Marcus Nispel Talks ‘Conan The Barbarian’ Remake

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conan remake Marcus Nispel Talks Conan The Barbarian Remake

Awhile back the Conan The Barbarian fan site Conan The Movie Blog sent out a list of fan question to director Marcus Nispel (Friday The 13th, Pathfinder) about his upcoming Conan remake. Much to their surprise, Nispel answered back!

In the “exclusive interview” Nispel discusses how he views Conan as a character, what made him take on the remake and why this modern version has to be different from the 1980s film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Conan fans be sure to check it out.

Here are a few choice snippets from the interview:

How important is it to you to stick to the Conan character of the original [Robert E. Howard] stories?

The character of Conan is what most attracted me to this project. He is the last of the reality-based superheroes and the most unapologetic one at that. I find that refreshing in these politically correct times.

What are your thoughts on the previous Conan films? What did you like or dislike?

The original “Conan” movie was written by two master storytellers, Oliver Stone and John Milius, giving us a tough act to follow! Their movie also features the best beheading ever in a major motion picture. Besides, perhaps “Let the Right One In”, which is another perfect example of creativity over special effects.

Like all movies they have to be understood in the context of the time they were produced. Our collective consciousness changes every generation, though and we can’t step into the same river twice. “Conan the Barbarian” was initially released in the disco era, on the heels of “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back”…Today is a different time entirely. As a society, we are more cynical in times of depression. We have been overfed with high gloss and contrived CG imagery and seek something we can grasp. As our consciousness has shifted, so will the image of Conan.

Later in the interview Nispel addresses such concerns as whether or not the sword fighting in the film will be Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon pretty or violent gritty and what themes of the original Robert E. Howard stories will be brought into the remake. You can check out the interview in full by going here.

I like the sound of Nispel’s Conan. From what I’m gathering, his approach will be less flashy CGI f/x and more a throwback to the days of good substantive filmmaking. Personally, I need a Conan The Barbarian movie to have the feeling of sweat, grime and blood – not sterile green screens. Plus, audiences would be able to smell the stink of a 300-wannabe version of Conan from a mile away. Too much CGI would likely be a death-knell for this remake.

For now, check out the interview with Marcus Nispel and let us know what you think in the comments.

Conan The Barbarian is tentatively slated for a 2010 release… But we’ll see if that holds.

Source: Conan The Movie Blog

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  1. I agree with you totally, Kofi. I hope they pull this off.

  2. Conan is a superhero…?
    And reality-based?

  3. I trust Nispel to put a visually arresting Conan movie on the screen. I’m sure of that from watching Pathfinder.

    What Pathfinder makes me unsure of is whether Conan will have a good story. Pathfinder felt tacked together and unsatisfying.

    If they get a good script, it’ll be awesome.

    Interesting that Nispel knew the word “melancholy,” but had to look up “mirth.” He is a strange dude. And I mean that in a good way.

  4. Who the F will be Conan? Roland Kickinger looks and sounds exactly like a late 20′s Arnold only taller and has even played him in the Run Arnold Run Tv film. Hope they don’t go with some dipsh*t wrestler in the starring role. Maybe in supporting roles though like Ben Davidson and Sven Oley THornson in the first film. Hulk Hogan as Rexor

  5. Ha!! Checked IMDB and Roland is listed as rumored to play Conan. Cool

  6. I wonder if they will use the Conan graphic novels as a reference. This would be a good idea because it will give them a better grasp on who Conan really is and perhaps even a viable story line. My vote for who should be Conan…Sam Worthington. Though he may need to get a little more ripped. Probably won’t happen anyway since he’s busy with the Clash of the Titans remake.

  7. Bring back Arnie! Lol jk

    the rock?

  8. I hated Pathfinder’s story, but it looked good. Unsure if any of the battles were memorable. The more recent Outlander movie was much better. At least Nispel knows Conan is not about effects but gritty action and STORY. Maybe he’ll get a better script handed to him this time.

