Marion Cotillard Confronts Rumors About Her ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Role

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Ever since Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard signed on for The Dark Knight Rises (reuniting her with Inception director Christopher Nolan), there’s been a good deal of speculation about who exactly she is playing in the Batman trilogy finale. Even after it was officially announced that Cotillard had been cast as “Miranda Tate”, that did little to weather rumors that her character will have a secret identity in the film.

THR recently did a piece on Cotillard, wherein the actress spills a few details about her part in Dark Knight Rises – while also (seemingly…) shooting down a longtime rumor about her character. Suffice it to say, you should not read on if you wish to avoid knowing anything else about the highly-anticipated blockbuster.










Here is an excerpt from THR‘s report, which concerns Cotillard in Dark Knight Rises:

All [Cotillard will] confirm is that, contrary to some fans’ belief, she does not play Talia, the vengeful daughter of Liam Neeson’s character, Ra’s Al Ghul (who also appeared in ‘Batman Begins’), and that she takes the role of Miranda Tate, an ecologically minded businesswoman who “is fascinated by Wayne Enterprises. They go through difficulties, and she wants to help provide the world clean energies. She’s a good guy.” But does she stay that way? “Yes,” she insists.

Now, there are a couple ways you can take Cotillard’s statement (assuming she’s not just flat-out lying):

  1. Miranda Tate, as suggested by the third Dark Knight Rises trailer, really is little more than a glorified love interest for Bruce Wayne (a la Rachel Dawes from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight). That also means that the actress’ previous claims about her DKR onscreen counterpart being “not based off of a character in the comic” was completely true after all.
  2. Cotillard is playing “Talia al Ghul” – that is, a character who has ties to the League of Shadows (and Bane?), but falls in love with Batman and sides with him by the conclusion of Dark Knight Rises. In other words, a version of Talia (with a different name) who proves to be less conflicted about where her loyalties ultimately lie, than her comic book counterpart usually does.

Honestly? Right now (to this writer, at least) that second option seems like too much of a stretch, especially when you consider how much Cotillard’s character has been downplayed in the Dark Knight Rises marketing to date – compared to, say, another enigmatic supporting player like Joseph Gordon-Levitt as cop John Blake.

If Miranda Tate does prove to be little more than a Rachel Dawes replacement, that could prove to be for the best – especially since she’ll therefore serve as a proper foil to Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), whose allegiances look to be constantly shifting throughout Dark Knight Rises. Plus, it would help to ensure that the film doesn’t suffer from the same villain overload that has severely weakened previous comic book flicks (Spider-Man 3, looking at you).

But could there still be some misdirection going on, here? We’ve heard stories before about the casting of a young Talia al Ghul – or, perhaps, just the daughter to Ra’s (Liam Neeson, who is confirmed for the film).

Is it possible that Dark Knight Rises “won’t” feature Cotillard as Talia – just like Iron Man 3 “won’t” feature Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin?

Lastly – if Miranda Tate is just an innocent bystander, then what exactly was she getting up to in these Dark Knight Rises set videos? Is she a rebel Gothamite, standing up to the masked terrorist? Or the ringleader of the siege?

All those questions will be answered at last when The Dark Knight Rises arrives in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012. In the meantime, feel free to debate this matter in the comments section.


Source: THR

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    • Sounds like a young Bane

      • Yep, young Bane.

  1. Perhaps the young Talia scenes and/or Ra’s scenes belong to Bane’s back story, linking the three movies together in a manner unrelated to what we were shown in Batman Begins.

  2. I say mis-direction. Or, liar liar, pants on fire! :-D

    • Misdirection from the house of actors who frequently work with the director of The Prestige? Hmmm. I wonder if she was ‘acting’ when she gave that interview. :)

  3. Ecological business woman=Pamela Isly aka Poison Kvy, but she isn’t being Poison Ivy. Her alter ego will be changed.

  4. I hope she is lying. There’s enough story with Bane and Catwoman while still having to focus on Bruce. Having another villain, and then having to spend time explaining her origin and connections, seems like overkill and a time waster.

  5. But there is a chance she isn’t lying, you never know.

  6. On one hand, she seems genuine and VERY insistent that she is NOT talia. Nolan, Cotillard, Warners, all say she’s not talia. As far as what has been officially confirmed, talia does not exist in nolan’s movie.

