Mark Harmon Signs For More ‘NCIS’

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NCIS 1 copy Mark Harmon Signs For More NCIS

There will be no long, drawn out negotiations for NCIS star Mark Harmon. With his current deal set to expire in May, the actor has made many a television fan happy with his new two-year agreement that will guarantee a ninth (and probably tenth) season for CBS’ top-rated show.

Not long ago, the expiration of Harmon’s current contract and the subsequent questions surrounding the future of NCIS were the topic of much discussion. CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler addressed those concerns by saying, “We are very confident Mark will continue on with the show. He’s very happy, and we’re thrilled to have him.”

As it turns out, Tassler’s statement couldn’t have been more accurate. Given the ratings success NCIS has been for CBS, Harmon could easily have pulled his own version of LeBron James’ The Decision. However, instead of turning the entire renegotiation process into an arduous one, Harmon renewed his contract early, and with little fan-fare. Reportedly, CBS sweetened the pot by making the actor an executive producer on the next season or seasons of the show.

Harmon is having quite the career resurgence. According to American audiences, he isn’t just an integral part of the show, he is the nation’s favorite television personality. At 59 years old, that places the guy from Summer School above Oprah Winfrey, who is tied with Hugh Laurie (House) at No. 2, and CBS’s beleaguered star Charlie Sheen at No. 5—a spot he shares with The Daily Show’s John Stewart. Last year, Harmon was ranked No. 8 on the list.

NCIS 2 copy Mark Harmon Signs For More NCIS

Having its star back for another two years isn’t the only good news regarding the show. NCIS, an eight-year-old program, recently enjoyed an all-time rating high with 22.85 million viewers for its Feb. 1, 2011 episode. Those would be astonishing numbers for a new program, but for one that started as a spin-off of JAG, and was ranked fourth overall last season (it’s seventh) is just amazing. Tassler further commented on the success of NCIS by saying:

“It’s simply amazing that a show in its eighth season continues to perform at such an elite level. This is a tribute to the hard work of its talented writers, producers and cast for bringing to life such compelling stories and characters with intrigue and humor.”

NCIS can be seen Tuesdays @ 9pm on CBS.

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  1. I like Gibbs and all but this is a let down for me. The show hasn’t gotten very stale and repetative. The last interesting season was 6. Gibbs retiring and Tony taking his spot would of been a nice shake up and progression for Tony. Early on looked to be moving forward with lots of character and career progression bur season7 and 8 he’s devolved as a character going back to the basic characature of him self the actor has aged and gained weight and the character has had no Carter progress despite the fact that they made it seem he would early on. It’s high time he took over the team and high time the show shook things up it’s more predictable than the sun rising.

    I really don’t want a 50 year old Tony still being the low man on the chain of command. Not only under Gibbs but under the director as well.

    Tony was getting respect as the show progressed now the other members treat him like a joke and his spot on the team actually is one. Senior member but he has no autority and is basically an equal to the others. What’s next just kill him off like Kate because the writers dropped the ball and wrote them selves in to a corner?

    • couldn’t agree more. really expected Tony to be ‘the man’ by now, but can’t understand why he’s stuck in clownsville. a little while back, he seemed to be prepping to take the reins, even saving Gibbs life a time or two. now, …? Ugh.
      anyway, love the show and will keep watching.

    • well gibbs is a great actor(harmon) which in early days for him he was all that wonderfull till he did hit 50 hes gotten sexier with age and also tony hes a real pain in the butt hes OLD LOL anyhow your comments bite and i hope CBS takes harmon on for a LONG time just to PPPP u all off Mark Harmon Rocks big time Loves to u mark way to go :-)

  2. NCIS is one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.


    Nothing personal DF,,,

    • Personal? I hope you don’t take it personal but I don’t care what you think about it. I like it it’s not my all time fave show but it’s very enjoyable and your opinion isn’t gonna change a thing about it.

      I do wonder why you would bother coming in here and typing that. Just to stir things up ?

    • what a joke its the BEST show CBS and USA show ur the worst ever LOL

    • If you think it’s so awful, there is a great solution available for you. Don’t watch it. Problem solved!

  3. Naw just had a few brews and thought I would offer my chat,,, ;)

  4. NCIS is my favorite shows and has been since the day it started.
    I never miss it.
    The only complaint I have had this season was towards the beginning of the season, Tony’s character was acting childish and retarded.
    I thought for sure they were going to lead up to his character having a brain tumor or something.
    NCIS and NCIS-LA keep my Tuesdays well entertained.

    Gibbs and Hedi never disappoint.

    • If you gave been watching from day 1 as you said, you would know that Tony has pretty much been childish from the begining. When it comes to the cases they work on, he is usually right, as crazy as some of his theories are lol.
      His never end torture of McGee never gets old.

      • Anthony while your correct that Tony has always been childish it still had a certain sense of maturity and he had started evolving for awhile there especially through out seasons 4-6. Seasons 7 and 8 though not only has Tony stopped evolving, but he is actually more immature and childish than he was in seasons 1 and 2. He has become a characature of him self.

        though yes him teasing Mcgee is always funny

  5. I really don’t under stand anyone liking NCIS LA. What makes the original so enjoyable is the characters. LAs characters are awful and the actors are worse LL Cool J ruins everything. It’s like two different shows one enjoyable one an insult to television.

