with reality here.. even though BigDaddy’s character is like a real-world Batman… efficient, pragmatic, practical. Hit Girl is of course a bit far-fetched, but she’s so damn cool, she gets a pass. However, by the end of the movie, things fall apart and we have heroes flying around with jetpacks and miniguns and villains being shot out of windows with bazookas, not to mention the main character seems fine after taking the beating of his life not too long before. Of course, the heroes win at the end of the day after the tragic death of BigDaddy. All that seemed like cliche comic book stuff and though I liked the movie I was disappointed that, exactly like so many other movies that start with the premise that “this isn’t a movie, this is REAL!”… it eventually betrays that premise in falls back into familiar movie and narrative tropes.

      High hopes for Kick-Ass 2. Maybe the hyperviolence that others have deplored as “shock value” will get the movie back to where the first one started at, for all the reasons mentioned above. Life is horrible and gratuitous, so any movie that isn’t is not really being true to life.

  22. Well I just watched Kick Ass 2 and it was awesome. I loved the first one but I think Kick Ass 2 blew it out of the water…. Can’t wait for Kick Ass 3 and what I hear is the last Kick Ass movie.

    • Saw KickAss 2… compared to the first one it really sucked ass. It wasn’t quite as bad as some of the reviews would have you believe, but it wasn’t good.

  23. Rape is nothing fancy and nice, and no one really likes to see it. But it does happen and always has. Personally i liked the comic and was a little dissapointed with the film. A Song of Ice and Fire are really brutal, filled with murder, rape and such. Babies being killed by being smashed on walls, beheadings. There are sick people in the world and some writers like to include those kind of characters…