Marion Cotillard In Talks To Join ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Published 4 years ago by , Updated February 15th, 2014 at 4:25 pm,

[UPDATE: Cotillard is officially “in discussions” to star in The Dark Knight Rises.]

A previous rumor that French actress Marion Cotillard passed on the role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s final entry in his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, turned out to be little more that fluff last fall. Recent news of the her impending pregnancy seemed like the final nail in the coffin for fans hoping to see the Oscar-winner land one of the two female roles in the film as well.

Now there’s a legitimate foreign newspaper claiming that Cotillard will star in The Dark Knight Rises, which would reunite her with her Inception director – as well as costars Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine, and potentially Cillian Murphy as well.

Le Figaro claims to have the scoop on Cotillard, saying (and this is a rough translation):

“The actress, who is expecting a child in the spring with Guillaume Canet, will be scarce this year. She’ll do a single film and her choice fell on ‘Batman 3′. This blockbuster produced by Warner Bros. enables her to work with the director Christopher Nolan, with whom she had turned very successful sci-fi ‘Inception’.

“Marion Cotillard will join the filming this summer in Los Angeles. She will share the bill with Anne Hathaway.”

The third chapter in Nolan’s Caped Crusader saga has exhibited an almost magnetic attraction for purely speculative (or inspired by hopeful fans) “news,” with the latest bits revolving around Robin Williams as Hugo Strange and Robin appearing in The Dark Knight Rises. Until there’s an official notice on the matter, best to take your customary grain of salt and consider this firmly a RUMOR for now.

So what are the chances that Cotillard will play the love interest (or villainous?) opposite Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises? She backed out of David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis last month, reportedly due to a scheduling conflict – though many at the time speculated that it was more due to her expecting a child in the near future. If Le Figaro iss correct, Cotillard’s departure may have been due to her desire to instead collaborate with Nolan once more.

Inception production still 2 Marion Cotillard In Talks To Join The Dark Knight Rises

Ken Watanabe and Cotillard in ‘Inception’.

Since Anne Hathaway officially landed the role of Selina Kyle in Dark Knight Rises, there’s been much speculation about just what incarnation of the character will appear. Catwoman has traditionally been either a foe, lover or opponent for Batman (and sometimes a combination of all three), and will almost undoubtedly play some breed of femme fatale, opposite the titular masked hero. What isn’t so readily apparent relates to the persona of the other main female character in Batman 3.

Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins, remains a possibility to appear as Kyle’s counterpart, and also has a history of doing battle with the Caped Crusader on the streets of Gotham (and in the bedroom – see the graphic novel “Son of the Demon”). The involvement of Miss Ghul in Nolan’s final Batman pic could help with bringing Bruce Wayne’s personal story arc to a fitting conclusion, and further tie in to the events of Batman Begins to The Dark Knight Rises as well.

There’s also the chance that whoever ends up portraying the non-Catwoman female lead in Dark Knight Rises (be it Cotillard or someone else) could play a more standard love interest for Bruce Wayne, like Vicki Vale, or another new creation of Nolan’s, a la Rachel Dawes. Regardless of whether or not Batman has to match wits with two anti-heroines or just one in Dark Knight Rises, it goes without saying that his love life is about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Christian Bale1 Marion Cotillard In Talks To Join The Dark Knight Rises

Bruce Wayne, struggling to pick out a suit for his upcoming date.

Expect to hear an official announcement about the second female lead in The Dark Knight Rises in the near future. It’s possible that Cotillard has indeed landed the part, but until the news comes straight from Warner Bros. or the mouth of Christopher Nolan himself, color us skeptical.

UPDATE: Cotillard’s reps have confirmed that the actress is “in discussions [to sign on for 'Dark Knight Rises'], but nothing has been confirmed yet.” THR insiders are also saying that Nolan has held readings and meetings with the likes of Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts to over the past few weeks as well, but it looks like Cotillard is the current front-runner.

The Dark Knight Rises next summer on July 20th.

Source: Le Figaro (via Batman-News)

Update Source: THR

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  1. C’mon Talia!



  3. Inception 2.

    I’m hoping for Talia if this is true.

  4. its like inception 2!

    i feel that it’s too much even though i love her! but i’ll look forward to the rumors surrounding this film :)

  5. So Leonardo DiCaprio is pretty much the only cast member of Inception that hasn’t (or won’t) appeared in a Batman movie. Haha

    • It’s still early. :-D

    • Leo could still show up as Green Arrow.