    But on the other hand, there’s the talk that this movie will bring everything full circle, and talia would work excellently with the plot. There’s the rumors/somewhat-confirmed that Liam Neeson will in fact be in TDKR (whether in flashbacks or the present), so that too would work well with Talia. There’s the clear physical resemblance between Talia and Cotillard. There’s Joey king, Cotillard’s younger twin, who spilled the beans that she’s playing a Young talia. There’s the fact that Talia’s father had a secret persona in BB, so it wouldn’t be crazy if his daughter did the same. There’s the fact that Cotillard is an oscar-winning actress and it’s not so likely that she’s playing a simple love interest (although Natalie Portman was one in Thor. And Nolan himself uses Freeman, Caine, and Tom wilkinson in somewhat minorish characters, but whatever.) And, of course, the biggest evidence, there’s the set photos of “Miranda Tate” wearing a military-esque robe, being flanked by armed guards, and climbing into the tumbler.

    So, reviewing all of the facts, I’m pretty damn sure she’s Talia. At the very least, she’s an original Nolan character who’s somewhat similar to Talia. There’s some doubt creeping in here, as Cotillard seems insistent, but then again, she’s a great actress. She can lie very well. And Nolan is great at misdirection. She’s probably Talia, and this is just Nolan planting the idea in our heads that she isn’t talia. :)

    End of my rant. And of course, it’s all IMHO

    • Actually, more thoughts:

      Maybe, this is just Chris Nolan planting the idea that she IS Talia.

      Arthur:”Don’t think of elephants. what do you think of?” Saito: “Elephants.

      Cotillard/Nolan/Warners: “I’m not Talia. Who am I?” Fans: “Talia.”

      Maybe Nolan is getting us to focus on Cotillard, having everyone think she’s Talia. Maybe even the set photos and the Joey king interview were staged (although that’s kinda a stretch.) But maybe this is misdirection to get us thinking that Marion is talia, but then when the movie comes out, we’re sidelined by something completely different. Like, anne hathaway is actually talia. Or Marion is bruce’s sister (I know they kissed, just throwing out ideas here.) What i’m saying is, maybe something completely unexpected will happen, and we’ll all be blown away.

      • I had that same theory about Anne Hathaway, too. I like the way you think.

        • Thanks bro. Just trying to think outside the box here.

      • She was Talia…

        Most of the movie, she was just a very well played, sexy love interest with some backbone… but near the end, I picked up on it (without ever knowing the comic books in any way).

        When Batman is thrashing Bane, he sends Talia (err, Miranda) to guard the door. As soon as that happened, it all clicked for me. I’m a suspicious skeptic kind of guy. I KNEW she was about to hit him from behind… (she used a knife up close, very very well done, I might add).

        It all made sense. Bane was always one step ahead, and “Talia” was in the best possible position to be a traitor. Also, my suspicions were piqued the instant I saw that scar on her back in the fireplace scene. I never truly trusted her after that. Just a hunch, really. It was easy foreshadowing. They wouldn’t have let you see it if they hadn’t intended to use it.

        Also, it explains how Bane was aware of everything… We all just “assumed” he had a stellar intelligence gathering network of some kind. Or, you just got the impression that he was borderline psychic with an amazing genius intellect. Turns out the holes in the back story played out real well.

    • I couldnt agree with you more dude..I know she is Talia in TDKR!

  7. No, Marion Cotillard is not ” Talia.”

    No, JGL is not “Robin.”

    • Very eloquent

    • wrong! lol

      • Heh… Yeah, I caught the “Robin” vibe after he talked with Bruce about how he always knew who he really was. I just thought that this would be the last installment, so I really didn’t give the idea too much thought. After all, there wasn’t supposed be another movie to showcase Robin’s character.

        That said, he’s the very first Robin character I’ve ever liked. I always hated the others, and generally got the feel that it was always way too campy to have Robin around. Too many “original” batman sitcoms in my past to shake it, I guess.

        Now, with this series, I am both impressed and genuinely gratified by the “real-world” feel. The dark approach is just perfect. And the storyline has been perfectly written and directed. I’m looking forward to another one! As long as they do it right like all of these.

        As a side note, I just feel sorry for all the villains to come.

