Marc Webb May Not Return to Direct ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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amazing spider man sequel marc webb Marc Webb May Not Return to Direct Amazing Spider Man 2

Sony/Columbia already had plans for The Amazing Spider-Man to kick off a trilogy, well before the superhero reboot took in over half a billion dollars at the global box office (and that total is still rising). TASM co-writer James Vanderbilt was tasked with penning the Spidey sequel – before Hollywood’s (not-so) Secret Weapons, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, were hired to rework Vanderbilt’s script draft.

The latest word on Amazing Spider-Man 2 suggests there may also be change-ups in the director’s chair, as TASM helmer Marc Webb might not be available to work on the film (which is slated to begin production by early 2013, in order to make a May 2014 release date).

Columbia Pictures Chief Douglas Belgrad has informed THR that the studio would “really like [Webb back for 'TASM 2'], but there are obstacles.” That’s in reference to Webb’s obligation to Fox, which backed his feature-length directorial debut (500) Days of Summer – and part of the filmmaker’s deal on that picture is that he must helm at least one more movie for the studio, in the immediate future.

Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone already have deals in place to reprise their roles as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in future films (not to mention, recreate their palpable screen chemistry, as the SR Underground team discussed in detail. Moving on…). That’s to say: the only major TASM player who’s not yet a sure thing for the sequel is Webb, so expect to hear a more official update on the situation soon.

Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb on the 'Amazing Spider-Man' set

Webb seemed to suffer from the same growing pains that inflict most filmmakers on their first venture into big-budget territory, and Amazing Spider-Man (read our review) reflected that. Nonetheless, he arguably pulled off an important task that more experienced blockbuster directors often fail at: ensuring the movie has a beating heart, to go along with all the action beats and spectacle.

It’s for that reason that Webb stands to only improve on those results with TASM 2, should he indeed return for the sequel. However, reading between the lines of our conversations with Webb about future Spider-Man flicks (parts of which we’ve yet to publish), Webb may be inclined to pursue other projects – regardless of how his Fox commitment affects his availability.

We’ll keep you updated on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the story develops.

Source: THR

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  1. I personally really didn’t care for The Amazing Spider Man, but I’m certainly in the minority. Webb did a solid job according to the reception the movie received, so that’d be kind of disappointing. Regardless, I’ll give the 2nd one a shot, but so far I give the nod to Sam Raimi and his Spiderman movies (except for the 3rd one)

  2. awww, his name was perfect.

    • That’s what I was gonna say!
      Dang, you beat me to it ;)

      • yeah, to bad it wont be known as the webb trilogy.

  3. Webb did a good job with the characters in ASM but I think he was a bit off with his Spiderman…not by much just a bit, he should have had more Spiderman in his movie, kinda like a reboot and a Spiderman 4 in one type of style.

    • imo, the best part of the movie was the dynamic between Peter and Gwen towards the beginning of the film and near the end. “More Spiderman” may not necessarily make the movie better, but instead a better Spiderman can make the film more enjoyable.

  4. Personally, I’d like to see Rian Johnson take a crack at the franchise. He’s excellent when it comes to drama, and, from the look of the trailers for Looper, it appears he has some great action chops as well.

    • Yes! I was thinking the exact same choice for director. If not Rian Johnson, then maybe Rupert Wyatt if he is finished with his Apes sequel.

      Food for thought: Even though Rian Johnson will inevitably do a huge blockbuster in the near future, should he be getting sloppy seconds though? I can see him going the Nolan route by starting a new franchise, like Black Panther or Deadpool, and making something truly incredible with his amazing writing/directing talents. I just hope Sony doesnt go the easy way and hire some journeyman director and hires someone with true talent and passion for the material.

  5. I thought he did a solid job with ASM and would hate to see him go. plus i hate when directors get changed for a franchise because that means that the tone and style will be different. i like having films in a franchise being tonally and stylely similar. for example i love the M:I films but i hate how each one feels like it belongs to a different series.

    • @Draagyn – I see what you are saying about the Mission Impossible movies, but that isn’t always the case. The original Star Wars trilogy had different directors (Lucas, Kershner, and Marquand) and that never bothered me, style or tone wise. Whereas, the prequel trilogy of Star Wars all had Lucas at the helm…maybe giving up the directors chair might be a good thing.
      Also think about other superhero franchises, Burton’s Batman was good, but his sequel wasn’t on par with the first. Same goes with Farveau’s Iron Man and Guillermo’s Hellboy. Then there is Tim Story’s Fantastic Four movies…where neither was that good, but the second was much worse. The only directors to improve with their sequels are Raimi and Nolan who both made great second films, but Raimi’s third attempt flopped and we’ll see about Nolan’s tomorrow when it is released. A GOOD director can capture the tone and style the previous director created and still add their own elements. Or a GREAT director can go with a completely different style and still make a movie that pleases the fans, Aliens is a perfect example. Webb not returning could be a blessing for the franchise.

