Mark Millar Promises Big Things From Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

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fantastic four reboot josh trank Mark Millar Promises Big Things From Josh Tranks Fantastic Four Reboot

Twentieth Century Fox lost the film rights to Daredevil only a few months ago, yet even with the loss of that potential franchise, they have a Marvel film in production set for release in each of the next three years. Hugh Jackman returns next summer as the X-Men poster boy in The Wolverine, returning again the following year in X-Men: Days of Future Past. After that ambitious project which aims to tie together the entire X-franchise, Josh Trank (Chronicle) will debut the reboot to Fantastic Four.

With an official March 2015 release date set, Trank has been meeting with Mark Millar – Fox’s newly hired Marvel creative consultant – to discuss the direction of Fantastic Four and undoubtedly, where it fits in to the bigger franchise plans going forward.

In chatting with SciFiNow, Mark Millar promises big things from Trank’s take on the Fantastic Four.

“From what I’ve seen and from talking to him – he and I have had dinner a couple of times and we talk quite regularly as well – he’s contemporarising it. I think he’s just making it work for the screen – he’s a great storyteller.

“Chronicle, if you think about it, was similar to Fantastic Four in that it was a bunch of people who were transformed into something more than human – that turned out almost his calling card to come and do something like Fantastic Four.

“What I wasn’t expecting actually was just how funny and likable he could make this as well as getting the more awesome moments on screen – I use awesome in the traditional British sense and not the California sense awesome, you know? The Ridley Scott moments, and the Fantastic Four really are jaw-dropping in the same way you feel when you saw Alien for the first time. There’s some moments in this – not to be specific – that are actually gonna be phenomenal on screen and stuff you haven’t seen in a superhero movie before.”

Ridley Scott moments? With so many big budget superhero films coming each year, at least four from Marvel and DC alone per year over the next two-three years, every studio is marketing their post-Avengers investments as something moviegoers ‘haven’t seen in a superhero movie before.’ In fact, we just heard the same from James Mangold’s description of The Wolverine, a story he differentiates by describing it as “real story of an immortal character,” something he’s never seen before in his 10 years of following the genre.

In 2015, Fantastic Four will be up against The Avengers 2 and Ant-Man from Marvel and potentially Justice League from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, so it must strive to do something different. We loved Chronicle and how it offered a strong origin tale of unlikely superpowered teens, and we’re excited to see that creativity applied to FF without the use of found footage style of filmmaking.

Avengers Spider Man X Men Movie Crossover 570x227 Mark Millar Promises Big Things From Josh Tranks Fantastic Four Reboot

Millar’s been similarly bolstering X-Men: Days of Future Past so we’ll until we have something to actually see. What interests us is the idea that Trank and Millar are also likely talking bigger picture ideas, as we know Bryan Singer and Mark Millar are planning on broadening out Fox’s own Marvel universe, beginning with potential X-Men/Fantastic Four crossovers, something Oscar-winning writer Christopher McQuarrie (The Wolverine) tried pitching to the studio in the past (with no response). Millar also wants Fox’s films to respect and make sense within the continuity of Marvel Studios’ films, in a way that they do not contradict each other.

If producer Lauren Shuler Donner had her way, the X-Men would even crossover with The Avengers, but one step at a time.

Fantastic Four hits theaters March 6, 2015.


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Source: SciFiNow

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  1. Mark Millar is FoS.

    • Yes, he is…

  2. Here is the casting call to Fantastic Four Reboot:

    Sam Worthington as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
    Claire Danes as Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman
    Garrett Hedlund as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
    Brendan Fraser as Benjamin Grimm/The Thing

    • Garrett Hedlund as Johnny Storm is the only one I agree with.

      • No.

      • No.

      • No. I don’t think so

      • That’s one of the worst cast lists I have ever read! You should change your name quickly

    • Wonderful Ideas to kill the reboot franchise quickly. Fox needs to let Marvel have these characters back so they can have all the fun they want with them.

      • No.

      • Get over it

    • brendan fraser…. LMAO encino man??? cmon, really?? I think your kidding because this is a HORRIBLE CAST!!

    • Charlize Theron for Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman

      Garrett Hedlund for Richard Rider

    • Ha! That’s funny.

    • no no no and double no.