      Don’t forget about Ellen Page.

      • on a no joking matter hecould actually play Oliver Quenn, he looks the part
        and also thinking about it two rich men wanting to buy a ocmpany or something could work but is way too much for one film i think unless if they made it about 3 hrs or something.

          • Umm… yeah. Nolan is not going to include Green Arrow in The Dark Knight Rises. I can promise you that.

              • However, Green Arrow wouldn’t fit into the realistic world Nolan has created. With all those crazy gadgets attached to his arrows and all. Granted, Nolan could alter him to make him more realistic, but don’t forget, this is a Batman movie – not a superhero team-up movie. I think it’s EXTREMELY safe to say that Nolan won’t be including any other DC superheroes in TDKR.

  6. Geez ok casting is getting out of control now. I have tons of faith in Nolan and Batman Begins and TDK are IMO the two best comic films ever made and among the best film made period for me however I’m starting to worry a bit here.

    There are so many big name actors and already a near full plate of criminals. Traditionally we have had Two super crimnals, a mob leader and small super criminal Cameo

    Main roges
    Scare Crow



    Two Face



    So with TDKR we already have Bane and Catwoman as the two mains. Then we know that JGL will be in it just not who he is and now with Marion possibly being in it I’m a little worried. These are all some heavy hitters and I have a hard time picturing either JGL or Marion being a simple cameo.

    I hope Nonlan isn’t trying to hard to do to much here.

    • Daniel, it’s not that many huge names if you think about it.

      Batman Begins: Bale, Caine, Freeman, Liam, Holmes, Oldman, Murphy and Tom Wilkinson.

      Wilkinson, Murphy and Liam are the villains.

      The Dark Knight: Bale, Caine, Freeman, Gyllenhaal, Oldman, Heath and Eric Roberts

      The Joker, Maroni, and Harvey Dent (to an extent) are the villains.

      The Dark Knight Rises: Bale, Caine, Freeman, Hathaway, Gordon-Levitt, Hardy and Cotillard?

      Hardy, Gordon-Levitt, Hathaway and possibly Cotillard are villains/femme fatales.

      • That doesn’t sound like a lot to you? That’s potentially 4 main rogues when 3 was pushing it in the past. Now we have 4 ? Nolan always made 3 work but you could tell that it was pushing it and they just barely worked it was easy to see one more character and the films would of suffered majorly.

        Now we have potentially four main rogues that’s simply to many. I was ok when it was Bane, Catwoman and potentially JGL but now with Marion possibly playing a major part i’m worried. Some characters will suffer for this unless it’s gonna be 3 and a half hours long.

        • Yeah but like screenrant suggested Gordon-Levitt may play Alberto Falcone (hardly a big foe for batman) who ends up teaming with Bane. So falcone can be merely an accessory and not a true main villain.

        • That’s true too.

        • You also have to remember that Dawes is gone. There’s room for a femme fatale to step in to the screen time that was previously allotted to that character.

          • she will probably just play a love intrest in talia is in it then who knows but this is Nolan were talking about not Brett Ratner so i think we can cool down about this
            I dont think its too many villains and is JGL even confirmed as a villain? i dont think so. we will see in a matter of time

  7. That is a bad photo of her.

    • the first one isnt. she looks so fine. she looked bad in inception.

      • hudson I agree completely I had no idea who she was when I was watching Inception, but kept thinking “This girl really isn’t very attractive surprised they cast her as Leo’s love interest”

        after seeing pics of her not in Inception she looks pretty good. Not the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but she looks pretty good just like the above pic, but in Inception she just looked awful.

      • The first one I think is unflattering, I’ve been a fan of her since I first noticed her in “Big Fish” as Dr. Manhattan’s wife, and she looked stunning in Inception, don’t know what’s wrong with you two.

        • I actually the think the first picture is rather nice.

        • god she was borderline ugly in inception.

      • Why would she look good in Inception? She played a mentally harmed girl with no idea of what was real and what wasn’t.

  8. And the hits keep on comin

  9. As much as I love all these actors, anyone else think the cast may be getting too big?

    It could work seeing how we don’t have Joker, Two-Face, Rachel, most mobsters,and possibly no Morgan Freeman

  10. I hope c’est vrai.

    Nothing would make me more happy than to see Cotillard in the movie. She was my first choice to play Catwoman. But now, given her pregnancy, I just want her to play someone in the movie.

