Marc Webb May Not Return to Direct ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

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amazing spider man sequel marc webb Marc Webb May Not Return to Direct Amazing Spider Man 2

Sony/Columbia already had plans for The Amazing Spider-Man to kick off a trilogy, well before the superhero reboot took in over half a billion dollars at the global box office (and that total is still rising). TASM co-writer James Vanderbilt was tasked with penning the Spidey sequel – before Hollywood’s (not-so) Secret Weapons, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, were hired to rework Vanderbilt’s script draft.

The latest word on Amazing Spider-Man 2 suggests there may also be change-ups in the director’s chair, as TASM helmer Marc Webb might not be available to work on the film (which is slated to begin production by early 2013, in order to make a May 2014 release date).

Columbia Pictures Chief Douglas Belgrad has informed THR that the studio would “really like [Webb back for 'TASM 2'], but there are obstacles.” That’s in reference to Webb’s obligation to Fox, which backed his feature-length directorial debut (500) Days of Summer – and part of the filmmaker’s deal on that picture is that he must helm at least one more movie for the studio, in the immediate future.

Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone already have deals in place to reprise their roles as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy in future films (not to mention, recreate their palpable screen chemistry, as the SR Underground team discussed in detail. Moving on…). That’s to say: the only major TASM player who’s not yet a sure thing for the sequel is Webb, so expect to hear a more official update on the situation soon.

Andrew Garfield and Marc Webb on the 'Amazing Spider-Man' set

Webb seemed to suffer from the same growing pains that inflict most filmmakers on their first venture into big-budget territory, and Amazing Spider-Man (read our review) reflected that. Nonetheless, he arguably pulled off an important task that more experienced blockbuster directors often fail at: ensuring the movie has a beating heart, to go along with all the action beats and spectacle.

It’s for that reason that Webb stands to only improve on those results with TASM 2, should he indeed return for the sequel. However, reading between the lines of our conversations with Webb about future Spider-Man flicks (parts of which we’ve yet to publish), Webb may be inclined to pursue other projects – regardless of how his Fox commitment affects his availability.

We’ll keep you updated on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as the story develops.

Source: THR

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  1. It’d suck if he couldn’t come back but the comments about “The Amazing Emo-Man” made me laugh at the hypocrisy.

    Have the people complaining along those lines never had bad things happening to them that’s weighed on their minds? Never felt like an outcast in childhood, teenage life and adulthood? Never liked a girl so much, they get tongue tied when they try to talk and felt awkward (like the scene in the school corridor when Uncle Ben picks Peter up) and then got upset at the thought of having such a good thing going with that girl but now they have to give it up?

    If you want macho wiseass characters that have no real feelings then go see a Sam Raimi movie (as much as I love a lot of his movies and am a fan of Bruce Campbell, that’s all they ever do).

    If you want a real, conflicted person put in an extraordinary situation then go see TASM again.

    And I say that as someone who was underwhelmed by the movie.

    • Just a quicky reply to you, Dazz,
      i agree that there is a need for moments like that but having his entire film with the whole brooding hero thing is dumb and doesn’t serve well to the character or mythology of that character. My point about the Amazing Emo-man is that they spent the entire film beyond about five or ten minutes with him and his head hung so low that it looked like he had fallen deeply in love with his shoes.
      there is little in this film that makes the character stand out, i would point out some of the things that i liked, but there are too few, the portrayal of the Lizard was good but could have been so much better, Peter Parker was miss cast, thought so little of Gwen Stacy character that i’m not gonna waste my time.
      the Uncle Ben character didn’t even use the famous line that actually put Spider-man onto the road of taking on criminals, i mean they have really screwed with the story line, but i honestly think this is just a way for Sony to keep the rights to the character, knowing that if they dont do something with Spiderman they would loose him, but soon enough, i think another ten years or so Marvel gets the character back (according to ComicBook websites), so until then i’ll stick with other characters. but lets hope the next one is better.
      also just one more thing, to the people who keep saying that its the first in a planned trilogy, that they are building a world around it, that makes no difference, the purpose of the first film is to grab our attention and give us a reason to continue on with the series and beyond the little scene at the end in the cell there’s nothing for us to catch onto for next time. its kind of like how to make Darth Vader/Anakin seem evil in the prequel series, George Lucas had him kill some kids (Which you cannot get redemption for).
      so again, poor film, just waiting for the reboot, still sticking with my review of it being SPIT.