        Bane was perfectly written and played. He was scary, intimidating and, in a word, “Formidable”. I would have given him top pick accept that I was also impressed by the genius of Talia’s twist.

        But they both, quit simply, couldn’t hold a candle to Heath Leger’s Super Nova-like Joker! That performance was EPIC! No comparison by anyone in history on any type of show, ever! I could be overstating it, but I definitely do not say it lightly.

        I love movies, and above all, a great story that tricks me (I usually figure out the plot, the secret bad guy, and all the twists 5 minutes in… I’m almost psychic… my family put a gag order on me during movies because they are tired of me ruining it for them), and villains well played and acted.

        But the Joker was the best of this series, and more than likely has no chance of being beaten by the rest, no matter what. He sold his soul to the part, and it cost him his life. Even HE isn’t around to do it better … or mess it up!

  8. Thus far Nolan has been pretty good with misdirection. He seems to love it. Tells us one thing then give us something completely awesome!! Since Ra’s is going to be in the film, Talia will be too. And let us remember, Talia has been a love interest to Bruce Wayne. They even played on that in Arkham City. So I say yes, misdirection, she IS Talia.

  9. I can’t see her being anyone but Talia Al Ghul… with all the plot rumors going around, it just makes the most sense.

    I doubt JGL is Robin though – that just seemed like a silly theory from the start.

    • I’ve heard that JGL is playing a John Paul Valley type character. Granted that is completely unsubstantiated, but could be interesting.
      For those of you that weren’t into the comics John Paul Valley is who Bruce Wayne picked to replace him as Batman while he was recuperating from his broken back received at Bane’s hands. Later, he became known as Azrael.
      Again this is totally unsubstantiated, and personally I find it unlikely. Just something I heard.

      • I also thought he might become Azrael…
        All I know is, it would be VERY lame if JGL is just ends up being an NY city cop throughout the entire movie ;)

        • You know where all this NOLANS SECRETS crap started? Inception he doesnt keep to many secrets and he isnt that clever HES BORING I mean the movies are good but Nolan doesnt care about what the fan boys want to see just what serves his vision of the story. He keeps secrets cause he believes a person should go into a film knowing nothing about whats going to happen like the old days. HE WAS ONLY secretive about inception because of its unique premise and the over all mystery of the film. He was pretty much straight forward with TDK (of course we knew two face was going to make an appearance remember the promotional campaign photos with dent holding up somthing in front of one side of his face? pretty obvious.) fan boys have some how got it in there head that Nolan is the king of secrets. when he has NEVER KEPT ANY we know about the bat we know banes the villain and we know catwoman is in the film. THERE ARE NO SECRETS> get over it. Sorry had to be said.

          • But… what if there ARE secrets?
            Sorry, I just had to say that ;)

            In all seriousness, if that’s the case (and we just get a bunch of actors playing useless characters that aren’t in the comics), then I’ll be pretty disappointed though.

            • Heny ducard… that was a secret.

  10. At this point if she was not Talia then a lot of fans will be disappointed. Otherwise she’s just another Rachel Dawes = who cares.

  11. Marion Cotillard is Talia, the ‘clean energies’ she talks about are used by Tom Hardy (Bane)
    Joseph Gordon Levitt becomes Batman 2.0 for a time period taking up the role of Batman, a shot in the trailer shows a batman with a different lower facial structure.
    Anne Hathaway is simply Rachel Dawes 2.0 also playing Catwoman. They only introduced her to be a love interest and take most of the battle of Batman, same with Joseph Gordon Levitt portraying the view of a good cop in a bad city.

    • Evidence?

        • That would realistically follow the Knightfall storyline

        • No offense, but i think you see what you want to see.

        • Shiny, I agree with you.

          • Yea thats Bale dude. look at the lips its Bale.

  12. I’ve said since the day the rumors started that it’s very unlikely she is Talia and I’ve also expressed how much I hope she isn’t. It would be a terrible mistake to bring Talia in to this and I’m happy to find out they didn’t.