    Is it possible that she’d play some substantial role? I don’t know if they’d wait around for her to get back in shape after her pregnancy to play a beefy role, so maybe she’ll just play a love interest? It’d be interesting to see her play someone like Talia.

  11. Wow. Add her and have Cillian Murphy return as the scarecrow… Then you would have 5 actors from Inception in TDKR. Weird…?

  12. I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but she could—if the rumor is true—be playing Gotham’s new district attorney… since the last one fell from grace, so to speak.

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that. That would make sense, and that could be a good fit for her. Since, if she’s actually cast, she would need time to recover from her pregnancy, and most likely couldn’t do a very physical role, such as a villain. But I’m sure she could handle being the DA.

      With all the focus on the villains and possible love interests, I hadn’t seen anyone else mention who’s going to play the DA.

  13. Le Figaro is a reputable magazine/newspaper. This news may very well be true and I’m hoping that it is! Cotillard is soooooo freakin gorgeous!

    TDKRises is aiming to be epic and Nolan wants to finish his Batman story strong!

  14. If only she was not pregnant.. i would have said.. she might have been Lady shiva ?.. as Batman is on the run now..

    and Joseph Gordon-Levitt might be Dr. Thomas “Tommy” Elliot.. without becoming HUSH

    • Lady Shiva is ASIAN. If anyone shoul portray her on screen it should be someone like Li Bing Bing or Kelly Hu.

      • But it’s the Hollywood way to whitewash roles, no matter how absurd it seems. And the mainstream masses not only accept such whitewashing, but they defend it, too.

        Many among them have ZERO problem with roles being whitewashed, but just give ONE “colored” person a role that’s not race-specific, and they go nuts, and complain about affirmative action and political correctness.

        It’s obvious what they’re doing, what they’re perpetuating, whether they know it or not. They’re brainwashed, and ultimately what they’re arguing for when they say “race shouldn’t matter” is for all-white casting.

        Because, as the Hollywood system is now, it’s still very racist with just about every single role being seen as a white one when it’s on paper, and for minorities to get a sizeable role, they have to beat down doors, smack some heads because the powers that be in Hollywood see absolutely nothing wrong with whitewashing race-specific roles.

        So, trying to inject some “color” into Hollywood isn’t racist, it’s NOT the same as trying to rally the wagons around casting and keep it all white. But minorities are up against a huge behemoth of racists who hide behind the excuse of money. Sure, for non-race specific roles, white will sell better in America, but when you have a movie about ninjas in feudal Japan, for example, it’s absurd to shoehorn whites in. That’s one of the big problems — rules, laws, plausibility and gravity are all bent to get whites into the picture, no matter how absurd the proposition.

        BUT, just throw in one “colored” person into a modern-day office space, that’s called political correctness or racism by the racial apologists.

    • She could be preggers in the movie too, Talia did have Wayne’s Kid , The new Robin, Damian

  15. I doubt she will be Talia, with everything else, the film simply couldnt handle dealing with Talia’s story, it would burst at the seams. There is enough going on with Bane and Selina/Catwoman.

      • The problem with that is there is no relationship with Talia in these films, I can understand wanting revenge on Batman for killing her father. You know, one day Nolan will disappoint you as he did me. He cannot keep up a perfect record, and threquels are well known for being a step to far, trying to cram in too much.
        I’m not saying that will happen. But it might.

  16. bring Her on she would be great as Talia

  17. The picture of Bale next to the costume higlights just how much I hate that design, it’s not the Batsuit, it’s just motorcycle armour. It’s so rubbish! The 89 Batsuit is a thousand times better that that!

  18. I hope they bring in Talia. It’s a good way to conclude the trilogy by tying this film with first film little bit.

  19. I think this is just a rumor…too many pl from inception in this already

    • You could equally argue that there were too many people from Batman Begins in Inception. But that would be equally flawed.

  20. Well goodbye to you Barney. You’ll be banned from this site in 5…4…3…2…1 See ya.

    • If someone up on high could now delete this comment, without the original frame of reference it looks like the ramblings of a mental case.

      • kinda does

  21. I’ve always disliked the idea of catwoman in this, been there done that to the nth degree… I know it was probably the studio that pushed for selina, instead of actually using a new villain. now this whole thing is starting to feel like SPIDERMAN 3.

