Mark Hamill Talks ‘Star Wars’ & ‘Batman: Arkham City’

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Mark Hamill can keep a secret. He told us so last night at the Los Angeles premiere of director David O. Russell’s new film The Fighter; starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams.

The actor was at the event in support of two of the the film’s writers, Eric Johnson and Paul Tamasy, who also co-wrote (with Hamill) the screenplay for the film adaptation of Hamill’s Dark Horse comic book, The Black Pearl. Johnson also partnered with Hamill on the original comic, which was released in 1996. Hamill is set to direct the modestly-budgeted film.

We had the chance to speak with the actor about the upcoming sequel to the Batman: Arkham Asylum video game, entitled Arkham City; what he loves about his role as The Joker, as well as some of the reservations he had, and has, about playing the iconic and beloved character.

He had originally planned on “going out on a high note,” after the massive success of the first Batman: Arkham Asylum, but laughingly acknowledges that the powers that be in Hollywood are not likely to take kindly to the idea of “quitting while you are ahead,” when they have a half a billion dollar property on their hands.

He shares some of the creative challenges of working as an actor within the sometimes “schizophrenic” confines of a video game narrative, as well as some of the pleasures of working within the “theater of imagination.”

The Star Wars star also has fun letting us in on how he has managed to keep some of the most closely-guarded secrets in Hollywood (for fear of retribution), as well as the good-hearted delight he takes in pulling a fast one on the press.

Take a look at the full video interview below:

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  1. Still think it’s sad to think that Hamil is no longer voicing the Joker after Arkham City.

    • Yes, I will be staying away from any Batman properties featuring the Joker after Hamill departs the role, the voice actor for Under The Red Hood’s Joker was so bad I wanted to cry.

      • That was John Dimaggio who also voices Bender from Futurama.

        Given the VERY high bar that Hamill set with his joker, I think John did a fairly good job.

        • DiMaggio’s voice had to take some getting used to, and I’ve grown to it after a few more viewings. I still find myself missing Hamill’s voice though. But like you said, there will be someone who comes and does a better job eventually.

          • Not necessarily better but just their own take on it that makes it their own ..

            • I like DiMaggio as Joker, but Hamil will always be Joker. Him and Heath Ledger.

      • Dimaggio wasn’t SO bad. It is a little weird to hear someone other than Hamill voicing though.

      • I totally agree with you Doc. That movie was really good but I was not impressed with the Jokers voice at all. He just didn’t have the personality that Hammil has. His Joker voice is a masterpiece and it will be hard to top by anybody. Even with the bar set so high, Joe’s voice was just not good.

      • I’ll still give someone else a shot, but I got to agree that Joker voice from Under the red hood was awful some of the worst voice acting i’ve ever heard. It’s not even that Hamil set the bar so high that I couldn’t accept him it’s just that he was awful.

      • Sam didn’t help that the Voice of Batman in Under the red hood was awful as well. Jason Todd was the only decent voice in the entire film.

        • Jensen Ackles, proving again, that he should be far more famous than he actually is.

          • THIS ^^^^^

          • OMFG we aggree on something else. Jenson cast as a voice part, hmmm… didn’t think it would work at first. But he pulled it off very well.

    • I could have sworn I once read somewhere that he’d come back even from retirement if there was ever an animated adaptation of The Killing Joke.

      • In all actuality, Mark WILL reprise his role as the Joker (announced today 12-8-10!) So all can breathe a sigh of relief! I know that I have! And I can’t wait! If anyone would have attempted to do so would have been a travesty! Luv ya, Mark!

  2. Man he’s looking rough… I guess it’s been a while since the force was with him

    • We all get older..

      • well… some actresses just get scarier… all that surgery with flesh from where ever may not be older but it is definitely increasingly frightening to see these freakish creatures over time… Not that I should complain about their personal choices but honestly… even Angelina on the red carpet for the Tourist last night had some scary knees showing as her dress opened up to her um… erhh… cage fight.

        yeah thats it… she has a cage fight up under that dress… good one.

    • When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not!

      • Fantastic DSB!!!