  13. I live in Pittsburgh and watched from a distance as she ran down the steps in the redish jedi robe and she was climbing out of a tumbler, then she is along side of gary oldman in an ally with a gun when bane’s cronnies come out of no where with guns drawn. She also had a phone in hand looking like she text’s someone and all of a sudden Bane’s muscle shows up??? I talked to someone on the set and Bane and Batman fought twice in Pittsburgh once on the steps in trailer 2 and 3 not when bane is looking frustrated in the end of the trailer that was in new york and so that makes it 5 times the fight that we know off, 1st when he is in jail and gets but wooped 2hd with the broken cowl, thrid on the steps of the jail, fourth another fight which I’m guessing that was shoot in Pittsburgh, 5th New York when the group of cops and big group of thug’s run at each other and then for the 6th and final time at the end. That’s at least 6 great fighting scene’s ahead and hopefully Catwomen and Tali will have a few to??? All the way she is Tali. We have no Idea what is going to happen we have only seen wht the three trailers have given us but in the 3rd it’s combined with the second so if you break it down we have only seen 4-5 min of this film minus the prolouge, so after that itg’s 9 min, total if that. I talked to a cerain indivdual when they were here in Pittsburgh and he said that this is Chris Nolan’s best film yet I promise you. After he told me that I was floored and pissed because this is hislast batman for a couple years

  14. Also if you have heard Nolan say he wanted Batman to be tested both mentally and physically what better way than Batman getting the s*** beat out of him and him slowly Rising to be the ultimate and most constructed Batman that we will see. I’m sad that this will be nolans final Batman so to all of us fans enjoy it because July 20th will be here before you know it and then that’s it, and we will be sorry and overjoyed at the same time because Nolan can deliver and if the cast say’s it’s epic then we assume it will be biblical hahaha Can’t F-in wait….

  15. If you watch the videos she looks like she’s up to something so I think she’s not being completely honest.
    But what else can she do? Tell us everything?
    So I’m ok with a little misdirection.

  16. I don’t see how she can’t be Talia. Why bother puting her in the movie then? its just space taken up if she’s not Talia

  17. She has to be secretly Talia. Just how Ra’s went under the name Henry Ducard as Liam Neeson was credited.

  18. Her description of the character made her sound like a version of Poison Ivy.

  19. “They go through difficulties, and she wants to help provide the world clean energies. She’s a good guy.” But does she stay that way? “Yes,” she insists.”

    Sounds like a good cover up for Talia. Nolan might be trolling us with this info.

  20. She’s pretty much the April O’Neill type, not the Gotham city girl.
    I wonder what she’s going to bring (if anything) to the table :P

  21. SO all those shots of her with machine guns, marching with Bane’s army, getting in the tumblers…

    Plus, damn she’s smokin hot!

    • indeed she is

    • She doesn’t look all that good to me.

      (puts on glasses)

      Never mind.


  22. She is a beautiful girl. I could look at these pictures all day of her. Need to find someone like that. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin now :D

  23. I predict Bane destroys her vagina, then kills her while Batman watches. Batman then goes to train with Apollo Creed to Eye of the Tiger song & returns to the ring to finally beat Bane and avenge his GF.

    • If he can’t protect his girlfriend, he’ll be damn sure to avenge her.

  24. ecologically minded businesswoman – i think that pit is a toxic waste dump linked to wayne enterprises and she is going to be on his rear about the environment.
    i have a feeling bruce waynes problems may affect the batmans performance and get in his way.

    and what about permits to build on his property, supposedly wayne manor will be done at the start of the movie, doesn’t mean she doesn’t question his use of materials. personal and business alike.

  25. JGL is really Talia.


    • Now THAT’S what i call thinking outside the box! ;)

    • Plot twist!

  26. If she ends up just being bruce waynes girlfriend id be shocked. But it would remind me a lot of the comic books I’ve read if she wakes up in the morning and bruce isn’t there inbed with her

    • she’s his unknown daughter claiming his financial empire

  27. I hope she is Talia, it will be interesting to see how Nolan uses her in the film- I can only dream that she is represented as a strong woman who can match Bruce Wayne indomitable will. And will it really hurt to show them get intimate? I think it would be realistic if they do become a couple(no nudity of course is a PG-13 film) but i can’t see Nolan doing that maybe just a kiss. I cannot imagine a person as fit as Bruce Wayne that will not want to have sex even with all the discipline he has. Even with all the things that he has lived thorough he is still human with needs. maybe Bruce needs to learn from Tony Stark on how to get laid…

  28. An ecologically minded businesswoman ??

    Do I smell a future Poison Ivy…perhaps ?