Marc Webb To Direct Spider-Man Reboot? [Updated]

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spider man reboot Marc Webb To Direct Spider Man Reboot? [Updated]

For months leading up to what became the death of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, the project filled the media with rumors and speculation. Now, with Sony Pictures planning an overly fast reboot of the franchise for 2012 release as of two days ago, we’re already hearing of rumors and speculation for the next take on Peter Parker’s adventures in high school (again).

According to Mike Fleming who recently joined Deadline Hollywood, Sony Pictures already has a short wishlist of directors they’re interesting in hiring to restart the franchise with what likely will be a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies. According to their insiders, names such as James Cameron, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson are all included. However, at the top of that list is Marc Webb, the young director who directed last year’s hit romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer.

Before I even get into Webb, I doubt Sony and Cameron would collaborate well on a project such as this. If they had disputes and control issues with Sam Raimi, there is no way Cameron would put up with such a thing in my opinion. Plus the obvious; He’s working on other stuff for Fox and basically has himself a gold card to do whatever he wishes after making Avatar a billion-and-a-half dollar super success.

Marc Webb is a young director on the rise and I think that’s ideal for Sony’s long-term plans with the Spider-Man franchise. He’ll follow their wishes and guidelines and have a better grasp of the character elements for the younger cast. While not having much on his resume, (500) Days of Summer was pretty flawless and I’m definitely willing to give him a chance.

How serious is this? Well, Webb has reportedly already met with the producers and Sony is really trying to fast-track this for a shoot date later this year. If they nab their director this quick, expect casting rumors to start flowing in all over again.

UPDATE: A couple of days ago Drew McWeeny of HitFix reported that he spoke with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn, who stated that he is “desperate” to direct a Spider-Man movie. While not on the short list above, we’ve gotten word that while there are higher-ups at Sony that want Webb for the reasons mentioned above, there is also a group who wants Vaughn for the reboot due to how well Kick-Ass has been testing and because that film also deals with teens. Remember that Marvel initially wanted Vaughn to direct Thor, so he’s already on their radar and they obviously have confidence in him already. We don’t know whether Webb or Vaughn will win out, but there would be no convincing required by Sony to get Vaughn to come on board – so Vaughn would be a slam dunk.

The story is planned out for the Spider-Man reboot already, built off a pair of scripts (for Spider-Man 5 & 6) that Sony Pictures had James Vanderbilt writing even before production on Spider-Man 4 began. The plan was always to reboot after Spidey 4 as it was doubtful Raimi would do a fifth installment with all of his other work coming up – including the World of Warcraft adaptation.

I know some reaction will be that he doesn’t have epic action or genre experience but neither did Bryan Singer, Sam Raimi or Christopher Nolan when they started their respective superhero franchises. Webb knows dialogue, drama, comedy, romance and characters as he’s proved already, and those are essential for the direction Sony wants to go in.

What do you think of the candidates to direct?

Spider-Man (The Reboot) will hit theaters Summer 2012.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. The thing is, there is no “finish” for Spider-Man. Sony would like for it to come out every two years… forever, lol.

  2. Pitt,

    If you can get a chance watch Spectacular Spiderman. It covers the Venom angle quite well and Pete is in High School. Does he bite peoples skullcaps off to eat their brains? No…. but hey it is a cartoon….bro.

    (Thats how Eddie address Pete.. bro… ;) )

  3. Spider man is a character like Tom and Jerry so Sony will never kill its dollar earning golden duck

  4. 1. Liked the idea of organic webbing.
    2. GG = Power Ranger – hated that, but didn't ruin the movie by no means.
    3. Didn't care for Dunst. Well, really the weak, whiny pathetic MJ character they had Dunst portray.

  5. Yes but those 3 topics alone before the movie was even released caused such an uproar it wasnt even funny. People are fickle… ;)

  6. Pitt,
    Yes, the conchords are awesome but I think teenage PP could actually take on venom or doc ock because he's pretty smart. I mean, he did design the web shooters in the comic books!

  7. Hey gang,

    I've updated the article above – there's someone on the short list who wasn't mentioned above and he WANTS to direct the movie. Badly.

    I think you'll like the name. :)


  8. Now that is a good name!

  9. They were only complete nonsense because the plot for the post keaton bat flicks were garbage. Their failure had nothing to do with different actors playing batman. I feel that the last 2 bat flicks of the 90s didn't care much for quality or content, but rather chose to ride the wave left by mike keaton's first 2 bat flicks. Think of the studios saying, “why should we spend tons of money to make a good quality film, when the 2 preceeding films (M. Keaton's Batman) already did it for us.” It was sort of a way for the studio to make quick bucks. Hence, that is why is took about 10 or more years for Christian Bale's Batman to return.

    All this talk about “it's too soon for a new actor to play spiderman orit's too soon for a casting change in x-men” is totally ridiculous. I mean, what's the worse that can happen? You honestly believe that fans of the comics would stay home and not see the film, if the film has good-quality special effects and an excellent storyline/plot? There will be some fans that will stay home, but it won't be because of the casting change, it will be because fans are dismayed as a result of the previous flicks of our superheroes that were no good. For the ones that will stay home, they will wait to hear from their fellow comics fan that did go to see the flicks of whether the movie was good or not; and if any say it was bad, you better believe the stay-at-homes will do just that, stay at home. Why pay 12 bucks to see a bad movie?