      • I personally preferred Batman Returns to 1989 Batman. Just sayin. And you forgot to mention Richard Donner improving with his superman sequel.

        • Oh, and Bryan Singer’s X2 improved on the first. So I guess there are a lot of exceptions.

          • And Spider-Man 2.

            • He already mentioned that.

        • Batman is a tough one…everyone has different expectations. For instance, I prefer Batman Begins over The Dark Knight. As for Superman, technically the studio screwed Donner and gave that sequel to Lester. But yes, the Donner cut complimented his first movie very well. And yes, X2 does prove my way of thinking wrong. But, that’s not the point. It does go both ways, but I’m a fan of seeing more than one director take on a property such as this. Just like different writers and artists renew interest in stagnant story lines, a new director for each film could keep the franchise going for quite awhile without another reboot.

          • Random question (just curious): would you want Joss Whedon to return for Avengers 2?

            • Yes

            • Only after Serenity 2 ;)

              • Good answer. :)

          • I definitely hear you. I personally would like to see the same universe that Webb created explored upon in later installments, with the same overall tone of TASM, whether directed by Webb or someone else. But to each his own.

            • I agree, I want this universe to continue as well. I enjoyed the style and tone. If Webb can’t direct a sequel, another director might be able to unite Raimi and Webb fans to cheer on their favorite web-head….or the studio will give up and reboot it again. Who knows, it’s Sony.

  6. I think now that the tone has already been set, I would like to see someone new. I think the final cut of the movie was very rough and there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be address that Webb missed. I’m okay with this.

  7. The movie is bad, really bad. Especially compared to the Spiderman parts 1-3, even Part 3 was better, srsly.

    • @asy I must disagree, the first two Spider-Man movies were good, but I thought Amazing Spider-Man was much better. The chemistry between Gwen and Peter was much more realistic than the one with Peter and Mary-Jane in the Raimi ones. The third was a disgrace, almost as bad as Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. And not to mention in the Amazing Spider-Man Peter is actually a teenager and more relatable in every way, shape, and form.

      • Just because Pete was a teenager in this film automatically makes him relatable? Not to me, and certainly not to any die hard Spider-Man comic fan. It’s not Peter Parker at all. Spider-Man is relatable because he’s selfless, he puts himself before others always, even in his pre Spider-Man days he was always trying to please his uncle aunt and others because of his abandonment issues, that’s more relatable than an emotional twerp that lashes out at his serrogate parents simply because he’s an emotional twerp. The filmmakers ignored the source material here. I would have rather see a story about a regular guy, making ends meet with himself his aunt and trying to balance his social life schoolwork and his two jobs. To me that’s more relatable and very appealing to the culture of today given the economy, and tells a better story than the guy who saulks at his desk with his head down, skateboards for no reason other than to appeal to a younger crowd, and disrespects his aunt and uncle. Add to that bullying his classmate just because he can.

    • Wow really, I thought it was a pretty good movie. Acting and action were better than the previous 3.

  8. How about Mark Steven Johnson, that guy made great films based on DareDevil and Ghost Rider. Right?


    • Kind of funny that you mention it. I was thinking Johnson could serve as the last-minute director for Daredevil, but if Webb has “one more picture with Fox” I wonder…

      YES. See? I don’t even have to say it outright. You’re thinking it too!

      As to who the next director could be, call…Duncan Jones.
      (David Fincher would be a longshot- unless he got to tell the Goblin/death of Gwen story)

  9. Daredevil and ghostrider???really??it would be an epic effin fail

  10. It would be ironic if Webb’s obligation to Fox would be to direct one of their Marvel property movies.

    • lol

  11. I think the TASM was a good, but it didn’t top Sam Raimi’s spiderman one and two. I think a new director will attempt to do the same thing Marc Webb did with the spiderman franchise, but still fall short.

    • Bring back Sam Raimi then!

      • I think there’s a bigger chance of Raimi helming Guardians Of The Galaxy more than another Spider-Man film.

  12. Webb did a great job with the movie IMO and from the interviews I’ve seen and read, he really seems to “get” and understand why people love Spider-Man so much. Plus, he himself is a huge Spidey fan and his name is perfect!! Webb!
    I hope he does return. Guess it’s all down to Fox now…

  13. “Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone already have deals in place to reprise their roles….(not to mention, recreate their palpable screen chemistry)”

    It’ll be interesting to see that chemistry a few years from now – when they’re no longer dating.

    • They’ll have the exact same on-screen chemistry, but mysteriously everyone will suddenly not see it since People magazine won’t be telling them to.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if their dating and moving in together was set up by the studios to sell this weak movie. How many reports helped trumpet the news, “Hey everyone, be sure to catch the honest-to-goodness chemistry.” Yes, I’m that cynical. I don’t see any unusually strong “chemistry.” Garfield especially looked like he was acting (that’s not a compliment).

