Marc Webb Is Directing ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′; Emma Stone In Talks

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 Marc Webb Is Directing Amazing Spider Man 2; Emma Stone In Talks

Sony was banking on The Amazing Spider-Man to prove popular enough to kick-off a new trilogy, but for months now there’s been uncertainty about whether or not director Marc Webb will be along for the ride. The filmmaker committed to making a second feature for Fox Searchlight – which backed his directorial debut on (500) Days of Summer – prior to his part in relaunching the Spider-Man live-action movie franchise.

Fox has been anxious for Webb to fulfill said agreement, but reports emerged a couple months ago that the studio might allow Webb to instead move ahead next with Amazing Spider-Man 2, so long as he extends his agreement to two films. It would appear that such an agreement (or something like it) has been struck, as Webb is now confirmed for the web-slinging sequel.

Columbia Pictures has confirmed that Webb will be directing the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, with Andrew Garfield returning as the ‘modernized’ version of super-powered Peter Parker. Studio president Doug Belgrad issued an official statement on the matter, saying “We could not be more confident in the direction we are taking this new Spider-Man storyline and we are tremendously excited to be ramping up production again with Marc at the helm and Andrew continuing on as Peter Parker. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for Peter and Spider-Man with audiences worldwide.”

Amazing Spider-Man, as our Kofi Outlaw put it in his review, was a solid, but not spectacular, reboot of the franchise that laid the groundwork for a “much bigger, better, Spider-Man movie universe to come.” Webb, in other words, proved more capable at putting together an engaging drama about teenage life, than he did elevating Spidey’s once-told origin story into a truly-remarkable 3D superhero blockbuster. Expect that to change with the sequel (for the better, that is).

emma stone amazing spider man Marc Webb Is Directing Amazing Spider Man 2; Emma Stone In Talks

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Several directors dove headfirst into the world of expensive comic book movies – then, returned with a superior sequel, including Bryan Singer (X2: X-Men United), Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) and even Webb’s predecessor Sam Raimi (Spider-Man 2). That trend, as indicated before, could continue with Amazing Spider-Man 2, since Webb likewise will be returning with a better idea of how to construct a superhero film that’s big on both style and substance.

Columbia, with its confirmation of Webb’s return, has also announced that Emma Stone is in talks to reprise her role as Gwen Stacy opposite Garfield in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Those ongoing negotiations, however, should essentially be thought of as a formality at this time, seeing how it’s unlikely that a deal with Stone will fail to materialize (case in point: she’s already looking ahead and discussing Gwen’s fate in future Spider-Man films).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is being scripted by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Jeff Pinker (Fringe, Lost), working from a previous draft written by James Vanderbilt. It is scheduled to reach theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: Columbia Pictures

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  1. Did anyone else thing the Amazing Spiderman wasn’t that good? It wasn’t a bad film, but I left the cinema in 20 seconds thinking ‘meh’ and the film was gone out of my head in the next 5.

    • think*

      • My expectations weren’t very high so I ended up enjoying it.

    • I really enjoyed it a lot, equal to if not more than the older version. garfield was easily the superior peter parker/spider-man.

      • I agree, Garfield knocked it out of the park. A vastly superior Peter Parker AND Spider-Man.

        Also, the live stunts were such a big improvement over the first three movies. They just need to keep the same tone and follow up with an even better movie. I think Webb and Garfield can pull it off, ESPECIALLY if/when they kill off Gwen Stacy.

      • I think he did a better job as Parker but the whole attitude he had in costume came off as more of a smart-*** jerk than witty and snarky.

    • I feel the same way. I like the story & the characters but I wasn’t amazed…

    • It wasn’t Green Lantern bad but it wasn’t good. Sloppy production IMO.

      I guess he can only improve, but I thought his direction was annoyingly slackadaisical.

      • agreed

    • I was definitely hyped to see it. I liked enough of it and I’m a big Spider-man fan – huge one…but honestly this movie felt like it was more of a set-up for the next film than a great movie all by itself. Just felt like it wasn’t enough.

      I think they put too much of the spectacular moments into the trailer so the movie wasn’t proportionally quite as exciting. But I’m definitely looking forward to the next one for sure. And am I the only one who really wants to see this version of Spidey face the Rhino??

  2. they need to make kraven’s last hunt. that would be the spidey movie that would rival the dark knight

  3. As a life-long fan of Spider-Man since the 70′s, I thought the way they depicted Peter Parker, the action/fight scenes and the the overall tone of the movie was an improvement over the original. He’s a science geek who rigs some web shooters, a smarta$$ in costume and an awkward nerd at school. All well done.

    The writing and direction were a little off… that needs to be improved for the next one. I’m really excited to see what Webb comes up with next.

    • I don’t want to see any of the villains from Raimi’s movies.I would love to see Kraven,Mysterio,and I would love to see Tombstone.