  3. I cant wait. Hope theybget it right this time.

    • Same here dude

  4. Norrin is all for crossover movies BUT the crossover MUST make sense. A ghost rider/blade crossover would make sense, but why would the x-men & FF crossover?

    Yours Truly,

    • Honestly, the Radd man needs his solo film to lead into the F4 crossover with Silver Surfer.

      • I still want them to have the movie about Doom (the comics one, not a lightning elemental from Charmed) and end with the sky darkening and the Surfer heralding Galactus.

    • You’re kidding right? Franklin Richards (Mr Fantastic’s son) being probably the most powerpoint mutant in the Marvel Universe is one massive reason. Another, he was in the Days of Future past story with Rachel Summers, Kitty Pryde and Wolverine (We might see a cameo in the next Xmen film). Also, Iceman and Human Torch are friends/rivals.

      • *powerful (as opposed to powerpoint)

        • Thanks for explaining that. I was about to delete powerpoint off all of our home computers!

          • lol!

    • hmmmm, because the fantastic 4 has crossed over with the xmen tons of times…actualy the ff4 have crossed over with just about all of other marvel’s big teams/characters at some point

  5. This and Daredevil are the superhero films that need rebooted bad. I can’t wait to see how Trank does this but deep down I just wished Marvel had the rights back. It would be awesome to see Reed Richards with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. I just don’t have that much faith in Fox. But I’m still hoping for a great film though. But Fox’s plans for a X-Men Fantastic Four crossover is just no comparison against Avengers 2 or Jusice League. I mean really, as awesome as it could be, how many people out there are craving for an X-Men Fantastic Four crossover?

    • Word up!

  6. My ideal cast:

    Adrian Brody as Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards
    Alice Eve as The Invisable Woman/Sue Storm
    ?? as The Human Torch/Johnny Storm (hard to top Chris Evans)
    Bruce Willis as a CGI The Thing/Ben Grimm

    • I think Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis were perfect for their F4 roles…
      Agree with you, hard to top Chris (I even hated the idea of him becoming Cap at first, but it turns out he’s perfect for it as well). I disagree with Adrien and Bruce though. Alice Eve as Sue would be nice XD

    • Not so keen on Bruce, and I doubt he’d do it, but Adrien and Alice are great choices!

    • Funny enough, all of those people were rumored to be in talks for the roles prior to Fox canning development in favor of X-Men: First Class.

  7. Don’t hold your breath on that potential X-men/Avengers crossover. Just don’t see that happening, until marvel/Disney possibly one day get the movie rights back.

  8. Which studio has rights to The Inhumans though? I gotta see Medusa & company on the big screen before it’s my time to go

    • Hell yes that would be bomb ass epic, especially if they included Galactus

    • @Kid Kinetic, Although The Inhumans have featured debuted mainly in the FF Universe(like Black Panther and Namor), Marvel Studios owns the rights to The Inhumans. Although a connection through “Guardians of The Galaxy” or an easter egg or cameo of an Inhumans character/s is quite possible.

      • Funny you mention that. I brought this to the attention of ScreenRant’s Twitter weeks ago. But in the Playstation Store, there is a Black Bolt costume for Little Big Planet 2.

        Now a lot of people would say, ok, no big deal. BUT, why would they include such an “obscure” choice for a games superhero costume pack unless they were trying to subtly introduce that character to people? Gotta remember also, when Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out, they had Nova and Rocket Raccoon. And many people thought why would you have RR in there. Then about a year later, “Guardians” was rumored of being announced. Just saying, gotta look for the little hints.

        • This isn’t the time or place for subtle.

          • What does that even mean? Lol its subtle because only a small amount of people are even gonna notice that Black Bolt is available in a costume pack of a two year old game. Its not like they had some huge campaign yo tell everyone, hey look its Black Bolt. Like I said, you gotta take in the small hints too. RR was in MvC3, Nova has been in games and TV now. and now BB is in game. You gotta intro these names And characters go people somehow right?

  9. Uh… Don’t the Fantastastic Foue make a cameo at the end of Superman- same director right? and why does almost no one mention an XMen-Batman crossover? I think I’ve only read about that a couple of times here in ScreemRant. That’s what me and my friends really wanna see :-)

    • i don’t know if you’re kidding or what. if you are serious, then i must say, you make me sad. :(

    • @Yellowblue, Yeah man, I heard Day-Man will save Superman at the end cuz they’re both Champions of the Sun. It’s Night-Man who will make the big cameo you’re thinking of.