      • Acting like he was concealing his boner…

  14. TASM was meh at best. I’d give the sequel a go again just because I am a fan of Spidey. But losing the director wouldn’t matter to me in any way. I still don’t like garfield as parker, but oh well..firstworldproblems

  15. ASM. He Webb’s movie was npt perfect, but I still liked it better than Raimi’s first spidey film. I absolutely loved “(500) Days of Summer” but still I’m not sure if he is really needed for another TASM. He was essential for creating the new spidey world and giving it that feel that’s different from Raimi, but now that its established I feel that another director can easily mimic and even expand on it. Either was, I still look forward to another TASM film and whatever Webb ends up doing next.

    (Also, you think Fox would’ve made him fulfill his contract by now, its been 3 years since his last movie. Maybe they purposely waited until after TASM. If it did well the they would steal him from the sequel and bank on his good name, and if it had floundered, no harm no foul. I’m just thinking aloud here. Maybe he could do an X-Men movie for Fox like Deadpool or Gambit)

    • I think the Gambit solo movie has been dead for a long time.

      • This would be a good chance to revive.the idea

      • Taylor Kitsch needs a film that’s a hit. :)

  16. I hear Christopher Nolan is available… *HINT* *HINT*

    • Wishful thinking, buddy. Chris is done with superhero movies.

      • Ahem Superman. lol He may not be in the directors chair but he is a financier and some of the story elements he contributed.

  17. Loved TASM so its a shame he isnt returning for the second one. But hopefully this can lead to another new slant to the series that may be needed. A new director could give a fresh style with the same characters something which Raimi’s series, Spiderman 3 in particular, may have needed to be better films overall.

  18. too bad I say bring in a new villain that we haven’t seen

    • I agree, I want Electro as the villain next time.

  19. this movie pretty much sucked anyways looking back..wish i waited for the dvd

  20. Hopefully this will be something that can be worked out.
    If Webb really wants to make Spidey 2 it might be smart for Fox to let him do it then come back and direct a film for them. Considering the costs that go into making any film do you really want a director who’d rather be doing something else?
    I’m not saying he did a perfect job with TASM but it was pretty good IMO. Definately good enough to have him back. But all this speculation could be for nothing if it turns out he doesn’t want to come back.

  21. The entire time I watched TASM I kept thinking to myself, “Have I seen this before?” Then I realized, yes. I had. Marc Webb didn’t do a bad job directing. I just don’t feel like TASM did enough to distinguish itself from Raimi’s trilogy. TASM was a vanilla covered SM2.

    • Well said

  22. I watched ASM twice, first time in normal 2d and found it dull and really not that interesting, then someone said to watch it in 3d, after finding out where, a way from my house i went to watch it a second time and too my surprise i found it just the same. firstly, i only went to see the 3d because i was told it would be better, it cost almost twice as much to see it in 2d but still found it dull, cannot stand the whole 3d thing that’s going around.
    the problem with ASM is that they’re really just turning it into the AMAZING EMO-MAN, there is no fun in the film alright they get the whole wise crack thing but other than that they’ve changed everything, and yes i know they said they were taking it down a new route, in that case i would have gone to one of the other comic book universes to deal with it, they’ve really destroyed a good character, and now i have to wait until this trilogy is over to see another reboot that hopefully does a better job, i for one want to see Marvel get the rights back, so that they can bring the film to a better line. And i do not like Andrew G. as Spider-man/Peter Parker, he doesn’t fit it for me. the whole way the character is portrayed doesn’t make sense, he is meant to be a nerd, a meek character who becomes strong, becomes confident but nope from the get go he has a swagger stops a fight, and i think we only see him carrying his camera for a few minutes my review…is in one word and it rhymes with SPIT

  23. Haaaaa of course he won’t be back! He knows he put out a garbage movie and is trying to back away. I think it’s funny how they reboot this thing only to have the director flop, now what? I think they should just let spidey die…bring him back in 10 years or just stick him in the Avengers 2. At this point the next movie will be garbage because I’m sure some director won’t want to continue on with that stupid story about his parents and so on. So please, stop taking my money on bad movies w/ directors who are in over their head going off bad scripts.

  24. I personally loved TASM, and I really want Webb to return for a sequel. He seems to have begun to construct his own universe, a la Chris Nolan, and I would really like to see that universe explored more. I don’t want another director coming in and changing the tone, forgetting about his parents’ storyline, and making a mess of everything. It would be awesome if Webb could return, but if not, he should stay on as producer and leave a competent director to pick up where he left off. IMO

  25. I think I’m done with Spiderman movies after sitting through TAS. Seeing as how this one was super boring and people dug it I imagine the studio will want to structure the sequel similarly regardless of who the director is. Half Twilight half spiderman video game. No Thanks.

  26. That’s pretty funny: I see one comment saying TASM did nothing new and that it’s a rehash of SM2, and the very next comment under it says they completely changed everything about Spider-Man in the new movie!

