Marc Webb To Direct Spider-Man Reboot? [Updated]

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spider man reboot Marc Webb To Direct Spider Man Reboot? [Updated]

For months leading up to what became the death of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4, the project filled the media with rumors and speculation. Now, with Sony Pictures planning an overly fast reboot of the franchise for 2012 release as of two days ago, we’re already hearing of rumors and speculation for the next take on Peter Parker’s adventures in high school (again).

According to Mike Fleming who recently joined Deadline Hollywood, Sony Pictures already has a short wishlist of directors they’re interesting in hiring to restart the franchise with what likely will be a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies. According to their insiders, names such as James Cameron, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson are all included. However, at the top of that list is Marc Webb, the young director who directed last year’s hit romantic comedy (500) Days of Summer.

Before I even get into Webb, I doubt Sony and Cameron would collaborate well on a project such as this. If they had disputes and control issues with Sam Raimi, there is no way Cameron would put up with such a thing in my opinion. Plus the obvious; He’s working on other stuff for Fox and basically has himself a gold card to do whatever he wishes after making Avatar a billion-and-a-half dollar super success.

Marc Webb is a young director on the rise and I think that’s ideal for Sony’s long-term plans with the Spider-Man franchise. He’ll follow their wishes and guidelines and have a better grasp of the character elements for the younger cast. While not having much on his resume, (500) Days of Summer was pretty flawless and I’m definitely willing to give him a chance.

How serious is this? Well, Webb has reportedly already met with the producers and Sony is really trying to fast-track this for a shoot date later this year. If they nab their director this quick, expect casting rumors to start flowing in all over again.

UPDATE: A couple of days ago Drew McWeeny of HitFix reported that he spoke with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn, who stated that he is “desperate” to direct a Spider-Man movie. While not on the short list above, we’ve gotten word that while there are higher-ups at Sony that want Webb for the reasons mentioned above, there is also a group who wants Vaughn for the reboot due to how well Kick-Ass has been testing and because that film also deals with teens. Remember that Marvel initially wanted Vaughn to direct Thor, so he’s already on their radar and they obviously have confidence in him already. We don’t know whether Webb or Vaughn will win out, but there would be no convincing required by Sony to get Vaughn to come on board – so Vaughn would be a slam dunk.

The story is planned out for the Spider-Man reboot already, built off a pair of scripts (for Spider-Man 5 & 6) that Sony Pictures had James Vanderbilt writing even before production on Spider-Man 4 began. The plan was always to reboot after Spidey 4 as it was doubtful Raimi would do a fifth installment with all of his other work coming up – including the World of Warcraft adaptation.

I know some reaction will be that he doesn’t have epic action or genre experience but neither did Bryan Singer, Sam Raimi or Christopher Nolan when they started their respective superhero franchises. Webb knows dialogue, drama, comedy, romance and characters as he’s proved already, and those are essential for the direction Sony wants to go in.

What do you think of the candidates to direct?

Spider-Man (The Reboot) will hit theaters Summer 2012.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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  1. You've gotta start somewhere. We could discover a great comic-style director in Webb, we may not. It's definately a risk but since I have more of a chance at cracking the Red Socks line-up next season than Sony does of getting Cameron; it may be one worth taking. Webb's biggest challenge though is that there may be the “too soon” effect since Toby reciently did the role and will be seen as “Spider-Man”. However it sort-of worked for Batman so you never know.

  2. The only thing I don't really want to see is a version of Spider-Man that has absolutely no action.
    I kind of loved the origin story in Spider-Man 1 so much, I don't really know if I'll see this. (Who am I kidding, yes I will)

    As for new directors, I've seen some that have not failed to disappoint, but plenty have disappointed as well.

    Fingers Crossed.

  3. A James Cameron Spider-Man film would be very interesting. I agree that it is probably unlikely. 500 Days of Summer was a well-made film, even though I didn't care for it too much. I find it hard to judge how well Webb would fit, considering he hasn't done action.