      Good thing about Spider-Man is that he has a ton of villains,probably more than Batman,so there’s no shortage of what they could do.

    • I hope they bring back the same kind of Doc Ock – same actor, same GCI – and put it in Webb’s world. It would fit. Otherwise, I’d want to move on.

      • For someone named the realist you are not being very realistic, they would obviously have to reboot the character. Thankfully spidey has a big enough rogue gallery for them to move on to different villains and make this series stand on its own.

  4. It may have taken a step back on the EPIC scale, but the reboot needed to happen. Raimi’s Spidey had half the personality and twice the camp that it needed, and that needed to be addressed before making Spidey’s world even BIGGER. (See SM3 for proof that epic does not equal better.)

    In a summer with films like AVENGERS and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, it’s easy to knock the superhero flick that feels closer to an indie teen romance. But those films had their not quite so epic build up as well, and it was those quieter films that made the epic battle mean something.

    Peter Parker, is at heart, just a good-hearted but naive kid who fell backwards into an epic world, and that’s why people love him. The most recent film was what it needed to be, his first step into that world, with enough seriousness and introspection to make it matter.

    The epic is coming. It it’ll be even all the more awesome because of it’s finely crafted first act. Just you wait.

    • People are entitled to like this movie, and I’m fine with that. But it seems like there is a sizable minority that did not. I didn’t like it and I think the series will get worse as it goes along.

      It was a pretty unoriginal story, already told, and then clumsily assembled in the final product. The Raimi movies are models of storytelling efficiency by contrast. This movie inspired me to add SM 3 to my collection. It’s a lot of fun. It’s obvious that the studios insistence to include Venom (while fanboys were rabidly cheering as I recall) hobbled the production and forced them to rewrite the script to introduce new characters and elements. It’s not the best. However, it efficiently told at least five entire stories (not satisfactorily I’ll admit), where Amazing Spider-man struggles to tell one already-been-told story, and dropped a few plotlines on that.

      I don’t know what went wrong with it, but I think Webb may have been directing a low-budget indie romance while the studio panicked and insisted on adding more action and money. Long ago the proposal was for multiple, quickly produced, lower budget movies that focused on the characters more (frankly I think they wanted to make a TV show, only Sony doesn’t have the rights for that). The budget ballooned along the way. The movie, to me, meanders and sputters (like a sensitive indie film). These facts and impressions are what tell me that there was a lack of any singular vision guiding the production. Webb is new and green and the studios pushed him around. If that changes, then maybe the movies will improve. I don’t think it will, but time will tell.

      I enjoy a meandering indie film as much or more than the next guy, but a “fantasy” movie requires tighter direction in order to introduce extraordinary elements. So either Webb needs to conform to that concept or the studious need to let him make the movies he has in mind. They might not be huge hits, but they would be better than the mishmash IMO.

      For the record, I would be all for lower budget, quickly produced movies that focused on characters. I absolutely love the Raimi movies and think they distilled Spider-man perfectly (at least in the first two), but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy a different interpretation. Raimi made Spider-man a huge star to the rest of the world. There wouldn’t be the chance for these kinds of Spider-man movies otherwise. IMO Spider-man WOULD make a fantastic TV show. But to me ASM suffered from an identity crisis. If they can decide on a clear direction, they may prosper. I doubt they will.

      For every few fans who loved ASM there’s one who didn’t, and another who had major reservations. That doesn’t exactly bode well for future box office.

      • You make some very valid points, and you make them very coherently, (which is always good to see in a forum), but where you see inefficiency and lack of cohesion, I see a better representation of the world we live in. I think it largely depends on what you expect out of a film.

        I re-watched CABIN IN THE WOODS last night. I love the film, and think it’s a hysterical challenge of the horror genre. But a friend told me when he saw it in theaters, an audience member got up, screamed at the film and it’s “stupidity,” then at the rest of the audience for watching it, before stomping out.

        I think this is an extreme example of the fact that most people don’t like having their expectations challenged. This isn’t a slight against them, it’s just a fact. It’s the reason why the original and finely tuned SCOTT PILGRIM tanked in the same weekend that THE EXPENDABLES spawned a franchise.

        I still think most of the people that had a problem with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will come around once the series builds up some steam. They just need some time to warm up to the new way’s it’s blending genres to be more than just another cookie-cutter superhero movie.

        • It could have been much better.

          Movies can use “inefficiency and lack of cohesion” to the effect of mirroring the real world, or better yet, to reflect the psychology of a character in a given situation. “Martha Marcy May Marlene” is an excellent recent example of this. It jumps around in time and perspective, creating confusion for the audience, and helps them share the mindset of the characters. Movies can even experiment and let this happen serendipitously. But again, a movie with fantasy and sci-fi elements doesn’t have the luxury to do as freely. It can’t take “the real world” as a given. It has to establish a new world. Any effect ASM had was accidentally, and frankly IMO, generously granted by an audience anxious to like it.

