Marion Cotillard Not Playing Talia al Ghul in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

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Much of The Dark Knight Rises has already been spoiled – at least in part – thanks to a multitude of set photos and set videos.

We know what Batman’s new vehicle looks like, we know what Catwoman and Bane look like, and (SPOILER ALERT) we know that Bane and Marion Cotillard’s character are in cahoots.

As we’ve previously warned, pre-release details can provide MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Ever since Cotillard was hired to play the suspiciously inconspicuous-sounding “Miranda Tate,” speculation has run rampant that she is actually playing Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman Begins’ villain, Ra’s. However, at the NYC premiere of Contagion, Cotillard vehemently denied that her character was from the comic books at all.

Courtesy of MTV Splash Page, when asked if she looked to the comics for background information about her character, Marion Cotillard said:

“Well, actually, it was not based off of a character in the comic.”

The interviewer was dubious, so he pressed her on the issue repeatedly – over and over again, Marion Cotillard insisted that she was absolutely telling the truth, and that her character was absolutely not derived from the comic books.

Check out the video and decide for yourself whether or not she’s telling the truth:

So what’s the deal here, Screen Ranters? Do you think she’s telling the truth? Do you think she’s referring to the Miranda Tate aspect of her character specifically? Or maybe she just doesn’t know enough about the comic books to comment in the first place?

Then again, it’s not hard to imagine that Cotillard might be a bit gun-shy with regard to revealing information about her character, especially after she referred to it as a “secret role” – a revelation that exploded across the blogosphere and served only to fuel the “Miranda Tate is secretly Talia al Ghul” fires.

At this point, the issue has been built up so much by both blogs and fans that it might be genuinely disappointing for Cotillard’s character to be anyone but Talia al Ghul. And it’s worth noting that one of the reasons this rumor has caught fire is that R’as al Ghul, at least in flashback, has been confirmed to make an appearance in the film.

So what’s the verdict? Is she telling the truth? Not telling the truth? Do you think she’ll end up playing Talia, despite what she says here? Let us know in the comments.


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. I hope that Nolan said “Tell people (what she just said)” Because we all know that Nolan like to keep things secret untill it hits the theaters, so I think that there is a good chance that she REALLY is al ghul…

    Fingers crossed

    • aww i was hoping she was. i was really hoping to see batman’s baby mommas duke it out on film.

  2. She’s obviously not just gonna dish out that her character is from the comics if she is indeed playing Talia. We’ll just have to wait like everybody else.

    • Exactly. The video means nothing. Anyone ever hear of lying?

      • Don’t they just usually say “I can’t talk about my character”?

  3. Marion looked like she was telling the truth. Convincingly.
    To appear that way and not be telling the truth
    she would have to be a great actress.

    Which of course she is.

  4. Im still convinced she’s playing Talia

  5. Lying…



      Normally the one goes with the other. lol.

      • Marion Cotillard: “The next statement is false. The previous statement is true.”


  7. She has a s*** eating grin on her face! Pardon my language but that best describes it. She is “lying”

  8. She better be lying because the rumors are more interesting than what just came out of her mouth.

  9. She can do whatever she wants to me. She can have me wrapped around any of her fingers. :)

    I recently just thought of her playing Rachel Dawes in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and those movies became incredibly better in my mind, especially The Dark Knight.

  10. Why have a young Ras Al Ghul play in TDKR and not have Talia in it? Why have a random character named Miranda Tate dressed like a member of the “League of Shadows”? MIRANDA TATE IS NOT A CHARACTER FROM THE COMICS BUT TALIA AL GHUL IS. Now as far as JGL being The Riddler, hmm maybe, and that would be a fitting end. She’s an actress she’s paid to lie and do it well.

  11. Well, Miranda Tate is not from the comic book. She is not lying. That does not mean she is not Talia. It`s just that Miranda Tate is REALLY notfrom the Comic. That`s what i think. :)

    • That makes sense.

  12. Lying! Why would she come right out and say it? I think she’s keeping us in suspense so makes us all want to see The Dark Knight Rises even more!

  13. I bet that she is just another Bruce Wayne/Batman love interest.

  14. She is actually playing R’as al Ghul. In the latest Batman film, the Lazarus Pit’s life-giving properties have an unusual side effect: They cause the user to change gender.

  15. maybe she isn’t familiar with the comics and thinks of talia as a cartoon character. a lot of people first heard of ra’s al ghul through the animated episodes.

    laugh at this, but someone has to play poison ivy to give bane his radioactive plant chemical injections…i really hope not.

  16. That’s just too bad. I was really thinking it’d be really her.
    I was even once convinced that Ms. Hathaway could certainly fulfill the role physically but Ms. Cotillard could trump her in acting the part. I was once even open to the idea of Ms. Hathaway playing Talia and performing above (or even beyond) everyone’s expectations… but yeah, there’s no evidence of that trait yet in both her older and current films. So Ms. Cotillard better be legit in saying it because Talia’s part could be better filled by somebody else in a future Batman film.

