‘Live Free or Die Hard’ Scriber Hired To Rewrite ‘The Wolverine’

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wolverine 2 script rewrite Live Free or Die Hard Scriber Hired To Rewrite The Wolverine

It’s been a rough year for The Wolverine (a.k.a. Wolverine 2), between losing Darren Aronofsky as director, having its originally-planned production timeline disrupted by the Japanese earthquake/tsunami, and recent reports that its start of filming may be delayed until next spring, while star Hugh Jackman works on the musical Les Miserables adaptation instead.

The rumors of a delay-in-production may be true after all, based on the latest Wolverine-related story – Fox has hired on Mark Bomback to rework Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie’s screenplay for the X-Men spinoff sequel.

Bomback has been quite busy of late, between working on the script for Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake and Bryan Singer’s Jack the Giant Killer (which McQuarrie also worked on). He also previously scripted the Jackman vehicle Deception, but is arguably still best known for writing Live Free or Die Hard.

Variety (which was responsible for this scoop) mentions that The Wolverine will follow Jackman’s Logan as he goes “searching for answers” about his past, being unable to recall anything – due to being afflicted with amnesia, after taking an adamantium bullet (or two) to the head, at the conclusion of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Part of that search takes Wolvie into the Japanese underworld, where he will confront the likes of the Silver Samurai (a.k.a. Kenuichio Harada) – and eventually cross paths with what Variety describes as a “newly-expanded” character known as Viper, the Japanese Minister of Justice’s secretary.

Would that happen to be Viper, a.k.a. Madame Hydra?

viper wolverine 2 Live Free or Die Hard Scriber Hired To Rewrite The Wolverine

Is Madame Hydra going to appear in 'The Wolverine'?

Getting back to… Bomback: If we assume that he is doing a fairly extensive rewrite of The Wolverine – and not just polish work or altering the setting of certain scenes, to accommodate the changes in production locale – then it makes sense to assume that Fox brought him onboard to up the action ante and add some additional material that features Wolvie clashing with deadly ninjas or wrecking havoc on his surroundings. That would be kind of a disappointment, if true – especially for the fans who were hoping for more of a cerebral and gritty Wolverine sequel – like Jackman has been promising.

Current Wolverine 2 director James Mangold was at the helm of the well-regarded 3:10 to Yuma remake – and staged some competent action set pieces in last year’s otherwise lackluster Knight and Day – so he could deliver a solid X-Men flick, even if Bomback’s rewrite does turn the project into more of a mainstream popcorn movie. Still, it’s hard to not be at all concerned that the final result will be yet another unimpressive Wolverine standalone adventure.

We will keep you posted on the status of The Wolverine as more information is released.

Source: Variety

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  1. Ive always loved jackmans wolverine, though they totally missed the mark with xmen origins. we didnt get any of the black ops missions, not enough timeline of him through the ages, and no brainwashing with him wearing the helmet and plugged full of wires. i cant explain how much i hate the concept of adamantium bullets. i really hope they lose that. when one unbreakable metal (wolvies skull) clashes with another (the bullets) the bullets wont win. they would cancel each other out, and at worst rattle his skull. if you follow that false logic, wolverine and lady deathstrike would just cut each others claws off in x2. it would have been so much better if they just used some mutant to wipe his mind at the very least. i sincerely hope they just quasi reboot the film and not acknowlege the previous installment. I like the new writer reworking the script, live free or die hard is tough guy movie at its core with lots of bruce willis one liners, which is somthing that i could totally see wolverine doing. heres hoping this time turns out to be a winner.

  2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was just awful.

    The film had the characters written badly, the action was cheesy and the timeline was confusing and I feel that the film was based in the modern day.

    I can’t believe that Fox is going for a sequel.

    X-Men: First Class is the best movie in the series because of the director, the cast and the script.

    I really hope this turns out well.

