6 Movies We’re Looking Forward To: March 2014

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March 2014 Movie Preview 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

After a very strong movie-going season (overall) in February, we now move onto March – a month that is becoming more and more reminiscent of a summer movie-going month. In a lot of ways, March is now like a lesser version of April, which, in turn, has transformed into a lesser version of May. By that we mean that the upcoming month has a surprising amount of high profile releases – sequels and potential franchise-starters – that have caught our eye. But like the summer, there are some films releasing this month that could either be huge money-makers or complete duds; it all depends on the turn-out.

Either way, with a schedule that boasts a biblical epic, a comic book adaptation, and a muppet movie, March is sure to satisfy an eclectic set of tastes. Without further ado, here are the 6 movies we’re looking forward to in March.


300: Rise of an Empire (Release Date: March 7th)

March Movie Preview 300 Rise of an Empire 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

There’s no Gerard Butler, no Zack Snyder, and it’s not based on an actual comic book. But still, 300: Rise of an Empire makes the list because of its predecessor’s legacy. Not only did the first 300 inform new styles of filmmaking and cinematic adaptation, it put several careers on the map. It was a slick, violent, action-packed epic that did its best to stay true to the source material.

Rise of an Empire, on the other hand, seeks to focus on the same conflict of 300, only from a different perspective. There are still Spartans fighting, only this time they are up against Artemisia (Eva Green)…in addition to the god-king Xerxes. If 300: Rise of an Empire can equal its predecessor in terms of style and action, it should be a fun piece of popcorn entertainment. But with many of the original’s key creatives not around, this could also be a serious disappointment.

Watch the trailer for 300: Rise of an Empire.


Need for Speed (Release Date: March 14th)

March Movie Preview Need for Speed 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

After his Emmy-winning turn as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, most figured that Aaron Paul was destined to headline at least one blockbuster film. It just so happens that the film he picked, Need for Speed, is also the first in a forthcoming batch of video game adaptations. But while Need for Speed might be based on a video game, it has much in common with the Fast and the Furious franchise – cool cars, practical stunts – that it might be able to escape the stigma oftentimes associated with game adaptations.

Still, there is a lot of weight on Need for Speed‘s shoulders, both in terms of video game adaptations and Aaron Paul’s future as a big-name actor. Breaking Bad was a huge TV hit, but oftentimes that doesn’t translate into box office success. Our time on the film’s set has us plenty intrigued, but whether audiences will turn out is unclear.

Watch the trailer for Need for Speed.


Divergent (Release Date: March 21st)

March Movie Preview Divergent 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

The latest in what seems like a never-ending series of YA adaptations, Divergent marks the closest we might come to the next Hunger Games. By that we mean Summit Entertainment has copied a lot of Hunger Games‘ winning formula, from the talented young headliner (Shailene Woodley) to the celebrated director (Neil Burger), in the hopes of duplicating Katniss Everdeen’s massive success.

Divergent‘s premise – a dystopian future where young teens are placed into factions based on their virtues – is intriguing, as is its cast. By all accounts, this could be a hit. But, as we have seen time and time again, even the source material with the most devoted fan base doesn’t always work as a feature film. For every Twilight there’s a Mortal Instruments or Beautiful Creatures.

Watch the trailer for Divergent.


Muppets Most Wanted (Release Date: March 21st)

March Movie Preview Muppets Most Wanted 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

Honestly, you had us at another Muppets movie, but thankfully the folks behind the original weren’t satisfied resting on their laurels. Rather than retread old material, Muppets Most Wanted introduces an entirely new human cast, while hopefully still retaining most of the charm of the original.

In a lot of ways, Muppets Most Wanted reminds us of The Great Muppet Caper in both its globetrotting plot and overarching mystery. Yes, it’s still The Muppets, but that doesn’t mean the story has to be any less entertaining on its own. Throw in Ricky Gervais, Tiny Fey, Ty Burrell, and more songs by The Flight of the ConchordsBret McKenzie, and we’re in.

Watch the trailer for Muppets Most Wanted.


Noah (Release Date: March 28th)

March Movie Preview Noah 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

As far as March goes, you would be hard-pressed to find a film more highly anticipated at Screen Rant than Noah. At the same time, a big-budget retelling of the biblical flood story starring Russell Crowe and directed by Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) may be a cinephile’s dream, but it’s not necessarily the type of movie that will do gangbusters at the box office.

The film does, however, have a lot in common with last year’s Gravity – Oscar-winning star, big name director, visual effects extravaganza – and the hope is that Noah will find just as much success. Unfortunately, predicting how audiences will respond to these types of films is never easy. If the film is on par with Aronofsky’s other work (i.e. a critically-acclaimed awards show contender), we hope that will be enough. We’ll have to wait and see.

Watch the trailer for Noah.


