Marc Webb Is Directing ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′; Emma Stone In Talks

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 Marc Webb Is Directing Amazing Spider Man 2; Emma Stone In Talks

Sony was banking on The Amazing Spider-Man to prove popular enough to kick-off a new trilogy, but for months now there’s been uncertainty about whether or not director Marc Webb will be along for the ride. The filmmaker committed to making a second feature for Fox Searchlight – which backed his directorial debut on (500) Days of Summer – prior to his part in relaunching the Spider-Man live-action movie franchise.

Fox has been anxious for Webb to fulfill said agreement, but reports emerged a couple months ago that the studio might allow Webb to instead move ahead next with Amazing Spider-Man 2, so long as he extends his agreement to two films. It would appear that such an agreement (or something like it) has been struck, as Webb is now confirmed for the web-slinging sequel.

Columbia Pictures has confirmed that Webb will be directing the Amazing Spider-Man sequel, with Andrew Garfield returning as the ‘modernized’ version of super-powered Peter Parker. Studio president Doug Belgrad issued an official statement on the matter, saying “We could not be more confident in the direction we are taking this new Spider-Man storyline and we are tremendously excited to be ramping up production again with Marc at the helm and Andrew continuing on as Peter Parker. We can’t wait to share what we have in store for Peter and Spider-Man with audiences worldwide.”

Amazing Spider-Man, as our Kofi Outlaw put it in his review, was a solid, but not spectacular, reboot of the franchise that laid the groundwork for a “much bigger, better, Spider-Man movie universe to come.” Webb, in other words, proved more capable at putting together an engaging drama about teenage life, than he did elevating Spidey’s once-told origin story into a truly-remarkable 3D superhero blockbuster. Expect that to change with the sequel (for the better, that is).

emma stone amazing spider man Marc Webb Is Directing Amazing Spider Man 2; Emma Stone In Talks

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

Several directors dove headfirst into the world of expensive comic book movies – then, returned with a superior sequel, including Bryan Singer (X2: X-Men United), Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) and even Webb’s predecessor Sam Raimi (Spider-Man 2). That trend, as indicated before, could continue with Amazing Spider-Man 2, since Webb likewise will be returning with a better idea of how to construct a superhero film that’s big on both style and substance.

Columbia, with its confirmation of Webb’s return, has also announced that Emma Stone is in talks to reprise her role as Gwen Stacy opposite Garfield in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Those ongoing negotiations, however, should essentially be thought of as a formality at this time, seeing how it’s unlikely that a deal with Stone will fail to materialize (case in point: she’s already looking ahead and discussing Gwen’s fate in future Spider-Man films).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is being scripted by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci as well as Jeff Pinker (Fringe, Lost), working from a previous draft written by James Vanderbilt. It is scheduled to reach theaters on May 2nd, 2014.


Source: Columbia Pictures

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  1. Hell yeah! Can’t wait for this! Chameleon Strikes!

  2. I really hope The Lizard returns in the sequel; maybe similar to the videogame tie-in where he aides Spidey with a threat too great to fight alone? Its obvious Connors will have inner demons he’ll constantly be battling with, and he’ll want to help Peter anyway he can because, well he cares for him. The dual personality was barely used in the movie and its got potential. In the sequel Connors would be fighting to keep his reptilian side from taking over, but eventually may have to resort to it. The Lizard is a great villain who wasn’t given enough time to truly shine, and was given a cookie-cutter master plan to boot. He deserves to return; either an ally or enemy, maybe stuck in between?

  3. Fantastic news!!

  4. Look forward to this a lot the first one I loved a lot I saw it three times in theaters and it was a life changing awesometcular legend… Wait for it… Dary experience. I’m with you EggU, I think it would be great if dr.curt Connors comes back I liked Rhys Ifans in that role a lot he did a great job. I really hope we get to see more characters from the spider-man universe personally I’d love to see Harry Osborn but I’d like to see him be portrayed more accurately to the comics than he was in the Raimi films, in the comics he was a lot more interesting to me because he was a drug addict and misunderstood by his father and everything it was just a more emotional kind of character than it was in the original movies. Of course I’d love to see Mary Jane but I’ve said before I want her chemistry with Peter to be funny emotional and interesting, in o e of my favorite shows Smallville I loved when they introduced Lois Lane on the show she was always busting Clark’s chops making fun of him and always thought of him as a nobody, I loved that because of the irony and humor they induced in it, I’ve always noticed that MJ and Peter were basically opposites MJ was the open joker and popular girl but Peter was the shy outsider but the one thing they did have incommon was that they both bottled up emotions and when they were together they never had to bottle up anything anymore they were more true with themselves to each other than they were with anybody else in the world and I think that’s really interesting, to be honest I never liked Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane I think they completely wasted the character I never thought she was attractive enough to be Mary Jane I never thought that the interpretation was even close to the comics, one of my favorite things about MJ and Peter is that after Gwen died MJ was always there for Peter she was always his shoulder to crayon that I hope to see and it’d make sense if they were gonna kill,off Gwen in this one which I hope they do not because I hate her I love the character but I think itd be so dramatically amazing if they did. Thirdly id die to see the one the only J Jonah Jameson I’d love for J.K Simmons to come back but if he did I wouldn’t want it to be the same thing as it was in the originals don’t get me wrong Jameson in the originals was die hard hilarious but there’s got to be another way to handle J.J.J in a way where we could see a new kind of J.J.J but at the same time get the same one that we all love to death, I’m also totally fine if he gets recasted but i wish the new actor luck. Looking forward to this one in 2014.