  10. Old news. Vaughn has wanted to do Spidey for ages, he said Kick Ass was a violent homage to it in many ways.
    But hell yes let him do it, he is way better for the franchise than Raimi ever was!

  11. Vaughn would be great but hasn't he walked out on a couple Marvel movies already? Seems they might be gun-shy about asking him to direct.

  12. Totally agree. I did not like the goblin's outfit at all. I figured they could have had Norman Osborn use say…his son's goblin costume (made out of normal fabric) that harry wore at a masquerade party or something. Or, have Norman Osborn have an affinity or liking to goblins and gargoyles, show his collections of them (in the form of sculptures) in his mansion or something. That would have given him a reason to actually were a real goblin suit. That metallic-looking goblin suit was poor.

  13. Also, I have said from the beginning it was way too early to introduce venom. They should have just used the Sandman in 3, alone, as he was more than capable of carrying the film. They should have waited until Spidey 6 or 7 to introduce Venom Personally, I want them to introduce the Kingpin as the main villain in spidey 4, who hires out one supervillain to handle spiderman.

  14. It's old news that Vaughn has wanted to do it – it's new news that there are some at Sony that WANT him to do it.


  15. Sounds like Vaughn might have the inside track .
    No matter how many times

  16. No matter how many times they say they want a director who relates to young people they will always go with an action director first.

  17. I remember reading about Cameron's treatment for when he was trying to do the first Spidey film. He took a giant p!ss on the source material.

  18. Spot on DrSamBeckett spot on. Could not have said it better myself. :-)

  19. Maybe for the simple reason I can buy Sony's 2002 version used for half the theater price and it's just like you say, the SAME STORY… :-)

  20. Same over arching story yes. However not the same story being told. Meaning what about the parts of Pete in high school? There is a lot of stuff “in between” that could be told.

  21. You know AKnot that might be true. Then again what about your minutia argument? Isn't this just playing to the same thing?

    FX ran “Spider-Man 3″ tonight.
    I haven't seen it since I saw it in the theater when it came out. Allot has been said about it so I won't bore you trying to defend the story point by point. I would like to ask you, if you've sat through it more than once, can you at least
    acknowledge the tightness of the writing? How the story elements interlock despite the weakness of the details? Like when Spider-Man ended up on the church steeple. Yes the symbiote would have driven him as far away from that as possible. Could the story have communicated that it took a huge force of will for Parker to put himself there? Sure, at the expense of elegance or time. That was one of the common complaints. It ran long, and a lot was squeezed into the show without doing things that would make the story better polished. But for better or worse it got the character to a place where he could shed the symbiote.

    Of course their are plenty of examples like this that for better or worse moved the story along. And move it did, like gangbusters in fact . Rolling over the top of itself even! Yes at the expense of itself. Like Raimi was saying, look at all this stuff I have to squeeze in here? I want to tell you my story, but to do that I have to put this other stuff in. It's not bad content just more than I can effectively address.

    Perhaps “your better days” comment has some validity about the Raimies too. Like maybe the story kind of reflects and comments upon their situation? Added characters that complicates the story narrative. Raimi's narrative voice is
    weakened. Sort of like M.J.'s voice in the critics review?! Yeah, It's not carrying past the first row. So maybe their's a few critical comments Raimi tried to say in his behalf in the movie. Art Imitates Life Imitates Art. Tasteless right, like
    replacing you in a show and not having the guts to even call you personally, as M.J. was treated. Yeah Raimi had to swallow some of his pride and aesthetic preference to accommodate someone else's ideas and vision.

    The whole point isn't about the viability of Venom as a great character either. It's about someone hired to do one job they were qualified for, then saddled with another. Have you ever been asked to do that in your career? Then come
    evaluation time or to be more accurate next project your fired or have to take the hit. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, a director signs a contract that typically says, I'll shoot the final script substantively as written. So why didn't someone say something about the script before? Avi Arad where are you now? But then maybe that's understandable, if your work is idealogical and is story telling and you inject too much behind the scenes conflict into the story your doing. Then the people at the top are bound to set you up as the fall guy. Knowing all that, what if the audience liked the story wholeheartedly? Perhaps if the studio was given more credit for helping Raimi to find more angst to put into the show? Valued them as being part of the process that made the collaboration such a roller coaster ride? Some amateur critics have claimed #3 was easily the most entertaining despite being the least satisfying. See management has a way of winning either way.