    I truly feel sorry for TASM. People are criticizing/hating on it for every single thing they did, or did not do… :(
    If they released the movie before Raimi’s Spidey movies came out, I’m certain it would never have gotten this much hate from some people.

    • That’s because it wasn’t that much different from Raimi’s Spiderman! Face it dude, just wasn’t a great movie. Full of plot holes and didn’t even know what direction to go. Was hyped up to be a dark origin about him learning about his parents and what happened to them….that lasted long! I esp. liked the part of him standing on a public sidewalk talking on the cell phone in New York of all places. Just stupid stuff like that made this movie nothing special. Sure if you’re a kid it’s cool but to an adult who can use his mind and think, this didn’t do it. Just let it go back to Marvel.

      • “Full of plot holes”?
        Go on then… NAME ‘em.
        Sure, there were a few story threads that weren’t explained or completed, but “full of plot holes”? (I hardly think so)

        I really don’t see why the things you mentioned (talking on a cellphone; expanding into his parents’ deaths; etc.) made you not like the movie, but hey, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

        But know this: just because YOU and a few others didn’t like a movie, doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a good movie in general (do you know how many people didn’t like films such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Inception, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Avengers, God Father, etc.?)
        Loads of people, including myself, really liked TASM, the sequel IS happening and the rights won’t be reverting back to Marvel any time soon. Deal with it and move on man…

        • Haaa I have dealt w/ it. I know I’m not going to get a great movie. That’s cool you aren’t really into the details of the movie or think about what you’re watching. I’m glad you liked it. I love superhero movies but wasn’t into this one. In the movies above you gave examples of would blow this movie out of the water man. This movie ranks near capt america for me. Cool seeing it back on the screen, but nothing special. The whole first part of the movie was him trying to find out what happened to his parents. Funny how that was dropped and turned into just solving an equation. The fact he could just walk into Oscorp like he did, not to mention how he got the password to get into the room w/ the deadly spiders. Nice to see after getting bit and taking a simple nap on the subway he goes from nerd to superhero. Dr. Connors is such a smart man but his goofy serum doesn’t even last. He infected cops, which we never saw, but would only last a few hours, REAL SMART. Hey, your name is on your camera so you must be Spiderman haaaa, ridiculous. Also thought it was funny how everyone was evacuated but the crane workers. All that police roaming around but they seem to disappear and only capt stacy to confront the lizard on the roof. If I ever get shot I’m just going to shoot some web on to stop the bleeding. In all my years going to a gas station I have never been told I can’t take a penny but I can give one. He even managed to get into Gwen’s room which was what, 20-30 stories up, but no one cared when they saw him in there, really. Yes, I guess “plot holes” are kind of a bit much, I’ll agree w/ dude below me that said “plot stupidity”, this movie has tons of it, I could go on. This movie was just thrown together and is pretty much the retarded brother of Raimi’s movies. Of course he had to lose his mask AGAIN. Enjoy your movie buddy, it’s all yours and please, don’t forget the eggs.

          • “That’s cool you aren’t really into the details of the movie or think about what you’re watching.” [shakes head]

            “The whole first part of the movie was him trying to find out what happened to his parents. Funny how that was dropped and turned into just solving an equation.” – it wasn’t “dropped”. It was put on hold. The mystery about his parents is a continuous story thread that will play out in future movies (like Iron Man and the Ten Rings… that thread was never finished off in IM1, but they’re picking it up again in IM3).

            “The fact he could just walk into Oscorp like he did, not to mention how he got the password to get into the room w/ the deadly spiders.” – he walked into Oscorp and took a badge from another intern. They clearly showed that. They even showed the other student being dragged out of the building. The password thing was goofy, and personally I’d have though the security would’ve had fingerprint recognition but hey! I’ll admit that was a cop-out (but not a plot hole).

            “Nice to see after getting bit and taking a simple nap on the subway he goes from nerd to superhero.” – that’s pretty much what happened in the comic book and the previous movies. He took a nap/slept and when he woke up, he had the powers… and all the moves he did on the subway was all down to his Spidey-sense (I’m guessing you’ve heard about it? it allows him to sense danger and activates a kinda “primal instinct” thing to defend himself)

            “Dr. Connors is such a smart man but his goofy serum doesn’t even last.” – was it any less goofy in the comics or previous movies? Norman Osborn’s serum in SM1 didn’t really work out well either did it? OR how about Doc Ock’s arms in SM2? – smart people, failed by experiments gone wrong.

