Rumor Patrol: Did Marion Cotillard Turn Down The Role of Catwoman In ‘Batman 3′?

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[UPDATE: After some digging, help from Twitter and updated information, it seems this story is most probably bogus.]

So far, Christopher and Jonathan Nolan have been tight-lipped about the villain(s) facing off against the Caped Crusader in Batman 3.  A casting grid leaked last July indicated that The Riddler will be the antagonist in the third Batman film, but no new information has emerged since then.

Now, an intriguing casting rumor has popped up in the wake of Chris Nolan’s official confirmation as the director of Batman 3 and it involves his Inception star, Marion Cotillard.  The French actress was reportedly offered but declined not one, but two roles in Batman 3 – specifically, that of either Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman) or Talia al Ghul, the daughter of the now-deceased Ra’s Al Ghul from Batman Begins.

There has long been speculation that Catwoman would appear in Nolan’s third Batman pic, with the likes of Angelina Jolie and Emily Blunt rumored at one point as possible candidates to play the sleek anti-heroine.  An Oscar-winner like Cotillard would certainly be a major contender for the role, even if she had not already worked with Nolan on his previous film.

ComicBookMovie broke the story that Cotillard turned down the offer to appear in Batman 3 – due to concerns about the planned shooting schedule for the project.  The site has since removed that report, apparently at the behest of Warner Bros. – that alone strongly indicates that there is more to this story than just idle speculation.

catwoman collage Rumor Patrol: Did Marion Cotillard Turn Down The Role of Catwoman In ‘Batman 3?

The many different faces of Catwoman.

Catwoman has been brought to life by many different actresses over the years, including that of Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt, and Michelle Pfeiffer (yes, we are intentionally ignoring Halle Berry’s incarnation of the character).  The sinewy and gymnastic cat burglar is without a doubt the Caped Crusader’s most famous love interest and Batman 3 seems like the perfect opportunity to introduce the character – given that Batman is now considered an enemy of the law himself, after the events of The Dark Knight.

Talia al Ghul is a lesser known character, to those outside the comic book community; though’s she too has been one of Bruce Wayne’s most dangerous love interests. Talia was even the mother of Bruce’s son, Damian, in the DC Comics Universe. Like Catwoman, she is generally portrayed as a physical match for Batman, having been trained in several forms of martial arts. While there was no mention of Ra’s Al Ghul having a daughter in the final cut of Batman Begins, she is referenced in passing in the film’s official novelization – so her appearance in Batman 3 is not entirely out of the question.

Talia al Ghul Rumor Patrol: Did Marion Cotillard Turn Down The Role of Catwoman In ‘Batman 3?

Talia al Ghul from the animated Batman series.

Michael Caine revealed recently that Batman 3 will likely begin production around next May, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to learn whether Catwoman, Talia al Ghul, The Riddler, or possibly all three of these villains will be appearing in Nolan’s third Batman adventure.

Any one of these characters could make for an excellent opponent for the titular masked vigilante in his next outing – though having all three on-board would certainly raise concerns that the film will suffer from villain overload a la Spider-Man 3.

So – which of these dastardly types would you like to see appear in Batman 3?

Source: Comic Book Movie (via Script Flags)

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  1. I find it interesting that peeople think The return Of Ras doesnl fit the realism of Nolans universe .
    This is the same Nolan who had The Joker running around Gotham General dresed in drag planting explosives while nobody noticed.
    And this is just a few days after The Joker in full makeup killed somebody in a Fake batsuit and videotaped it.
    He was ON THE NEWS! and yet nobody knotices him in a nurses uniform even though the entire city is on the lookout for him.
    so given that, after establishing that Ras MIGHT be immortal in BB,
    I dont have a problem with him coming back.

  2. ok.. giving what you said on one hand, and immortality on the other hand.. and you say they both is just as unrealistic? yeah.. no.
    however, i think people wont go “oh my god thats just retarded” to Ras being immortal, but you cant say that immortality is on the same level as the joker dressing up as a nurse and no one noticing him no when it comes to realistic.

    • All the doctors and nurses were responding to an influx of a large amount of casualties ( I don’t know the technical term for that, btw ) while Joker was making his way to Dent’s room. That’s why no one cared or was trying to stop him. That’s one of those small observations that you have to forgive. The writers and directors of complex movies can’t possibly explain every scenes’ branching possibility of events to convince nitpicking audiences that the story can still be told and it’s entertaining.

  3. what I am saying that Nolan will establish what is realistic in his own universe.

  4. I always thought Nolan’s interpretation of Ra’s being immortal was that he was never the same person – when teh first one died early on, Neeson took over as the new Ra’s, I could be very wrong on that.