  17. Most of the comments on this covered it, so sorry if what I say is slightly repetitive. In the comic storylines for the past 20 years, the characters of Ras al ghul, Talia al ghul, Bane, and obviously Batman/Bruce Wayne were often connected. In the comics and even Batman: the animated series, Ras wanted Bruce to be his successor when he died, and be husband to his daughter. Talia was always torn between her fathers love and Bruces, as well as her back and forth involvement in their opposing missions. After the Knightfall/quest/end storyline in which Bane breaks Batmans back, and eventually heals and reclaims the mantle of Batman, Bane becomes Ras’ successor or Ubu (Ubu was Ras’ bodyguard, replaced many times by a new one, always a huge bald guy), based on his resume as being the only one to successfully defeat Batman and match Batmans’ intelligence and physicality. After a falling out with Ras, he eventually made it his mission to destroy all of Ras’ lazareth pits, the eternal life baths that served to extend Ras’ life and youth for centuries. In Batman Begins, Chris Nolan used the character of Henri Ducard, a throw away character from the comics who at one point, trained Bruce prior to becoming Batman in the art of tracking and hunting. They parted ways when Bruce refused to kill someone as his final test. These same actions were used by the movies’ character when Bruce was asked to perform his final task to be a part of the League of Shadows. The real Ras was pretending to be Ducard, to protect his identity, and Kent Wantananbe was pretending to be Ras to protect his masters’ real identity. If you remember Wantananbes’ appearance, he was bald, and big, and was undeniably Ras’ Ubu from the comics. And as Ubus come and go in Ras’ world in comics, Bruce fought the fake Ras/Ubu played by Wantananbe and was killed in action, only to be replaced again at the end of Begins when Bruces’ elderly female guest introduced him as Ras al ghul to once again preserve the true identity of the real Ras al ghul. The real Ras portayed by Liam Neeson returns to Gotham to squash Bruce and burn down his familys’ house, seemingly dies in his final confrontation with Bruce/Batman. So in hindsight, Marion Cottliard is this Miranda Tate character who works as a high up at Wayne Enterprises, who has an English accent like Liam Neeson did as Ras/Ducard, is now helping Bruce cope with his grief(either his parents murder or Rachel Dawes murder or both). C’mon. What easier way for revenge on him for his betrayal of the League of Shadows and her fathers’ demise than to masquerade as someone else and destroy his family’s company from the inside AND help her fathers’ second successor to Bruce/Batman, ‘Bane’ to destroy Batman. Any questions that she ISN’T Talia al ghul? Because if she isn’t……I have no idea what else to say. Besides, in the comics ‘Batman year one’ and it’s follow up, ‘The Long Halloween’ (the stories Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were moderately based on) Carmine Falcone was the mob boss that Batman, Dent/Two Face, and Gordon took down. Selina Kyle/Catwoman was involved in all these stories, including her own spin off comic ‘when in rome’ which was detrimental in those timelines. The interesting thing was it was speculated in the story that she was the illegitimate child of Falcone and his former/wife he left in Italy before his arrival in Gotham. So like Talia, her back and forth role as a force for good or bad is very interesting considering Batman took down Falcone in Batman Begins. Picture that. Batman and Catwoman vs Bane and Talia al ghul. Sounds accurate to me. And really hearkens back to family ties and alot of twists and turns. There is one thing I truly believe and it is that no set photos or video spoilers can reveal what Nolan and co. have in store for us as far as a a great story with a ton of twists and turns that we didn’t see coming. Forget Miranda Tate. We’ve only seen 1% of anything the fans/paparazzi have caught so far. This movie is going to destroy all expectations. :D

    • I love this comment.

    • shortin that up a little, short and to the point works better for most people, i don’t disagree, just sayin.

      • The length is fine. People are too ADD today, and they need to stop being so lazy and impatient and read something that’s just a litttttle bit longer than a tweet.

        What it does need, though, are paragraph breaks.

  18. I can’t wait til the moment that fanboys everywhere piss themselves when they find out that JGL isn’t the Riddler, Marion isn’t Talia al Ghul, JGL isn’t Robin either, Robin Williams isn’t Dr. Strange…

  19. can’t wait, best movie of 2012. couldn’t of pickled anyone better than tom hardy for Bane. the dark knight grew exponentialy on scale as for the first one went and it looks like it will happen again

  20. i dont care one way or the other who her charecter is. this movie will be BEAST weather she plays al ghouls daughter or not.

    • Beast?? The Beast is gonna be in TDKR?? He belongs to Marvel. Maybe you mean the Beast will make a cameo in The Avengers?

      Better yet, maybe the Beast can make a cameo in MAN OF STEEL!


  21. To quote a great line from a great movie, “She’s lying, whatever she says it’s not true”

    • toy story

  22. She is playing Rachel Dawes? No one knows, she survived the fire and had some cosmetic surgery, but is now there’s a secret to unfold, that will bind the movies?

    • No

    • Haha, I wish. I’d care more for Rachel, post-Gyllenhaal. And she’d be looking better than the Gyllenhaal Rachel, even after nearly getting blown to bits.

      Ah, how I wish that Cotillard had played Rachel in both previous movies.

  23. This young lady seems like a very smart girl…20 to 1 says she is still playing Talia al Ghul. She can easily play the psycho villianous…we’ve seen that in Inception. Kind of like how Liam Neeson was in Batman Begins. They are two of a kind…

  24. “Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, “a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham”.” ~ Wiki

    If you listen to her accent, I can see her playing Poison Ivy or Talia al Ghul.

  25. the comic books are for entertainment even though they`re only sketched graphics, aren`t they? would we be treating the comics like nothing by not filming something completely based on them?

  26. She’s lying. ;] Look at that smile!

    • Haha

    • I know right !

  27. JGL might be Azael…Marion Cotillard is in fact Miranda Tate, but she might be another villain not recntly spoken about like Harley quinn?? Just saying, Nolan has alot of tricks up his sleeve…

  28. Huntress?

    Anyway she should have been Catwoman not meh face, tini boobie, Hathaway