        • I enjoyed it also. There’s nothing like a good Star Wars quote, but, it’s even better when it’s an appropriate quote. Rather than just walking up to people and shouting ” it’s a trap!” in my best fish turd voice.

          • Haha. I almost fell out of my chair. You sir, are hilarious

    • nah… he looks good for nearly 60 years old… seriously

      • I don’t disagree that age has most to do with it. Carrie Fisher doesn’t look as good as she used to either…

  3. Hamill comes across as a really nice guy in this video.

  4. This is my daughter not my trophy wife… :D Never read or heard an interview with him… Nice job.

  5. Mark Hamill is and always willbe the voice of the Joker just as Kevin Conroy is the voice of Batman, I don’t who voiced Batman in Crisis on Infinite Earths but he was terrible, Mark Harmon was ok As Supes, but that’s a another topic for another time. Mark Hamil and Harrison Ford are the only two actors from Star Wars who still have careers, with Hamil as a voice actor.

    • No one but Conroy should voice Batman.

      • Christian Bales voice in Batman lol.

    • James Earl Jones…
      But yeah, I don’t think Peter Mayhew and Kenny Barker are doing much these days, hahahaha

  6. He really is a class act.

  7. such a delightful fellow, i hope Arkham city is just the beginning for him

  8. Please don’t stop voice acting the joker please.

  9. “We made half a billiob dollars let’s just stop. Try pitching that to Hollywood” Amen Hamill, Amen

    • The guys a legend.

      I’m glad he didn’t have a big career after Star Wars, because we wouldn’t have gotten the best Joker of all time, and that would be a shame.

      • The thing I’d like to see Hamil do(again)is re-team with Kevin Smith for a full length feature film with Cock Knocker.

        • Now that I would pay to see!

  10. That was awesome. I’ll have to pick up Black Pearl now.

    • You’ll have trouble finding it, unless its been re-issued recently.

      • Dark Horse Headquarters is 10 blocks away from my house, I think I can possibly special order it from the store across the street. Keep my fingers crossed!

        • It is good, I’ve got a battered copy I picked up at a car boot sale, but a new copy is near impossible to find, or at least it was last time I tried.

  11. Roth, thanks for the great interview and article! Just please remember to at least acknowledge you are ignoring those of us who knew you when after you become famous. ; )

    • lol — oh yeah that’s me — big Hollywood baller ;) May it be so Kev — may it be so :)!

  12. I know they’re older now but i can’t imagine how great a Batman film would be if Kevin Conroy & Mark Hamill took on the roles as Batman & Joker in live-action franchise. When it came to voice acting, those two guys owned the characters imo.

  13. Great interview, but is Mark starting to look like William Shatner?

    • Naw! No where near it!

  14. …Am I the only one to spot the one-armed man at 1:55? Better hide ya wife Dr. Kimble!

  15. HAHA! Nice catch Kofi, I didn’t catch that the first time around.

  16. I also have to agree that Red Hood wasn’t that bad with John D. playing Joker. But it’s always more welcome to hear Hamill’s laugh! Plus I love Bender!! He could totaly kick C-3PO’s butt. Back to topic, Hamill is the Best Joker!!!

  17. Mark Hamill is great. You can really tell he takes great pleasure in doing what he’s doing. If you can be remembered for two things like Luke Skywalker and the voice of Joker, wouldn’t you take that?

  18. I am crushed that mark hamill isn’t playing the joker anymore because when I think of joker I instantly think of his name but I guess you have to retire at some point good bye greatest joker voice of all time

  19. I am crushed that mark hamill isn’t playing the joker anymore because when I think of joker I instantly think of his name but I guess you have to retire at some point good bye greatest joker voice of all time.

  20. I was crushed that the joker isnt mark hamill anymore. But I guess you have to retire at some point. Good bye greatest joker voice ever. I will still instantly think of mark hamill when I see the joker. No homo

  21. I was crushed that the joker isnt mark hamill anymore. But I guess you have to retire at some point. Good bye greatest joker voice ever. I will still instantly think of mark hamill when I see the joker.