            “He infected cops, which we never saw, but would only last a few hours, REAL SMART.” – makes me wonder if you even saw the movie… at the end of the film Spider-Man used an ANTIDOTE which was distributed across the city. Lizard’s serum didn’t just “last a few hours”, it was negated by the antidote. Where were the Lizard people? Causing havoc in the city (not that difficult to draw a conclusion using the given evidence)

            “Hey, your name is on your camera so you must be Spiderman haaaa, ridiculous.” – great story thread and very realistic actually. Perter Parker JUST got powers. He’s reckless, doesn’t know how to use them responsibly or how to hide his identity properly. Of course he’ll slip up! It’s a nice little plot point that I think will be expanded on in future movies as well (Spidey having to face all his reckless actions – like taking off his mask, leaving things behind with his name on, etc.)

            “Also thought it was funny how everyone was evacuated but the crane workers.” – the crane workers chose to stay behind to help out Spidey (I nearly cried at that scene ;)). It was a great way to show that if one does good things for people, they’ll return the favour one day (it’s been an ongoing plot point in the Spider-Man comics for DECADES).

            “All that police roaming around but they seem to disappear and only capt stacy to confront the lizard on the roof.” – yeah, because it’s not like the cops were busy helping out civilians or trying to contain the infected Lizard people right?

            “If I ever get shot I’m just going to shoot some web on to stop the bleeding. ” – good for you. That’s a smart thing to do seeing as how your webbing is incredibly strong and should help to keep you from losing too much blood.

            “In all my years going to a gas station I have never been told I can’t take a penny but I can give one.” – we don’t have that take-a-penny-leave-a-penny thing here where I live, but from what I saw in the movie, it was all down to the jack@$$ behind the counter…

            “He even managed to get into Gwen’s room which was what, 20-30 stories up, but no one cared when they saw him in there, really.” – don’t know who you’re referring to when you say “no one”, but I’m guessing you mean Gwen’s parents? – well, in my personal experience, I’ve snuck into plenty of my friends’ houses without their parents finding out. And plenty of my friends have snuck into my house without my parents finding out. It ain’t 30 story buildings, but then again, none of us are Spider-Man ;)

            But yeah… I’m just the type of guy who doesn’t “really [get] into the details of the movie or think about what [I'm] watching” right?
            Yup. I’m just a stuuupid kid who can’t pay attention or think using the intellect that I’ve developed over the years ;)

            • “The mystery about his parents is a continuous story thread that will play out in future movies (like Iron Man and the Ten Rings… that thread was never finished off in IM1, but they’re picking it up again in IM3).”

              The way Iron Man portrayed Tony Stark’s father is completely different from how Peter’s father was shown. Howard Stark’s vast knowledge for science helped Tony advance his own inventions and life support technology and although more of his person was revealed in other films it was his knowledge and advancements in technology that was important, he as a person was not integral to the plot. Peter’s father was! We saw him in the beginning scared out of his mind and dropping off Pete with May and Ben, his abandonment issues were what fueled
              Peter to search for him find out how he died and why. When his briefcase was found in his search he found that equation which after bringing to Dr Connors his search for his parents suddenly ended. No mention of them other than the Mystery Man and the equation remained for the rest of the film. The plot decided to shift over to Uncle Ben’s death and his transformation into Spider-Man.

              “They clearly showed that. They even showed the other student being dragged out of the building.”

              They clearly presented us a building full of morons posing as scientists of advanced intelligence or rather simple human beings without common sense. Pete walked in and grabbed a badge with a hispanic name even though he himself is as white as Wonder Bread and the consierge lets him pass? That is beyond stupid. Even when the real intern shows up clearly a hispanic they throw him out because to them the real guy showed up. He shouldnt have been able to get inside the door. Plus the whole scene is rendered useless because afterwards he looks up his home address and pays him a visit. He could have done that first and then convince him to take him to oscorp he could have been bitten then.

              “that’s pretty much what happened in the comic book and the previous movies. He took a nap/slept and when he woke up, he had the powers”

              Amazing Fantasy 15 Peter after leaving the university because of his spider bite leaps off the street after a passing motorist nearly hits him and finds he can scale the wall like a spider, and crush a steel pipe like paper. That’s the original comics origin. Also in the updated comics he didnt just fall asleep he felt ill and passed out due to the changes his body was overgoing. Also his spider sense was supposed to be sensitive yet it doesnt react to some guy putting a bottle on his head, just the bead of condensation the runs off it. That’s a huge error.

              “Lizard’s serum didn’t just “last a few hours”, it was negated by the antidote.” CGI meant that Connors was constantly juicing up to transform himself into his reptilian form because he kept reverting back into hman form although he did constant variations of the formula he never did say the change was permenant (at least I dont recall him ever saying so). Those initial transformations were indeed temporary.

              “Perter Parker JUST got powers. He’s reckless, doesn’t know how to use them responsibly or how to hide his identity properly.”

              That was not the point of the arguement he meant that because Peter’s name was on his camera (which is beyond stupid to label your camera) Lizard automatically assumed he was Spider-Man. IT’s a weak arguement since it was webbed up. I just thought it was stupid Pete didnt remove the label when he set it up he never saw the label that’s pretty thin explanation.