  4. the difference between spider-man and batman was that it had been 10 years since we had seen one. plus the last one we saw made a 90 minute long gay joke out of batman. with spiderman it's been 3 years which for sony it may feel like 10 years but really it hasn't been that long. plus the last one wasn't that bad it could have been better but it could have been a lot worse. so in my opinion sony is about as stupid as they come in a motion picture sense cuse this seems to be a waste of money to me.

  5. gotta start somewhere. I am sure they could do a lot worse. I have not yet seen 500 Days of Summer. But I have heard good things.

  6. >”Webb's biggest challenge though is that there may be the “too soon” effect since Toby reciently did the role and will be seen as “Spider-Man”. However it sort-of worked for Batman so you never know.”<

    IMO, it worked out quite well for the Batman franchise. The post-Keaton films were complete nonsense (the worst of which starred George Clooney) and mercifully, it took the better part of a decade before “Batman Begins”. I think it's too soon for a re-boot of “Spider-Man” since Toby McGuire's Parker is still so fresh in the mind of the public. The next guy, whoever he is, won't have a prayer. “Superman Returns”, anyone?

  7. Spider-Man franchise in my opinion was overrated. While the first two were good, not great the 3rd was a complete mess. Movies like The Dark Knight, Iron Man and Watchmen have set the bar for comic based movies.

    As for rebooting it…it's a good and bad idea. Is it too soon? Well Hulk was rebooted and the reboot was much better. It took 3 Punisher movies to finally get it right. I guess it depends on the script, the director and the cast. Toby was a solid Peter Parker. He's a good actor too. Raimi is a great director. Starting over does this mean we will have to re-introduce everyone again or will it be like they did with Incredible Hulk and not have a origin story. We know Peter is a high schooler again. Are we going to get the same villians? Doc Octopus was good, Sandman was good but Goblin's outfit completley ruined things. And don't get me started on Venom. Raimi didn't want him and now we can see why.

  8. they should just do the fourth, and end the franchise there, we didnt even get to see Dr. Connors turn into the Lizard or see Peter and MJ get married for God sake what are they thinking.

  9. I was kinda hoping they'd do the whole reboot thing. Granted the film series was ok but the third one killed spidey's name. I really don't think winking at women and looking emo and dancing is evil. Venom is more morbid and honorable then that haha. The two qualities contrast eachother haha. but yeah. I hope they keep the actor and character for the lizard and doc ock as those are really the only things that will be missed. Doc Ock was the first villian in a movie that I actually missed.And i never cared for him in the comics. But make it worth while and have Spidey make comments to his opponents when fighting them! That's what he did in the comics and I dont think its all that hard to put that into a film. And have MJ make the killer line”Let's face it tiger…you've hit the jackpot!” They aren't even supposed to be dating til way later BTW. So in a lot of ways (I came up with i think 10) a reboot is healthy. As far as movies go wihtout character origins the movies are fine –until spidey 3. Seriously! Raimi goes from making two okay films to completely killing his own franchise and they didn't even switch out directors! I didn't even know he directed them all until I looked them all up on IMDB a couple weeks ago. Okay IVe realized that Im ranting HAHAHa.

  10. I don't think James Cameron would be the suitable Director for Spiderman imo ,but Marc Webb is a good choice . I really don't think this would be a successful reboot , although Spiderman 3 was a piece of **** it still earned a lot of money and rebooting a new series like Spiderman is the dumbest thing ever .I say just stop making it !




  12. i dunno why i am surprised about this already if they want it by 2012 then the latest they should start principal photography is this time next year

  13. Marc Webb is definitely a good choice, but I still believe, like many others, that is very early for a reboot. We could say it worked for Hulk, being both versions 5 years apart, but that wasn't a trilogy, so it didn't build a fanbase as strong as Spider-Man did, mainly because it wasn't that good (the first one). I don't know, I just don't have good feelings towards this…….