      • @Guardian: I can’t wait to see the master of karate and friendship for everyone.

        • @Redyr, Hahaha, I’m pumped too! The score for the movie is composed by Chemical Toilet.

        • First you have to pay the Troll Toll. That is, if you want that baby boys…

          • You can’t tell me what to do!

    • I pray you’re joking.

    • Nice one! I get super bored at work too sometimes. I did a pretty good one about Star Trek on a Star Wars 7 article.

  10. Ryan Hurst as Ben grimm/the thing

  11. I liked the first two movies. Not saying they were top 5 material but still thought they were good movies. Needless to say I’m eagerly looking forward to this reboot. Hoping for all the best with casting & story.

  12. I love the Fantastic Four and I have enough faith in Josh Trank. Looking forward to it! And Jon Hamm for Mr. Fantastic. :)

  13. Aaron Paul for Johnny Storm.

    • I actually like that choice!

  14. I am super excited for this reboot. I actually liked the first one but the second was weird and awful. The best part was the way silver surfer looked and that’s it.

    Trank is clearly a talented film maker. Chronicle was a huge suprise highlight of last year for me.

    As far as cast I am not sure.

    I like Claire Daines or Alice eve for sue storm.

  15. Okay, all I am asking is get the best bad guy this side of Darth Vader right. Doom is arguably the greatest comic book villain EVER, and the total lack of respect those crap movies showed him makes me want to tear up many a geek cards of those involved. (And Galactus… AS A CLOUD??? Killing me…)

    I have never been a FF fanatic, but I understand how they changed the comics game. They need a great flick, or they need to be retired. The Thing is a blast of a character and Sue Storm is among the greatest untapped resource of great material ever. Get this thing right, 20th Century, or walk away. Please.

    I would rather you just get it right. Better for everyone.

    • Dr Doom over The Joker?

      Joker, by far the most sinister and most maniacal of all Comic Book Villains.
      No Fear, Absolutely deranged, Incredibly intelligent. He has no super powers. What he did to Jason Todd, beat him to near death with a crowbar, then blow him up.

      Joker has by far the most mis-trust from other Villains. If you look at it. From all aspects of evil. Joker is perhaps the only Villain in all mediums that lacks compassion for anyone, he would easily kill a child as he would an adult, he is not consumed by conquering a planet and enslaving humanity, he has no guilt, he has no mercy and he is not prone to a lapse of empathy.

      Name one Villain who never thought about his actions and consequences.

      Vader, even he redeemed himself, and he slaughter children.
      Doom, he is consumed with power.
      Darkseid, Enslaving is his goal
      Thanos, he is enthralled with death
      Joker, he does not care about power, wealth, enslaving anyone. He is a murderer, nothing more. Batman has plenty of enemies, yet he also has jealous factor, where he can scare and intimidate anyone, Joker has the one thing Batman does not have, Mercy.

      • actually, it should be Batman has what Joker does not have, Mercy.

      • I tend to concur. I would only ‘fear’ the Joker if I lived in or around Gotham. For all intent purposes he is an over glorified thug with mental issues. I mean really he is just a man.

        While Doom is also just a man he dabbles in the mystic arts and is a genius level scientist and possible engineer. He could have an adverse effect on me where ever I lived in the world.

        Put The Joker behind bars and quite honestly it would take an act of God to get him out. Doom is not so easily contained.

        However this is my opinion and if you think The Joker that of course is yours.

        • I have to agree with Aknot. Doom, IMHO, is more evil than Joker because he is an extreme genius; not on the same level as Reed Richards but very close.

          • Joker is more evil for the simple fact he is chaos incarnate. Joker would destroy the world just for a joke. In TDKR, he killed himself just so Batman would end up taking the blame.

            At the end of the day Doom always has a clear plan (usually about world domination) and he cares about self preservation. That makes The Joker easily more evil.

  16. I heard good things about Chronicle so I finally rented it and…….I wasn’t at all impressed. Other than a few ok moments I found the movie to be predictable and formulaic with a pretty lame and lackluster ending.

    So I have no confidence Trank will be bringing something “fantastic” to the screen.

    My only hope at this point is this re-reboot is a big enough flop that Fox will finally cut it lose and let Marvel have the rights back. I know they won’t make a real Marvel FF movie anytime soon BUT at least they could put the Silver Surfer and Galactus to good use.