              “the crane workers chose to stay behind to help out Spidey”

              True however in a mandatory evacuation no one would have stayed behind to keep on working they would have been forced off the job site or arrested. It was a poorly thought out scequence especially the number of Tower Cranes convieniently placed to guide Spidey to Oscorp. It would be nearly impossible for that event to take place Tower Cranes only exist to finish Skyscrapers so that means 6-8 skyscrapers were in the process of finishing in that close proximity. Also they were all conrolled by one crew. Impossible.

              “yeah, because it’s not like the cops were busy helping out civilians or trying to contain the infected Lizard people right?”

              True however it’s pretty damn stupid and illogical for one lone man to confront a giant Lizard without backup. There would at least be a small band of officers or swat helping him. Even if there were Lizard people they’re only seen in a contained area and of all the officers he had with him to take down Spidey surely some of those could help Stacy deliver the antidote, but wait Spidey’s unmasked so then everyone would know his identity, also add to that with Stacy dead and no witnesses that leads to Spidey’s current status as a fugitive wanted for murder. Another badly written scenario.

              “don’t know who you’re referring to when you say “no one”, but I’m guessing you mean Gwen’s parents? – well, in my personal experience, I’ve snuck into plenty of my friends’ houses without their parents finding out.”

              Exactly YOU WERE NOT CAUGHT! As for someone who was caught for sneaking into a girls room I can tell you one thing the father is never ever just “Dinner’s ready” with an awkward stare it’s who the F— are YOU! Or How long were you in here! No one saw you come in! It always ends with you being thrown out of the house because essentially it’s breaking the rules and trust between a parent and their offspring. George has never met Peter nor does he know what his intentions are for all he knows Gwen simply said her friend was coming to dinner and he thought oh a lab partner or a good friend, seeing him in her room would bring up thoughts of a sexual nature which no father would want to catch their lil girl in.

              • ^^^^^ YES!

              • @Darren, I wasn’t talking about Tony Stark’s father (that’s whole other thing), I was talking about the Ten Rings (a terrorist organisation). It’s a plot point in the first IM movie that was just put on hold and never finished off in the film (just like Parker’s parents’ deaths), but is being picked up again in the new one.

                As for Peter walking into Oscorp and , if you read my entire comment, you’ll see I did admit that it was a cop out. Not a plot hole, but a weak explanation. I admit that. It’s a movie. All movies have cop outs like that (even The Avengers with the way Hawkeye and Loki’s team just docked in the Hellicarier).

                The powers: I stand corrected on that. You’re right, in the original comics it happened differently, BUT, in the Raimi movies it still wasn’t any different. Peter took a nap and when he woke up, he had powers. Spidey getting shot? It’s happened in the comics before (in the Ultimate universe he even died from a gun shot wound). The thing is, his Spidey sense isn’t always consistent or accurate (I can’t begin to mention all the times Spidey has been shot, hit or just been caught off guard in the comic books).

                Lizard’s serum was temporary at first, but he perfected the serum as the film went on (the same serum that he was going to launch into the air).

                Spidey not removing the label: my point still stands solid… He was RECKLESS, as any quintessential teenager (the difference is, normal teenagers forget their books or lose their keys, but one with superpowers is sure to do something more reckless).

                The craneworkers: could it be that the cops were pre-occupied with evacuating hospitals or helping you know… helpless people? The crane-workers are grown men and chose to stay behind. It’s not like the cops will drop everything they’re doing and try and evacuate/argue/arrest grown men who CHOOSE to stay and help.
                The cranes themselves? Yes, it was unrealistic. I never denied that. It was goofy, but it definitely didn’t detract from MY viewing experience.

                Captain Stacy taking on the Lizard alone: I’ll concede on that one. It was illogical. But Spidey a wanted fugitive? Can’t see how that’s a badly written scenario (chances are, that’s EXACTLY what they were going for). Just like in the comics and previous movies, he’ll be blamed for crimes he did not commit. He’ll be hunted down by the law even though he was helping.

                Lastly, the sneaking into houses thing: I should have been more clear. I’ve snuck into friends’ houses, but their parents don’t care! They know me… I don’t get kicked out, in most cases, I get offered free food! ;) In the movie there was a line of dialogue that shows/explains that Gwen has told her father about Peter (I’m paraphrasing, but was something like “Gwen, this the Peter you’ve been telling me about?”). Thus, Cap Stacy knows what Peter is like and knows that his daughter trusts him. Of course he has his reservations about him (he’s a teenage guy – we’re not to be trusted ;)), but he knows that Gwen is a big girl and can take care of herself.