          I do think this movie shrived to be more “real-world.” But the effect was uneven and I don’t think it worked. There was too much full-blown fantasy to it. Oscorp was this hi-tech science center with 3-D holograms everywhere (common and essential lab equipment). The villain is a giant lizard. Honestly I just don’t know how dark-and-gritty one can go with Spider-man. Raimi kind of hit the right tone with the cartoonish world of bank robbers dressed in black and melodramatic personal and romantic entanglements.

          I could go on and on (and I have before on this site), but it simply didn’t work. I don’t think it even managed to actually tell it’s own story within in the confines of itself, but lazily relied what the audience brings with it’s knowledge of Spider-man and other movies. Specifically it doesn’t really tell the story of Uncle Ben and Peter’s guilt. It takes forever to tell it but doesn’t really do it. It simply goes through the motions.

          If there was some purpose to this I’d be more forgiving. But it looked to me like a sloppy storytelling. Compare the first Raimi Spider-man to this. That movie had the origin of the hero and villain 80% done in the first twenty minutes. It introduced a ton of fleshed out characters, including Daily Bugle staff, friends, family. ASM introduced half as many, and a lot of it still feels hokey.

          There is plenty of time and ways to turn this series around and make it great. I simply don’t see it happening. Time will tell.

          • Thank you for saying it better than I ever could.

  5. choose of the top 10 best action directors of all time


    I hope elecrto will be the next villain… afterall, if you saw the end credits, that guy got in the cell and left the cell via lightning (I assume because it was off camera).

    Give some other villains time to shine, Vulture, Kraven, Rhino, Shocker, and other villains that werent in the movies before, someone who isnt as famous as Green Goblin or Venom. Unless they do the story arc where Gwen Stacy dies, then Introduce Goblin and maybe even Jackel if Osbourne wants Spiderman going crazy by seeing his dead ex gf all over.

    Just my opinion though.

    • Dead ex gf who is a clone I mean, for those of you not familiar with the comics.

  7. oh yeah and because TDKr did it to RHa`s Al ghul make the villain at the credits scene a spirit that helps bring about a physical villain.

    • Kraven the Hunter …enough said !

  8. I hated in the film that there was a biological attack on the city and the main cops only response “where is Spiderman?! I want him off the streets!” Wth that makes no sense, its basically a terrorist like attack and he is worried about a guy who stops robbers. granted dkr did the same thing with the bane Chase, but John Blake pointed out how idiotic it was.

    • Yeah, there were some eff-ups… I think the ASM suffered from too-many-writers syndrome. Hopefully they tighten it up for the next one.

  9. There was nothing new in this film, the writers took the story blue print from batman begins and the director simply filmed everything in darkness to make it edgy. The end scene where Spider-Man is climbing/ leaping/ swinging in the city is exactly the same as raimi’s Spider-Man sequences except it was filmed at night. Another similar scene is blue collar Americans helping Spider-Man get to the tower.
    To make it more realistic and ‘grounded’, Peter creates web shooters but fights a man who morphs into a giant lizard.
    Obvious comparisons to batman begins include:
    1. The early flashback of parents at the beginning of the film.
    2. Peter Parker’s dad’s glasses compared to Bruce Wayne’s fathers’s stethoscope
    3. Peter being mentored by Connors learning how to create webbing, then fighting him because of his ideal / Bruce being mentored by ra’s al ghul, then having to fight him
    3. The villain releasing a toxin that will hurt/ affect the citizens of New York/Gotham
    4. Spider-Man trying to stop the lizard before he gets to the centre of NYC which is represented by the oscorp building/ batman stopping the train before it gets to centre of Gotham which is Wayne towers
    I can just imagine the sequel: the dark Spider-Man: Spider-Man will fight the ultimate villain green goblin and a major female character will get killed, the film will end with Spider-Man quitting or fleeing. Perfectly paving the way for the Spider-Man rises.

    • OMG, you mean they both had parents?? Total ripoff!


      • I don’t think his argument is very good, but I do see his points. The movie has a Batman Begins wannabe quality.

        Why were Peter’s parents included at all? They weren’t in either the original comics or the previous movies. How were they necessary to the plot? If there is some future dramatic set-up, couldn’t that have been introduced in later films? Wouldn’t that have been better for this one, or do you think the opening scenes really served this movie? Did we need them to tell us that something nefarious is going on at Oscorp? Couldn’t that have been accomplished without them? Were they an excuse to bring Peter and Connors together? If so, are there simpler ways? If so, what was Gwen’s excuse for being there?

    • Congratulations, sir. You have discovered the concept of a literary trope.