  9. I would like to see some indication that he has glanced at the Robert E. Howard stories.

  10. I like what I’m hearing so far – Nispel’s head looks to be in the right place for this project.


  11. Drasko Andjic is the best choice for new Conan

  12. I dunno PATHFINDER SUCKED. Friday the 13th was meh. I’d rather he do Conan the Rave-arian as done on you tube before he soils Conan the Barbarian with mediocrity

  13. Nispel tried to do a Conan like film with Pathfinder and it did not work out. I say let Milius get the money to make King Conan with Arnold!
    Conan the Barbarian might be from the ‘Disco Era’ but it still holds today for its brutality and realism. 300 is nothing compared to Conan the Barbarian.

  14. Give Conan movie again, to Mr Milius to do justice with his “King Conan: Crown of Iron” second draft script.
    Were we can see armies in shiny armour marching over dead bodies and keep on fighting for his life.
    If King Conan done by Milius it will smash the box office and be the top of high action fantasy adventure even will outdo Lord of the Rings.
    Arnold can finish off his loincloth were he is crowned as a king.
    He is off Governor next year; even James Cameron wants him to do True Lies 2. Before going to that direction he can beef up, in his come back to his old roots and finish off what he had in his pipeline before he went to office.
    Marcus Nispel might be a good director but does not hold up with John Milius visions.
    And I tell you that this new Conan it won’t be that of a success as was in the era of the 80’s.
    Nispel does not have the knowledge been military expert, he will not make it as it suppose to be made.
    Milius has a mastermind vision of a director, when come to directing in his ability he show that he is Sergio Leone of America.

  15. Forget Milius! Conan belongs to his creator, Robert E. Howard. Any of the original tales is far better than the Arnold movie.

  16. Though I am excited to see Conan remade it’s hard to imagine anyone replacing Arnold in that role. I really hope that they keep it gritty & barbaric…hence Conan THE BARBARIAN. I don’t want to see Conan the Ninja..

    I’m a little concerned now. :(

  17. We could certainly use a throw-back to Robert E. Howards’ true Conan. The Conan of that great Hyborian Kingdom. That bone twisting, face-splitting, demon-fearing, blood-letting, kingdom taking Conan. Some of you out there know who I’m talking about! You spent a lot of hours reading those great original and uncut literary masterworks that told it all. Just take it back to the REH novels, with all the grit and sorcery, and we’ll have one great movie…A true Conan movie! There’s a lot of great material that makes up the mythos of Conan! So take it away Mr. Nispel!! We’re counting on you!

  18. Please give us a great Conan movie that Robert E. Howard deserves. Please give us an actor who can pull the character through—from the classic novels to the big screen!

  19. I’m just suprised they are making a new Conan film, but like so many print to screen journeys, butcher it and we’ll butcher you!

  20. I’m a product of the times of the Original Conan the Barbarian film with Arnold. Comics were a major fascination in my childhood – I still have hundreds of them. In the late seventies, my uncle got me interested in body building and of course, Arnold was king of the ring! In saying this, it was easy for fans of both realms to make the connection and appreciate the final results on screen.

    Now in this new era of boy toys and thinner is inner I see a derailment coming! I just hope the powers that be don’t get to “Twilight-y” in the new interpretation. Because 1, the only people anticipating (negatively of positively) this release are people who know the “history of this franchise & appreciate the blood, gore, grime and brutality of the first film. Because 2, my kids & most others for that matter don’t know and could care less about Conan. They’re gonna have to do a MAJOR marketing campaign to bring Conan’s story to the forefront so that the new generation will “get it.” Otherwise, judgment will be left to people like me who already HATE the casting of the new Conan!

  21. ALL CONAN FANS! Tyler Bates created this soundtrack, and is leading a discussion at the Grammy Museum Aug. 15th @ 8pm. It’s only $15! You all should check it out, it’d be well worth your time.