                Look, this argument can go on and for a VERY long time, and I can tell you now I don’t have the time or energy for further arguing on the matter.
                Point is, and Professor Procrastination put it very well, the same “logic” can be applied to Raimi’s movies and I guarantee there’ll be just as many flaws found there.
                If you want to see REAL plot holes and terrible character decisions, go watch Prometheus – I have a feeling you might just ease off this movie a little after watching that… ;)

                You didn’t like TASM, and that’s your OPINION. I’m fine with that. Does that mean that you’re “right”? No it doesn’t. Does it mean that I’m “right”? Nope. – It’s all subjective.

                As long as we can agree to respect each others’ opinions and not result to personal insults (*cough*cgisuperman*cough*), then I think we can put this matter to rest.

                • My problem with ASM was it tried to be something it’s not. Dark Knight and Twilight are huge right now so those elements were incorporated into the film. You cannot deny there are several instances where Pete’s origin crosses over into Batman territory and some of the wide angle shots of him overlooking the city were clearly ripped off of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. My other problem goes to the inconsistancies and errors and just lazy writing this film suffers from. The realistic tone this film projects clearly would out Peter as Spider-Man to everyone he’s met. Yet all the characters either play dumb or are just oblivious to this fact. It’s insulting for one and mind numbing. The reason why I never minded the flaws and inconsistancies of the first trilogy (well the first 2 films) was because Raimi painted them as a whimsical fantasy, where a world of a Spider-Man could be believable in that universe, it was farfetched and fantastic and Raimi made sure to acknowledge that. Webb paints ASM as realistic, and serious, for such an outrageous character like Spider-Man there’s no way in any shape or form this could be taken as believable.

                  Okay sorry but I saw Howard Stark there so I assumed my bad. Truth is I forgot about Ten Rings until you brought them up because they were not that crucial to the plot. Yeah they were the terrorists who Tony’s arms were going to, and yeah Stane hired them to kill Tony as well. However their plot was not dropped without at least some form of a resolution, Stane simply had no more use for them and then used the Mark 1 armor as his inspiration to build the Iron Monger, they were not that important to the plot of Iron Man’s first film either. Ten Rings were also hinted at in IM2 as one of the members gave Vanko is ID and Passports.

                  You admited how Peter solved the simple high tech door lock was a cop out not how Peter managed to keep himself as an Oscorp intern when he’s clearly not who he says he is. Or at least that’s how I interpreted it.

                  In the original movies he passed out he did not simply take a nap. He was ill and fell to the floor grabbing onto a blanket before he lost concousness. His Spidey Sense is always accurate and consistent unless he’s hit with a nerve gas which confuses the impulses in his brain from alerting him or is overcome by several opponents and he cant dodge all the punches from multiple foes or every bullet. His Spider Sense also doesnt alert him towards friends, one reason Spidey thinks Venom cannot trip it is because when Peter adored the alien costume his spider sense thought of it as a friend so when Venom appears his Spidey sense still reacts in that way.

                  It’s not solid, how Peter labeled his own camera to begin with. If he lost it there’s no way he would have gotten it back. How many Peter Parker’s would there be in the NYC area? Not removing it is one thing I wouldnt say reckless maybe forgetful that he ever had it there, but also when he was placing the camera on the wall how did he not notice the label was there?

                  Okay the cops were busy bt in a madatory evacuation there would be more than just cops the US National Guard and other forces that could be sparred would also be there. They would have made sure anyone they saw would have made it out of the city or at least off the streets. Also with these Lizard folk running around and clearly news reports about it on TV how did none of these guys simply take off for their own safety, or the safety of their loved ones? These people’s jobs are better and more important than making sure their wifes and children are all right?

                  It’s one thing when a parent KNOWS you, but George had no idea Peter existed until maybe a couple of days weeks prior and had yet to meet him, George’s mind would have been flooded with images and thoughts of what this boy is and if he’s a good guy, a punk, or a deadbeat. Clearly seeing him for the first time sneaking into his daughter’s bedroom wearing a hoodie with holes in the cuffs would have roused at least somewhat of an angry response.

            • Come on Avenger, you have got to admit a LOT of the points made were a bit too far fetched to be believable.

              - I have never EVER, seen someone balk at talking a few pennies. This was a ridiculous plot point.
              - As I said below, the “untold story” was supposed to have been told in this movie in some fashion because that was one of the movies selling points. To remove it for later use was pretty much lying to all of us.
              - He reacted to a non-dangerous incident on the subway but when it REALLY counts he can’t manage to dodge the bullet? Inconsistency at it’s very worst to satisfy the plot.
              - The camera name label was beyond silly. For a genius with as much savvy as he supposedly has, using a label that can be easily removed made no sense. This may have worked 40 years ago but in today’s society the camera would not have been returned simply because of the work involved to get it back to him. It would have been more sensible to engrave his name inside the camera or install a proactive recovery system (Spidey tracker prototype anyone? a missed opportunity to introduce a Spider-Man item in an intelligent manner)
              - The cranes were cheese beyond cheezy.

              There are still many more of these points and you might be forgiving but for me (and others) they were just too much. In a movie about something so fantastical, you need the ALL little things to make sense so the big ones don’t feel so out of place.