    • @Mongoose, If Marvel regains the rights to The FF(which I hope happens), Marvel will more than likely just cameo them in a future film such as Avengers. They won’t take chances of re-booting especially if they flop at Fox, or are ill received again.

      • literally Agree, The FF do some cross over’s yes. However, when other hero’s need them the most they are out in the cosmos or underground (literally). If done right the FF alone would make a great film. As far as cross over’s it would take Franklin about to the tear the universe apart, Galactus, or The Sentry off his meds.

        • Copy paste error, ignore the literally at the beginning.

  17. We have seen Dr. Doom twice now (and granted, he kind of “had to be” the villain at least once), but now we need a different villain. My vote is for it to be The Frightful Four (The Wizard, Sandman, The Trapster, Medusa). They were in some of the best Fantastic Four early comics in the 60′s, I believe it was, and would be a perfect offset to the Fantastic Four (4 against 4, with equivelent powers, equals one great slobber-knocker). I do see where there might be some “rights” problems, however, since sandman has already been in a Spider-man movie. Maybe the lawyers could work something out?? I’d also like to see Kang in a movie as a villain, although in his case I was sort of picturing him fighting The Avengers.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure Sandman is still owned by Sony.

    • We haven’t seen Doom done right in a movie and it’s a perfect opportunity to do that since studios ridiculously overplay origin stories to ease the delicate mainstream crowd into comics universes. Go full-on 60s weirdness in a modern setting I say with as many cameos as possible.

      • I was just about to say that Doom has not been portrayed properly yet. The new film should be an origin story told right this time. Doom was not on the space station when the FF got their powers; he is an evil genius who wants to be more of a genius than his nemesis, Reed Richards.

        • Putting Doom on the space station really doesn’t matter. In the Ultimate version he was affected just like the rest of the group.

          Doom was actually portayed like Doom that he is in the comics for the most part in the film minus the whole Doom/Sue love thing. It’s primarily the tone of F4 that made him come off hammy instead of menacing.

          It be nice though to see Doom try his hand in the mystical arts in the reboot though.

          • But he needs to have a Slavic accent. For me, the actor they got to play Doom was one of the worst choices they could have (almost as bad as the actress they got to play Sue Storm). Also, Lucifer (if you believe in the devil) is evil incarnate but he also is selfish. I can’t believe someone would think that the Joker is more evil than Lucifer.

            • That last sentence was really meant for the Joker vs. Doom discussion. Not sure why I posted it here.

  18. Alright! I loved Chronicle (who didn’t), so I have high hopes for Trank and co.

    Also, I’m a big fan of this march release date. Get it away from the crowded summer or holiday seasons. I realize that people are off of school/work at those times of year, but it’s ridiculous how many movies are packed into those seasons. Seriously. If half of the summer movies would be spread out throughout the year, I’d probably see all of them, rather than having to choose. But I digress…

  19. Reboot the Fantastic four as “Adolescent Alien Kung fu Turtles”
    Fantastic Don
    Invisible Leo
    Mickey Torch
    Raph Thing

    Dr. Shreddoom

  20. i thought they, (marvel, and whatever other studio owns whatever character) had a 5 year deal on all the film rights. FF:ROTSS came out june of ’07, well over 5 years. does anyone know if this particular franchise had a different stipulation? i have asked this several times and know one seems to know. i’ve searched the web but find no answer there.

    • @jeffro, Pre-production has to be in progress before the 6 year deadline(ex. wardrobe, photoshoots, sets, props etc.) That’s why Daredevil didn’t make the deadline, they had a script or “treatment” but no real pre-production in place. I hope Trank drags along, drops the ball and goes to another project in turn making Fox lose the rights.

    • I think that as long as they have a new movie in “active development” within that 5 years then the rights don’t reverse to marvel. Look at what happened to daredevil, kinda the same deal but unlike FF4 the rights did end up reversing to marvel because they didnt greenlight a new project before that franchise’s contractual deadline.