  5. Gwen Stacy needs to die off…and become….Carnage! A cool venom/carnage storyline needs to happen. Venom is spideys “joker” (ie the dark knight). The role needs to be done some justice

  6. Icemanhill i think you definitely have a point. I think that in order to make it more dramatic and more amazing Gwen Stacy needs to get killed off, i think Emma Stone is the best actress to play Gwen i loved her so much in that movie (and shes hot to me) i think she worked really well with Andrew Garfield, they made such a cute couple and i can tell if they kill her off a lot of people are gonna be wowed and feel pretty sad because they liked her so much in the first one it’ll make Peter’s pain a lot more relatable and you’ll be able to feel each tear pouring down his face, they could do a great job with her demise. Where you and i enter a grey area is the idea of Venom, i agree that Venom is an awesome villain for spider-man i would love to see him in the new trilogy, and by seen him i mean see a good version of him and not that dog***** one that we got in Spider-Man 3, one of the annoying parts with Venom in Spider-man 3 is that they never even called him Venom he never even had a name, he was also only in the movie for about 10 minutes :( i didn’t hate Topher Grace as Venom if he actually had chemistry with Peter than maybe it wouldv’e been interesting but no that just didn’t happen, and also you barely ever saw Venom’s cool mask…no instead after the three seconds that they showed Venom’s actual symbiote mask it just peeled away and we saw Topher Grace (heres a question if your a supervillain would you really just keep taking your mask on and off, youd probably have to make up your mind sooner or later and just decide whether or not you want to wear it, another question why would he keep peeling his mask on and off all the time? Makes very little sense to me) and also Eddie Brock is jacked in the stories plenty of us know that he is really buff, so why was he so skinny in the movie? So after Spider-Man 3 i would love to see a new and improved (greatly improved) version of Venom, but i think that where you and i enter this grey area is when you say that Venom is Spider-Man’s Joker, your allowed and completely entitled to your opinion but if ever get a chance could you explain how he is the joker for Spider-Man, don’t get me wrong he attack’s Peter both physically and mentally and its done woderfully in the comics but i think if anybody is the Joker for Spider-Man its Green Goblin, with Venom Spider-Man knows who he is and he understands that he wants revenge on him but with Green Goblin he never understands why he does the things he does and nobody does quite frankly the simplest answer is that he’s insane as funny as it sounds to some people thats the best way to put it, he kills Peters girl friend attacks his aunt tricks him into believing him parents are still alive its just crazy the things he does to Peter. Thats why in the Raimi movies i think the Green Goblin wasn’t all that good, the costume looked like a lame plastic toy even as a kid growing up watching the movie i knew that and the guy was so much more villainous and deadly and he was kept to a lower level i think because the movie was aimed more at kids, so for Amazing Spider-Man 2 i’d like to see Green Goblin, in Amazing Spider-Man 3 i’d like to see venom or carnage but at the same time i want to see different villains that we havn’t seen in the originals, thats probably one of the hardest things about making a spider-man movie he has such an amazing universe that but if you use too much of it you get SPider-Man 3 or in other words you get dog**** but we need to see Goblin he’s Goblin c’mon.

  7. we don`t need an insanely big actor for venom, but someone noticeably taller and a heak of a lot more stronger than garfield. hey wait but at this point i believe they already chose a villain that they`re gonna use if not in the next draft.


    Ugh, can’t the film come out sooner??

  9. Ever since I heard the news that Webb was back, I can’t stop thinking about Amazing Spider-Man 2, I want them to start filming now just so I can see the set photos lol. Also hope chris zylka comes back as flash he did a good job to me.

  10. i would love to see the Scorpion make an appearance
    not a mutated creature at first but something similar to this….

    starting of as a human with extra power then towards the mid/end be consumed by the scorpion serum and show very small signs of mutation and even more improved abilities

    i know they said trilogy but i would go
    scorpion in the 2nd
    venom in a continuation story taking films 3 and 4

    i agree lizard should be in a future movie doing his whole jekyll and hyde thing and possibly even using the lizard to help spidey take down scorpion
    afterall scorpions eat spiders but lizards eat scorpions