              I they had applied a bit more logic to these issues, the movie would have been much better.

      • I don’t think there were a lot of “plot holes” per say as much as there was a lot of plot stupidity; ordering his costume off the internet, not making his own webbing, getting said webbing from Oscorp (still unsure if stole or bought it), turning him into a vigilante (Batman want’s that premise back), making Stacy the “thorn” instead of JJJ, having Oscorp be the hub around which everything seemingly revolves, I could go on but….

        I think the biggest dropping of the ball however was the removing all reference to the “untold story” after it was touted at THE thing that will make this different from the Raimi version. I just hope that story is not Parker being clone of his father. Talk about an unnecessary and silly twist.

        • My major beef with the whole movie was the useless personal vendetta when Pete goes out to track his uncle’s killer. That first night alone had me slumped so far into my seat. First off he stops a rape and from out of nowhere 50 guys appear. 50?!!! Where did all those petty thugs come from? How was each and every one of those thugs able to track him down as he jumped fences, and scaled rooftops? Plus how was Pete able to track down each and every single creep in the city besides the forced in police transmitter? The first night as Spidey he takes out a car thief from inside a locked car, (auuuggghhhh and that was the scene Sony banked on selling this miserable film) he had yet to commit a crime so there were no cops out and about looking for him how did Spidey track him down? Also add to that Pete knew who the burglar was saw him face to face, had his police sketch and yet could NOT determine that every perp he was tracking down wasnt him?

      • No offense cgisuperman, I’m an adult who can think. College educated and everything…when I go to the multi-plex, I go to be entertained not to be educated. I don’t think a movie about radioactive (genetically enhanced) spiders transforming a kid into a superhero is even the right type of movie for you if you’re looking for a thinking man’s movie. There’s an entire genre of movies called documentaries, you should check one of those out. TASM was very entertaining….don’t knock it because I could easily apply your same plot hole logic to Raimi’s version.

        • Haaaa, cmon man. I’m not saying that everything has to be right. My main point is this was a crappy, rushed movie where they just threw it together. It was a choppy story and wasn’t what it could have been. I never said Raimi’s were great either. Raimi’s were the first so obviously they will set the bar for future films. I love watching Spiderman whip around the city. That documentary comment was a little much. All I meant was they could at least make it more believeable instead of doing idiotic plot fillers. That’s cool you liked it, guess I’m just a sucker for a good story

          • If you want a good story, stick to the source material. Hollywood always screws up.

            • THAT’S MY POINT MAN!!!!! Thank you! The whole problem with these movies is that they have soooo much content to pull from and they still put out some lackluster story and add things that just make you cringe and ask yourself why. All these fools doing the writing/directing/producing etc. continue to drop the ball. Yes, different pictures from different directors are going to have their style and how they want to tell it, but I just can’t comprehend how they can honestly look in the mirror and feel they did such a great job when many of us are able to pick it apart and question what they are doing. The Ranter Nation doesn’t get paid for anything and we watch it all. It’s these people’s job and they bank on us, how can they not see these things?? I’m not sure if it’s a matter of not caring to just make a deadline or what, but it’s a slap in the face. Here’s my steaming pile, give me your money. Of course I will follow the herd and do it, still grinds my gears.

    • If that had been the first Spider-man movie we’d live in a world where Spider-man isn’t nearly as popular as he is now. SH movies wouldn’t be so popular.

      This movie is generating excitement, but that is mostly for the “potential” of the sequels. But there are a ton of people who simply didn’t like this movie, and a lot who thought it was “good.” The first SM generated almost universal praise from all ages and sexes. It made people interested in Spider-man when before they didn’t know who Peter Parker was. And then people were buying it and watching it again and again, and again. This movie isn’t going to have that going for it.

      • That’s an interesting question……if TASM had been the first Spider-man movie, would it have done as well? To that I would say no, especially if they kept the same exact story. This movie borrowed a lot of it’s reputation from the originals.

        Of course, since they were trying to be different from the original (sometimes painfully), had the Raimi films not have existed, I believe TASM story would have been much closer to that Raimi version. I may have liked this version more it that had happened.

  27. Whoever the director is whether its Marc Webb or somebody else ,I hope they bring J Jonah Jameson aboard. I think morbuis the living vampire would be interesting but the main villian I’d like to see would be the scorpion.

  28. Now Sony can get another up and coming director who they don’t have to pay a lot of money. They just want to get two more movies out and see how much of a profit they can turn before either starting all over again or losing the rights back to Marvel/Disney. It’s just business, nothing personal.

  29. I’ll be bumed if Webb doesn’t come back I think he did a fantastic job with this movie, nothing’s confirmed yet but at this rate it doesn’t look like he’s coming back. I wonder who will replace him I think one of you said Rupert Wayatt from Rise of the planet of the apes I think he would be an excellent choice.