    • -Facepalm-

    • Lizard looked and sounded like Voldermort to me.

      I don’t agree that it’s a complete rip-off of BB, but ASM is pretty derivative of other recent movies. It seems to be trying to mimic what works in other movies, previous SM and Batman movies included. The music sounded like some pre-packaged “triumphant hero music.” You make some interesting points though. The ridiculous crane sequence seemed like one of the ideas forced in there by the studio because it worked in the Raimi movies.

      Plenty of movies are derivative, even BB, but they can still be fresh and original. This movie was turgid and stale. It doesn’t have it’s own “fingerprints.” It’s a sloppily assemble mishmash.

      Obviously there is a sizable minority who didn’t like it. There are very few who liked it unreservedly. In the “pro” ASM comments are almost always “ways to improve.” The series is going to need to gain momentum, and the positive reviewers are assuming it will. I think it’s got an uphill climb and not enough steam. IF it last to a third movie, it will be struggling to do so, and Webb will probably feel compelled to rush his ideas and cram them into the limited series.

      But it’s good news if you want Spidey to go to Marvel. What’s Sony going to do next? Reboot?

  10. Marc Webb, I have two suggestions. More Spidey jokes and less teenage dry humping.

    • Who am I kidding…do whatever you want. I’ll go and I’ll enjoy it. Even if you make a smart Peter Parker who somehow leaves his camera with his name on it in the sewer where the villain is.

    • more spidey jokes would be awesome haha

  11. I did enjoy it but had WAY too many problems with the show to think it was more than just “decent”.

  12. the only problem was that its tag line was ” the untold origin” or something, then they showed 5 minutes of stuff about his parents that wasn’t in the movies before, then totally forgot about it and made almost the exact same film as raimis first spiderman, but with some tonal differences. not saying it wasn’t good, because i enjoyed it probably more then the previous ones, but they really need to take it into some different territory in the sequel. think outside of the box! to be cliche

  13. As long as Webb brings in Doc Okc i am good, well that and continue with a great story.

  14. I liked The Amazing Spider-Man movie a lot! I can’t wait till the sequal. I think we might see Morlun as the villian, maybe Mysterio. I would really like to see a better version or Goblin, or Carnage :)

  15. I’m terribly thrown back by the acceptance of this horrible reboot. I gave it a chance, never again. People are just making excuses for the failures of ‘ASM’ from the unanswered questions, lack of action, the bad score, bad acting, and poor cgi. ‘Twilight’ generation You can have Spiderman, I’ll stick with Marvel Studios.

  16. Webb did a terrific job IMO… I loved TASM and can’t wait for the sequel.
    It’s great to hear he’ll be returning to the director’s seat.

  17. I find it difficult to believe that Emma Stone was not already contracted for a trilogy at the signing on for first film. That just seems ignorant on Sony’s part really. Incredibly stupid, actually… especially considering how “confident” they were in their reboot decision.

    Hey Sony, take a few notes from MARVEL-Disney and stick to what works!

  18. 1) Emma Stone is eye candy.
    2) ASM was OK IMO. Hope the sequel is better.
    3) More Spidey jokes please!

  19. I trust that webb will make a good sequel for spiderman :)

  20. Just cut the kiddie hollywood music out.

    • Thank you. I thought the music had a prepackaged quality too. Not the movies only problem, but another symptom.

  21. Great looking forward to it loved Amazing Spider-Man have a good feeling about this next one

  22. They should just reboot it again cause this one sucked.

  23. Emma Stone confirmed that she signed a multi-picture deal when she was interviewed by one of the dozens Late Night hosts. I think she’s negotiating to star in more than he planned three films. Either through flashback or cameos or something.

  24. sorry, andrew garfield`s performance was a “NO” for me in Tas. He sounded very uncommited to giving a very positive mild answer to people`s questions, or expressing himself,such as “How`d you like to come over to my building”-”yeh,yeh.” Also”i wish i could just,… no, i can`t.” Tobey Maguire was by far a better spidey than this guy, oh yeah and by far the costume, film score, actors, and dialogue was much less ridiculous, pathetic, cocky, and/or awkward and show-offy/foolish in the other 3 than in this one. Peter shoulda just told gwen he was spidey instead of”surprise, look at my web, see come and kiss me.-”did you just… oh lord i`m in trouble.” Telling ya this so that you don`t think i`m just living with what i`m stuck with.

  25. I really enjoyed TASM and I think bringing Webb back to helm the sequel is a smart move.
    IMO the odds were really stacked against the guy with this movie. 5yrs since SM3, telling the origin story again and having never done anything of this scale is a daunting task for any director so despite it’s flaws Webb did a pretty good job.

  26. It was a good movie but instantly forgettable when I left at the credits.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the sequel though.