      • The Amazing Spiderman was truly terrible-I hope they find a new director. Garfield was terribly miscast-a 30 year old super model playing a 17 year old genius scientist? doesnt work at all! Emma Stone as a genius scientist running the intern program at THE leading scientific facility in Gotham? She looks 30 and is written as some dumb girl-her boots were miscast as well! They didn’t even give her a “smart” line they did for Denise Richards in that Bond film… And Norma Rae as Aunt Mae? TERRIBLE!! Martin Sheen could barely speak over his bad dentures…so disappointing

        • Norman Osborne? You mad?

        • The problem I had with Gwen, there was no attempt to flesh out her character beyond that of the love interest and devoted police captain’s daughter. She was the ultimate Macguffin. Pete needs a convincing reason to stay in Oscorp, use Gwen, we need an intern who could mix up anantidote while Spidey tracks the Lizard why not Gwen? We need some added conflict between Spidey and her Father against his vigilantism use Gwen. Stan wrote her the same way in the sixties, she had girlfriend written all over her that Stan never did anything more to branch out her character. She loved Pete but hated Spider-Man, was devoted to her father and would cry on his shoulder when Pete went missing, that got boring, and guess what they killed her off, because as Green Goblin so painfully uttered

          “A simpering pointless girl who did nothing more than occupy space!”

          I see the same thing here. If they want people to care about this girl expand her character give us something we’ve yet to see from her. Use her apptitude for science and display it openly rather than as a tour guide, or mixing chemicals off screen. Give her friends, introduce MJ, Liz, or Betty BRant, give her a social circle so we can see she has a life outside of Pete and family.

  2. Here’s a note to Sony execs.. forcing a timeline like that will result in a weaker product, guaranteed. You should give the sequel at least one more year to come together and plan rather than rushing it. If you go the rushed route, you will weaken the movie, and thus the franchise in the long run. You will be costing yourself a lot of money as bad word of mouth will hurt sales. Look at what happened with Iron Man 2, absolutely no one was happy with the end result, and it was all because the process was rushed by the studio.

  3. Overall, I find 95% of this thread hilarious. It wasn’t so long ago that folks ate ASM like bread and butter. Then Scrat and his Ice Age buds knock Spidey out of the Box Office top spot for a week (you all know what’s going to be No1 this weekend, right?) Webb might not return due to contract and…the knives comes out!


  4. He did a great job on the Amazing Spiderman i for one would love to see him return, and bring in Doc Ock, Scorpion,Mysetrio,Kraven, and Goblin. and touch up on the rest of the story imvolving Peters parent, and uncle Bens killer.

  5. Webb did an amazing job with this film. The characters felt real. I actually choked up when Uncle Ben died. The Raimi film didn’t do that for me. This movie may not be perfect, but anybody who denies that this film was better than the Raimi films is kidding themselves.

    • TASM was alright and had enough chemistry and action to be enjoyable, but Raimi’s original definitely packs a much larger emotional punch. When uncle Ben dies, when Green Goblin attacks Aunt Mae as she says the Lord’s Prayer? It doesn’t get more emotionally effecting than that! TASM was just fine, but I’ll take Raimi’s trilogy over it any day, for the simple fact that they are much, much better films.

      • When Uncle Ben died in the first Spidey – the impact it had on me was “Oh no, he died…darn.”

        In TASM I was thinkin “No! Not like this! Don’t die dang it!”

        A lot more of an emotional impact.

        When Goblin attacked Aunt May, to be honest I don’t really care about the “Lord’s Prayer” since it isn’t biblically legitimate. So that didn’t leave much of an impact on me either. Though it was a cool idea.

        TASM had more heart and the characters felt real. Almost as if I could sit down and have dinner with Aunt May and Uncle Ben, or see Parker in the back of the classroom. The Raimi characters were almost laughable in their presentation. The awkward moments between Peter and MJ were stupis and uncomfortable. They really messed with the flow of the movie. Plus, in TASM he was more spider-like in his movements whereas in the Raimi films he moved like he was just a superhuman – like a webslinging captain america.

        Another comparison is the New Yorkers helping Spidey before his final battle. In the Raimi films, you have a bunch of people on the bridge throwing random objects at Gobliln as he was about to attack spidey. It was almost as if they knew the battle was going to happen and packed a bunch of miscellaneous junk in their cars to throw at Gobby. A few of them even had prepared speaches to cite to the villainous green power-ranger Whereas in TASM, it was a man whose own son was saved by spider-man taking action to help the injured hero with the help of his co-workers laying a trail of cranes for the spider to swing on to get to Oscorp. Very emotiional, very powerful, very amazing.

        • “Another comparison is the New Yorkers helping Spidey before his final battle. In the Raimi films, you have a bunch of people on the bridge throwing random objects at Gobliln as he was about to attack spidey. It was almost as if they knew the battle was going to happen and packed a bunch of miscellaneous junk in their cars to throw at Gobby.”