  14. They could continue spiderman movies without doing a reboot to explain why peter parker is a different guy. Keep him under the hood the whole way through! It's that simple. Theyre just too scared too make a comic book movie that's mostly action (plus hollywood is full of morons)

  15. I hope they don't do again all the Uncle Ben storyline. That'd be awful. So, they have to find another way for giving Peter reasons to become Spidey. Oh man, this better be bad. Anyone can guess how could they name the film?

  16. Sam Raimi started it and should be allowed to finish it, to reboot is absolutely ridiculous.

  17. It's not fair!! Why do they have to act like several decades are now only 1!!! We are the only ones who has to deal with reboots not in several generations, but now, every 5-10 years? GOT DAG!!! At least reboot X-men, they are way worse for what the imagination and art of the comic could have done (say, like Watchmen anyone?).

    Wait you bafoons! Thanks for fuggin it up in 3 Sam! Awsome presentation value and lesser notable alterizations, but then no, 3 had to go change SM1 and make Sand Man Ben's, uh, accidental forgivable killer (means you too mr.pat on the back…oops you shot him!! lets go!!) when they didn't need to with the Peter as venom stories i've seen. Basically, he doesn't need to do anything but make Parker get back at Sand Man, like Rhino in the 90's cartoon episode where he almost killed him. You have no right to have Gwen there for 5 seconds, looking like someone else, when you already mixed her with MJ.

    I'm to say this to anyone who thought it as if xmen was more correct to source and other about Sam's SM films. To me, only the fanboy thinks 1 & 2 has it that bad, as I can agree with him…but this soon and the other as unforgivable? If anything, it wont make a difference as I bet he'll have inconsistancies elsward, but no, little fanboy cares not as he was done complaining. Also I hate when they say re-imagination as a magical ignorance word or berrier, start saying YOUR VERSION please. That's all I see it as, and you still are doing another take at it, or redoing it, unless, we aren't going to see Ben get shot and Peter become Spider Man over again. At least TDK and BB had about 2 decades.

    Great movies, but I bet just like TDK. Rather liking both (don't care if you like the other more then the previous personally), the previous was unforgivable, yet Ra's al Ghul replaced a total good guy this time around and Joker makes Two Face, physchologically and physical if you count the 2 faries set with bombs as a test, VERY SIMILAR. But no, Joker killed his parents and BatMan is based on his older counterpart with mixture of the new…blah blah fanboys. Burton never got a say so as he came late, working more with the treatments and drafts to which, yes, one of the treatments made by a comic writer had Joker order the hit on his parents too at least. Not just Burton who thought of that.

    That off my chest, you know it may come. You can say the same for Super Man…his dad dies or this and that…it's gay…blah. I don't aprove as it does nothin better for watchability (period) in the long run, but I mean come on.

    IMO, Sam will have it worse then Burton, as he came late and only did anything much in returns. When he wrote the script, he even forgot sloppily that Edie Brock was mentioned in 1 as a lesser guy on the work chain, while here, he's new. This would be 4 and not a reboot if he never wrote and just directed the writting to his want after drafts were made as in 1 and 2.

    Well, i'm not angry, but thats crap to look out for with this reboot…too much attachment and it did good for comics as films at the time. I bet SM helped inspired or at least paved the way for BatmanBegins, you never know.

  18. How is the idea if we create a new charcter rather than revolving around spiderman. We had enough.

  19. I'll be surprise if it does well at all. It is definitely too soon for a “reboot” of the Spidey franchise. I think the Incredile Hulk was the only “short term” reboot that actually saw decent success. I feel that it will fall directly in line with the previous Batman Frachise. But the main difference is with Batman the suit is the driving force of the character only until Batman Begins was there any real substance when it came to the Bruce Wayne character. Now with Spiderman it's almost the complete opposite, Peter Parker is the driving force of the Character and regardless wth what Sony is going to do Toby McGuire did a great job embodying the Peter Parker character. And that's simpley gonna make it tough for some fans (namely me I guess) to buy into a new Spidey Franchise. Then throw in the fact they're determined to take us all the way back to highschool again. I wouldn't bet on this one.