    • WE keep trying to like Los Angeles but haven’t warmed to the characters. They don’t have a lot of personality. Or at least not to us. I love JAG (from which NCIS jumped off) and NCIS has been a good or great show through almost its entire long run. The characters have always been funny and quirky and what has made it exceptional are the scripts — and the acting. There’s wit and snappy dialogue. It’s not perfect, but we don’t need perfection. Losing Ziva is a hit, but after 8 years … well … she’s a singer, musician. I suspect she wants to get back to it while she can. Music is hard taskmaster. You can’t stay away from it too long or your skills grow rusty.

      What will they do to fill the gap? I think they’ll try a various characters and hopefully one will click with the other cast members. Assuming the writing stays good, the show will be good. I guess we will all have to wait and see.

  6. Love this show! My fav, however, is Abby.

    • Abby is the main reason why I catch it sometimes.

  7. I am so happy. Gibbs is the heart and soul of the show. :) As long as he’s on the cast, NCIS will rock.

  8. For those who think Tony could lead the cast, that’s to be a joke, right? I like him but seriously he’s not charismatic enough! Half of the people following NCIS would leave without Harmon.

    • Yup. I know we would.

  9. The success of NCIS proves that proper character development and plot development, which is totally due to the writers, is what makes any drama or comedy TV show a success.

    • Very true — I hated the show until I watched a marathon one bored sunday, and now I like it alot. Of course same has gone for many shows that I just didn’t care for until I watched a marathon: Bones, Buffy, Monk, MASH (my fav all time now)……..

  10. And I think its obvious Ants has had a few brewz,,,,?!


  11. I love the show and glad it is coming back for another season.

  12. I personally think that even though I love Gibbs, NCIS would not be the same without any team member. You need all of them for the balance and chemestry to be perfect. Even Palmer. I hate how every body always forgets Palmer. He’s awesome, but Tony is my fav:)

  13. NCIS is the best and Mark Harmon and the entire cast are a perfect fit. That’s why its still on. And I personally think MarK Harmon is the classiest man out there and I RESPECT him- that’s why I watch. Pam Dawber you are one lucky woman!!Thanks for keeping the show going- my mom and my husband and I all love the show!!!

  14. Mark Harmon is the main reason why I started to watch NCIS. It is the best show ever. Yes there are times I want to slap Tony on the head, but the show would not be the same without him. McGee is the “geek” anybody would love and Ziva and Abbey hold their own with no problems. Of course Ducky is perfect. It is the relationship they have together is what makes the show go on.

  15. The show has great chemistry. The cast feels like an ensemble … an essential for any successful series. It’s never boring and the sense of humor makes a huge difference and keeps it from becoming dull. I’ll be happy to keep watching it as long as it is there to watch. MANY series that were once favorites of mine and my husband’s have dropped by the wayside … notably Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Gray’s Anatomy, ER, LA Law … long before many of them went off they air, we drifted away. Annoying plot lines, abrasive characters, IMPLAUSIBLE plots and just plain repetition. In the case of medical shows, too little medicine and too much melodrama finally killed it for us. But this shows keeps surprising us. Kudos to the entire team and to the writers and producers for finding ways to keep it from becoming another aging show doing the same old stuff show after show.

  16. This ensemble cast is perfect together. I can’t think of any one of them that I would not miss. The fact that they are each their own personality and don’t try to upstage each other makes them a perfect match. I think the producers might have wanted to mature Tony a bit, but it would not have worked. Weatherly is a clown and that is why the character works so well for him. I don’t think another actor could have made it work this long.
    Mark just had his 60th birthday and still looks great. It is interesting that the ages of these actors is so varied. Weatherly and Perette in the early 40′, Murray and DePablo in the early 30′s. Harmon now sixty and McCallum in his 70′s. Great mix. Stay as long as you like, guys.

  17. The 9th season finale of NCIS made me cry. I love Mark Harmon, cuz he is the reason whey I watched the show ever since I moved. But what if the contract for season 10 failed for them. Hopefully it won’t fail, though.
    One really big thing though, with all the weird stuff Tony Dinozzo is doing, I’d definately want to GibSmack him on the head. XD I love it!

  18. I loveed jag hated that it was canned then ncis came out all i can i say is awsome now we have ncis la love em all and hope they both continue to run for a while. Well now that thats outta the way. I think some of you are right i love tony and always will but i think his growth is stunted by having to follow gibbs i think they need to give dinozzo his own team but still be a main cast member.

  19. Season 10 has topped 9 in great shows with Devil’s Trifecta leading the way ! Amazing for this many years. Gibbs/MH leads the show and is the reason I watch.

  20. NCIS has been my favorite show since it first aired. Mark Harmon is my idol but it’s the whole cast which contributed to the show’s great success, and not him alone. I hated to see Ziva leave, am not ready for her replacement… no personality, and I don’t find myself avidly looking forward to the next episode. I hope that they are able to fill the gap caused by Ziva’s departure, and attract my attention once again.