  5. My feeling is that he left it open to interpretation.
    Also , didnt Nolan Get upset when he heard That George Miller wanted to use Talia in his failed JLA film?
    That would suggest Nolan wanted to at least have the option of returning to the word of Ras.

  6. THe Cat and The Bat.
    Perfect Combination.

  7. Talia al Ghul offers way more story directions than Selina Kyle, although if this is truly Nolan’s last film I wouldn’t be shocked if its Viki Vale as she opens the possibility for a happy ending.

    • That would be retarded, Viki Vale.

    • Roguex that would be epic lol. I don’t want catwoman in this film but I’ll consider paying for that… Especially to see the hello kitty belt.

    • HAHAHAHA that would be the best!

  8. Someone on screenrant said they wouldnt see this movie if catwoman was the villain. Who said that?!

    • not me, i’d still watch it if Nolan decides to do mr freeze lol

  9. Longshanks
    that’s why I say Bane and Black Mask but please god no Riddler it would hurt the film. If it becomes official that it’s riddler I’ll have no anticipation for the film.

    On a side note when I typed God my phone auto corrected it to be GPS. Rofl I love my phone even more now it’s an atheist just like daddy lol

      • So a horrible crappy character can’t hurt the film? The riddler has always sucked be it a live action Tv show a cartoon or a movie and even in the comics. Riddlers best moments are when he is used for only 2 or 3 panels. He is an awful character and always has Been. People know who Penguin is as well doesn’t mean we should use him. Just because a character is well known doesn’t make him good.

        • I’m not saying he’s best character but with Nolan’s directing and the right actor he could be great.

          • I always thought of the Riddler as one Batman’s greatest of his rogue gallery. He’s cruel, cunning, and intelligent. Now you put that villain in Nolan’s hands and you got a villain.

            • How could anyone thing that merc ?

              He is cheesy, annoying, and nothing more than a glorified petty thief. He’s intelligent but he wastes that intelligence. He isn’t cruel he almost never hurts anyone and he has the amazing ability to be smart and a bumbling idiot at the same time. Batman even admits in the comics he is mostly a joke. The riddler in the decades he has been in comics has never once been scary, exciting and never has he possed a real threat other than in Hush where he was the mastermind who only appeared in 5 panels. That’s the only way he could be used. If he has a very small part as the hidden mastermind behind it all fine but once Batman gets with in a hundred feet of him he is always in jail the guy almost turns him self in. He screws up his own plans, he’s a coward and he has no strength or fighting skill what so ever. The only chance he has are his cheesy over the top traps that never work and only buy him an extra 5 mins. He has never been a challenge.

                • Batman existed long before the batman and Robin fiilm. The comics were already dark , serious and gritty Nolan didn’t create that he adapted it from the comics he adapted it very well but it was still from the comics. He didn’t have to transfer it from Batman and robin he simply pretended that didn’t exist and read a few comics.

                  Riddler needs a lot more work then to be made edgy the only way to make him decent would be to change every aspect of the character then it’s not really the riddler any more is it? He would have to change every detail of the riddler to make him a decent lead bad guy and if he is gonna do that he might as well create his own character because If it’s gonna be good it can’t have anything in common with the riddler. No interpretation of the riddler has ever been good or ever possed a real challenge to batman unless he played the man behind the curtain that you only see at the end. When he is in the spot light he fails. There is a reason out of the top 50 Batman stories you never see Riddler in the spotlight except maybe once. The greatest story ever to have the riddled was Hush and he played the man behind the curtain pulling the strings. You only see him in the end when batman traces every thing back to him.

                  I love how every one goes on and on about how smart riddler is but he’s realy only good at puzzles heck it took him decades to discover who batman was Bane did it in about a month.

            • h,the best batman villain is and always will be the joker,then the riddler….

          • He could be great if you changed his name, changer his look, changed his personality and just about everything else. Then again he wouldn’t be the riddler

            • LOL the riddler is my second favorite batman villain what with all those riddles and such….

            • Mate you’ve already said that twice. I’m getting sick of reading you whinging about the Riddler. GET OVER IT!!! Nolan is such a genius, he could bring integrity to any character he wants. If you don’t like it make your own movie and see how well you go. It hasn’t even been officially announced yet so you’re crapping on about something that is potentially pointless anyway.

              • Karl you know what I’m sorry. I’ll tell you what I’ll give you an amazing and excited oppertunity. If you want I will allow you to simply not read my comments. Exciting right?

                Ok now I’m done pretending like I care how you feel about my opinions. I don’t much enjoy reading people crying about people who complain. It’s just as annoying if not more so than the person who complained in the first place.

