Mark Harmon to Star in ‘Certain Prey’ for USA

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Mark Harmon, star of television’s highest rated program, will be stepping out briefly to headline a new two-hour movie, Certain Prey, for USA Network.

The NCIS star has signed on for the network’s first original movie since the 2005 flick Three Wise Guys. In Certain Prey, Harmon will play Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief Lucas Davenport, who is on the trail of a hit-woman, all the while being hunted himself by a crazed killer. Certain Prey is the tenth book in a series of Lucas Davenport-led Prey novels by author John Sanford.

The script for Certain Prey was written by Chris Gerolmo (Citizen X, Mississippi Burning), and will be produced by Harmon, Michael Jaffe and Howard Braunstein. Harmon’s role as producer and star is no doubt a suitable perk linked to his recent resigning with his top-rated CBS drama for two more years.

Besides airing reruns of NCIS, USA has been making a name for itself by producing several successful hour-long series like Burn Notice, Psych and Royal Pains – shows that have developed a strong core audience that will follow the program no matter where it gets shuffled in the line up. With Certain Prey the network has yet another original program to entice viewers with. Essentially, Prey is like a graphic novel: a double-sized one-shot that doesn’t require its audience to have prior knowledge of continuity in order to become totally engrossed.

USA Network Logo Mark Harmon to Star in ‘Certain Prey’ for USA

As there are 21 novels in Sanford’s Prey series, USA could be looking at a serious investment in Harmon, should Certain Prey prove successful. Harmon certainly has proven himself  capable of attracting large audiences on NCIS, as the series nabbed its best ratings ever just a few weeks ago. Additionally, I’m sure USA Network executives think that casting America’s favorite television personality as Lucas Davenport will certainly be a big step in making this a successful television movie franchise. Just think, had Certain Prey been produced last year, it might be starring Oprah Winfrey.

Production is scheduled to begin in May, but there is no word yet on when Certain Prey will air on the cable network.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I heard this the other day and it is GREAT news !

  2. Sorry Gary but Mark Harmon is one of the weakest characters on the tube these days. Imo


    • Ya wanta bet?

    • I don’t know where or how you got your information on Mark Harmon, but he is in the #1 prime time tv shows and he is the LEAD character. He has been a star since the 70′s when he was cast into a spin-off from Emergency! in the show 240 Robert. Mark Harmon is awesome.

  3. I love the actor, and love the books. Wonderful news.


  5. Mark Harmon is not the right man for this role, someone tall dark and YOUNGER would be better!!

    • Maybe 20 years ago, not today.

    • Right on.

    • nope!!

    • Bite your tongue! Mark Harmon is one of the hottest older actors out there and is also a great actor!

      • Edna: I agree 100%. He is the hottest no matter his age.

    • Oh I hate to disagree Bob but Mark Harmon can play any role he pleases and make it a hit. If he’s too old then why is he the headliner on the #1 prime time show NCIS????? He will make the role his and I can’t wait to see it.

  6. my best choice for clara kinker is Nicki Lynn Aycox

  7. Harmon isn’t big enough and is about a decade past his prime to play Davenport. Hopefully they get Loan and Brinker right that will take some of the onus off of casting Harmon.

    • Sloan & Rinker

  8. The highest ncis ratings were 2 years ago season 7. highest adult ratio was a few weeks ago.

  9. Starting with Certain Prey, which is late in the series, Harmon fits the Davenport description. He’s awesome in NCIS and I’m sure he will rock this movie. Hopefully it does well and USA can make one every year or two ala Tom Selleck and the Jesse Stone movies. I have yet to read a Prey novel or any Sanford novel that has disappointed. Now all we need is a big screen adaptation of a Lee Child novel, with Dwayne Johnson as Reacher, NOT Tom Cruise.

  10. I think Mark Harmon is WONDERFUL..I watch anything that he is in. He could play mickey mouse and still be sexy. Can I use that word?

  11. When I saw the promo I went “YES!” I LOVE Davenport and I LOVE Harmon. I think it will be a great movie. Most books turned movie don’t have what it takes but with Mark behind the scenes as well, it should be a good time. I’m all in!

  12. I am very excited Mark Harmon is in another show. He will be great as an actor as well as the producer! Best of luck to you Mark, but please don’t leave NCIS, I’m a huge fan!

  13. hi hello anyone…I caught a glimpse of the preview of the movie certain prey late one nite but I didnt catch the date or time :( can anyone plz give me some info plz…i live in orange county ca an have time warner…ty

    • On twice on Sunday night 11/6

  14. One of my favorite actors starring as my favorite detective. What’s not to like? Certain Prey also has my favorite bad guy/girl. I hope they cast the part of Rinker as well as Davenport and stick with the story. So many of the new TV series that were based on sucessful book series, like Bones and Rissoli and Isles, have really been a let down.

  15. Wow, I love the Lucas Davenport books — and adore Mark Harmon — but, like others have said — in the books, Lucas is much younger — of course, they could color his hair a bit — I hope they do the whole series of “Prey” books into movies — love it.

  16. Mark Harmon is a great actor and couldn’t be bad in anything. He is my favorite actor and I watch everything he is in.

  17. They better put a scar on his face. Also, can Harmon pull off the the whole badboy but yet loveable davenport? Cant wait to see if they make more movies, chosen prey would be amazing. Just no Kidd novels please USA.

  18. I am so upset about this casting. Lucas Davenport is supposed to be young and sexy and have a bit of a bad boy side. Mark Harmon is all wrong for this. They should have cast Jeffery Donovon for this role. Mark Harmon is WAY too old and is going to be completely unconvincing as Lucas to anyone who has actually read this series

    • Olivia, I hate to disagree with you but you must be a teenager to think Mark Harmon is not sexy because he is. Just cuz there’s snow on the roof doesn’t mean the fire is out down below. And if you don’t understand that remark you truly are too young. If you are so disappointed then don’t watch it but I really do think you will find afterwards that Mark Harmon was a very good choice for the role. Anything he has ever been in has had excellent reviews so why be so harsh before seeing the movie?