Sabotage (Release Date: March 28th)

March Movie Preview Sabotage 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

If there’s one subject matter writer/director David Ayer (End of Watch) knows better than most its gritty cop stories. He brought the genre into the modern age with Training Day, and has continued to put out good work at a decent pace. To be fair, his latest film, Sabotage, looks to lean a little more heavily on the action side of things, but when your cast includes the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington it’s hard not to.

However, what adds a little more intrigue to Sabotage‘s story is its alleged roots. While not a direct adaptation, the film is reportedly loosely based on Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None, about a group of 8 dinner guests that start dropping off one by one. In Sabotage, those dinner guests are traded for DEA agents, and the overarching story has been appropriated to fit Ayer’s sensibility – but the hope is that this story will be equally as intriguing. All in all, the film sounds like it could be a cool action flick.

Watch the trailer for Sabotage.



Need for Speed Mustang Car Chase 6 Movies Were Looking Forward To: March 2014

While The LEGO Movie certainly set the bar high for future 2014 releases, there are a few films hitting this month that could make a run at the number 2 spot. If Need for Speed can drum up even half of what the last Fast and Furious did, then it will have secured its place as a growing franchise. The same could be said for Rise of an Empire and future 300 films. And hopefully Noah makes at least enough money that Darren Aronofsky continues to get to make the films he wants to make.

Again, here are the 6 March releases we’re looking forward to:

  • March 7th: 300: Rise of an Empire
  • March 14th: Need for Speed
  • March 21st: Divergent, Muppets Most Wanted
  • March 28th: Noah, Sabotage

Which films are you looking forward to this month? Which March releases do you think will find success at the box office?


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  1. you don’t include The Raid 2 Berandal ?

    • Exactly that’s the only movie that belongs on this list.

    • Yeah, I thought that was coming out this month. *shrugs*

  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Zero Theorem for me in March.

    • why you gotta rub it in that the UK gets it earlier…:D

      • Haha.

        Think about it though, you guys always get the big trailers when movies release over there later.

        We never got the shawarma scene at the end of The Avengers, we never got the Cap trailer with Thor 2, we won’t get TMNT’s trailer with Cap 2. We don’t even get Superbowl ads during the Superbowl, we have to look them up online a week later.

      • You know,it’s funny and smart that Marvel release all of their movies outside of the US first,just to make sure that they generate as much interest as possible in their movies.

        Once the movie is out overseas,then the early reviews roll in,which doesn’t matter to fanboys because they are going to rave about it no matter what for the most part,then it just sends the fanboys here in the US into more of a frenzy to see whatever movie than they already were in.

        I hate to say it,but it’s very smart on their part.

  3. I really loved the first 300 but I think I’m gonna pass on this. Wake me up April 4th will Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out.

  4. Divergent is going to BOMB!

  5. Wow, slow month. Sabotage and that’s it…

  6. What no Veronica Mars movie? That been on my list since the date announcement.

  7. I’m gonna check out everyone of them, except for Divergent ( I’m not part of the demographic that movie is aiming )
    Oh, also The Raid 2.
    Btw, there are no comedies out in March.

  8. Grand Budapest Hotel??? Probably going to be the best reviewed of the month

    • Hey, that movie’s releasing this month too!?
      Thanks for reminding me! It looks… really really intriguing! :D

  9. My pick for the month… Muppet and Noah. And depending when my country will premiere it (Thor 2 opened surprisingly very early here), Cap’s Winter Soldier is a definite must watch!

    I watched 300 just because a friend who used to be close liked it, but I never dig the whole concept. So now that he’s went to oblivion, no need for me to see the sequel.

    Need for Speed? Later when it hits the home video. Divergent and Sabotage? No thanks, that’s for another audience but not me :D

  10. Think I’ll go check out 300 with my dad for some good action, little worried it won’t live up to the first. Need for Speed i hope is good because I love Aaron Paul. Noah looks amazing. Divergent – next twilight, enough said. Muppets, no brainer, but I’ll probably wait until blu ray. Sabatoge actually looks decent as long as Arnold is more serious than campy.

  11. I’m anticipating none of these.

  12. Muppets(I hate the real life actors that have been cast in the main roles, JASON SEGEL COME BACK!!!) and Noah, maybe. The rest, meh.

  13. Saw the trailer for the 300 sequel.

    It was the exact opposite of the original trailer, in that it makes me NOT want to see that film (I would watch the trailer for the original 300 over and over prior to release, because it was just an exiting thing to behold).

    Seems like whoever threw the new one together just did a piss poor job trying to emulate Snyder’s style, and in a few scenes seems to try and do exactly what he did visually, but to lesser effect.

    Going to pass on this sequel.

    • I will watch it eventually but not at the theatre, after seeing the infamous kick that Butler did, not once, but twice in the trailer (maybe it’s standard Spartan kick training?). That alone kinda warned me of how unoriginal it will probably be.

  14. I saw Need For Speed at an advanced screening a week ago, its a LOT better than the trailers make it look. Its by no means perfect, but I’m definitely excited to see it again.