                • Daniel,

                  I don’t get why you don’t think the Riddler could work. Look at what Nolan did with Joker? Made him into a character completely like anything we expected.

                  He could do the same with the Riddler. Hell, Riddler could be inspired by Joker in the film.


                  • Vic,

                    100% agreed.

                  • Vic how is that comparable ? Joker was already a great character and Nolan didn’t change much at all about him especially not his personality. Nolan mostly only changed his looks. Joker has been great in every thing he’s been in.

                    Riddler is not the same however he has always been a piss poor character. For Nolan to make him good he would have to drastically change the character which would not even be The Riddler anymore.

                    Riddler has always been nothing more than a petty thief in a costume. He doesn’t really hurt people much at all he isn’t good at crime it’s never a challenge for Batman and his gimmick is really dumb. Guys like Riddler and Penguin give comics a bad name. There is a reason why none of Batmans greatest stories feature riddler in the spotlight. Even Batman thinks he is a joke. Riddler has been lame a crummy in every adaptation he has been in even in the animated series which did well on just about every thing else.

                    • Daniel,

                      Great points. I guess the only counter argument I could give is look at what Favreau was able to do with Blacklash. :-)


                    • Won’t let me reply to you Vic so I’l reply to my self

                      You have to remember that what Favreau did with that character was essentially create an entirely new character. He combined two characters from IM’s history to craft a new one. I would also add that it’s not the greatest of examples since that character didn’t get as much screen time as it should of gotten and the only thing that made that character watchable was the fantastic actor playing the part. If Nolan were to use that as inspiration that would essentially go right back to my point that it’s no longer the riddler.

  10. How can anyone suggest Hush? Hush wasn’t a great bad guy by him self he was a mediocre bad guy with a great back story and a great story around him. For him to be in this film you would have to strip away what made the hush story great. Change his background won’t work here. Robin and nightwing don’t exist they are gone. Nope can’t use supes nope can’t use 389 different bad guys. Jason Todd / Clayface? Nope. What do we get? A random guy in bandages. Exciting.

    No hush

    • Robin could be introduced into the 3rd film. Maybe not ROBIN Robin, but Dick Grayson maybe. And Nolan can use Croc and the Riddler. Except Croc shouldn’t be a main antagonist. Just a crazy strong man (perhaps a lacky) that can throw a man through a wall.

      • But no not Hush. Great villain. Too complicated back ground to be used.

  11. People who say Hush, have you read the comics? They would have to do another 2 movies adding villains before they did a third with him in it. And any villain in Bat’s “sci-fi” rogue gallery wouldn’t work. Nolan will stick to the gangster villains.

  12. Black Mask would fit very well into the Nolan trilogy. I could see him shown as kindof the antithesis of Bruce/Batman, being in Gotham high society (maybe funding the new DA’s campaign) but running a crime syndicate under the Black Mask persona.

  13. Why does everyone hate Hush so mich? I think its intriguing. Nolan has to look at basically 4 characters for this movie: Tahlia Al Ghul, Catwoman, Black Mask and Hush. All of these would be perfect in Nolan’s world. My only problem with putting The Riddler in the movie is that I worry that whoever plays him may borrow too much from Heath Ledger’s Joker. Its easy to do because The Riddler can easily be played as completely insane in a anarchic Joker way. That’s my concern with it.

    • Jess it’s not that we hate hush in fact he’s in some of my fave batman stories. It’s that he just doesn’t work in these films everything that makes the hush stories great can’t be done in these films. The only reason the character is interesting is his back story and connection to Bruce it’s already been established Racheal was really his only friend and with out the back story hush is a random crappy character in bandages it takes all the substance and the entire point of the character away to include him.

    • How would either of those work in Nolan’s films? haha

  14. I’d like to see something completely new. We’ve had the ‘old’ stories and characters, now let Nolan give us something completely warped, dark and thrilling. Move the series into new territory that future generations will look back as ‘Classic Nolan’. If we stuck to old concepts, we’d never have had Inception, Memento, Prestige etc. Go crazy Chris! No ‘love story’ Cat – if she has to come back, then make her vicious, with sexual tension, but ultimately too warped even for the Bat to deal with.

  15. Black Mask and Catwoman! Those 2 would be perfect for the final film. I say NO to the Riddler because he’s way to similar to the Joker.

  16. Jennifer Garner needs to play Catwoman!!!!!!!!!1 All of you have got to watch this youtube video called “Bring Me to Life Elektra/Batman”. It’s a video of a story about Elektra meeting Batman, but as you watch it, think of Jen Garner as Catwoman. This is AMAZING!!