          You could not believe that traffic on a bridge would suddenly stop because everyone wanted to see the mysterious superhero in action? That everyone got out of their cars to see the excitement of Spidey trying to save those kids on the cable car, and when Goblin started pummeling him they decided to get out of their trunks anything they could throw at them to help him out? You cant believe that of the hundreds of cars on that bridge no onew had Tire irons, or was bringing home groceries, It’s not like they prepared a speech it was a city united against a common enemy, and a lot of that dialogue I felt was true to what people would say on the fly.

          The tower crane sequence in Manhattan however was beyond stupid. So Spidey saved the kid of a project forman, and during an mandatory evacuation (for which he could be arrested for even thinking of staying put if caught by police) he had so many of his crewmembers stay behind to gather overtime to help Spidey across using so many of those cranes we saw Spidey use to get aross, so 6 or 8 cranes were seen meaning 6-8 skyscrapers were being built in the same area at the same time How rare a coincidence is that! I’m sorry but that’s beyond belief. The music used was a rip off of Titanic, the approach was more Karate Kid after he had his leg broken and the crowd gave him the energy to get back up. IT was beyond cheesy, beyond believable and for a film supoosedly dark it was laugh out loud hilarious.

  6. If you think this movie was good I hate to know what other movies you enjoy. I thought it was crap from begging to end. Total rehash they provided nothing more. This movie would have been so SUPERIOR if it had just been a 4th one. Keep Dylan Baker & add the new cast. The Uncle Ben part I thought was so terrible. I would compare this movie to Scream 4.

  7. So in the TASM sure they brought in the webshooters to get fans of the comics even more interested since it wasn’t in the original movies but really the webshooters not once did they ever ran out webbing and he used his webshooters even when he wasn’t dressed as spiderman.. Might as well just go with the fact that the webbing is just part of his powers (even though thats not how it is in the comics) like Raimi did.. It’s not like in this movie it made a whole lot of difference. As for the fight scene with the lizard it was hard to get into.. there was way to much cgi going on the fighting looked to fake. Now as for Raimi’s fight sequence with the green goblin that was a fight!! and hardly any cgi and im talking about the fight scene after the bridge incident. Another thing as for the emotional Uncle Ben death scene.. in the new one there was what a few mins of spidey looking for the killer and then it passes. Aunt may was sad when she found out the news but after that we never see her sad again its like she just moved on. As for Raimi’s Uncle Ben’s death the mourning continues through out the movie even all the way til the final chapter when Peter admits to Aunt May it was his fault. It felt way more realistic.

  8. I was hoping this movie would be a total failure being made so soon after the recent trilogy and particularly the abhorrence which was Spiderman 3, but it turned out to be very entertaining. The best of luck to Mr. Webb whatever he does.

  9. The unamazing Spider-man sucked, sucked sucked. I swear if anyone involved with this POS is involved in any upcoming Spider-man movies I’m out. Terrible cast+terrible direction+terrible script=terrible movie.

  10. Hey here’s something a little interesting when they were making the original spiderman movies David Fincher (fight club, social network, girl with the dragon tattoo) really wanted it bad and they gave it to Sam Raimi. When they announced the reboot he was also a contender but as we all know Webb got the job. Maybe for the next 2 movies Fincher will do it he’s obviously wanted to for a pretty long time, he said in an interview he wanted to kill Gwen Stacy in his movie which would make it a lot darker and all but I think he’s a pretty good director and he’s worked with Andrew Garfield before and since Garfield’s the guy who has to approve the director with the producers along with the script maybe Fincher will finally get his chance. What do you guys think about a David Fincher spiderman?

    • His previous works gives me the impression that he would do an amazing job. It’s just sad this movie just came out and I’m ready for a new direction.

    • To be honest had Fincher helmed this Spider-Man it would have failed because based on his previous works he’s more into the psychological torture and conflict, which this film delved too far into. Spider-Man is not a dark twisted character. He has dark moments in his life but with a first part you have to have a fun adventure story something the audience will want to see something that’s fun, and that’s why Raimi was given Spider-Man. Raimi wanted to take the comic book and put a belivable spin on it while still keeping the whimsical aspects of that world, so Sony and Marvel gave it to him. Had one or both stacy’s been killed in one film along with Uncle Ben’s demise it would be too unbearable for the audience. I already had enough with ASM because they kill off two characters and a third (Gwen) will die sooner or later how could one have fun while watching this film? I know I didnt.

  11. I think we all know the under-lining truth here. The movies was not that good at all and Sony is realizing this because of all the backlash and weak US sales. This is a nice way of the director getting canned for underperforming. At least Sami gave you what you wanted because let’s be honest everyone knows who spider man is. I’m done with the back stories.