  21. If any set of characters needed to be back at Marvel, it’s this franchise. They fit more with Marvel Studio’s current cinematic universe. Marvel Studios’ has the ability to understand how to approach these characters and even make them work,also to make crossovers with teams like the Avengers. Fox trying to make X-Men and The Fantastic Four crossover would only seem forced and not fit within the each other’s tone. FF and X-Men have two completely different tones to their mythos and even trying to make the Fantastic Four darker would not work because that is NOT their tone, however, Guardians of The Galaxy and The Avengers fit perfectly within The Fantastic Four’s tonal quality. It would be much easier to find a middle ground of tone with The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, and Guardians of The Galaxy. HOWEVER, even though Daredevil is NOT a mutant, his interaction with THE HAND works perfect with Wolverine and others which is why Fox should have kept Daredevil and Elektra. What Marvel needs to do is slap Disney in the face and reboot Daredevil and make it Marvel’s version of Batman and show Daredevil can truly be successful. They should also make a subsidiary of Marvel Knights co-production studios for all of their R-rated/ and or street-level characters. Imagine Marvel Knights presents “NightStalkers” starring Blade,Punisher, GhostRider, MoonKnight, and possibly Elektra or Moondragon would be the best way to reboot Blade, Punisher, and GhostRider, Elektra all in on shot instead of stand-alone films which probably might flop because of previous failures. This could also be are darker sort of version of an Avengers sort of franchise BUT where creatures of the night, organized crime, blood & gore and mysticism all meet making an even more interesting mythos. Vampire/Wherewolf mobsters, urban sorcerers, demons in the streets. These would all be interesting encounters for characters who’ve never been exposed to this stuff and didn’t know they existed.

    • With the screen name “Blastaar,” one would think you will know what you’re talking about… and YES! you do! Hell yeah! Everything you just said, YES!!!

      • Tonally i totally get your argument for FF to be more in line with the marvel U as opposed to the Fox/xmen U. As far as linking xmen & FF4 in one shared universe I think the Days of Futures past path they have chosen to take cements how thats could most likely happen. And thats one guy, Franklin Richards.

        • @Bellcure, Yes, there’s been other small FF/X-Men crossovers in the comics too but comics v.s movie crossovers would need to be handled differently with characters who really don’t blend well. Just throwing Franklin Richards in there for the sake of making a crossover(copying off of Marvel Studios) and holding on to FF’s rights is more of Fox’s motivation more than anything. Fox thinks that they are going to make a billion dollars like Marvel Studios did with the Avengers by doing it. Yes Franklin Richards could appear because of his presence in the “DOFP” story arch but as soon as his parents appear and the rest, it will more than likely seem FORCED, GIMMICKY and CHEESY. Fox is hoping to make FF “cooler” by crossing them over with the much more “cooler” X-Men Universe. It can easily be done IN THE COMICS but live cinema is a whole other ball game.

          • Have to agree with you there. They’re going to have to play it very well or like you said, it’s going to feel forced.

      • @Guardian Outlaw, Thanks I’ve been reading X-Men and FF for a very long time and yes they have had crossovers but crossovers in comics and cinema are different and would be needed to be handled as such.

        • @KingBlastaar, Oh yeah, indeed.

  22. I have a deep sentimental connection to the Fantastic Four, so this makes me happy and hopeful. They need to appropriately cast Reed and Sue – that was by far the biggest failing of the 2005/2007 films. Claire Danes sounds good to me. Reed needs to be someone with mature, serious screen prescence.

  23. I would really like to see Spiderman tie in with all of this as well.
    I highly doubt that though…

    Fox & Marvel Studios are going to have a fist fight down to the wire to get that to happen….. lmaooooo

  24. hmm

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  26. I reallyhope they skip the origin story and have the movie started in media res. They don’t have to veteran heroes yet though.

    I’d like to see a creepytrip to the N-Zone and a battle with Annihlus(sp) that would be similiar in tone to Even Horrizon with out getting too creepy.

    This is a long ahot but I really would love to see a Ultimate version of the Frightful Fantastic Four. In the ultimate version, a version of Marvel 616 F4 was infected with the zombie infliction and managed to cross dimiensions into the Ultimate Universe. Ithink it would be awesome to have the orginal cast back as zombiefied versions of the F4 fighting off the new cast of Fantastic Four. Who wouldn’t love a superhero zombie crossover on the big screen.

    Finally, please no Mole Man. Wehave seen this story a thousand times. He is possibly the worst F4 villain thematically.

  27. Yvonne Strzechowski for Sue Storm. All I know is they better give Doom his proper due this time around.