    I think Avengers is going to knock Batman 3 out of the ballpark. That at least is intended to be a team movie, there are so many characters in Bats 3, but how about more on… get this, BATMAN! Have we heard anything on the direction Bruce wayne will go in? No, because its all about the villain of the week. Well when you forget about your main character, thats a bad sign.

    • That always seems to happen with Batman, he always gets sidelined for the villains. Happened in The Dark Knight too.

      Although, I disagree about the Avengers, that has epic mess written all over it.

      • “Epic Mess” as a good thing or a bad thing? Cause Epic is the only word written all over the Avengers in my eyes.

        • Epic Mess is a bad thing to me Merc. Nothing has greater potential to fail than The Avengers.

        • True. The amount of villains is maybe too much. The reason I love Batman Begins was because it focuses almost entirely on Bruce Wayne alone. But it is also true that Nolan is able to handle the amt of characters. Like in TDK, Bruce Wayne was facing Joker, Two-face, the mob and Scarecrow(a little bit) while having a relationship with Rachel and competing for her affections with Harvey. And whilst TDKR may face an overload of villains I believe that the Avengers will face an overload of heroes. Both movies have a huge cast, now its up to the directors to juggle around with their actors. I believe that Nolan can do it. Remember what ppl say about Heath being the Joker?

          • @ Jonny

            What does Heath Ledger have to do with Multiple character’s in this film? That was TDK so im kinda concerned about how Nolan goin with this 3rd film. Spidey 3 never had as many villains rumored to appear as people complained about it having.

    • @ Pitt Man

      Id say that could be possible come to 2012. Both films are highly anticipated as far as i know. But Avengers is no reboot film. After seeing TDK knowing about whats in store in TDKR so far, my friends & i are at this point more anxious to see The Avengers slightly more.

      • Star Trek 2 is the one I’m looking forward to the most in 2012.

  22. Apparently, she is going to play Bruce Wayne’s love interest. Which is interesting because I thought Selina Kyle was going to be the love interest in the film.
    It is obvious she is going to be Talia, but I think what would work well, is if both the audience and Bruce Wayne are totally unaware of who she is, so it would maake the revelation quiter something. Or that she doesnt know Burce is Batman.
    Somehting like that. I don’t know.

    • I think the real devil in the details is Catwoman will be much diffrent than we have seen her in previous films.

      • I’m sure it will all be very different to what we have seen before, I still worry about over crwoding though.

        • Nolan does a great job of putting villians in movies with out the bagage of who they are and what made them.

          Scarecrow, Joker, Raz.

          All three where presented as who they where. I don’t expect much of an issue, I also agree with you that Talia will be a mastermind who isn’t presented as a villian until the end of the film.

          • I think that is the way to go, because while we will know who Talia really is, a regular audience will have no idea what is coming! It would also be cool if they could convince Neeson to do a flashback scene.

    • wouldn’t it be possible for bruce wayne to have one love interest and batman to have a separate one. kind of fits the whole dual personality thing. good girl/ bad girl and catwoman kills the good girl..

      • Not sure how that plays out, but I imagine we will see Catwoman as a vigilante in this movie who breaks Batman’s one rule.

        How the love triangle goes is anyones guess.

        • I sure hope not I’ll lose a little bit of respect for Nolan if that’s the case. Catwoman is not a killer. Its just not who she is.

  23. This movie is shaping up to be outstanding. Could Chris Nolan disappoint? Sure.
    Generally though Nolan writes the stories then fits the characters in it where he can.
    That has been the huge success we have seen in the past and I expect the same in rises.

  24. Anyone else hoping for a Cotillard/Hathaway love scene?

    • Id like to think that we’re a bit higher minded than that.

      But yeah, that was one of the first things that came to mind.

  25. Darn it…I always miss the purple dinosaur’s comments….

  26. Seems like TDKR is becoming an Inception Cast Reunion. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  27. I guess i’m the odd man out in hoping to see Naomi Watts. But in a weird way it’s better for me if she is not cast in the movie because I can not concentrate on anything else when she is on screen…

  28. ugh, i dont like her, she was so annoying in inception…

    • agreed !!!

  29. Hopefully there’s a twist, and sexy Marion is actually Catwoman instead of not so sexy Anne Hathaway. After all, there was a similar identity twist in Batman Begins that involved two big stars.