    • From the trailers, it looks absolutely terrible. So many wannabe dramatic shots that just look downright cheesy…

  15. Rise of a Empire has definitely grew on me the last month so i’ll catch that in theatres and hope it’s good and better than the first.My friends and co-workers no doubt will see Sabotage on five dollar Tuesday.This might be Arnold’s comeback right here even though Last Stand was good but the majority just wasn’t interested.

  16. Fingers crossed for ‘Sabotage’ simply because it is Arnie in a David Ayer film. Alas, the pattern suggests it is a David Ayer Hollywood film. Would’ve been uber intriguing had it been another ‘Harsh Times’/’End of Watch’ (as opposed to my absolute fear of it being another ‘Street Kings’).

    ‘Noah’ perhaps. No doubting the ability of the director and he is finally getting the budget he has been dreaming of since not getting it for ‘The Fountain’. Plus, it has not been audience tested so it is all Aronofsky.

    As for the films not mentioned, ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ and ‘The Zero Theorem’ all the way.

    • Are you living in the UK or the US?

      If the former, how do you manage to get movies a week earlier than UK release since you mentioned Noah? Curious so I can use whatever method you might use in future because it can get annoying wanting to talk about a movie but it already released in the US 4 months before and everyone on the site has moved on from the discussion.

  17. The Raid 2 should have been tops on this list. That and The Grand Budapest Hotel are my two favorites for the month.

  18. Gotta give it up for 300 sequel the first one had guys getting kicked into pits and pushed off cliffs I wasn’t sure I wanted to see this new 300 until I saw the trailer some crazy chick talking about let’s dance on the backs of dead greeks now I’m ready to see this chick slice some throats.

  19. Captain America, The Raid 2, Sabotage and Noah.
    Maybe The Muppets….maybe.

    • Raid 2 and sabotage for sure, but I thought captain america 2 will be released in april not march unless the date has been changed.

      • My bad. I thought it was the 26th for Aus but its April 3rd. :(

      • It’s March 26th in the UK, April 4th in the US.

        Basically, you get Noah on the day we get Cap 2 then you get Cap 2 when Noah opens in the UK.

        It’s weird.

  20. Grand Budapest & Raid 2 should have made this list.
    Divergent & Muppets should have been left off.

  21. Even though Snyder is not directing because he chose to direct Man of Steel instead, the 300 franchise is still very much, his baby. if this movie does at least as well as the first one, you know he will be back to direct the third if he isnt busy doing a Man of Steel 3 or Justice League movie.

    300: Rise of an Empire is hands down, my most anticipated movie for March 2014.

  22. I am going to watch:

    300: Rise of an Empire

    None of anothers.

    Those will be my list for Blurays only. No Movie theaters for me. Also, Noah is inaccurate story but I will watch it.

    • That’s because Noah is based on Aronofsky’s comic book, not the Biblical version (which itself could be absolute BS if you compare it to other Flood Event stories from non-Christian cultures).

  23. Dont you technically look forward for all movies yet to come out.

  24. In the beginning, God sayeth, Noah is going to pull cray-cray biblical numbers.

    Verily I tell thee that it will get the fandom for strong Russel Crowe, wise Anthony Hopkins and the angelic Emma Watson (she who was, and is, Hermione Granger).

    By it’s Grace it will get the ‘apocalypse’ crowd who just love to see the world end on the big screen. Can I get an AMEN!!!

    Before THY kingdom comes, thee will without a doubt get the action movie horde, and maybe even some of the ‘drama’ gentiles thanks to the ‘dream’ scenes.

    Through righteousness, thee will also get the ‘Christian’ crowd, which is a huge number. Nay, ’tis not the ‘Bible thumper’ people that will show up. Like lambs to the alter, those tens of millions of people who consider themselves Christian, but aren’t all that religious, will flock to this movie because it will make them feel more ‘faithful’.

    Thus sayeth the Lord, our Gary…

  25. the only movie ill be watching in march is captain america the winter soldier

  26. Just one tiny suggestion to the list writer (and to ScreenRant).
    You mentioned in the section concerning 300: Rise of an Empire, that:
    ”’There are still Spartans fighting, only this time they are up against Artemisia (Eva Green)…in addition to the god-king Xerxes.”’

    Spartans are not fighting in that film (or in those battles), but Athenians, led by Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton).
    If you could just correct that mistake in the text, it would be good.

  27. For me, the only theatrical lock is 300: Rise of an Empire.

    I’m also interested in The Muppets and Need for Speed, but might wait on those.

    Noah is very intriguing…but I’m not sure how or when I will see it.

  28. Need for speed, Noah, and Divergent, hopefully. I have read the book of Divergent and if they can make the movie half as good as the book (which pleasantly surprised me by bearing very little resemblance to the Hunger Games) this could be a fun franchise to see.