    So the audience did the opposite and Raimi and company took the hit for it. Notice too you have Avi Arad standing with Sony, saying we're committed to the story! Arad was behind putting Venom in #3! Yeah now you'll have him telling Webb
    or whoever what to do. I hope they can pull it off and make audience members like yourself happy. At least then their will be a chance for more “Spider-Man” films. However I'll be a part of the audience that will be missing for the 2012 show, because a reboot at this time seems unnecessary. If all the elements in the last series would have been wrapped up, then a reboot would be logical and desirable. This is just C.Y.A. movie making and that isn't as forgivable in my book than
    admitting you made a mistake and moving forward from there…

  22. Dito, Our Attention SPan is Waning or We'd Rather JUST Move ON, haha…

    Tobey Maguire does NOT hold a Patent on the value of being Peter Parker, aka the VOICE of SPIDEY, hehe…

    Ol' Webhead can DO without Maguire *and hopefully, thankfully, he can FINALLY do the LIVE-ACTION VERSION of MacroSS!!! YIPPIESSS!!! haha…*

    Yeupz, I don't care, I want a YOUNGER, Teenage Version of KICK@SS…Playing as Ol' Webhead…

    And you know, the Ultimate SPidey Comix are RAD…SO no WORRIES on the ACTION department…WeLL Written STORIES without the MUSHIE MUSHIE BuLLSHiZZZ EMO-Drama that Raimi was HogWashing DOWN OUR COLLECTIVE THROATS//Consciousness'…Anyhow, I'm glad, he can MOVE ON 2wards WoW!!! YIPPIES!!! ha…


  23. Hi Magnetic Eye,

    I dont know if I would like to see Mary Jane only apear in the second movie, after Gwen Stacy, I've always seen her as Peter's true love, I feel that in the Raimi movies their relationship was the emotional core of the movies, I always liked that aspect of the films, just like the action scenes, but you certainly know the comics much better than I do.
    I just had this crazy thought, what about Timur Bekmambetov as the director for the new SM movie? okay, “Wanted” for me, is not a movie to be taken very seriously, but has good action scenes in it, I thought it was really fun, I just didn't connect much to the characters, dont know why.
    I was doing a search for young red haired actresses, and I found one who could be a candidate for the role of MJ: Rachel Hurd-Wood, 19 years old and really good looking, I haven't seen her acting though, I checked her out on IMDb, she was in two movies last year: “Solomon Kane” and “Dorian Gray” haven't seen neither.

  24. Hi Simon,

    There's still no reply button attached to your last post. Don't know why so I'll just reply to one of your earlier posts.

    Wow! Rachel Hurd-Wood has certainly grown up. Good choice there. She would certainly make a great contender for the role of MJ. Last year I purchased the film “Peter Pan” on DVD for my 6 year old daughter. Released in 2003, Rachel Hurd-Wood then 12 years old played Wendy. It was my daughters favourite film for months.

    I'm only really familiar with “Wanted” directed by Timur Bekmambetov which is based on Mark Millar's comic book series. The film is fairly brutal. Yeah some great action scenes. I didn't mind it, but I enjoyed the books more. :-)

    Timur Bekmambetov would really have to tone it down a little, pace it out a little to give the film a balanced momentum otherwise it's really hectic.

  25. I know you guys have had most of the following reported in the US, especially on Screenrant which keeps me up to date. But I just read this today in an Australian newspaper and I wasn't even aware of these casting rumours.

    If true, Sony have just botched up this franchise even further by marketing to the “Twilight” crowd. What a load of CRAP! this is turning into.

    There goes my dream for a mature realistic adult orientated adaptation, just like the books have been for the last 25 years or so right out the window.

    MARVEL STUDIOS really need to buy back the Spiderman rights from the parasites at Sony.


    January 15, 2010 10:35am
    TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson is rumoured to be replacing Tobey Maguire as the new Spider-Man in the next film.

    Maguire is leaving his role as the web-slinging superhero after three movies and the franchise's director Sam Raimi is also leaving.

    The movie series is now going to be rebranded and will focus on Spider-Man during his time at high school when it is released in 2012.

    Pattinson, 23, is best known for his role as vampire Edward Cullen in the hit movie series and has been linked to the Spider-Man part along with Superbad actor Michael Cera.

  26. Replies only go 6 levels deep, that's why there is no reply button on some comments.


  27. Hi again Magnetic Eye,

    Wow!, I haven't realized that Rachel Hurd-Wood was that 12 year old girl from Peter Pan, she did grow up. I remember watching “Panic Room” back in 2002, and seeing Kristen Stewart with 11 years old, I was 17 back then, I already thought she was cool, today she is on those crappy Twilight movies, I think she has potential outside of Twilight, I always liked her personality, but I dont know if she would make a good Mary Jane on SM, maybe not. I also thought of Maggie Grace, from Lost season 1 and “Taken”, a Liam Nesson movie. She can be sexy, but I dont know if she has the right personality for MJ. As for Peter I'm sticking with Jake Gillenhall. As for choosing Rober Pattinson for the part, I dont think he is a good choice, and Michael Cera from “Juno”, he is 100 times more nerdy looking than Tobey Maguire, in my opinion he could only do this character if it was a Spider man parody.

    What about the Wachowsky brothers to direct the film ?, since the Matrix trilogy, all they did, that I know of, was writing the script for ” V for vendetta”, which was directed by James McTeigue, and directing that kids movie”Speed Racer”. From what I've seen in “The Matrix” they could do an awesome Spider Man movie.

  28. Thanks Vic!

  29. I just read that the Marc Webb thing is official on Cinimatical. So, hopefully he'll do a good job!