Marion Cotillard Not Playing Talia al Ghul in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

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Much of The Dark Knight Rises has already been spoiled – at least in part – thanks to a multitude of set photos and set videos.

We know what Batman’s new vehicle looks like, we know what Catwoman and Bane look like, and (SPOILER ALERT) we know that Bane and Marion Cotillard’s character are in cahoots.

As we’ve previously warned, pre-release details can provide MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Ever since Cotillard was hired to play the suspiciously inconspicuous-sounding “Miranda Tate,” speculation has run rampant that she is actually playing Talia al Ghul, daughter of Batman Begins’ villain, Ra’s. However, at the NYC premiere of Contagion, Cotillard vehemently denied that her character was from the comic books at all.

Courtesy of MTV Splash Page, when asked if she looked to the comics for background information about her character, Marion Cotillard said:

“Well, actually, it was not based off of a character in the comic.”

The interviewer was dubious, so he pressed her on the issue repeatedly – over and over again, Marion Cotillard insisted that she was absolutely telling the truth, and that her character was absolutely not derived from the comic books.

Check out the video and decide for yourself whether or not she’s telling the truth:

So what’s the deal here, Screen Ranters? Do you think she’s telling the truth? Do you think she’s referring to the Miranda Tate aspect of her character specifically? Or maybe she just doesn’t know enough about the comic books to comment in the first place?

Then again, it’s not hard to imagine that Cotillard might be a bit gun-shy with regard to revealing information about her character, especially after she referred to it as a “secret role” – a revelation that exploded across the blogosphere and served only to fuel the “Miranda Tate is secretly Talia al Ghul” fires.

At this point, the issue has been built up so much by both blogs and fans that it might be genuinely disappointing for Cotillard’s character to be anyone but Talia al Ghul. And it’s worth noting that one of the reasons this rumor has caught fire is that R’as al Ghul, at least in flashback, has been confirmed to make an appearance in the film.

So what’s the verdict? Is she telling the truth? Not telling the truth? Do you think she’ll end up playing Talia, despite what she says here? Let us know in the comments.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

Source: MTV Splash Page

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  1. ah yes, this “interviewer”.. in the old days, a reporter would ask a question, get and answer and move on. this smug little hipster clown “interviewer” is annoying from the very start… he’s the essence of “it’s SOOoo all about me, being cool by being condescending to these stars”… it’s a shame Bane couldn’t have popped this little bearded-hipster jerk’s head off his nerdy-boy shoulders, on camera.

    • This seems like a harsh response.

    • @Lucy:
      Calm down his tone was playful and he meant no harm. If you think THAT was the definition of a reporter going to far then you really need to wake up and join us all in the real world

    • My God, Lucy, why such anger? Don’t get me wrong because I DO understand your point. The MTV reporter was a bit smug. If it had been Clark Kent reporting for the Daily Planet all would have been reported properly. Kent is the best. Well, maybe second best after Lois ( played be the most beautiful and talented Amy Adams ).

      In Snyder We Trust!!

  2. Not a very good liar. You’d think she’d be more convincing, since she’s a fine actress. Cotillard has the exotic qualities to be Talia and I’m sure this Miranda Tate is just a cover for her.

    But an even MORE intriguing and exotic villainess is Faora in MAN OF STEEL, played by the sexy and alluring Antje Traue.

    Faora LIVES!!!

  3. I think a lot of people are basing their speculation on this subject on their own personal wishes.

    • Thank you! That’s what I’ve been noticing for months. It doesn’t even matter how illogical the preference is sometimes!

  4. Harley Quinn would tie in easily to TDK. Remember the Joker spoke about how he got his scars and had the one story about his “wife,” but who knows he also spoke about his dad giving them to him too….????

    poison ivy is too far of a stretch for the Chis Nolan universe in my opinion

    hell, maybe shes the Joker?

    • *hell, maybe she’s the joker…
      i meant the Riddler…i hate mondays

    • @Iceman – you are indeed on the right track here with the HQ character!

  5. I was not interested in Marion Cotillard playing the role of Talia, but the fact that she says that she’s not interested in the role makes me more interested in why she’s not interested in the role, which is more interesting the the movie so far. Chris Nolan is great! Batman 3 will be better than Batman Begins, but not better than The Dark Knight. There is always a character flaw and it’s usually the women in the Batman movies. Exceptions are Kim Basinger and Michelle Peiffer. Best Batman is Bale. Hopefully we start the next trilogy with the future batman “Batman Beyond”? Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis

  6. I smell B.S. just by looking at her game face when she was asked I hope Miranda Tate is a cover of surprise.

  7. Harley Quinn

    • Uhh ? Harley Quin without Joker ? not gonna happen !

  8. She is Talia no one else!

  9. She won’t be playing Talia. Bane is the main villain of this movie. Just read the Knightfall saga and you’d see that he’s too big of a character to share screen time with anyone beside Batman and Catwoman. Nolan usually does the villains justice, so by my count, Bane will be terrifying. Talia is just such a lame and useless character as far as this movie goes so far. If there is something surprising about the Miranda Tate character, than it’ll be way more exciting than Talia al Ghul.

    • And where do people get it in their heads that Harely Quinn might be in this movie?! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! only in fanfare….

  10. My only question is why, again, are white people playing the parts of Mongolian characters, aka, the al Ghuls? Would it kill Hollywood to at least fufill the roles with proper ethnic backgrounds or those who at the very least LOOK like the parts? Liam Neeson was offensive enough as al Ghul but now, this Spence kid and some pre teeny blonde playing his child? Might be a small argument but seriously, not asking for much here.