  3. This isn’t looking to good now.

  4. Remember that Hugh jackman was a replacement wolverine. Dougary Scott was signed but the shooting went to long on MI2 so Jackman was the recast. Whew o.O

  5. I hope it’s a dud so Marvel could get its property back. I’m tired of So/x, Sony and Fox, mucking around in Marvel’s bread basket. HA, what would FOX do without the Wolverine property? With all the other mutant properties could the absence of Wolverine break their back? I already know what all the prowonks arguments of FOX are! I’m interested in a workable scenario to turn FOX out…

  6. I saw this coming when they delayed the start of the movie shoot. This movie is going to be another Fox/Shuler-Donner let’s throw characters at the screen time waster.

    I guess Viper has become some important part of the Wolverine story at some point. This movie is going to have as much to do with the Miller/Claremont story as X-3 had to do with Phoenix.

  7. bah!! i wanna see another wolvorine movie but wont be anytime soon /=

  8. 6-8 months ago, what made this project so exciting was that it was going to be directed by Darren Aronofsky, and written by Chris McQuarrie. Now it’s being directed by James Mangold, who’s good but not as good as Aronofsky, and being rewritten by Mark Bomback, who wrote crap like Deception and Witch Mountain. Interest = EVAPORATED.

    • you summed it up perfectly. this started out sounding like it could be a very cool and memorable movie. now I’ve lost interest entirely

  9. I say this is Fox’s last attempt to give us the movie we deserve, because they have had enough chances. I say Jason Momoa
    for Omega Red. WHY should we get excited for Madame Hydra? I’m having enough trouble getting Lady DeathStrike outta my head from X2. Please for the love of cheetos no female villains, no love interest, no forced awkward cameos and under used characters (like Gambit), and can we get some blood shed for a change??? Holy @&!? What have these Fox people been serving us? Wolverine should be alongside the Avengers along with Spider Man, instead we are shoved these watered down versions of the manliest super-heroey characters we know and love down our disgruntled throats!

  10. this movie already has suck written all over it.

  11. “especially for the fans who were hoping for more of a cerebral and gritty Wolverine sequel” Which ones were that?

    Yes maybe he can use his claws to scratch the side of his temple as he contemplates the ramifications of his actions………

    Or maybe we can see the actual demons inside of him and his struggle to contain them all the while slicing ninjas up.

    Could someone explain to me what a cerebral Wolverine would be? Beast? This is not Batman. Wolverine is a human at odds with his inner feral beast.

    While I invite the chance to see him fight those inner issues, we have yet to really truly see Wolverine. I was kind of hoping the Japan setting would show us this. Especially after all he went through in the books while in Japan……

    I dont see any mention where Jackman promises anything much less a cerebral and gritty movie in that linked article or the follow up EW page. “– just the ideas, the level of depth, and intelligence, and creativity.” is about as close as I could see.

    Gitty possibly as the Japan setting (even with the Kitty story) was pretty gritty…. but anything else is a pandering to people/viewers that dont know who or what Wolverine is or could be…..

    • By cerebral and gritty I don’t think they were talking about the way Logan acts per say. The tone and theme of the Miller/Claremont story focused on the inner turmoil the character felt versus the rage that he could not, or did not want to control when it came down to a fight. The concept that has not really been explored with Wolverine in a satisfying way is the paradox of a man who was not a bad person at his core but, was more then capable of doing terrible things when pushed. The animal analogy could be summed up that he is a loyal dog who would protect those he cares about but, in doing so reverts into a dangerous animal that it almost seems unsafe to be around.

      The characters that have been rumored for this are also a mixed bag for me. Silver Samurai was a later part of the Japanese arc for Wolverine but, him versus the Hand would be more then enough for a film if done right. The Ogun character could also be used to develop Logan’s history with Japan effectively while also kind of exploring the characters tendency to have friends turn on him making him not trust people, along with the fact he has that whole amnesia thing going on.

      Viper doesn’t even figure into the picture for me and being part of HYDRA I didn’t even know Fox had the rights to her. The Variety article said she would be a Caucasian working at a high level of Japanese government which itself is more fiction then a guy who can heal and has a metal skeleton. They also mentioned a Celia Reyes a few weeks ago which was probably just wild rumors since that would not make a drop of sense either.