  20. I really wish that people were able to understand that it was Sony and not Raimi who ruined S3.

  21. Sorry but no, Raimi has to take an equal ammount of the blame, Sony may have 'forced' Venom on him but the rest of the movie still sucked.

  22. Is it just because his name happens to be Webb?

  23. I'm still boycotting the film regardless of who directs. Spiderman will forever stay a trilogy in my dvd collection.

  24. I agree. Its too soon. Not to mention utterly pointless to go back and rewrite a beginning that was so epic.

  25. Good job on Webb, but I do worry about him. A more seasoned director may be able to fend off the advances of the ever controlling Sony (then again…Raimi), Webb may not be prepared for it and it could sour his outlook on big projects like this. One hopes he has a bit more free reign than Raimi had in Spider-man 3, otherwise it'll be particularly harsh on a fresh director.

  26. So what was the original Spiderman 4 script about?

  27. WOW… It is to early for a reboot… Could someone please explain what that has to do with anything?

    What can a reboot do storywise? Lets see the original Spiderman.. kid is a nerd, goes on a trip get bitten by a radioactive spider obtains spider like powers fights crime.

    When we reboot that we will get… kid is a nerd, goes on a trip get bitten by a radioactive spider obtains spider like powers fights crime.

    The reason he does this is because someone in his life due to his lack of morale responsibility is murdered.

    Ok no change there.. All you are seeing is a different angle on the story you already know. You know Peter and MJ get together. You know (if you know the history) he may have a relationship with a few others (Gwen, Betty, That blonde that had a nervous break down with the round glasses, Black Cat, etc).

    You know he fights various costumed criminals.

    No one has given any (IMO) decent reason why a reboot WOULDN'T work. Tobey is an ACTOR that plays a CHARACTER. He is not Spiderman in real life.

    The movies are not that old… well gee how old do they need to be before they can be allowed a reboot? New cast? New production company?

    Sam is a great director, Sony is a huge movie studio. Poop happens. Life goes on.

    I wish I could know how many of you:
    1. Didn't like organic web shooters and lambasted Raimi for that.
    2. Thought the Goblin looked like a Power Ranger and lambasted Raimi for that.
    3. Ripped Kiersten Dunst apart (I did and still do) for being cast as MJ and lambasted Raimi for that.

    Look I will be one of the first and the loudest to speak out against the movie once I see it and if it goes against the grain of SPIDERMAN, the character. However I could watch a Spiderman movie each year with different actors, directors, etc… heck I do it with comic books all the time.

    As for the Director… I have a thought on why Cameron and Webb may be mentioned. How would you feel if you were named in the same group as Cameron? While I know he wont be paid as much but hey this is a break (deserved or not) and is his chance. How many of you sit there and go gee if I only had the chance to do “this”….and never get it?

    Cameron on directing Spiderman… Not just no… god no… I would go see it but I don't know I just don't see Cameron doing justice to SM… I see him wanting to put his spin on it… and While yes Raimi had a little bit of liberty I think Cameron would just take it to far..

  28. Am I the only person who doesnt have a problem with this at all? Reboot the hell out of Spiderman, the comics have done it a million times, why should the movies have to stick to one specific continuity that was created by people who have no idea about the character. Sure reboots might not always be a good idea, but comic book movies and sci fi movies are perfect examples of how they can be done, look at Batman Begins and Star Trek.

  29. I do see the potential of Peter in High School. As I said before, Spidey at this point is just starting to learn his powers and some weaker thug-style villains would be more appropriate. Such as Vulture, Shocker or even Hammerhead.

    Teenage Parker wouldn't stand a chance against Venom or Doc Ock.

    On the other hand, it would have been interesting to see Toby's Parker in the next phase. I wonder what would've been. Alas.

    BTW Pitt Man is now PittmanOG (that's original gangsta' folks!), and my new Avatar is Hugh Reilly, a bareknuckle prizefighter from 1870's New York.


    I was weary of the new comment system at first, but now… cool. More efficient and more options. I finally have an avatar.

    “The humans are dead! I smelled one it was dead!” Conchords rock!