  19. Not sure about Harmo as Lucas. Lucas is a pretty tough guy, and I’m not sure Harmon can play the role the way it’s written in text. Either way. I’m excited for the movie, God knows it’s better casting than the feeble attempt years ago with “Mind Prey”. Seriously, Eric LaSalle??? Nothing against the guy, he was great on E.R., and hilarious in “Coming To America”—-”…Just let your soul glowwwwww…..”. Flash—LUCAS IS NOT A BLACK MAN!!!!!!!! Would love to see Hollywood catch on to the “Prey” series. Lucas was made to be on the big screen!!!!

  20. I have loved Mark Harmon since I saw him play Ted Bundy many moons ago. Though he’s almost my mother’s age he’s one of those men that is gorgeous at any age. A great actor with beautiful eyes and incredible smile. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously jealous.

  21. Cant wait

  22. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mark Harmon and look forward to this USA movie.
    However, I am a big fan of the Prey books and think it would make a good movie franchise. This will never happen with Harmon cast in the lead. At 60 he is too old for the part of Davenport who is in his 30′s in this book. So the prior 9 books are automatically out, and at a movie a year Harmon would be in his 80′s for the latest while Davenport is approaching 50. It’s a shame, as a fan himself, Harmon should have produced and insisted on a younger, less pretty, more dangerous looking character. I hope they can capture the spirit and comraderie of the other characters who are so rich in the books.

    • I think Mark Harmon will be great in the part and I can’t wait for the movie but your probably right about the age difference. Some one darker and younger sure. But who? It was a good movie and they can always find someone later. Remember 007. Some good some bad.

  23. Not impressed with this movie. The actress who portrayed the attorney is not an actress. I am a big fan of John Sanford and have read most of his books. Certain Prey was one of them. This movie did not do the book justice.

  24. Am a big NCIS / Mark Harmon fan. Saw most of Certain Prey last night and was very disappointed. The entire production does not hold a candle to the NCIS series. The dialog from the book just doesn’t fit – actually takes away from the pace of the movie. For me, I am more in awe with the NCIS script writers and directors than ever before. They know how to keep the story flowing and believable. Mark, I know you will agree!! And it is evident to me that the writers used the language from the book to validate themselves. “Eat me!”— give me a break!!

  25. I think Harmon is totally miscast in this…he comes across as Gibbs completely. A better choice of tall, dark, and dangerous would have been Jim Caveisal(spell?) of Person of Interest.

  26. I love Mark Harmon and I stuck up for him for playing this role but someone up above me here commented how much respect he had for the NCIS writers. I agree with him. I watched the movie both times and was disappointed in the entire movie. It was weak from start to finish. I am a huge NCIS fan and have been a Mark Harmon fan since I first saw him in the 70′s on Emergency!. He was a young pup back then and I think in 1978, he was People magazine’s “Sexiest man alive” so I still stand by my original opinion that Mark Harmon would play that role well, I have not read the book but it had to be better than the movie. I will always love Mark Harmon, but the producers didn’t do such a great job. I did notice in the credits that Mark himself was an exec.producer. Oh well..I still love him!

  27. I love Mark Harmon in every role he has ever played. I love him as Jethro Gibbs & now as Lucas Davenport. I have read a few of Sanford’s novels & Lucas Daveneport is a lot like Gibbs. When I was reading these novels I always pictured Harmon as Davenport. I saw the movie & it was awesome. I hope they make the sequel to this Certain Prey otherwise I will be reading it as soon as I can. Love Mark Harmon & love all of his roles. I am a huge Mark Harmon & have loved everything he has been in. I have never seen the 70′s series of “Emergency” but I will be looking into it. I would love to see the younger Mark Harmon! Loved you Mark Harmon keep up the great roles!!!!!!

    • Elizabeth, If you want to see Mark Harmon in EMERGENCY!, the specific episode was in season 4, Episode 22 titled 905 Wild. All 7 seasons are out on DVD now but I have yet to find 240 Robert. It only ran one season, 13 episodes but if you google it, you will find pictures of a young and very sexy Mark Harmon. And like I said before, in the mid or late 70′s, Harmon was named People magazine’s “sexiest man alive”. I also watched Ted Bundy and as good as it was, I prefer seeing him as the hero, not the bad guy. You might also try typing it into Youtube and you could catch some video of 240 Robert. He played Dwayne Thibideaux and my spelling of the last name might be off. He was just called “Thib” by his co-stars. Hope that helps you out!

  28. I would have like to have watched this, but DISH’s signal got scrambled while I was recording it! Thanks DISH. I like Mark Harmon and John Sandford’s books. It SUCKS.

  29. Never having read the Prey series, I took the film at face value & found the synergy and menace of the assassin/atty duo terrifically entertaining. The Jr detective (D’s former love interest) was especially well cast and acted. More generally, the script was lucid, concise and the scenes well shot — certainly well above the common fare. However Harmon under-estimated the complexity of his role. He never projected the self-centered swagger that the movie implied of D’port nor the primal sexual aggression/rough edge that would account for all those women he presumably drops off at work monday morning. Faithfulness to Sanford’s depiction of D’port is not critical to the success of this film, but Harmon’s portrayal of D’port as described in the film most certainly is. I think Harmon can pull this role off if he takes the time from NCIS to sharpen his acting chops. And in the interim, keep those mean ass, crazy assassins coming. Cool stuff.