  12. Well that doesn’t sound good..

  13. For once let’s hope Wolverine’s regenerative powers don’t work for this garbage they are trying to web together.

  14. Give it up, Fox.

  15. This is gonna suck. There really isn’t need for a script re-write. It’s bad enough that Aronofsky left. I hope this film ends up being good.

    • They dumped the script for First Class and went with what they did. Some people enjoyed it, some didn’t. It just seems like they start with one idea, get the movie funded, then change gears. What people start out thinking they are going to see ends up being something else and it turns some viewers off from watching the movie.

      They also seem to waste allot of money on multiple scripts and writers for these movies at this point.

  16. i have absolutely no faith in this movie. i will maybe watch it on dvd, i will not watch it in the cinema after the first wolverine let down.
    all the news im hearing about directors baling, and re-writes is only confirming my fears.

  17. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner recently spoke about a sequel to X-Men: First Class and Wolverine 2, here is what she had to say…

    On A Sequel To X-Men First Class : “I hope so. We’re talking about it, you know, we’re seriously talking about it. We definitely want Matthew [Vaughn] to come back. Absolutely!”

    On Wolverine 2: “It’s much more of a standalone [movie]. [We want] to distinguish it from the other one… I’m not sure when we’ll start. Maybe summer 2012 we’ll start shooting. It’s based on Hugh [Jackman]‘s schedule, frankly. When he’s available, we’ll film. …He’s doing ‘Les Miserables’, and then he has to come and train for us. So it’s all dependent on him.”

    Wow, there seems to be allot of urgency to get this movie made, end sarcasm. I have not been one to jump on the, “Give the rights back to Marvel”, train but people might get their wish. This statement just adds to the perception that Lauren Shuler-Donner has no handle on what she wants to do or how these films should even go forward.

    • I agree with you Slayer their’s no incentive for Jackman to break his contract to play in Miserables’ so that a Wolverine movie could start sooner. A lack of dedication or interest on Fox’s part if you ask me. Do the sounds cheep, cheap sound familiar? Fox couldn’t come up with an alternate script that would fit in-between the last one and this one to get to film faster so that Jackman would be under contract instead of drumming up or moving on to other work as the case might be? Gee, lets put that question to the audience at large? Can anyone think of a story that would fit in-between these two that everyone would want to see? Something from the comics perhaps?

      Fox doesn’t have what it takes to roll with the punches that real life throws these productions. If they did they wouldn’t have lost Jackman to other work and would’ve had a backup script or at least a backup plan, or what about a backup movie! They didn’t have any other movies in production with a part that Jackman could’ve filled to keep him at Fox until they worked out the production problems on Wolverine? It took them way too long to come up with a backup plan. With the state this is in they should just scrap the production…

      • It seems like they didn’t have a first plan in mind let alone a back-up for this movie. As a whole the notion that the producers seem to want to distance themselves from their other movies with these “stand-alone” films (they use the same phrase to describe First Class at times). It has been clear for awhile now that they have idea if they are trying to tell some type of cohesive story with their films or if they are making extended theatrical television episodes.

        Lauren Donner might mean well but, she has no idea what to do with the X-Men as a whole or the characters themselves. Wolverine is one of the top 5-10 comic characters and the reality is they dropped the ball with the first movie and managed to mangle several other characters that I guess they had other ideas for in the process. Honestly I think Jackman’s interest in the character is the only thing that has gotten it this far and if this was under Marvel’s control I think there is a much better chance there could be a project done that mostly everyone could be happy with.

        Losing a director, dumping the script, having to change the shooting location and now this notion that Jackman is holding up the production really seems like stall tactics that might have some other reason behind it. Maybe Fox and company are trying to wait out Marvel/Disney for some money to buy them out before they devalue the brand more and make it unprofitable for anyone to do anything with.